2015 international sanitary ware five major trends forecast

2015 international sanitary ware five major trends forecast: trend hotspot 1: wastewater utilization, trend hotspot 2: safety and convenience, trend hotspot 3: integration with the family, trend hotspot 4: technology bath, trend hotspot 5: design in place.

Trend Hotspot 1: Wastewater Utilization

In addition to trying to develop more sanitary products that can directly save water, we also Seeing a new trend from the exhibition, many sanitary ware brands have begun to launch products with no dead ends, better cleaning products and small “wash basin toilet integrated sanitary wares. The realization of these products can not only greatly reduce the bathroom” water The utilization rate can also turn waste into treasure, letting the waste water exert waste heat.

Market Status: Green Bathroom

Wastewater Utilization Products

At present, the bathroom products that can meet the characteristics of small size, no seams, no dead ends and easy to clean are not difficult to find. Many brands even regard it as a “selling point”.

On the contrary, the sanitary products related to the rational use of waste water have become blind spots on the market, and can be used for daily washing and washing, such as washing hands, washing faces, washing vegetables, etc. It is not available in the market. It is understood that a small brand of sanitary ware that we have seen at a certain exhibition at the exhibition is only a business plan. It is probably difficult to buy in the near future. During the visit, the brand’s shopping guide said that it must be installed on the load-bearing wall, the internal pipeline layout is complicated and the price is as high as tens of thousands of yuan, which is the main reason for the difficulty of entering such products.

Trend Hotspot 2: Safe and Convenient

When the problem of aging is getting worse, smart businesses are gradually starting to step forward In this area, the bathroom industry has put forward the concept of convenience bathroom this year. There aren’t too many complicated buttons, no modern institutions, and lengthy instructions, and there are no corners and blunt designs that will hurt you. From the details of location, function and accessibility, it is a wonderful thing for people of all ages to use the bathroom conveniently.

Market Status: Elderly Bathroom

Product blanks can only be customized

In the sanitary wares of many mainstream home stores, the bathroom products for the elderly can be said to be blank. Most of the sales staff took the design points, water-saving performance and low-cost promotions and other selling points to pull the guests. When the author asked if there are more sanitary products that are suitable for the elderly to use alone, most of them are speechless.

It is understood that if you want to arrange a “luxury bathroom” for the elderly or children at home, you can only make more money to customize it.

Representative: Locker as a seat. Can’t find furniture that is purely for the elderly, may wish to hit the ball. In the whole bathroom series launched by Lejia this year, there is a flexible push-pull “towing cabinet, storage, sitting and correct, and five colors to choose from. If you move home, you can also act as a bathroom. Lounge chair. However, the chair with a squatting is slightly inconvenient for the elderly, and the merchant can be removed when purchasing.

Trend Hotspot 3: Blending with Home

“More and more time spent in the bathroom every day This is the current state of life of many people. Therefore, we hope that the bathroom will become more valuable. If comfortable sofa chairs, soft carpets, gentle lighting, and practical bookshelves can enter the bathroom, you will find that life can be renewed.

Market Status: Not Many Related Products

Consumers need to match their own

Due to the size of the space and the concept of different concepts, “Let’s live in the bathroom or “Lost in the bathroom” concept is not high in the domestic market, most bathroom brands create a “for domestic consumers”; The bathroom is kept on the sidelines. Therefore, related products are rare in the market, only some high-end brands that are mainly based on the whole bathroom have related products, and the price is quite high. Consumers are not waiting for the relevant products to be available, it is better to choose some moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant smart furniture to match.

Representative 1: Bathroom-specific bookshelves. This is an example of a small bathroom and home integration. In order not to affect the use, the owner has carried out the wet and dry partition of the bathroom, and placed the bookshelf on the side of the drying area, which not only reduces the storage pressure of the living space, but also allows the free Life walked silently into the bathroom space.

Representative 2: Durable and durable oak furniture. As bathroom furniture enters the home more and more, it has evolved from a simple storage function to an indispensable part of the bathroom space. This bathroom cabinet is made of imported oak. Due to the damp environment of the oak, even if it is used in the bathroom, there is no wet and dry partition, as long as it avoids direct scouring, such furniture will not appear. The situation of acclimatization.

Trend Hotspot 4: Technology Bath

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, simply satisfy one or several basics Functional bathroom products have gradually become obsolete. In the forward-looking bathroom trend, we see that the accessories become smaller, the water consumption is lower, the induction system is more powerful, and the ergonomic and massage-enabled large overhead spray or hand-held nozzles are more user-friendly. High-tech sanitary products may become an indispensable part of our lives.

Market Status: High-tech Bathroom

Lots of expensive prices

Chinese consumers There is a demand for high-tech bathroom products, but the amount is not large, which is the conclusion that the author reached when he visited the market. While satisfying the basic use functions, it also has a good appearance and environmental protection, and the needs of most consumers are limited to this. At present, high-tech-linked products are not uncommon in the market, but they are mostly derived from international brands and are expensive, and are usually twice as expensive or even several times more expensive than ordinary products.

A sensory faucet that represents a life span of 1:30. Kohler’s green main product this year, which was seen at the heating exhibition in March, has been on the market. The product is based on a super-powered battery system, while the battery system is made of advanced environmentally-friendly materials. It does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals. Its precise sensing technology is equivalent to reducing the amount of dozens of ordinary batteries in the invisible, greatly reducing waste. Environmental pollution caused by batteries. Compared to other inductive faucets, this product also avoids the frequent replacement of spare batteries and the inability to operate properly due to harsh lighting conditions.

Representative 2: There are four types of shower facilities. Rain shower, massage, hand-held, waterfall, German sanitary ware brand Huayida launched this year’s Tianquan series of new products, with four water outlets, can meet your needs for shower, massage, relaxation and water power Is the product of a new generation of high technology. But the price is about 5 times that of ordinary showers.

Trend Hotspot 5: Designing a Place

The bathroom space basically meets the needs —— this practice is out of date. This year, the bathroom highlights the concept of “bathroom design”, which aims to create a comfortable space for people living in busy and crowded cities.

Market Status: Personality Bathrooms See You everywhere

Demonstrate your personality

Compared to other styles mentioned in the international bathroom trend, the design sense bathroom is more widely distributed and practical in the domestic market. Shape, color, artistry, theme, in the market, you can choose the personalized bathroom products, and the price is also moderate, and can be cheaper on weekends or holiday promotions.

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