An illegal school circumcision in South Africa caused about 80 students to be admitted

Xinhuanet Johannesburg, Feb. 22 The South African police said on the 22nd that about 80 students were injured in circumcision at an adult ceremony held in an illegal school in northwestern South Africa. Some students were seriously injured and injured. Has been sent to hospital for treatment.

The local police said that the students who were sent to the hospital had symptoms of high fever and dehydration. Among them, 10 students were in critical condition, and two of them had to be transferred to a large hospital because the genital organs were completely removed.

A doctor involved in the rescue said: “These children suffered severe pain when they were admitted to the hospital. A boy was shocked by blood loss, but now he is out of danger.” ”

The police said that the tragedy of the school was located in the northwestern town of Sannishof, which was previously closed because of too harsh conditions. They suspected that the school illegally reopened in January of this year.

It is understood that some traditional tribes in South Africa hold traditional circumcision adult rituals for teenage boys every year. At the ceremony, boys are circumcised in blankets to declare adulthood. Due to the lack of regular doctors and poor medical conditions, some boys died of genital necrosis, dehydration and pneumonia after receiving circumcision. According to incomplete statistics, illegal circumcision in the past five years has caused more than 300 children in South Africa to die and more than 2,000 injured.

In July last year, at least 30 boys died after the circumcision ceremony at an adult ceremony held by some tribes in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, and nearly 300 others were admitted to hospital. The South African ruling party, the African National Congress of South Africa (ANC), later called for “tribal leaders, medical professionals, governments and civil society to unite to stop this meaningless and unnecessary life loss” and called for circumcision of boys. People must receive basic medical training and be eligible.

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

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