Viana do Castelo Cultural Center opens its doors okorder

Vicano Cultural Center Fort, Portugal, opened on July 14th, was designed by the Pritzker Prize-winning Portuguese architect Eduardo · Soto Mora. The three-storey 3,792-square-meter machine-like structure, designed as a multi-purpose pavilion house for cultural and sporting activities, joins the existing leisure center by Fernando · Tavola and Alvaro · Siza’s library In front of the northern elevation is a tree-lined square.

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Nordic Dutch home style okorder

Nordic Dutch home style, so that, like the Santa Claus, the illusion of your home will appear at any time, then it is more tactics 1: The natural wood sense Nordic style and modern style are somewhat the same, but The Nordic style of the earth will infuse the wood with a warm feeling, and it can neutralize the space that is too cold, so you can see that the wooden bookshelves or tables and chairs are quietly in a clean space.
Therefore, natural things like wood and rattan can be used to increase warmth, but the proportion should not be too much, about 30%. In addition, if you want to be more dazzling, then choose white wood veneer, elegant wood color and texture, with a natural green face, and even green turf ground or wall design, paving the relaxed and natural texture. Or the whole house is like a wooden cottage in the old man’s house, oh~ more praise! The Nordic style of the earth will be infused with warmth like wood, like wooden tables and chairs.
The green or turf-like floor or wall design creates a relaxed, natural feel. Technique 2: Just like the light-tone tones of the Nordic style, the space is clean and simple as the highest principle, and the white is the key. Of course, white to the highest point, but also feel too monotonous, so the current Nordic style is the natural color and style of the fresh, but the light color is still the main color, such as white, beige, light wood, etc. Natural element materials, such as wood, rattan, soft and rustic gauze linen products.
Even the Nordic-style tea set with natural wood feel, white pottery and wooden leather mix, elegant wood color and texture, can enjoy the Nordic style. The Nordic style is designed with heavy furniture in mind. The space is clean and simple as the highest principle and is based on white. At present, the Nordic style has a clear natural color and style, but the light color is still the main color.

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US aluminum production in April fell 36.5% year-on-year okorder

According to New York May 8 news, the American Aluminum Association said on Friday that the annual yield of primary aluminum in the United States in April was 1,764,641 tons, compared with April 2,779,160 in April 2008. The ton was reduced by 36.5%, down 2.5% from the 1,809,788 tons in March.

As of the end of April, the annual output totaled 1,948,969 tons, a sharp drop of 29.5% from 2,765,372 tons in the same period of 2008.

The actual primary aluminum production in the United States in April was 145,039 tons, down from 153,708 tons in March and 227,800 in April 2008. Ton.

The average daily aluminum production in the United States in April was 4,835 tons, down from 7,593 tons in the same period last year and 4,958 tons in March.

The average daily aluminum production in the United States was 5,340 tons in January-April, down from 7,556 tons in the same period last year.

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Under the new retail wave, how about the new home brand with online traffic dividends? okorder

Rising new online brand new online

Under the new retail wave, those who have received online traffic bonuses The new home brand does not seem to have saved enough energy to support its offline layout.

The rise of e-commerce channels has given many new brands opportunities. The author believes that home e-commerce can be roughly divided into two categories, one is the online business of traditional home brands, and the other is the new small and medium-sized home brand emerging from the Internet, with the most typical of “Amoy brand”.

“Young people buy online from online purchases, not to move offline products online. They don’t necessarily recognize traditional brands.” According to founder Song Bing, the brand must be built on a new organization, a new institution, and a new corporate culture. The genes of traditional brands have been fixed, and it is difficult to make breakthrough changes even if new product lines are developed.

In addition, in the original product line, the traditional home brand can maintain sustained performance growth, it seems that there is no strong demand for online market. Song Bing is ranked in the US For example, in the top four mattress brands, these mattress brands have not made new product line layouts in the past 50 years, but are more inclined to acquire new brands.

The pineapple zebra is also A member of the net red new brand camp. Based on the push of home furnishings, the platform brings together young people from the first and second tier cities, aged 26 to 36. Like most new brands, Pineapple Zebra is good at user research. They sum up the four consumption characteristics of the platform fan group: one is functionalism, not too high maintenance cost; the other is attention to comfort, unlike the previous generation. Like solid wood or the pursuit of big brands; third is the aesthetic trend towards soft colors; fourth, the price is reasonable, does not cause economic burden.

Explosive marketing is a new style of driving. From the perspective of the pineapple zebra brand, the new explosion cycle is about half a year. Since 2017, the brand has launched four sets of Danshan glutinous rice sheets, neck pillows, air fiber mattresses and other explosion products.

Explode The strategy is more focused on detonating the market from a single product category, driven by price to obtain heat. Song Bing said that a brand’s deeper business strategy is not to maintain the continued purchasing power of a certain explosive product, but to continuously innovate products. This requires these new brands to have deeper user research capabilities.

Two-way interaction with users to explore innovative categories

User Needs Research is the first step to understanding users. In Song Bing’s experience, every product on the platform needs to be researched and returned to more than 500 consumer users. Many hidden user needs need to be returned to be discovered. For example, most users feel that the mattresses at home are too soft. After in-depth research, they learned that Chinese people’s demand for mattresses is inconsistent with most foreign users. Chinese people prefer hard mattresses. In addition, consumers need more ventilated and cleaner mattresses, so in the development and marketing of the products, Pineapple Zebra chose air fiber materials that combine cost performance and product performance.

The choice of new products is not entirely consumer-oriented, and consumers also need to be guided. However, domestic consumers know very little about mattress materials and functions. On the one hand, the pineapple zebra spreads new materials to consumers through its own content platform; on the other hand, the team continues to broaden the brand’s content influence, using small red books, knowing, vibrating and other channels to popularize sleep-related science. The theory also cooperates with KOL in the subdivisions such as doctor Clove and mother-child platform to direct relevant knowledge to the target group.Take the mother and baby platform users as an example, they pay attention to the needs of pregnant women and emphasize the ventilation function of the mattress.

The purpose of popularizing new knowledge is to change consumer stereotypes. Song Bing said that domestic consumers’ mindset for mattresses is limited to the decoration cycle. The biggest problem in buying new mattresses is not the product itself, but the replacement of old mattresses.

The exploration of new categories is not all focused on users. In the bottom product thinking, the new brand of Net Red still draws on the experience of traditional brands. For example, when it comes to dream lily, it is associated with memory cotton. Song Bing believes that in the face of consumers, new brands also need to be explained by functions, if there is no new Materials and new features make it difficult to have product advantages.

This alternative approach to product thinking also avoids strong competition in online new retail channels. Although the emerging channels such as Netease’s strict selection and Xiaomi’s home are more powerful in sales, the channel itself does not have the function of educating consumers. In terms of selection, these channels will first select a single item with high cost performance and relatively mature consumer education. Therefore, the new functional products are the breakthrough of the new brand of Net Red.

Online potential is still insufficient, offline timingImmature

Since Ma Yun proposed the new retail concept in 2016, the offline channel has been re-emphasized. The value of the home as a high-price customer experience, the value of the offline experience store is self-evident. However, the home textile brand that has risen online is still not a benchmark for doing it online.

Song Bing said: “When the online potential energy has not yet risen, the offline line may be taken care of. The new brand should use the leverage to go online and get the difference advantage.” It is believed that some well-known D2C brands in the United States have achieved certain popularity in the social e-commerce platform, and they have begun to lay out the line so that they can form a dimensionality reduction against traditional brands.

From the online mode alone, the experience is its obvious shortcomings. After all, home is still a big consumption, consumers pay attention to product experience. However, Song Bing believes that the online consumer experience can be reflected in many aspects. On the one hand, it is necessary to solve the pain point by approaching the consumer; on the other hand, 180 days of no reason to return the service is a few minutes than the offline store. The experience is deeper.

However, to form a home brand barrier, offline mode is essential. For new brands The challenge is that offline operations are another set of models that are different from the online ones, and new teams are needed for new exploration. If the new brand is online before the potential is up, it will be in terms of rent, location, etc. Not dominant.

For these new online brands that are good at online marketing and good at online marketing, what is more needed is to deepen the online market and save more brand power. Behind it, the brand is required to have a continuous stream of innovation capabilities. This requires more time for new brands to integrate resources such as designers and supply chains.


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Block the noise outside and help you to sound the door okorder

Soundproof doors, such as the door with its soundproofing and excellent finish. A soundproof screen is installed to block the noise outside, and if the soundproof door is not soundproof, it will become a normal door and window. Today, I will tell you how to install the soundproof door. Help you to sound the door.
How to install the soundproof door?

The first step of the soundproof door device:

Relaying and positioning: Combine the fixed glass and the movable glass door into a perfect glass door Then, according to the requirements of the design and construction drawings, carry out unified unwinding and positioning, and confirm the orientation of the door frame.

The second step of the soundproof door device:

The limit groove at the top of the device door frame: the limit groove width>the glass thickness is 2-4 mm, and the limit groove depth is 10 -12 mm.

The third step of the soundproof door device:

The metal veneer is installed on the ground first, then the metal veneer is pasted with the universal glue. On the wood.

The fourth step of the soundproof door device:

Vertical door frame device: nail the door frame with the center line, confirm the orientation of the door frame column with plywood, and finally outsource the metal decoration surface.

The fifth step of the soundproof door device:

Inject the glass glue for sealing: respectively, the gaps such as the top limit groove, the bottom bracket side, the thick glass and the frame In the local area such as the column, the glass glue is injected for sealing, and if there is excess glass glue, it is scraped off with a tool.

Sound-proof windows and doors purchase tips

How to buy soundproof doors?

1, see sound-proof glass
< There are three kinds of soundproof glass on the market: hollow glass, laminated glass and vacuum glass. The first two prices range from one hundred to more than one thousand. The lower price of sound insulation is not guaranteed. The function of the laminated glass and the insulating glass can also be used, but there is a certain blind zone, which is not ideal for dealing with the low frequency noise that occurs when the car is faster or faster. The vacuum used by vacuum glass cannot propagate the principle of sound, and it is aimed at noise of various frequencies.

2. Look at the soundproofing strip

The soundproof door on one side is either a steel or a soundproof door made of other materials, such as a rubber soundproof strip or a wool soundproof strip. However, the performance of these two types of sound insulation strips and the time of use are not good. The wool sound insulation strip has been used for a long time, and the sound insulation effect is relatively weakened. The rubber has been used for a long time, and the capacity of the wind and the sun and rain has become hard and the aging sound insulation effect is also weakened. Therefore, the sound insulation strip must be resistant to aging and patience.

3, look at the soundproof door panel

The door is not soundproof, mainly the door panel. The sound insulation of the door panel is mainly determined by the filling of the core of the door. Generally, the molded soundproof door is filled with a paper base of a honeycomb structure. Its enclosed air layer provides excellent sound insulation. This door can reach 29 decibels of sound insulation.

4. Look at the component

The most ideal soundproof door should also have the characteristics of light weight. Is it possible to use 4 cm thick steel plate as the door panel or cement in the door panel for higher sound insulation? In this way, although the sound insulation effect is reached, the weight of the door panel will be added, and the hinge and hinge of the door will be burdened. Too heavy to switch easily, affecting the use of functions.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Aluminum alloy doors and windows are very popular on the market today. okorder

Our renovated houses are inseparable from the decoration of doors and windows. There are many kinds of doors and windows with broken bridges and aluminum alloys. But how do we decorate aluminum alloy doors and windows? It is very popular in our market, which brings us What are the conveniences of purchasing, such as the price of aluminum alloy doors and windows? What are the buying skills of aluminum alloy doors and windows? Then the next is a small series for everyone.
First, the price of aluminum alloy doors and windows

1, aluminum alloy doors and windows price aluminum alloy doors and windows price is divided into many, mainly based on the brand name, thickness and thickness of the glass. The average price of aluminum alloy sliding window is about 200-300, the price of 90 type aluminum alloy door and window is about 600-700, the price of aluminum alloy blinds is between 300-400, and the price of aluminum alloy cased window is between 400-500. The specific aluminum alloy door and window price depends on what kind of material you use.

2, aluminum alloy doors and windows price material The price of aluminum alloy windows of different brands on the market is different, mainly because the material types of aluminum alloy windows are different, the hardware accessories used when installing windows are different, How many purchases are different. The above factors are factors that directly affect prices. Aluminum type has 50 series, 55 series, 60 series, 70 series and so on. The price of the 50 series aluminum material is 400 yuan per square meter, and the price of the 70 series material can reach 700 yuan per square. Different series of aluminum materials have different thicknesses, and the thicker the windows, the higher the price of the windows.

3, the price of aluminum alloy doors and windows, the hardware accessories affect the installation process of aluminum alloy windows is also more special, after purchasing aluminum alloy windows, you must also purchase matching hardware accessories. The price of hardware accessories for foreign brands is between 200 and 300 yuan, if the price of hardware for special crafts is as high as 500 yuan.

4, aluminum alloy doors and windows price, quantity impact Generally speaking, the more the number of aluminum alloy windows that consumers buy, the less money they will spend. Because the merchants will choose the business philosophy of small profits but quick turnover. Therefore, consumers can organize groups to buy aluminum windows. The more the quantity, the more the manufacturer will give consumers the price. Of course, consumers should also consider the brand’s problems when purchasing.

Second, aluminum alloy doors and windows purchase tips

1, we buy the first is the thickness of the aluminum alloy doors and windows of the aluminum alloy thickness is a national standard, a lot of Manufacturers are also strictly in accordance with the standards, but in order to prevent the purchase of non-standard products, we can buy a quantity when we buy, the normal thickness should be above 1.2 mm.

2, we buy it again and then seal it. When we buy aluminum alloy doors and windows, we should check its sealing, especially double-glazed glass. The glass is hollow. Pay special attention to it. The tightness of the seal, if the seal is not good, the two layers of glass will directly produce fog. Will affect the effect of use.

3, we also have to carefully look at the quality of the composite film when buying aluminum alloy doors and windows, but also look at the quality of the glass, do not just look at the glass above the decorations, good glass above There is a composite film. This composite film can make the glass not only wear-resistant, but also resistant to corrosion and also improve the brightness of the glass.

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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The future development of smart homes in the new blue ocean is being watched by many giants! okorder

[Guide] The concept of smart home has been around for a long time, but based on various challenges, the development of the industry has been in the “weak intelligence” stage. With the continuous development of various technologies, smart homes are also undergoing a revolution.


   Recently, the market for smart homes is booming: on May 30, China Telecom Shanghai held the “Building a Double Gigabit Demonstration City and China Telecom Smart Home Ecology Cooperation Conference”. The “Smart White Paper” was released at the conference. On June 11, Xiaomi’s smart electrical appliance brand, Mijia, made its second public appearance. In the tone, four new smart home products were launched; on June 12, during the 2019CES Asia Consumer Electronics Show, Suning held the Biu+ Eco-Conference and released six new Biu+ products.

   Whether it is Internet star company Xiaomi, retail giant Suning, or China Telecom, one of the three major operators, companies with different genes gather in the smart home market, such a dense strategic release It seems that they are all looking at the new blue ocean for the future development of smart homes, but under the same action, their considerations and styles are completely different.

   Xiaomi: Genes + products of the Internet

  Speaking of the enterprises that have made achievements in the field of smart home, Xiaomi Must be able to occupy important seats. Since March 29, 2016, Xiaomi officially upgraded the smart home product strategy in its ecological chain to “Mijia”. In the past three years, Mijia has successively launched 186 smart products, but did not specifically hold one for this purpose. Field conference. The first press conference after the release of the Xiaomi Mijia brand on June 11 is self-evident.

  A closer look at the millet strategy. In January of this year, Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi’s core strategy for the next five years is the mobile phone +AIoT dual-engine strategy; in May, Xiaomi established the home appliance division; in June, Xiaomi The “Mijia” conference was held quickly. From a series of actions of Xiaomi, it can be seen that smart home will be the core focus of Xiaomi’s future. All its layout will be built around smart homes. Smart homes will also be another track where Xiaomi and mobile phones are on the same page.

  full scene layout

   In addition to Xiaomi Bracelet 4 and Xiaoai teacher, Xiaomi launched four smart homes at a time. New products: Mijia Internet washing and drying machine Pro (10kg) intelligent version, Mijia Internet smoke stove set, Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock push-pull and Mijia induction cooker set Fengwei customized version, and once again played the “price butcher” The role of the price of the same performance products is reduced by nearly 50%.

  In spite of the past three years, Mijia has launched a series of smart home IoT products such as Mijia air purifier, water purifier, sweeping robot, smart door lock, etc. There are still more than one release for the first time. For example, Mijia Internet smoke stove set is the first kitchen smart home appliance, integrated body to solve the traditional smoke machine cleaning trouble, the first one to hide the magnetic 450ml large capacity oil cup; rice home induction cooker set flavor custom version for the first time Cooperation with Fengwei cross-border.

   Obviously, the newly released Mijia smart home products have further improved Xiaomi’s smart home category, especially the kitchen appliances. For the home, the kitchen is one of the most frequently used and widely used areas of home appliances. The layout can also be seen as the determination of Xiaomi Smart Home to build a full house smart product, and further realize the scene linkage is also to create a full scene interconnection. The current stage of the goal.

  Mijia and ecological chain dispute

   Overall, Xiaomi clearly wants to implement products, channels, service products and ecological strategies to the end However, in the huge ecological chain, the product “crash” and the formation of competition is gradually increasing. For example, in the smart door lock products, the Xiaomi and Xiaomi ecological chain represent the enterprise Lukang and Chuangmi are forming product coverage and competition. In the smart bracelet products, Xiaomi and Huami also appear duplicates.

   The Xiaomi conference and the Huami conference have crashed. One insider of the Xiaomi Group has said that this is “somewhat awkward”.

   For conflicts of similar products, the author believes that competition is not a bad thing, and joint promotion will be better. In large enterprises, it is very common for multiple teams to participate in the development of similar products for competition. The most typical one is Tencent’s “eat chicken” mobile game – the exciting battlefield of Photon and the attack of Tianmei’s whole army. The battlefield finally came to the end and successfully opened up a new battlefield for Tencent.

   At present, the competition between Xiaomi and similar products in the industrial chain is overall successful. Huami’s bracelet products have become the benchmark in the domestic wearable field, and Xiaomi Bracelet 3 has set a proud sales record of 17 million days. For consumers, the benign competition between Xiaomi and the eco-chain enterprises will not only increase the options, but also make the Xiaomi ecology more prosperous.

   Suning: Empowering the Ecology, Creating a Smart Life Solution

   June 12, at 2019 CES Asia Consumption During the electronic exhibition, Suning held the Biu+ ecological conference, and released six new Biu+ products at the conference, involving brands such as Midea, Fangtai, Whirlpool, AO Smith, and Wanjiale, achieving a total of 500,000 units of signing.

  Suning BiThe concept of u was first proposed at the CES exhibition in early 2018, when Suning brought the first unmanned Biu store. Since then, the Baiu series has been launched, covering speakers, alarm clocks, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. Since the development of the smart home market, the biggest pain point is that the brands are fighting each other and the products cannot be connected, which brings a very unfriendly user experience to consumers. In response to this pain point, Suning established the Biu+ Ecological Alliance.

   Smart Home Blue Ocean is in the forefront, Suning as a retailer, empowering companies, forming synergy is undoubtedly the most preferred. Therefore, based on Suning’s BiuOS, content advantages and smart retail ecosystem, Suning’s Biu+ Ecology will fully open its empowerment to partners through technology, content, brand, retail, capital and management to create a user-centered smart life solution. Program.

  Technical: Relying on the newly upgraded BiuLink 2.0 and BiuOS to provide partners with a full-stack solution for product intelligence.

  Content level: Aggregate Suning video, PP sports, product services, local life and other high-quality resources.

  Brand level: Provide a full range of brand empowerment through a variety of online and offline promotional resources, in conjunction with the Baiu+ Premium and Supernova programs.

  Retail level: With Suning as a multi-format advantage of domestic retail giants, it provides more channel support for Biu+ ecological products.

  Capital level: use the multiple capital portfolio including Suning Ecological Chain Fund to provide financial support for enterprises within the Baiu+ ecology, and fully support Biu+ product innovation.

  Management level: With Biu+ management empowerment, it will provide management support and product refreshing support for partners.

   It is understood that as a product of Biu+ Ecology, after the wisdom of BiuOS, it can be remotely controlled through Suning Smart APP and monitor the running status of the product in real time. After interconnecting with Suning’s small Beiu speaker, it can also carry out voice intelligent control, and realize interoperability with other Biu+ ecological products, bringing consumers a full scene intelligent use experience.

   Obviously, in terms of ecological construction, Suning took a different path from Xiaomi, but it is difficult to determine whether it is better or worse. Xiaomi’s self-built ecology has become a climate, and it has built up all barriers in terms of product types and brands. From the current movements, Xiaomi is moving from single product intelligence to interconnected intelligence, and has realized the interconnection intelligence of some single products. Suning’s ecological empowerment can bring together mainstream home appliance brands in the market, giving consumers more choices and more protection in quality control.

   Of course, Suning’s Biu+ ecology is progressing very quickly. It has just been unveiled and successfully signed hundreds of thousands of products from multiple brands. This shows that in the foreseeable future. , Suning Biu+ series products will become a new strong competitor in the field of smart home.

  China Telecom: Building a smart family system with “Five Wisdom” as its main content

  May 30, China Telecom held the “Building a Double Gigabit Demonstration City and China Telecom Smart Home Ecology Cooperation Conference” in Shanghai. The “Smart White Paper” was released at the conference, which fully explained China Telecom’s smart home capability system, core business segment and continuous innovation. Action plans and outlook for protocol interoperability, service upgrades, and ecological cooperation.

   Unlike other companies, operators have different ideas for building smart homes. It is understood that China Telecom has begun to deploy smart homes very early. As early as 2016, China Telecom Chairman Yang Jie proposed that the five business ecosystems in the 3.0 transformation strategy include the smart family ecology. In 2018, China Telecom listed the smart family as a first-level department.

   According to the “Smart Home White Paper” issued by China Telecom, as of May 2019, China Telecom has 170 million home broadband users, 80 million smart home gateway users, and 127 million IPTV users. 80 million 4K set-top box users, 40 million home cloud users, and provided over 40 million intelligent networking services.

   China Telecom believes that smart homes should be composed of smart broadband, smart home platforms, smart applications, smart security, and intelligent services. Among them, smart broadband is the foundation, Zhijia platform is the carrier, intelligent application is the direction, intelligent security runs through it, and intelligent service is the purpose. Based on this, at the China Telecom Smart Home Ecology Cooperation Conference, China Telecom and more than 20 alliance partners such as Huawei, Tencent, ZTE, 360, and AsiaInfo signed a 2019 terminal purchase intention letter, totaling 30 million units. Up to now, its leading “China Smart Home Industry Alliance” has more than 300 companies.

   For telecommunications, despite the large user base, how to digest the 30 million terminals is still the key to its smart home market.

   At present, China Telecom relies on the transformation of existing business halls to display smart home terminals at the channel end, mainly challenging the strength of the mainstream e-commerce platform on the cable and the diversion of many offline stores. However, it is still difficult to say whether it can successfully attract enough consumers.

   The author believes that China Telecom’s market prospects for smart home terminals are very optimistic. For online, although the e-commerce platform has become an increasingly important channel for users to purchase products,But for large items such as home appliances, offline is still a more important way. According to data from the well-known big data statistics agency Gfk, in the first half of 2018, the omni-channel market of the home appliance market exceeded 200 billion yuan, and the offline channel retail sales accounted for 70%, far exceeding the online channel. For offline competition, China Telecom still has a huge advantage in terms of business hall density and coverage. From the perspective of user perception, the products purchased in the China Telecom business hall also have high security, which are all for China Telecom. The smart home market opened up a green channel.


   “2015-2020 China Smart Home Equipment Industry Development Forecast and Investment Opportunity Analysis Report” is expected In 2020, the scale of China’s smart home industry is expected to exceed 1 trillion yuan, and the smart home market is undoubtedly expected to become a blue ocean industry of the order of one trillion yuan.

   At present, the constant influx of competitors is making the battle of the smart home market more intense, but the good news is that retailers, operators, and Internet companies Under the sacred spirit, both technology and the market are iterating at an extremely fast pace. Perhaps soon, smart families will become standard.


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Three-layer solid wood flooring, potential stocks in emerging markets, leading the dark horses of floor growth! okorder

World famous writer and great thinker Spencer Johnson said: “The only constant in the world is the change itself.” Looking at the development of Chinese wooden flooring, it is also a The evolutionary history of the Department is constantly evolving:

The flat floor of the 80s to the early 90s of the last century, the main types of wood flooring on the market are unpainted solid wood. Flat ground plate (commonly known as plain plate);

In the early 90s to early 2000, the floor of the tongue-and-groove, the lacquered solid wood floor appeared on the market, the wood was dry The technology has gradually matured, and began to increase the paint lacquer art with less texture, such as lacquer, bright light, and PU paint;

The market from the mid-1990s to the beginning of the 21st century There are a lot of wood flooring on the floor, there are bamboo flooring, three-layer parquet and multi-layer parquet and laminate flooring;

At the beginning of this century In the past few years, the process floor, the consumption upgrade has promoted the surface technology and the sense of science and technology of the underlying wood floor, and the style aesthetics are westward. The country is close, young, cost-effective three-layer solid wood flooring rises;

In the more than 30 years of rapid development of Chinese flooring, from tile flooring, wood flooring to laminate flooring Three-layer solid wood flooring, the development time of each category is intertwined, and the directions are extended… However, they all evolve along a specific logic, that is, more quality and healthier.

More quality, healthier, floor-to-price ratio Wang”

In recent years, the discussion about consumption upgrades or consumer downgrades is very intense. When it comes to consumption upgrades, people always think about quality improvement and price. Enhancements, brand enhancements, experience enhancements, and more.

Controversial places have a price/performance ratio. Selling better products to most consumers at a lower price is the real meaning of consumption upgrades.

Floor industry

“Better product, lower price”, this sentence The words are almost a category in the field of flooring, it is – three-layer solid wood flooring, called the “king of cost” in the floor industry.

Everyone knows that solid wood flooring has a better experience, but it is expensive; tile flooring is cheap, but the comfort is not good; the price of laminate flooring is not Expensive, but there is a risk of formaldehyde… The three-layer solid wood flooring is the combination of the performance of the various directors, the technical structure, stable and durable, suitable for floor heating, the warmth and sense of quality and solidity of the solid wood on the foot. Environmental protection and resource conservation.

Emerging market potential stocks, leading the dark horses of floor growth!

It is thanks to the three-layer solid wood flooring that is “more quality, healthier, more cost-effective”, in just a few years, The three-layer solid wood flooring has also experienced several growth and explosion stages in the Chinese market, and has captured many young consumer groups that have a demand for quality, value and cost performance.

“2019 Home Life and Consumer Trend Report” pointed out that the current 80s and 90s have become the mainstream of the renovation; 80% of young people will choose to lead the decoration Design, Nordic, American, modern minimalism has become a hot search style…

No doubt, with the 8090, this huge potential “new middle class” “The rise of power, with the continuous expansion of our middle-income families, the huge consumption potential of the three-layer solid wood flooring that is more popular among young people will continue to be released.

The growth rate of parquet is leading


According to China Industry Information Network, in 2016 and 2017, the growth rate of solid wood composite flooring sales was 9.42% and 9.95% respectively, and the solid wood composite flooring became the growth rate in the flooring industry. The fastest sub-categories;

In addition, according to the statistical analysis of the 2018 China Wood Flooring Market Prospects Research Report, Solid Wood Composite Flooring The multi-layer and three-layer ratio accounted for 23.58%, but in terms of growth rate, compared with the annual growth rate of 2% of laminate flooring, it is nearly 5 times higher, leading the growth of various categories of flooring.

very hard work, one point to gainThe three-layer solid wood floor king is coming!

In China, “one bit of work, one point of harvest” is the diligent philosophy passed down by the ancestors. However, in a highly competitive business society, a single contribution does not necessarily lead to a gain, but it is often very hard work in exchange for a gain.

As the famous writer Li Bihua said: “In the commercial society, the more hungry, the more you can’t find food.” As the first company in China to introduce three-layer solid wood flooring into the domestic market, the icon has experienced the longest period of precipitation, from the V7 style series, the M-series constellation floor, the Woo Wujin wood floor, the large house series… To the three-layer solid wood grain artist, one step at a time, constantly improve product strength.

In the development of any industry, there are two roles of “rowers” and “leaders”. The boaters do almost the same thing. At the helm, his affairs are changing and responding to change all the time.

In recent years, the consumer population is constantly changing, the traditional channels are experiencing huge impacts, and new business models are being iteratively derived… Faced with unprecedented Great changes, only those companies that are concerned about change and responding to change at all times can guarantee sustained market competitiveness. This is why, in the midst of the general downturn in the industry, the three-layer solid wood flooring of the icon can stand out from the crowd and lead the industry growth.


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Dry goods | Close the curtain selection guide, after the renovation is not awkward okorder

Even if celebrating and resting The season has arrived

The new year’s “To do list” is also full of good, waiting to start

We offer a dry item in advance

Let you start the renovation in the future, and have a good idea

Curtains, the size is so large, there are so many.

The necessary functions to provide both shading and privacy

More personalizing the role of the home, affecting the design

Choose from a wide range of choices when visiting a store

Colors may vary depending on aesthetics and style.

But what fabric is comfortable and reasonably priced?

What style should I use with different spaces?

Curtain selection core dry goods|上篇

to You know

▲ In addition to the common tracks on the market

Harbor House has specially configured a variety of track options

▲ Telescopic rod for pleating

▲ Pleated custom Roman rod: crystal head, metal shaft

Harbor House offers customization within 5 meters of curtains

▲ Roman curtains and finished curtains are suitable for smaller windows


curtains The fabric is mainly composed of the following three layers:

main fabric, inner lining cloth, gauze curtain

You like to pursue 100% natural materials

Do you still like a good mix of materials?

■Main Fabric

Silk double palace

100% silk

two silkworms into one </

Shuanggong texture makes the silk add a unique sense

The drape is good, and the light has a certain stereo effect

High-quality fabrics highlight the quality


75% viscose, 25% polyester

shading Strong, heavy and heavy

More comfortable touch

polyester bamboo Section

60% polyester, 40% viscose

Innovative fabric organization with silky luster

and unique two-tone bamboo fabric style

Glue imitation linen

28% polyester, 72% viscose

Rough organization, soft touch, individuality and texture

The effect of imitation linen is also very suitable for American country style furniture


100% polyester fiber

Bright jacquard, let Curtains with light

Bringing surprises and sense of quality

■ Lining cloth

Fixed to the back of the main fabric as a lining

Environmental shade cloth

100% polyester

material environmental protection, good shading effect

Gauze curtain

↑ linen |100% linen

Full polyester imitation paralysis | 100% polyester

The former is natural material, breathable and comfortable, with a unique texture

The latter adds rich texture and is inexpensive.

Living room, dining room, bedroom, study room

Floor fabric for four family spaces Choosing and matching

means matching your functional needs


Window size also affects style

More importantly, it presents space temperament and gas field

Living room






Curtain Customization Service Upgrade

New Year Spring, enjoy the new price!

2019.1.1 – 3.31

Curtain designation New product 8.8 fold

Buy Harbor House Regular Curtains and Hardware

Full 5000 5% off

Full? 10000 Enjoy 8.8 fold

Delivery time is subject to the courier company

Welcome to the store

Curtain Matching Guide| Next

Stay tuned

HOME+ | Enjoy this time Engraved, hug 126m2 delicate time

correctly open the winter bed, roll in Start with a bed of hair


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Reasons for water leakage in dry hanging stone curtain wall okorder

First, the reason for the leakage of the curtain wall

1, the three elements of the curtain wall leakage

That is, pores, rain and wind pressure. Therefore, the stone board is embedded in the gap of the structure and the geometry, size and exposure of the board, and the size of the rain. The pressure difference between the inside and outside of the curtain wall has a direct impact on the rainwater leakage function of the curtain wall.

2, the curtain wall leakage process

When wind pressure and rainwater act on the surface of the curtain wall at the same time. Rainwater splashes directly into the room through the gap in the curtain wall or down the curtain wall. After appropriate conditions, it can penetrate into the room by gravity, surface tension or capillary phenomenon.

Second, the specific measures for the impermeability of the curtain wall

1, eliminate the differential pressure opening method

The most ingenious method is to make a hole in the outside of the curtain wall No seals are provided. Move the sealing treatment to the indoor side opening, that is, move the pressure difference to the indoor opening that is not exposed to rain, so that there is no wind pressure in the water, and there is no water in the part with pressure difference, so as to avoid rain seepage. Leakage possibility (Fig. 1)

2. Seal balance treatment method

The opening on the side of the opening chamber should be sealed. This is done to prevent high-speed airflow in the gap and to inhale rainwater into the room. The height h of the inner flange of the beam steel with possible water accumulation can be increased to prevent water leakage.

A number of experiments have shown that the inner flange height h and the critical detection wind pressure value are close to each other. Therefore, increasing the inner flange height h of the beam is an effective way to increase the watertightness level.

Third, open water guiding method

The curtain wall should be provided with a smooth drainage channel system, so that the rainwater accumulated in the seam can be quickly removed, which is very important for improving watertightness.

The main method is to arrange the drainage system reasonably. Generally, the inlaid seams are arranged along the outside, and the drainage holes should be evenly arranged. The spacing is generally about 500mm, and the corners of the corners are not less than 20mm, but the maximum Not more than 100mm.

In order to avoid water in the inlay groove, a certain pressure balance condition must be created. The drainage holes of the upper and lower beams shall have a horizontal distance of 50 mm or more to prevent air collusion and press rain into the room.

IV. Implementation measures

Firstly, the leaked position has been marked, and the leaking part of the curtain wall is determined according to the size and flow direction of the water mark. The maintenance method is as follows:

1. Sealant construction

Firstly determine the lack of glue or less glue on the side and by hand according to the test method, and then make the glue on the part. strengthen.

2. Install sealing water retaining wire

Install a piece of outer floating decorative line on the outer wall to prevent water from penetrating.

3, repair or replace some damaged materials

4, after the weather-resistant rubber surface is not sticky, test the water test

Spray the construction completion surface with a 2cm diameter hose to determine if there is still water leakage.

V. Concrete construction method for weather-resistant sealant

The weather-resistant silicone sealant is bonded on both sides of the joint, and the sealing groove is filled with polyethylene foam pad. In this way, a cavity is formed in the sealing groove, and no sealing strip is arranged in the outer slit hole, and the sealing is performed on the indoor side opening to seal the glue, and the pressure difference is moved to the indoor opening which is not exposed to rain, so that there is no wind and no wind. There is no water in the part with pressure difference and it has anti-leakage effect.

The thickness of the weather-resistant seal is controlled from 3.5mm to 4.5mm, because it is too thin to ensure the sealing quality and prevent the leakage of rainwater. At the same time, the tensile stress caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the steel is also unfavorable. However, it should not be too thick. When the glue is too thick, the tensile stress is easily destroyed, and the sealing and leakage prevention are invalid.

The construction of weather-resistant silicone sealant is 4mm thick and the construction thickness is 10mm.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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