Open the group | Disinfect the baby’s toys

Baby starts from almost 4 months old, always likes to go to the mouth In the first place, the first is the period of libido, addiction, see licking bite; try again teeth, gums, itching, want to bite.

Don’t let him bite, it can’t be done, and people are also exploring the world with their mouths.

Disinfect the pacifier in advance and give him a bite, but he is willing to lick a dirty plush toy, pick up all kinds of small things, and… your mobile phone, key , wallet …

sick from the mouth, accidentally flu, hand, foot and mouth to find the door.

It is very important that your baby’s things are disinfected! However, like toys, there are many materials, such as plush, plastic, wooden, etc. How to disinfect it is reliable?

Today I recommend to everyone 59 seconds toy Disinfecting bag , large capacity, foldable, compared to last week’s underwear sterilization bag, this size is larger, and no matter whether cheap cpap cleaner and sanitizer can wash clothes that cannot be washed, electronic toys that are usually inconvenient to disinfect, plush toys, Even the picture book that the baby reads can be put in, and it can be done with one click, which is especially convenient!

It uses the principle of ultraviolet disinfection. Using the LED lamp beads inside, it emits ultraviolet light, which can destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in bacterial viruses and achieve 99.9% sterilization effect.

The sterilized bag is also very good in texture. It is also the same factory as the international big-name bag Samsonite.

The sterilized bag can be folded, and the zipper on both sides becomes a sterilizing box. Then you can put toys, underwear, children’s picture books, etc. into the disinfection. Parents who already know can click on the small program below to purchase, or continue to browse the details below.

99.9% efficient sterilization, safe and harmless

ultraviolet sterilization effect We all know that we use ultraviolet light to kill quilts in the quilt of.

Ultraviolet light refers to the general name of the wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum from 100nm to 400nm, which is invisible to the naked eye. According to the wavelength, it is divided into near ultraviolet (UVA), far ultraviolet (UVB) and ultrashort ultraviolet (UVC), as shown in the following figure:

But not all bands of ultraviolet light have bactericidal effect! The true bactericidal effect is between 260-280nm ultra-short ultraviolet (UVC).

Only this ultraviolet light can destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in bacterial viruses, causing growth cell death and/or regenerative cell death, and achieving sterilization and disinfection.

According to scientific research, no UV-resistant bacteria have been found yet, that is, it can kill the pathogenic microorganisms used! The following is the microbial algae after the deep ultraviolet radiation of the LED, it will be killed in about 2 seconds, stop swimming!

Romanian Design Week 2016

this fromAgnes LukacsThe vertical garden allows you to grow plants in small spaces. The hexagonal frame is made of wire and can be customized to suit your internal or external design.

Flip is a series of wooden pallets designed for BucharestUbikubDesigned, it explores the tactile properties of wood. They can be used as a cutting board or just on the wall.

Artist and Artistic DirectorNicu Duta2012Graduate in Bucharest National College of Art. This ceramic collection was designed in collaboration with other designers.

Octavarmchair Inspired by Denmark, it is designed for relaxation. It is made of sturdy ash wood and cushioned to provide a range of colors.

Octavhandrail The chair was inspired by Denmark and was designed for relaxation. It is made of sturdy ash wood and the cushions provide a range of colors.

Ciprian MandaThe minimalist collection is made of sturdy oak with a traditional dovetail joint. It is the creation of multifunctional furniture that ignores gravity.

Good SheetsReinterprets the traditional wooden cabinet. It has a mysterious totem, rich symbols, and elaborately embroidered familiar and wonderful images.

TheseFaugstool isCristian Braneafor your own brandMateriadesigned, made of charred oak beams With sturdy brass geometry.

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Taste the ancient capital of the new style Ariston Xi’an flagship competence center grand opening

On September 19, 2017, Ariston Xi’an flagship competence center was grandly opened, following Nanjing, Beijing, Changsha and Hangzhou. The sixth national flagship competence center after Shanghai marks the steady advancement of Ariston’s localization strategy in China and the new model of experiential marketing.

Ariston Xi’an Competence Center, 400-flat flagship build, all categories Showcase the whole line of wall-hung boilers, water heaters and system heating and hot water solutions. Following the brand’s consistently low-key and elegant style, it is based on the minimalist red and white color, highlighting the simple, stylish and dynamic “Italian style” of the Ariston brand. The meticulous layout and ingenuity of the experience space, from product stories to technical applications, into the immersive experience of life scenes, let consumers feel the brand content and product value of Ariston in the “immersive”.

Mr. Chen Daoli, President of Ariston China, visited the site and delivered a warm welcome speech to industry leaders, partners and media friends who took time out of their busy schedule. Ms. Chen Daoli said that the strategy and channels complement each other. Only by deepening the thinking of the big strategy into every store in every city can we consolidate the foundation of the company. As an important step in the strategic layout of the point-to-face and north-south response channels, Ariston’s completion of the experiential competence center across the country will not only help to consolidate and expand the channel influence of Ariston’s step by step, but also contribute to the overall improvement of Ariston. Consumer experience, better serve Chinese consumers! Excited by the excitement, Mr. Chen improvised his pen to write the “eight hundred miles of Qinchuan Wuhua Tianbao, 5,000 years of history and outstanding people. The legendary artisan brand of the first century, 250 million families share warmth!” Applause.

With the opening of the competence center, Ariston’s latest ONE series condensing gas heaters are also available in the Xi’an market. Condensation technology is gradually becoming the mainstream as an advanced solution for energy saving and environmental protection in home heating. As the flagship product of the Ariston Condensing Series, the ONE Series Condensing Gas Warmer is integrated with the new XTRATECHTM main heat exchanger, the IGNITION SYSTEM combustion automation system and the cutting-edge AUTO inverter technology, leading the industry with up to 108% thermal efficiency. Let Ariston’s “European Condensation Expert” be known. At the same time, the ONE series has more humanized “hands” control design in the application of smart internet, which also makes the smart home truly transform from vision to reality.

Ariston Flagship Competency Center Site Selection Xi’an shows the confidence and determination of Ariston to develop the western market. I believe that with the completion of the flagship store, Ariston’s brand penetration and influence will be further enhanced, and more and more consumers will enjoy it. To Ariston’s heart-felt, comfortable, and thoughtful products and services. Ariston’s cutting-edge condensing technology, which is one step ahead of heating products, is better responsive to the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Environmental Protection’s low-nitrogen emissions from gas boilers. Standard requirements, better for the majority of Xi’an citizens to protect the blue sky and white clouds!


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Suning Logistics: Cold Chain Boosts Business Model Evolution

Are the new retail strategies of e-commerce giants in a bottleneck?

It’s too early to conclude this proposition, but the new retail leader —— fresh e-commerce It did encounter difficulties. At the end of the past May, Box Ma opened the store for the first time in three years. Before that, Yonghui’s super-species were stripped of earnings due to performance losses; the US group’s small-scale strategic contraction only retained two stores in Beijing. Suning Sushengsheng and Jingdong 7FRESH are also faced with the question of slowing down the store.

“ There is a pit to fill in, if you can’t fill it, then you have to withdraw from the market. In a public speech in March this year, Box Horse Fresh Life CEO Hou Yi directly defined the competition in 2019 as the new retail “filling the pit battle”. Even if you don’t consider the cost, the fresh e-commerce companies also have “efficiency and” experience two big pits to fill.

Suning’s choice to break the way is to let the store “go westward” and work hard on the back end to build a cold chain. Since 2018, Suning Logistics has built 46 cold chain warehouses in more than one year, covering 188 cities.

Like the ion propeller that propels the Earth in the movie “The Wandering Earth,” cold chain logistics is becoming an important thrust in the evolution of Suning’s business model.

Suning speed, low-key and amazing

Sichuan Ya’an, Lijiang South Road, Ping An Home Community, 43-year-old Li Qin received a call from the express. Within five minutes, Suning Logistics Courier, wearing a black and yellow uniform, handed the yellow fresh box to her hand.

This is the order she took from the mobile app the day before. The order was released and she regretted it —— more than a month ago, Suning Fresh opened the service in Ya’an. She is not sure if the purchase method is reliable. What worries her even more is that if the seafood purchased is not fresh, it will definitely affect the son of the upcoming college entrance examination.

At the moment she opened the box, she was relieved. The temperature of the ice bag in the box is still very low; the cockroaches and whiskers of the prawn are all intact, and it looks good to sell. The courier also asks her to find out that the goods are not fresh and contact the return and payment in time.

These shrimps from Yantai, Shandong Province, were harvested from the origin, and were distributed to the cold chain warehouse in Chengdu, Sichuan. The local Suning logistics courier delivered the goods to the Li Qin family’s table. It only takes 24 hours. In the past, in the inland third- and fourth-tier cities, only SF was able to do this. Today, Suning’s cold chain logistics has been low-key and strong to catch up.

At the same time as Ya’an, Guangdong Jieyang, Guizhou Zunyi, Inner Mongolia Erdos, Hunan Hengyang and other cities also opened the second-generation service. More and more inland cities can eat freshly imported durians and mangosteens from Thailand; at the same time, Inner Mongolia’s beef and mutton can be transported to 188 cities covered by cold chains within 24 hours.

In the exploration of new retail, e-commerce giants have chosen fresh e-commerce as a guide. Indeed, in the core business districts of first- and second-tier cities in the past few years, glamorous box horses and super-species, with durians, cherries, lobsters and arctic shells, have refreshed consumer perceptions of the experience.

When the new retail enters the bottleneck period, when the player is still turning, Suning has already rushed into the third- and fourth-tier cities with the advantage of offline.

Time pushed back to the end of 2017, Suning released a smart retail development strategy, Zhang Jindong announced at the press conference that Suning Internet stores will expand to 20,000 or more than 20 million square meters in the next three years. .

After a year and a half, Suning gave an amazing answer to the terminal development. . In 2018, the number of self-operated stores and franchise stores in Suning increased by 7,819, with a total number of 11,064. At the beginning of 2019, Suning has acquired dozens of stores in Wanda Department Store.

In Suning’s stores, in addition to the traditional Suning Tesco stores, Suning stores are mainly concentrated in first- and second-tier cities, and Suning retail clouds are distributed in third- and fourth-tier cities. There is no doubt that logistics is the glue of these stores.

On the online, Suning Supermarket, Suning Fresh, Chinese Characteristic Pavilion, and overseas purchases cover different consumption scenarios; offline, cold chain logistics begins to cover the origin, from the production warehouse to the front warehouse. And the central kitchen and processing center with its level, and finally the end of the express outlets and Suning store. In short, each logistics node has the ability to store and distribute, and its coverage continues to expand and sink further.

In just over a year, let the cold chain cover nearly 200 cities and become the leader of domestic cold chain logistics. How does Suning do it?

On the management side Suning vigorously introduces advanced technology, mature management system and outstanding talents in the cold chain industry. When many traditional enterprises are still struggling with the transformation pains, Suning has already laid the foundation; at the executive end, Suning insists that the layout is down to the west, and the professional cold chain storage area exceeds 200,000 square meters. Under the smart retail ecology, “Suning cold chain + fresh processing center, & ldquo; Suning cold chain + front warehouse and other modes in the country quickly landed.

At present, Suning’s cold chain logistics covers more than 2,000 SKUs, including breakfast, vegetarian food, fresh food, fruit and fast-moving consumer goods. The nerve endings of Suning’s smart retail have reached the third- and fourth-tier cities.

The cold chain connects stores, which serve retail, and retail is at the heart of Suning’s entire strategy. In the past year, SuningIt is a strategic need to invest a lot of resources in the development of cold chain logistics. Suning’s business model has also evolved quite effectively. According to the financial report, revenue in 2018 was 244.957 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30.35%, and net profit rose 216.38% year-on-year.

Another data worthy of attention is that Suning’s annual research and development expenses amounted to 2.262 billion yuan, an increase of 80.81%.

Experience, Continuous Evolution

Speed ​​and breadth are the most important indicators for measuring a logistics company, but this is not the only standard for Suning Logistics to be a cold chain. When releasing the smart retail strategy, Zhang Jindong once explicitly mentioned that the value of smart retailing to the construction of consumer scenes is to make the scenes complete, refined, and secret, and to maximize the consumer’s mind, time and space.

“Doing speed, breadth, and even depth can all be solved by increasing costs, but this is only part of the user experience. The relevant person in charge of Suning Logistics revealed that in the past year, almost all of the time has been meeting and arguing for the user experience, and visiting stores in different regions. Driven by high technology and standardization, Suning Cold Chain has made six innovations in user experience.

1. Establish operational standards for the entire process

Standardization of cold chain warehouse construction, Suning Logistics has forward-looking design in warehouse structure, refrigeration equipment, energy-saving design, etc. The company strictly implements standardized management and realizes large-scale supply through reprocessing mode to ensure standardization and high quality of fresh products.

2. Supply Chain Integration Service Process Design

2019, Suning The logistics will be built in the production bases of many characteristic agricultural products in the country, and will automatically build 200,000 square meters of modern multi-temperature cold storage in 13 cities across the country, including constant temperature, cold storage, freezing and deep cooling. Fresh products “ tailored to the appropriate storage temperature.

3. Realize operational refinement

With the expansion of fresh goods SKU, Suning cold chain controls the temperature of every segment of the supply chain in the middle and lower reaches of the supply chain. Distribution, through the cold chain packaging refinement, cold chain transportation and distribution refinement, cold chain pre-cooling and storage refinement and other programs to achieve differential cold chain transportation, warehousing and distribution.

4.Building a smart + cold chain

Suning Logistics has built three IT data platforms, LEGO, Tianyan and Tianji, through independent research and development, and provided efficient operation of logistics from the underlying system. Technical Support. Since the beginning of construction, the cold chain warehouse has been equipped with Suning Logistics Intelligent + to enable big data application and analysis, to guide the analysis of actual business operations, and to achieve business efficiency and cost double balance.

5.Smart Logistics with Technology Services

Suning Logistics’s investment in smart logistics, such as unmanned distribution vehicles, logistics drones, AGV robot warehouses, etc., also helped Suning’s cold chain. development of. In the future, Suning Logistics will apply robots, wear-assisted devices and various automation technologies to the entire cold chain storage, transportation and distribution.

6. Always adhere to “green logistics”

This year’s two sessions, Zhang Jindong as the NPC deputy recommended to develop cold chain packaging consumables standards, encourage companies to explore the use of new recyclable cold chain packaging. Suning Logistics launched the first step in the 13th city to promote cold chain recycling boxes, zero-adhesive cardboard boxes and other environmentally friendly packaging, Suning Logistics also launched a cold chain dedicated thermal insulation box, reducing at least 20 million white foam boxes each year.

The new technology and the full process standardization have enabled Suning to solidify a good enough user experience while maintaining speed.

The field of cold chain logistics is an industry that needs long-term to look at. The environment of fresh consumption, its high cost investment, and the limitations of self-growth of cold chain mode determine the network to mode. From product to ecology, it takes a long process of cultivation, and cold chain companies cannot prosper alone.

From the current situation of the industry, SF Express is a fresh distribution network. Suning and Jingdong start from the cold chain warehouse, and take the warehouse allocation mode. The daily fresh and delicious is still a fresh instant match. In the model, Ali’s An Xianda is mixed with diversified products, and the focus is still on the warehouse allocation model. Therefore, in the end, the cold chain enterprises that combine business and logistics have greater opportunities.

Over the past year or so, Suning has expanded nearly 8,000 offline terminals and extended the coverage of cold chain logistics to many third- and fourth-tier cities. In terms of such achievements, in the top ten cold chain enterprises in the industry in 2017, no one can match the cold chain of Suning in terms of storage capacity and distribution coverage.

As a retail self-built logistics company, Suning Logistics has a considerable infrastructure network value. Potential energy. It is worthwhile to follow up on where this potential energy will go in the future. Undoubtedly, under the premise that Zhang Jindong constantly emphasizes “opening up”, Suning Logistics, which has served many tripartite companies such as Sharp, Panasonic, Midea, IKEA, and Shangpin Home, will open its doors. From the perspective of doing commercial infrastructure, Suning’s cold chain is obviously not satisfied with the system cycle.

After all, online, community groups, fresh supermarkets, and even chain pharmacies, waiting for this cold chain network to reach the business model and consumer scenes.

The little lion has to keep running. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Why does SAKURA cherry blossom make a call to DeGola K for “Shaking a sister”?

To say the hottest social moment Platform, it must be the vibrato app, and the most popular events of the whole netizens are the 618-year-old promotion. On June 4th, when “Duoyueyijie” Dyula K sent a dance video showing the theme of SAKURA cherry blossom “Shake 618”, the netizens immediately blasted the pot. “Sakura cherry blossoms planted what grass, let small Is the sister calling?”

mentioning Dyula K, the singer er, no one knows, no one knows. Its representative healing smile and cute sweet dance convey a full positive energy. It has created a miracle of 30 million fans to break through 10 million, and became the first dance goddess of vibrato.

It is the sister of Dyula K, who is comparable to the first-line star. It is said that the work schedule has been scheduled until the end of this year. The media waiting for interviews or inviting her to participate in variety shows has already been counted. More insiders broke the news, Dyula K is very picky about the cooperative brand, there is no spiritual fit, it will not pick up. Therefore, when the “Sakura Shake 618” dance video was issued, it caused a lot of commotion, and the number of praises within 2 days exceeded 300,000, and the number of comments exceeded 10,000.

Video, Dyula K stands on the SAKURA cherry blossom 618 theme Under the KT board, dancing lively and cheerful dance, the signature smile from time to time, makes people feel more pleasant. In the end, she compared her hand with a love, giving a sweet blow, as if a pink bubble appeared all over her body.

Immediately afterwards, the well-known talents of the giants, the Twinkle, the long-mouthed baba, etc., all spontaneously participated in the theme activity of the SAKURA cherry blossom 618. A few vibrating people, or funny, or sexy, deductive life. Under the leadership of several people, many of them have created the same video spontaneously, and they quickly picked up the #樱花 cherry 618# boom. At this time, SAKURA Sakura officially launched the event: June 4-18, as long as you pay attention to the cherry blossom official vibrating number SAKURA4001666668, you can participate in the #樱花 cherry 618# challenge. Choose a video of the singer, shoot the same video and post it, like the 300 and screenshots or the top 100 of the official @ 樱花 樱花, you can get a beautiful gift from the SAKURA cherry blossom.

(Giant, Rice Twinkle, long-mouthed baby video screenshot)

When fans are fascinated by the charm of the people, everyone I am also curious, what magical power does SAKURA cherry blossom have, and can Dakula K’s “shaking a sister” and many vibrating people spontaneously participate in this activity? In fact, in the 618-year big promotion, the SAKURA cherry blossoms seem to be “not doing business”, but in fact it is unique.

618 big promotion as the middle of the saleDuring the outbreak of the sale, all major brands are scrambling to promote their products. Not only contracted various advertising spaces for subways, buses, and elevators, but also invited big coffees such as Yang Mi and Peng Yuxi to help them drink. In this promotional battle, the SAKURA cherry blossoms are like a clear stream – calling on everyone to pay attention to the way of life, “Shake 618”.

In its propaganda poster, with rich psychedelic colors, pleasing dancers, dynamic notes and fans who are more gestures than rock, just a glance, the mind will naturally sound the dynamic music that makes people shake their heads. Super appeal, it seems to lead the spectators to live together and enjoy life, while the products on the side have become a foil.

Unexpectedly, this is not true of SAKURA Sakura However, it happened to poke the current G-spots that young people love to play and release stress, and made an efficient communication with the young people. While winning the good feelings, the traffic has also been naturally introduced into the SAKURA cherry blossom promotion platform.

From this point of view, SAKURA cherry blossoms seized the key words of “burning” and “life” and played a beautiful marketing campaign. It accurately grasps the psychological needs of young people, truly extracts different live scenes in life, transmits positive energy, and evokes a strong resonance of the audience, and uses the vibrating sound challenge to be a popular interactive form of young people and cooperates with high-quality videos. The content spread, allowing the volume to expand rapidly.

SAKURA Sakura’s trick was surprisingly successful, and it was praised by the industry: “The young people got the world, the spread of the #樱花 cherry 618# challenge, not only shows the SAKURA cherry blossoms and the young people’s play together ‘The ability to make SAKURA cherry blossoms become ‘Time ICON’.”

Sakura Sakura General Manager Zhang Yongzheng also said: “Compared with pure promotion, SAKURA cherry blossoms pay more attention to the collision of consumers in the soul. In this In the next year, in the middle of the promotion, SAKURA Sakura uses high-quality products, unprecedented policies and fun activities to bring you a feast.”

The so-called, the highest marketing is the lifestyle leader, SAKURA This cherry blossom is “not doing business”, it is exactly ” “Burning Love passed brand appeal.


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In the midsummer carnival, 900 steel people from more than 40 cities celebrated “Steel and Silver Day”

On August 3, the steel and silver e-commerce ushered in the most important day of the steel and silver people — — steel silver day. On the day of the festival, the blue tide, which represents the youth, blood and persistence of the steel and silver people, struck and brought together the hearts of every steel and silver person. Zhu Junhong, Chairman of the Board of Steel and Silver, Mr. Huang Jian, President, Wang Xiaonan, Vice President Wang Xiaonan, Nie Jingbo, Xu Saizhu and Yu Dahai attended the event and had a grand meeting with the staff.

Since the establishment of the steel and silver e-commerce company in 2008, after continuous exploration and precipitation, the steel spot trading platform For the core, it has built a whole industry chain ecological service system integrating online transaction, supply chain finance, payment and settlement, warehousing and processing, logistics and distribution, and data information. The closed-loop ecology of the entire industry chain of the platform has been highly recognized by industry customers. In 2017, the platform consignment transaction volume reached 22.1911 million tons, the average daily transaction number was more than 2,500 units, and the platform per capita performance has been increased to 5 times in the traditional industry. It has been proved by practice that steel e-commerce has a strong driving force for capacity optimization. Based on clear strategic concepts and years of deep cultivation, the number of users of steel and silver platform enterprises exceeds 90,000. It has 8 trading centers and 40 overseas service stations. Steel and silver e-commerce has also become a benchmark for China’s industrial Internet by virtue of its strength.

Steel and Silver Day is an important annual festival for steel and silver people. The national steel and silver people celebrated together and reunited together to focus on the present and look to the future.

On the morning of Steel Silver Day, a group of special small guests —— The fund’s growth trip to the poor left-behind children in the summer camp. This is the first time they have come to Shanghai. Accompanied by steel and silver volunteers and team leader teachers, they launched the first trip in their life. Zhu Junhong, the chairman of the steel and silver e-commerce company, gave each child a book entitled “How Steel Is Made” and sent a blessing and expectation: I hope that every child will become a steel-like person in the future. The Steel Union Group will also continue to pay attention to and help the children.

The distance of the space can’t stop the blood between the steel and silver people. At the scene of the “Steel Silver Day Carnival Party”, nearly 500 steel and silver people from all over the country gathered together. At the end of the Internet, steel and silver people from more than 40 service stations in the 8 major trading centers watched the night in front of the screen. Live broadcast.

At the party, Steel and Silver screened through the big data in the first half of 2018. “Silver and Silver Star, awarded by Wang Xiaonan, Nie Jingbo, Yu Haihai, three vice presidents. Finally, Chairman Zhu Junhong came to the finale and continued the tradition of the past years. He awarded a customized version of the honorary military card to the ten steel and silver employees, and expressed their gratitude to them for their persistence and dedication. 2018 Steel Silver Day ended successfully in the 10th anniversary cake sharing. Zhu Junhong, the chairman of the board, said at the end of the event: “The future of steel and silver still has a long way to go. Today our strategy and model have become clearer and clearer. We must be more convinced, adhere to the platform + service strategy, improve products and serve customers well. Adhere to the initial heart, carry forward the dream, go forward together, grow together, and contribute more power to the development of the industrial Internet.

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The horse in the 1960s turned into a studio/guest suite

This studio in the suburbs of Seattle/Guest Suite was previously a stable. The couple of painters and digital designers chose to turn the unused stable into a flexible studio space where they can work and draw, while also making it a guest suite for visitors. They hired SHED Architecture & Design to design.
The main room is open and can be used as a studio space or living room. There is a full bathroom, multi-purpose sink and private sleeping unit. Two sliding light barriers open to the guest suite, storage closet and multi-purpose sink.
New windows and doors are installed to reflect the medieval feel of the main house while providing the necessary light for painting, work or relaxation.

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Natural food mixer

Every household produces garbage, but most of the waste is preventable organic waste, which is converted into nutrients using a Bono mixer.
Bono was designed by Polish designer Ala Sieradzka and is efficient, convenient and easy to use. Bono spends very little effort on it to turn your organic waste into a nutrient-rich fertilizer that can be used to feed your home’s plants.
This mixer has a lid and a base, as well as a complete draw-out tray that is used to collect nutrients. The top hole provides ventilation and also increases air circulation.

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Lakeside holiday cottage

Resort houses come in all shapes, sizes and styles, each with its own charm and uniqueness. We especially like holiday homes, which are simple and gentle, allowing you to focus on the landscape or the beautiful scenery surrounding them. An example of this is the cottage in Canada. Designed by YH2 in 2017, it has a living space of 140 square meters.

The design of this house looks like a cottage. It is small, simple, and closely related to nature. It is situated on a small open space on the shores of Lake Pleasant, and its openness to nature is expressed in many beautiful ways. First of all, the foundation of the house is invisible, which can have a very small visual impact on the site and is closely linked to the surrounding environment by not disturbing them.

This chic little holiday home captures the essence of mountain village life in a very natural and subtle way. Although it looks like a cottage, it is presented in a modern and sophisticated way. Like any real hut, its interior and exterior are constructed of wood. It has a large gable roof that contributes to a very clean frame and a minimalist overall look.

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Suitable for houses built in areas lacking natural vegetation

As house prices rise, urban houses become more crowded and people begin to build houses around the city. If there is no natural vegetation around the house, only yellow sand and mud, how can we design an unexpected and beautiful building?

Harry · Sedler and his colleagues designed a suburb that is surrounded by trees and landscapes. Built house. The design of the house adopts a single color contrast of black and white, highlighting the characteristics of the house. The cement brick used is light gray, the walls are also painted light gray, and only one of them is dark green contrast color. The concrete-built courtyard is also light gray. The house was built with a high-enclosure façade, and the lower part of the façade was replaced with a hollow design to facilitate ventilation.

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