Brooklyn’s smallest retro style okorder

A designer from Brooklyn, Mali. She moved in, and her Clinton Hill apartment was in June 2012 and has since been dedicated to creating an apartment that is welcoming, energetic and comfortable. This reflects her personal taste and uses a meaningful object (such as old-fashioned, brought back from Mexico, she has been in her living room coffee table, or from her favorite Brooklyn restaurant, painted on the wall of the corridor). The course that has been carefully selected in each of her homes is still because it has been both practical and beautiful, and has withstood the test of time. Like many apartment residents, Mali is ruthless about her property. She loves to get rid of things and reduce confusion. So if something exists in her apartment, it’s because she really likes it.

The mat found on the chair, and almost all of the photo frames (the only exception is the square wooden frame) during multiple times Go to the Brooklyn Flea Market, collect and contain an illustration from postcards, my favorite Brooklyn restaurant, as well as a few photos, one of your own prints, and others randomly.

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Singapore Zen Apartment is surrounded by lush vegetation okorder

Located in Singapore, the Suhang Mountain Residence, designed by an exotic national AR43 architect, is designed to integrate the body, mind and soul. In the house surrounded by lush vegetation, it has a great influence on its current building structure.

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Modern residential interior design with dynamic textures and patterns okorder

A modern house designed by a Russian company with huge textures and patterns. Most of the neutral residences are the same touch through design elements, building materials and furniture, as they are a source of visual stimulation. Rich woods, patterned natural stone and sleek metal combined with dramatic textured textiles create a dynamic living space.

chandelier” width=”500″ height=”375″ src=”/Upload/Other/mo1.jpg” />

< Br spider web-like chandeliers provide light, tiny points in the living room's unique design elements.

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The rubber revolution is coming again okorder

The United States will discard approximately 3 million tires per year. Although these rubbers have changed from landfills to fuels. However, the potential of waste rubber can be further stretched.
Ecore is the largest customer of scrap tires in North America. Insiders at Lancaster, Pa., disclose that each year’s recycled rubber production is five million pounds for floor, acoustic and industrial products. Despite this, the president still said that he will further change the characteristics of rubber durability, moisture resistance, impact resistance and sound attenuation to the “floor” industry. After four years of research and development, Itstru’s Ecore technology is introduced, which allows the rubber to lie flat and open the vents, allowing the Ecore laminate to contact almost any surface to reclaim the cushion.
In the 1990s, tire-filled landfills pushed GEM CEO Henry to find a way to use recycled rubber. After success, rubber is used as a key ingredient in the roofing product as a stucco additive.
Rubber has always been a long-term topic. Like vulcanized rubber, it is a very stable, beautiful material, it is very soft, at the same time, yet it is tough and flexible, whether it is warm or cold season. The open dihydrocarbon of the vulcanized natural rubber establishes a crosslinked polymer chain at the molecular level, giving the vulcanized rubber a high elasticity. Until recently, vulcanization was still a permanent process. After decades of research, supported by the National Science Foundation and Nike, Isaiyev has found a way to break the cross-linking chemical bonds with high-powered ultrasound to make the rubber back to the flowing material, which can be heavy again. Plastic. Currently, ultrasonic extruders can process 300 pounds of rubber per hour. If you can convince the tire industry, this is a real alternative when dealing with waste rubber. His goal is 1,000 to 5,000 pounds per hour.

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Wonderful prefabrication: portable residence okorder

We also often look at what it is like to design and imagine life, if it is ours. Why integrate into what we believe that the best thing in life is someone else and not for our mentality? Let us pursue excellence, our designs and plans, dreams and imaginative ideas into the spectacular things that will take our ordinary housing (and ultimately our lives). Let our dreams be big and big, don’t let inertia prevent us from creating something special.
1, disguised log cabin

I don’t know if you have been to a country like Finland, but there is one The thing, when I went there was the big wooden stake in the countryside. I love the idea that there is an illusion of living in a pile of wood. This design is likely to treat people who work and want to build and need a solution that blends into the surrounding natural environment. The cabin can be used for anything, and if it’s a custom prefabricated model, you can decide on any size you want afterwards.

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Mediterranean Club Redevelopment Project okorder

The Mediterranean Club was built in 1960, the most eastern and most northern exposed corner of the Iberian Peninsula. The Mediterranean Club has 400 rooms and accommodates approximately 900 visitors in the summer as a private resort. Life at Club Med is original and designed to promote relationships with nature.

With the rise of democracy and ecological protection, Dekrois was declared a natural park in 1998. . The cloak, including the Mediterranean Club’s environment, has the highest level of arable land protection due to its outstanding geology and plant value. In 2003 the Mediterranean Club was permanently closed in the summer, and in 2005, a 200-hectare property acquisition by the Spanish Ministry of the Environment and Recovery Project was active during 2005 and 2007.
In 2009-10, Club Med’s settlement was “deconstructed”, and its eco-dynamic recovery and innovative public use landscape projects began to rediscover. In turn, my work became the largest deconstruction and restoration project on the Mediterranean coast.
The project involves garden architecture, which is an important aspect of the identification, the introduction of some features suitable for the original club, and the ultimate transformation. Reveal “real” landscape and specificity.
The difference is abstract, it tries to eliminate the specificity and establish the universality of artifacts, words, reality, connection history, (element or fabric) aura of repetition, reflection or critical authenticity. Ian · McDougall.
In fact, the goal of the project is to build or cancel the build, landscape. To do this, the process involves in-depth reconnaissance and accurate on-site mapping. In the course of 5 years, including 14 months of work, the designer walked more than 200 kilometers to the site, participated in and studied more than 15,000 pictures, and received 50 experts in different fields and natural recovery, looking for ways To optimize the deconstruction of dynamic reclamation, nature and social stability of prices.
The committee is approximated as an open process, which enables flexible integration to discover deconstruction. For example, a solution was discovered and negotiated during construction work.
Constructively adopting minimalist measures to reduce materials and integrate their landscapes with only a few consistent construction details.

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Five finger-like projections form a light-filled zealand pavilion in Denmark okorder

The Power Company was asked to design a weekend in the northern part of Denmark, Denmark, for a young family. The country house is a possibility to explore the summer cabin, a traditional Danish holiday home. While maintaining a footprint within the cabin, as well as a sustainable space, there is a wide range of possibilities for the floor plan with five fingers.

The house is clustered with five wings, like a miniature cabin. These fans spread the five-finger website like a hand, producing a variety of opinions, lighting effects and outdoor areas. This change means that the house provides a pleasant environment, all the time all year round. For example, a large window above the living room, at noon, allows the sun to bathe the dining table.

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Italy plans to build a double victory in Iran okorder

The gated group of competitively designed residential buildings in the northern province of Mazandaran in northern Iran has won two Italian architectural practices: Waltritsch A + U and the way Rndr Studio, based in Trieste. The two companies work together to conceive a beautiful and elegant gateway, which will be a welcome gesture for those who arrive home.

Waltritsch A + U explains: “Building a door to a residential building may be considered a privileged architect because It connects with the most intimate side of people’s daily lives. The entrance will be warm to welcome the people who return home, and bless them in the world for their daily activities before they leave. ”

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The psychological changes of apartment residents are reflected in the preferences of the building. okorder

A light-emitting event in Copenhagen in the past month, the wide-area meeting with sustainable futures partners Rory · Birkin, the power of natural lighting, the HTA and firm believers in the architectural practice of residential design. Rory is part of a working group with daylight experts VELUX 2020 called the VELUX Model Workers’ Home 2020 for residential experiments throughout Europe.

After rigorous testing to create sustainable design elements can have real family influence, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany And the UK has designed a range of private homes. HTA designed two CarbonLight tests in a home in the UK, located in Kettering, and analyzed two “typical” how the family responded to data through a highly sustainable design.

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In your wildest dream – Dream House in the city okorder

Competing with the emerging New York Institute of Architects (ENYA), the American Architects New York Chapter (AIANY) Institute and the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY) FIGMENT, the design and construction of the building pavilion in Governors Island . The 2013-2014 City Dream Pavilion will be the final product of the fourth cycle of the competition, being installed on Governors Island in the summer of 2014, from mid-June to late September.

Finalists for the 2013-2014 City Dream Gallery Design Competition:

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