A number of companies have settled in the Sanyou sharing platform and shared the alliance, which is unstoppable!

In the current era of big data, around consumer operations as the core of brand and new retail development, the new retail driven by data intelligence and network collaboration will bring a lot of new consumer experience to consumers, and bring new to business and manufacturing. Value creation, Sanyou sharing platform is an information-sharing building materials home industry exchange platform driven by big data + cloud computing + artificial intelligence + reputation system + blockchain technology for the entity. The platform has been obtained since its launch. Recognized by a number of well-known companies, nearly 30 companies including Jiajia Floor, Panpan Wood Door, Oufei Te Whole House Customs, Haier, TCL, Mia Xinfeng, Xinbate Wooden Door, Yangzi Cabinet, etc. have settled in Sanyou Sharing Platform. Through the sharing model to help enterprises build a bridge between supply and demand.
Sanyou Dong Zong (picture left) Dongwu Shi’an Sun Zong (pictured right)
San You Li Manager (pictured left) Minghai Men and Windows Manager Wang (pictured right)
Haierhuo Manager ( Figure left) Manager Sanyou Yan (pictured right) Manager of Mia Wang (pictured left) Manager of Sanyou Yan (pictured right)
Manager of Sanyou Yan (pictured left) Manager of Deyi Electric (pictured right)
Sanyou Shared Marketing Platform will use the existing resources Northeast Building Materials Network and its 31 provincial capital city sub-stations to deepen the online channels, solve the pain points of every link in the marketing chain, activate the internal driving force of the enterprise, and gather the home The business elites in all fields of the building materials industry adopt a novel commission exchange mechanism to truly create an industry exchange platform for online and offline integration, resource sharing, and cooperation and win-win. The products purchased on the Sanyou platform are all offline products, which enhance the trust of consumers while ensuring the quality of the products. The order is to enjoy the preferential, sharing economy, unstoppable, and build a community of destiny in the home building materials industry. We are working on action!

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