Anhui Anqing City has completed the phased effect of the main road in the old city

  The reporter learned from the Office of the Municipal Wastewater Comprehensive Improvement Leading Group that since the launch of the special action for comprehensive sewage treatment in the city, as of the end of June, the municipal level has issued 10 batches of sewage treatment tasks list, In the 1864 investigation, 1674 has been rectified, and the completion rate has reached 90%. The promotion of the rectification work has achieved phased results.

  In terms of rain and sewage diversion, the storm and sewage diversion of the main road in the old city has been completed 18.8 kilometers, and 16 districts have completed the reconstruction of rainwater and sewage diversions in the districts, and newly built sewage pipelines are 6.2 kilometers; In the old district, 17 rainwater and sewage diversions were reconstructed, and 10 new sewage treatment and lifting pumping stations were built. This year, 24 old residential renovation projects will be started, and the rainwater and sewage diversion will be implemented simultaneously.

  In the pipeline remediation, the main sewage pipeline was inspected for 450 kilometers, and the sewage pipeline network capacity was improved. The main pipeline of the eastern New Town sewage was dredged 136 kilometers to repair the damaged and disconnected structures. At 332 sexual issues, the problem of unsmooth main sewage pipelines in the eastern New Town has been basically solved. In 2019, it is planned to renovate the main sewage pipelines of Longmianshan Road, Jixian South Road, Jixian North Road and Wenyuan Road, and the main pipeline project of Longmianshan Road and Jixian Road has started construction. Each district will simultaneously carry out the transformation of the district pipe road sewage pipeline.

  In terms of sewage collection capacity improvement, the sewage from the east of the Shun’an River in the eastern new city was repaired into the Chengdong Wastewater Treatment Plant through the pipeline, and the sewage interception project of the Ring Shitang Lake was put into use, and the Phoenix Wastewater Treatment Plant was completed and put into operation. And began to collect domestic sewage in the west of the Tongan River, the scope of sewage collection continues to expand, and the treatment volume has increased significantly.

   In addition, in terms of water system management, since last year, the municipal key project management office has completed 13 water system management. A total of five water system projects are currently being implemented. Among them, Qintan Lake has completed a total investment of 155 million yuan, of which 96.7% of dredging was completed and 61.3% of sewage interception pipelines were installed; Shenlingtan completed a total investment of 8.5 million, of which 47% was completed; and Shitang Lake intake completed 1470 Million, which completes dredging 96%.


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