Siemens released to support continued development of engineering software platform

The new V16 Siemens TIA Portal engineering platform to expand a number of practical new features, comprehensive coverage of all stages from planning and engineering to commissioning. For continuous integration development process of innovation, including standardization, integration projects across teams and integrated functional testing, can help users to significantly improve their software quality, reduce the number of debugging, reduce engineering costs.
For the development process, distributed teamwork is the key. Now, in the TIA Portal project server, users can access the server project exclusively through a new Exclusive Engineering function , this function has a project to revise and change records and automatic reporting and archiving functions . This means that there is no functional limitations in equipment automation tasks the organization, the object or function-oriented basis, and the use of Exclusive Engineering without special permission. Use TIA Portal V16 extended “Asynchronous debug” mode, a second operation example of the TIA by the background CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the data is loaded into the Simatic S7-1500 controller to commissioning of the project team. But also to run again immediately foreground passers instance the TIA, thus greatly reducing the load time. Furthermore, TIA Bo passers V16 is also provided with a new version of control interface (VCI), a GIT, SVN and TFS version control system, such as other external. By the TIA software interface to import and export objects, version control seamlessly integrated into the development process, so that the object can be completely transparent to all software version control granularity of objects outside the TIA. Another innovation is the expansion of the TIA test suite. In addition to automatically create inspection program guidelines and compliance (ie Styleguide Check), can also use virtual S7-PLCSIM Advanced controller to generate and execute application testing, thereby significantly reducing engineering and commissioning time CONTROL ENGINEERING China All Rights Reserved , to improve the quality of software. By TIA Portal V16, now all Simatic S7-1200 controllers have theOPC UA server function, may be connected to host systems (such as the manufacturing execution system), vertical data integration. And CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , through OPC UA, may realize the communication between all controllers Simatic. Use TIA Portal can easily import standardized interface (complete specification), making it easy to integrate equipment in a production line or factory. By using the Siemens OPC UA model editor (SiOMe) tool, may be implemented automation engineers interconnection process variables, introduced to simplify the machine control system Simatic. SiOME also offers some new features, such as creating a data block OPC UA information model based on consistency checks OPC-UA information model and supporting norms and so on. Users can now in the TIA Portal V16 for or supporting server interface specification model. Server interface specification supporting the creation or use very simple, without specialized knowledge. OPC UA server function Simatic S7-1500 controller also adds additional diagnostic buffer entries may be combined OPC UA message, it appears only once in the diagnostic buffer. For motion control applications, but also integrates new Simatic Drive Controller, will have motion control, Simatic S7-1500 control system technology and safety functions of the Sinamics S120 drive control system integration in a single device, thus significantly saving space. Using the new software package, Simatic users can perform advanced motion control tasks such as multi-axis drive, etc. in a familiar environment. In addition, TIA TIA Portal V16 is also provided with Simatic WinCC Unified: the completely redesigned visualization system can be the perfect support for HMI and SCADA applications, but also support future industrial edge technologies, such as cloud computing and augmented reality scene. Its new generation HMI device, namely Simatic HMI Unified Comfort Panels can also be configured via the TIA Portal V16. In the latest version of the TIA way, Simatic Energy Suite includes load management capabilities to support the use of smart strategies startup and shutdown of the generator and the load, peak load automatically prevent, without shadowSound production process. Simatic Energy Suite is also the way to carry out the TIA engineering: the user by way of the TIA load management configuration screen form, the program generates a complete set visualize the corresponding object. Background Information: TIA TIA Portal (TIA Portal) introduced by Siemens in 2010, enables users to efficiently configure, quickly and intuitively perform automated tasks and drive. The software architecture designed for high efficiency and ease of use for new users and experienced users, provides a standardized operating concept for the controller, man-machine interface (HMI) and drive for data storage and sharing of consistency ( For example, in the configuration, during communication and diagnostics), as well as powerful and comprehensive automation object library. The TIA project to facilitate simple way of full access to the entire range of digital automation Control Engineering Copyright , including digital planning, integrated engineering and transparent operation. And Digital Enterprise software suite of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) together, TIA TIA Portal software will make Siemens more comprehensive, powerful, power industries and enterprises stride into the Industry 4.0.

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