70% of furniture companies are committed to the whole house customization, can the whole house customization “unify the world”?

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2017 The year can be said to be the first year of the custom home, and the major custom home companies have started the “full house custom” business, becoming a no-nonsense. Many other companies in the segment have begun to follow suit and want to share a slice of the custom home industry. This article will discuss and analyze the future of the whole house custom home will not be unified.

In the past two years, there have been many whole-house custom homes on the market, from wooden doors to cabinets, wardrobes, and even stair siding, which can be customized for you, and also by many consumers. Favor. Especially in the market situation where the sales of finished furniture declined, many home furnishing companies began to enter the whole house to customize the home.

Some insiders said: “Now it is no exaggeration to say that 70% of furniture companies are doing whole house customization. Regardless of whether it used to be a cabinet or a wooden door, whether it is made of panel furniture or solid wood furniture, it is all custom-made. Then, in the future, the whole house will be customized. Will it be in the world? At the China Business Daily, the Shaanxi Home New Retail New Service Innovation Forum will give different interpretations and analysis.

The whole house custom home is favored after 80, 90

“Customized home is not muddy, and beautiful. Ms. Huang, a citizen of Xi’an, purchased a compact two-bedroom apartment in the urban area. At present, the hard-covering project has been completed, and the rest is home-based. Ms. Huang said that the reason why she chose to customize the home is not only because it is fashionable and beautiful, but also saves herself a lot of troubles. Many whole cabinets, wardrobes, bookcases, etc. can be customized. As long as the brand is approved and a deposit is paid, there are special designers who come to the door to measure and customize the furniture according to the preferences of consumers.

Lu Yuke, general manager of Parker Brothers Furniture, said that after 80s and 90s, the more popular products are personalized home products, and the pursuit of exclusive and unique home products. Therefore, this has given birth to a considerable market prospect for customized homes. “Younger will undoubtedly be the development trend of the customized home market in the future.

Whole house customization maximizes space utilization

Hou Ming, general manager of Bintu Wooden Door, believes that the reason why the whole house custom home is popular in the market is compared with traditional finished furniture. Its incomparable advantage. Customized homes are not limited by size. There is no doubt that custom homes can fulfill almost any size, shape and material requirements. Therefore, the customization can at least monitor the use of materials and the cost is more controllable.

The design style can be changed depending on the purpose and the like. For example, the custom home case that is often done is the design of the children’s room. Usually the children’s room is not large, and the space can be saved by customizing the integrated bed and desk. The overall room is also very strong. Such a piece of furniture, because of the pursuit of the integration of the room and the overall effect, in addition to the on-site measurement of size customization has no choice.

The use of materials and the use of colors are more flexible. For example, the owner wants to have a changing desk + bookcase model, and is also very recommended for custom furniture. Because customization is designed by the designer according to the owner’s imagination, and reflects your design philosophy, of course, unique.

There are shortcomings such as high price and long period of time

Mr. Tian, ​​who has been engaged in the home industry for more than ten years in Xi’an, believes that there are still many high-priced, long production cycles, etc. insufficient. First of all, before the furniture is made, it is difficult to grasp what it looks like. Because each family’s size is different, there are no ready-made finished products and templates, all rely on the designer’s drawings and experience, so it is hard to say how the final completion effect is.

Second is the high price. Custom furniture requires designers to draw sketches, construction drawings, on-site cutting boards, find suitable hardware, etc., which could have been completed quickly in the factory. Once customized, it may take two skilled workers to work for a week, plus designer coordination. The custom price usually considered will more than double the price of the finished product.

Again, design takes time and can’t be started in an instant. Because it is a brand-new concept, there is no rule to follow. It takes time to consider every detail. Production is also the same. The whole process is completely new product development and innovation, and the construction period is relatively long.

Customization has not yet reached the real “full house”

Mr. Tian believes that the current house customization has not yet reached the real “full house.” First of all, in order to customize the whole house, in addition to the traditional suite furniture, cabinets and wardrobes, including ceilings, lighting, curtains and other decorations, are also required. In this respect, the company cannot produce or incomplete, and there will be costs for external procurement or cooperation. Problems in quality, delivery time, etc., which are difficult for most furniture companies to solve or unwilling to touch.

Secondly, although many companies are vigorously promoting themselves as “customers”, in fact, a large number of enterprises mainly rely on the purchase of finished furniture, and the investment in customization is obviously insufficient. Most of the companies that have introduced customized home services say they don’t understand the customization model. The company rarely produces it by itself, mainly by acquiring some custom furniture companies, or cooperating with some companies that make wooden doors, curtains, ceilings, etc. Provide overall home customization services to promote the market, or directly to find custom furniture companies to cooperate, only to customize the furniture services.

Whole house customization is breaking through the original product classification

Huang Haibin, general manager of Derry Dynasty furniture, believes that the emergence of customized home is a revolutionary breakthrough, let the furniture home and decoration There is more than one combination point, and there is one more category in the home. No matter howAs such, the whole house customization is an innovation of the old-style finished furniture, which promotes the adjustment and optimization of the industrial structure to a certain extent, and is a direction for the upgrading and development of the furniture industry.

Due to the consideration of the uniformity of the whole house style, more and more consumers in the future hope to realize one-stop service such as whole house customization. Even if the whole house customization still takes time to test, although the whole house customization still has its imperfections, its development will not be smooth, but after all, the whole house customization conforms to the changing needs of modern consumption and social trends.

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