India’s fascinating tree root bridge is getting stronger every year. okorder

The most humid place on earth, in Meghalaya, IndiaMawsynramVillage, you will see some of the most fascinating bridges. Theselive bridge is formed by local people who cultivate rubber tree roots to grow into natural bridges. They are very strong and far stronger than the artificial wooden bridges. Because of the abundant rain in the jungles of Meghalaya, the wooden structure may rot. These root bridges can self-reinforce, and as time goes on, the root system grows stronger and stronger.

Photographer AmosAmos ChapplePhotographs of these people passing bridges over the years. He saw the students walk through a bridge across the river if nothing had happened, and the local guide took visitors to visit a growing tree root bridge. In order to turn rubber trees into bridges and ladders, they must make tight knots that stand the test of the rainy and rainy environment of Meghalaya.

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Water colored vase okorder

Ronanand Erwan BouroullecFinnish brandiittalaDesign a 10 A vase of artwork. Combining them together creates a subtle landscape. RuutuContains the meaning of a diamond or a Finnish square,5Different sizes and7 water color is closely mixed together.

The diamond-shaped vases, although simple in appearance, are each hand-blown by the craftsmen of the glass factory. 7Artisan and 24hours.

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Crystal clear reflection of skyscrapers okorder

Seoul is the second largest city after Busan with a population of approximately 3.6 million. It is also Korea’s largest port city, Korea’s largest beach and the longest river. The maritime cities of high-rise buildings and luxury hotels have attracted wealthy people into the area. From the sea, gorgeous homes, high-rise apartments, amazing.

When the huge skyscrapers lit up at night, they surrounded the surreal water and gave a sense of the future.

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The solution to the collapse of Nigerian buildings okorder

The researchers of the human and social sciences pointed out that housing ranked second. The basic needs for people to survive. To support this view, experts in the construction sector hold the belief that a habitable and safe building will guarantee a better life. Where buildings are located, it is very important to prioritize the existence and survival of people.
Buildings, whether temporary, permanent or huge structures, require proper planning, design, construction and maintenance to achieve the required satisfaction, comfort and safety. However, in the case of a collapse of a building, it should not be rampant in Nigeria.
They pointed out that statistics show that the collapse of Nigerian buildings is a common loss of life and property. Other opinions on the reasons for the collapse of the house, including the conversion of illegal buildings, often lead to structural defects, and blatant disobedience to urban planning regulations by developers and owners. The solution is:
1, the training and effective control of craftsmen and artisans in the construction industry as a favorable guarantee.
2, for any structure more than one bungalow, must participate, and construction work can only be done by registered contractors and registered architects, engineers and builders’ supervised structural engineers.
3, customers should be approved before starting construction; they should be approved with drawings and specifications; any changes should be approved before their implementation.
4, the periodic review of the defective structure must be carried out, the damage caused by the destruction of life and property before the structure marked as demolition should be removed.

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French apartment bright interior design and retro style okorder

The key to a bright and airy interior is knowing how to choose colors and materials. The internal structure of a house or apartment is also a very important factor. For example, this French loft already has a great layout, and the window is also a big highlight.

This French loft is very bright. This is because it is filled with natural light through these windows. Not all windows have the same size and the same shape. They basically revolve around the apartment. However, even though the windows are not as much as possible, the attic is still bright and airy. This is because it has a very fresh interior. The walls are white, so the ceiling is also. The color of the floor is different, but it is mainly neutral.
As for furniture, it has a very beautiful retro feel. Like a 60’s apartment, the retro feel is very strong, but the apartment is also full of modern atmosphere. Maybe it’s all telling us that this is a contemporary loft.

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The height of Dubai buildings can overlook the clouds okorder

Photograph of the surrealist cityscape of photographer Daniel Cheong, capturing some of the buildings that hang over the fog – the tallest skyscraper in the world. The photographers’ stocks look out incredibly advantageous locations in the Dubai city (United Arab Emirates) to film the top of the ghostly grey buildings as they wear thick fog.

Because fog is common in the four seasons, capturing these photos requires patience and planning. The photographer studied the weather pattern and waited for the ideal conditions. Once the natural elements seem to reach, he rises to the level of the sky, achieving a unique perspective that allows his shutter to fly in the clouds.
Photos are created by mixing multiple exposures of a scene into a composite image. This technique relies on depth, motion and color to enhance the spectrum of the image. The photographer said: “I won’t pretend that the performance is real, but it’s an idealized version. ”

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The strange shape of the floating greenhouse okorder

The recently completed floating greenhouse, named the Jellyfish Barge, has clever green spaces on a magical riverside. The octagonal structure of the barge is a combination of a floating bucket, a network of wood and glass. The small potted plant slides safely into the hole-shaped tube. This innovative greenhouse does not depend on traditional agricultural resources such as freshwater irrigation systems in the land and environmental sectors. It is powered only by solar, wind and tidal energy.

The project was completed by the Italian design company Studiomobile and took about five months to complete. In addition to its beautiful styling, which includes a built-in deck around the perimeter, the greenhouse is created with the aim of urban development and declining land resources. Its sinister design gives urban residents creative space to grow crops and contributes to the health of society.

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Scottish fashion Nordic interior design okorder

No matter where in the world, Nordic interiors will be appreciated. In fact, they have a great influence around the world. This home is located in Scotland. Indoors, there is a very beautiful Nordic interior design. Note that the main color used for decoration is white. This color is a minimalist and simple symbol that is widely used in Nordic design.

The home is stylishly decorated but does not use too much color or unnecessary decoration. For example, we can see that the living room is almost serious. It has white walls, white ceilings and floors, and the main color combination is timeless black and white. In the living room there is a black and white striped carpet, and in the bedroom, the same pattern is used for bedding, and the wall shows us an abstract modern painting.

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Armstrong ring lights can change brightness manually okorder

The surface of the moon is decorated with numerous unique lunar craters. The gap in each defect increases the mysterious terrain of the moon. But what if these features can be transformed into an object design? With the theme of satellite spheres, the Russian designer constantin bolimond created the “Armstrong Ring Light”.

The device clarifies these details in an interactive manner. Its spheroid has replaced the pit and the perforation is occupied by the cork. Each tab can then be removed to adjust the internal cavity, which accommodates energy efficient overall brightness, warm white LED lights. The bulbs are turned on by removing the pits and they will be turned back to the original place: the technology can be run through the battery or power supply network through the principle of containment.

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Multifunctional chest of drawers designed by furniture designer Brady okorder

Now people tend to like some versatile furniture, and hope that a piece of furniture can be used for a variety of purposes, which not only reduces the cost of buying furniture in the home, but also reduces the space for furniture.

This is a versatile chest of drawers designed by furniture designer Brady. The material used in the whole drawer cabinet is alloy, which is not easy to rust, is not easy to rot, and is light in weight, which is convenient for people to clean. The chest of drawers has three floors, and the larger the drawer underneath, the better the weight can be supported. On the surface of the drawer, people can use it as a stool, or you can place some books, small pots, etc., which is very convenient.

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