Huawei released Ten Trends for 2025

Huawei recently released Global Industry Outlook report GIV @ 2025 (Global Industry Vision 2025), describes the robot, zero search, economic symbiosis, man-machine Association for ten trends, 5G and so on. Global Industry Outlook report was first introduced in 2018, the intention is to open the world of intelligent industrial landscape , to provide a reference for businesses innovative growth path. Reports based on Huawei’s own business advantage and judgment of the industry, to build its own scientific method: CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , from the perception of all things historical data covering more than 170 countries, all interconnected, everything intelligent three dimensions, contains a large amount of data generated, corporate AI adoption rate, number and other personal smart terminals 37 indicators, open the global ICT industry trends and future development blueprint in the form of data + trends.
2019 Control Engineering Copyright , based on Huawei’s case for transportation, retail, finance, manufacturing, aviation and other 17 key industries, and combined with quantitative data predicts further proposed for 2025 ten trends, they are: a trend: the machine, but the family in 2025 control Engineering Copyright , 14% of households worldwide will have its own robot butler. With materials science, artificial intelligence and perception advances 5G, cloud and other network technologies, figurative forms robot care robots, biomimetic robots, social robot, butler robot will spring up in home economics, education, health services, to bring new human life. Trends: Super Vision 2025 Control Engineering Copyright , the use of augmented reality / virtual reality technology companies will grow to 10%. New technology 5G, augmented reality / virtual reality, machine learning can make super vision will help us break through space, appearance, time limitations, never seen before, giving new human ability. Trend three: Zero search 2025 Control Engineering Copyright , the intelligent personal assistant terminal will cover 90% of the population. Benefit from artificial intelligence and physical networking technology, smart world will simplify the search behavior and search button, bring peopleClass more convenient life experience: from the past you find information CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to take the initiative to find the information you; in the future, do not need to express your needs, furniture, household appliances by clicking the button, car will talk to you. Trend four: to understand the “I” Road 2025 Control Engineering Copyright , C-V2X cellular vehicle networking technology will be embedded in 15% of the world’s vehicles. Intelligent Transportation Systems will pedestrians, drivers, vehicles and road links into a unified dynamic networks, and more effective planning of road resources, shorten emergency response times, so zero traffic congestion, emergency lane of the virtual planning possible. Trend five: the machine engaged in “three high” in 2025 Control Engineering Copyright For every ten thousand manufacturing employees will work with 103 robots. Automation and robotics, artificial intelligence robot in particular, are changing the way we live and work, they can engage in processing high-risk, high repeatability and precision of work without a break, it will not make mistakes, will greatly enhance the productivity and safety sex. Today, intelligent automation is widely used in construction, manufacturing, health care and other fields. Trend six: man-machine Association for 2025 Control Engineering Copyright , 97% of large enterprises will use artificial intelligence. Fusion application of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies, will contribute significantly to the future development of an innovative society: the cost of trial and error type of innovation is reduced; original, realistic and professionalism can be protected; human works is also due to machine-assisted rich. Trend Seven: precise communication in 2025 Control Engineering Copyright , the enterprise data utilization will reach 86%. With artificial intelligence, and application development and data analysis, business and customer communication, cross-lingual communication will become more accurate, because accurate information to reach, easier to understand interpersonal trust. Trend Eight: Symbiosis Economy 2025 Control Engineering Copyright , all global companies will use cloud technology, cloud-based application usage will reach 85%. No matter where language is the same, whether the culture is similar to digital technology and intelligence capabilities gradually to the platform model is widely used in the world all walks of life. Each state-owned enterprisesIndustry has the opportunity to open cooperation, sharing of global ecological resources to create high-value smart business model. Trends nine: 5G, accelerating from 2025 Control Engineering Copyright , the world will deploy 6.5 million 5G base station, serving 28 million subscribers, 58% of the population will enjoy 5G service. Large bandwidth, low latency, coupled with wide demand is driving the acceleration of commercial 5G, will permeate all walks of life, and coming faster than we imagined. Trend Ten: Global Digital Governance 2025 Control Engineering Copyright , the amount of data stored in the world will reach 180ZB. Smart touch the world, facing new challenges and resistance. Should accelerate the establishment of a unified global data standards, data usage principles; promote and encourage the construction of third-party data regulators, so that privacy, security and ethics compliance, according to the law. Huawei’s ICT infrastructure Zhang Hongxi, chief marketing officer, said: “Never stop exploring humanity from the Earth into space to fly higher, from the past to the future to see farther, from innovation in order to create deeper. today, artificial intelligence, 5G, cloud computing change led fourth industrial revolution brought about, is changing all walks of life, to promote intelligent hasten the arrival of the world. Huawei is committed to building ubiquitous connection, Pratt & Whitney nothing less smart, to create a personalized experience and digital platforms, so that each person, each family, each organization benefit from intelligent to let the world at your fingertips. ”

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