American high school students imitate the expression of great politicians

America's high school students are keen to imitate the political figures of the great people's self-portraits.

High school student Chaz · Lorike likes to take selfies, often uploading self-portraits on the personal Instagram social networking site that mimic the expression of political tycoon. The picture shows him imitating Queen Elizabeth II and Bush. Self-timer comparison chart.

Mei high school students are keen to imitate the political figures of the great self-portraits.

Beautiful high school students are keen to imitate the expression of great political figures February 23rd according to the French “Feraro The newspaper reported on February 22 that a group of self-portrait photos uploaded to Instagram and Twitter social networking sites caught the attention of the public. The picture consists of two photos from the left and right. A young American man on the right side imitates the expression in the old photos of the left world political tycoons. The photo atmosphere is also nostalgic. The young man in the picture is Chad · Rorick, who is still attending school at Rush Henrietta High School in Rochester, New York, USA. He said in the well-known Internet blog network in the United States that he had seen the 34th president of the United States — — after a documentary by Truman, he suddenly found that he had a similar place with the former president, and he suddenly began to imitate The expression of various political tycoons. Whether it is really similar, it is necessary to leave it to everyone “public review” to consider.

Chaz · Rorick also told the media: “My father thought that my behavior was very grotesque. But after uploading the first comparison photo with Truman, I uploaded another photo that mimicked Roosevelt’s expression the next day. But starting with the third photo, I got used to making a picture that mimics political celebrities every day and uploading them all into my social network. Fortunately, my friends are very supportive of my behavior and have encouraged me to continue this weird plan. ”

It’s not surprising to raise the hobby of the middle school Roryk, but its influence also makes the public recall to some of the United States’ presidents who are not so colorful and forgotten. Missing it. For example, who is a person with a beautiful moustache in a photo? He is the 27th President of the United States & mdash; — William · Howard · William Taft.

In an interview with American television, Rorick also said: “Even the history teachers of our school have shown a crazy love for my plan with a history of memory! I tried to imitate the famous political circles. The old photos are even the shapes in the statues, and in order to be close to their image, I will prepare some props, such as moustaches, fake beards, newspapers, shawls, etc., in order to imitate the shape of an old photo of Clinton, I Also specially prepared a saxophone instrument!”

This young man who loves history has no clear plan for his future path, nor does he know that he will be on a deeper path of study in the future. Which major to choose. But look at his talented and creative imitation skills, maybe he will be a big performer in the future!

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