Apartment in the city of Sao Paulo

Located in a city of over 2 million people, Sao Palo is not only a stylish home but also a garden biome. The multi-storey home has a garden that simulates sub-forests and rocky highlands, both of which have their own characteristics.

The landscape design on the roof of the apartment is like a protected area for plant biodiversity, harmonious with geographical location, low maintenance and environmental protection. Plants that mimic the Atlantic forest, most of which are tropical, but include transitional planting. The different layers of the apartment are used as a natural division of the plant type, and the eighth floor consists of a winter garden with herbaceous shrubs and tender shrubs. The whole part is of the sub-forest type because it comes from the native palm trees of the wet valleys of the Atlantic Forest. The seventh and ninth layers are characterized by the simulated natural formation of rocky highlands, shrub samples with rough leaves, and vines and some well-grown epiphytes.

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