2018 annual inventory: China’s eight original brand designers

As the world enters the era of brand competition, improving brand competitiveness is a top priority for all companies. Brand design is the visual communication based on the correct brand definition. It can greatly enhance the core competitiveness of the brand and help the company to correctly control the brand direction. A successful brand design is not only about packaging products, but also attracting consumers to purchase. More is to reflect the corporate culture and brand core values.

In 2018, there are still countless Chinese original brand designers who use their own works to present designs that belong to our China. The following is an inventory of eight outstanding Chinese original brand designers in 2018. (In no particular order)

One: Reluctant

Reluctant, Guangzhou, China. Founder of International Graphic Design Master and Reluctant Design Award.

In the early 1980s, the emblem designed for the Bank of China was still regarded as a model. The Bank of China logo designed by him is simple and smooth, and has the characteristics of Western design. However, the logo is subtly integrated into the traditional Chinese culture. The middle of the logo is the Chinese bank’s signature.

In 2006, the reluctantly designed “Chongqing logo” was also identified by the official (Chongqing Municipal Government) as a city image.

Relying on the design concept of Chinese and Western fusion, he integrates the essence of Chinese traditional culture into Western modern design. Made an outstanding contribution to the spread of Chinese traditional culture.

2: Li Yongzhen

Li Yongzhen, a Hong Kong native of China, was called by the Hong Kong media to be a brand doctor. He has won more than 580 awards in recent years and is a new generation of brand consultants in Hong Kong.

The brands that Li Yongzhen has served include Dayi Group, I DO, Man Kee Dessert, Chow Sang Sang, Hang Seng Bank, Swarovski and other internationally renowned brands.

Among them, Li Yongzhen has cooperated with Manchu Dessert. He infused the sweet nostalgic atmosphere into the brand culture of Manchu Dessert, and transformed it from an ordinary family-style syrup shop into today’s famous “drink”. Monster.

Li Yongzhen proved the existence of Chinese creation to the world. His humorous, bold and unique design style has provided a source of inspiration for young designers in China.

Three: Xia Ke

Xia Ke, born in 1974 in Fuling, Chongqing, China, is a famous designer. In 2002, Guge Dynasty Brand Design Consultant Co., Ltd. was founded. Over the past 16 years, the team has always insisted that “original is the design concept of Wang Dao!”

“Incorporate Chinese traditional culture into design and integrate into the brand. Xia Ke insists that the Chinese-style post-modern concept not only emerges on food packaging, but also enhances the core competitiveness of the brand! In addition to “Chinese-style postmodern, Xia Ke is in the food industry today,” The new concept of special product branding, let small specialty products become a big brand, go out of China and go international!

Among them, Zhang Fei beef is succeeded under the help of the Guge dynasty led by Xia Ke. The integration of the Three Kingdoms culture into the brand culture, from the core culture of the brand to the product design, through the commercial trade to achieve industrial diversification. In addition, Xia Ke also helped the world’s top 500 Yihai Kerry’s sub-brand squid brand rapeseed oil on the packaging, the sales model has been transformed into a leading brand of rapeseed oil.

Summer The company adheres to its original “Chinese-style postmodern concept”, bringing Chinese culture to the international stage, allowing more people to recognize Chinese traditional culture and bringing Chinese design to a higher level!

Four: Xie Jianjun

In 1997, Xie Jianjun founded the Chinese Dongdao Design Company in Beijing.

Dongdao Design is well-known in the industry for its international design concept and practical operation. It is a senior corporate image design company in China. And undertake Vanke, Jingdong, China Life and other domestic famous enterprise projects.

Over the years, Xie Jianjun has been known for his international design concept. He led the leading design company to express his love for the country, nation and art with creativity.

V: Chen Youjian

Chen Youjian, born in Hong Kong in 1950, is a famous designer who has won more than 400 awards in Hong Kong and international awards.

Among them, he has cooperated with Sichuan famous tea brand Zhu Yeqing several times, using its “Dongqing Xiyun” The design concept perfectly interprets the traditional values ​​of Taoism and Buddhism advocated by Zhu Yeqing, and designs a brand new brand.It won the Silver Award in the Image and Brand Strategy Group of the Most Influential Design Award (DFA) in Asia.

Chen Youjian has integrated Hong Kong fashion with traditional culture and has opened up a different path for Chinese design.

Six: 晏钧

晏钧 is the founder of the top ten brand design company in the country.

The brand design projects such as Lerentang and Daoxiang Village, which he participated in, won the 2006 China Brand Image Design Award. 2002 China Star Design Competition Silver Award and other domestic awards.

and created a museum emblem designed by the Macao Science Museum and Wuxi Museum, which has created good social benefits.

Seven Li Huaqing

Li Huaqing, founder of Li Huaqing, a famous Chinese brand design company.

As a brand consultant of Tong Ren Tang, Li Huaqing has made a new role in maintaining the core concept of Tong Ren Tang’s traditional culture. Brand positioning and image design have enabled Tong Ren Tang to break the bottleneck of development.

Li Huaqing is the first designer in China to integrate the business color strategy and the packaging focus strategy into the product design system. Outstanding contribution.

Eight: Chen Shaohua

Chen Shaohua, Chen Shaohua Design Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. He is one of the most individual and most successful design masters in contemporary China.

Chen Shaohua is bold and diverse in the creation of graphics and color. He loves Chinese elements and always emphasizes design. Chinese spirit.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics logo is one of Chen Shaohua’s most outstanding works. He explores the spirit of national culture. Starting with a deeper connotation, we created a Taiji five-ring graphic that combines modernity and tradition, and international and national harmony, conquering the hearts of all judges.

So in the process of spreading Chinese traditional culture to the world, Chen Shaohua’s design is indispensable.

There are more and more Chinese original brand designers. When Chinese design slowly tears off the label of “cheap,” “cottage, when going international, for Chinese brand designers, behind the It will be more effort.

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