A total of 201 female soldiers of the British Army were repatriated from Iraq and Afghanistan due to pregnancy.

A total of 201 female soldiers from the British Army were repatriated from Iraq and Afghanistan due to pregnancy (data map)

International Online Special: According to the British “Daily Mail” February 16 According to data from the British Ministry of Defence, between 2003 and 2009, a total of 102 female soldiers on the Iraqi front were sent back to China due to pregnancy. Since 2006, there have been 99 female soldiers repatriated from pregnancy since 2006. The total number of female soldiers who were sent back to the UK for pregnancy was 201.

It is reported that most of these women were pregnant in the UK before going to Iraq or Afghanistan, but they were not able to check out because they were still pregnant early when they left the UK. But the British Defense Ministry also admitted that there are indeed female soldiers who are pregnant during the service on the battlefield.

According to reports, the British army did not set up a “disabled contact order” in the army. It only warned the service soldiers that it was a disciplinary act to have sexual relations between men and women during the service on the battlefield. Once discovered, regardless of the level, the military will impose heavy penalties on it. However, there are still many people who try their best.

In addition, when the British Ministry of Defence enlisted in the army, because of the scruples of female soldiers, “privacy”, the female soldiers were not tested for pregnancy, but only verbally asked if they were pregnant or suspected that they were pregnant, to avoid the upcoming The vaccinated vaccine injures the fetus. Many people protested this and called on the Ministry of Defense to perform mandatory pregnancy tests on female soldiers, saying that while some soldiers are in danger of life, other female soldiers can be evacuated due to pregnancy, which is not for soldiers who stay on the front line. fair. (Shen Yuhua)

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