Academician Wang natural: depth analysis intelligent manufacturing space

Recently, the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician and other natural Wang wrote an article elaborated on the huge changes in the manufacturing system architecture, design and manufacturing technology, human relations taking place, pointed to “the unity of decentralization and centralization of manufacturing systems, combined with the actual situation of the design and manufacturing means human communion of production “is characterized by the rapid formation of intelligent manufacturing space, remodeling intelligent manufacturing systems and technology development model and technology-driven demand traction under.
exciting content: based on intelligent manufacturing era, information technology ubiquitous information in large numbers, never had the ability to continuously meet market demand for manufacturing technology change greatly impact and promote traditional manufacturing paradigm shift never had to model CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , to gradually enter into the new and evolving information environment and manufacturing model, this new information environment and manufacturing models make up the intelligent manufacturing space, its development and changes will affect the development of intelligent manufacturing. Article elaborated on the huge changes in the manufacturing system architecture, design and manufacturing technology, human relations taking place, and pointed to “the unity of decentralization and centralization of manufacturing systems, design and manufacturing methods combined with the actual situation of human communion mode of production “is characterized by the rapid formation of intelligent manufacturing space, remodeling intelligent manufacturing systems under development model and technology needs and technology-driven traction. 1 Introduction Currently, an outbreak of a new round of global technological and industrial revolution, particularly in the manufacturing, after the 2008 economic crisis, past a “sunset industry” renewed attention. The world competing to adjust its strategy to adapt to change of the times, advanced manufacturing be forward-looking layout. At the same time CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , economic development, social progress, so that it has not satisfied the products available, also requires a personalized, high-quality, ever-changing and so on. In this demand traction, the manufacturing sector has been the core mission, how to provide from the traditional to expand the scale of how to meet the individual needs of users for users personalized experience the whole process, how to provide better service for users to change direction. Accordingly, manufacturing enterprises, faced with shorter delivery time, improve product quality, reduce costs and improve service pressure to respond quickly to changing market. While diverse needs of the market draw CONTROCopyright large numbers L ENGINEERING China , to things, sensor network, wireless industry, 3D printing, and robots represented intelligent equipment and technology, and artificial intelligence, and a large cloud data, information technology, so that advanced manufacturing technology as the key to releasing future manufacturing competitiveness under the information-driven. Since then, manufacturing has entered a rapid development requirements based on rapid advances in intelligent manufacturing era of information explosion pressure, ubiquitous information technology, new products, sustainable development, global technical support and after-sales service, and labor market competition the globalization not only brought unprecedented challenges to the manufacturing technology, but also adapt to this business model and manufacturing systems will also be great changes ensue. New technology and the new economy calls for the birth of a new generation of more advanced manufacturing model, which is the next strategic high ground, competitive global IT industry will play an extremely important role. Information technology into the manufacturing industry is the demand from the manufacturing sector, but also promoted the development of the manufacturing sector. IT is not simply applied, but derived from the Internet of Things, Service (Service) networking, industrial wireless, Internet industry, manufacturing, and other interconnected series of new concepts and new technologies, and contributed to the development of a series of intelligent devices and application. Ubiquitous Information conditions, manufacturing information environment will rapidly form a field of advanced manufacturing and corresponding mode in traction and demand driven information technology, which is the intelligent manufacturing space. 2 features intelligent manufacturing space analysis With the depth of information technology and manufacturing technology integration, manufacturing will design and manufacturing tools, three aspects of human relationships have a huge change in the manufacturing system, to form a “unity of decentralization and centralization manufacturing systems, combined with the actual situation of design and manufacturing tools, human communion of production “for the intelligent manufacturing space of three major distinctive features, and in order to promote the integration of production organization, resource gathering mode product design tools, human relations a new generation of intelligent manufacturing aspects of development. Historically constitute a change (1) manufacturing system, from handmade to the development of large-scale production to achieve the transformation of popular products, which are currently being carried out large-scale production shift to customize the direction of the market and customer-driven, personalized, and will be based more high production efficiency, higher technical level to achieve the individual needs of users.
course of production patterns
in meeting the individual needs of manufacturing companies are to set upMeter and service terminal extensions, as shown CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , the content of the service has not only a conventional after-sales service, included in the production chain of the product design, manufacturing and other part of any They can be independent, to be content to other enterprise services.
service-oriented manufacturing
However, the difficulty in the management of distributed manufacturing can be imagined. Only with the support of the network, which makes it economically, technically and achieve time efficiency can be practical. Collaborative manufacturing network technology and network technology and other emerging IT to support and drive the development of production methods. The development trend of mass customization manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing, making the manufacturing model developed by the current centralized to distributed direction. Production chain will be more flexible organization specialized unit to form a distributed manufacturing model, this model is the essence of business is the pursuit of profit maximization, which relies on IT technology, especially the development of network technology. But the choice of a centralized or distributed manufacturing model manufacturing model, benefits should be based on the principle that not all manufacturing will move towards mass customization manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing. Conversely, high-volume manufacturing will continue to be standardized and efficient mode of production, while part of the manufacturing companies in the cloud computing, big data, 3D printing, the next generation of information technology such as robot drive and support CONTROL ENGINEERING China All Rights Reserved , to obtain more distributed manufacturing capabilities. Therefore, the manufacturing system change will be a gradual process of gradual development, the future will become a centralized manufacturing and distributed manufacturing a new generation of manufacturing systems to coexist under conditions to meet standardized manufacturing, customization and service-oriented manufacturing multi-dimensional needs of manufacture. (2) product design and manufacture of 3D CAD technology means changes occur, simulation technology and virtual reality technology, making the design work in some areas of revolutionary change occurred. Three-dimensional CAD design of products, through virtual simulation, carried out in a virtual environment virtual manufacturing, to complete the verification and modification, greatly reducing the trial and again, not only to speed up design time, but also saves a lot of material. Virtual manufacturing means more than just design, future actual situation with the means to manufacture the cover from product design to the development of process design,Process design, and maintenance and recycling all production processes.
Virtual and manufacturing methods
With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, machine learning and large data, “Digital twin” technology, “parallel system” technology as the representative actual situation art will realize physical entity and virtual high degree of integration objects, form virtual enterprise based on digital models and reality-based enterprise automation technology mirror. Future manufacturing will be manufacturing the virtual space and physical space combination, and cover the entire production chain, making the entire manufacturing process into the digital online world. Physical product manufacturing lifecycle process will produce a map in the virtual space, through multiple physical quantities in the virtual space, multi-scale, multi-probability simulation process is complete to update the physical model, sensors and intelligent parameters, and ultimately the virtual space optimization results in optimal operation of intelligent and timely feedback physical space. With the enhancement of the capacity of the actual situation in parallel, virtual manufacturing space reflect the true extent of the product will continue to enhance, not only the enterprise product design quality and production efficiency will be greatly improved, and will lead to changes for the whole manufacturing process. Virtual and space research is an important feature of smart manufacturing, but also a model of intelligent manufacturing. Relationship (3) and the manufacturing system to produce new modern revolution of new information technologies enable people to “re-enter” the production system. We will strengthen the involvement and cooperation in the physical layer, executives, decision-making and manufacturing system to achieve partner, intelligent manufacturing equipment and robotics in the manufacturing process.
communion of the human hierarchy
future human communion is not only an important development direction of change of the mode of production, but also is an important feature to build intelligent manufacturing space, will also be intelligent manufacturing a new model. The machine search, reasoning ability and human reasoning, feedback, Lenovo, insight, ability to learn integration, co-processing decision-making problems, the machine effectively support person to complete the organization’s mission, who effectively assist regulators machine task execution and learning, in aspects of manufacturing systems planning and management, equipment maintenance and manufacturing execution and other human-machine integration and development. 3 and Future Development of Intelligent Manufacturing spatial structure of the dispersion and concentration coexist with actual situation and will be the main feature of the display unit communion future intelligent manufacturing space, which is shown in conjunction with the following relationship CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright FIG, which forming relationships in the manufacturing sector demandThe inevitable result of lower information technology and traction drive, a new manufacturing model and manufacturing environments will also continue to develop relationships formed. In this environment, not only in information technology will pan under the Information Technology industry with technical depth integration, and use of information technology innovation and development of new industrial technologies.
intelligent manufacturing space
At the macro level, intelligent manufacturing space will break the traditional area of ​​physical limitations Control Engineering Copyright , a large number of emerging information technology will promote the rapid development of distributed manufacturing capacity in order to meet the product of mass customization urgent demand, production organization system will rapidly change occurs, the manufacturing sector itself to form a new manufacturing model and information environment, and to further promote change production patterns. At the micro level technology, intelligent manufacturing space will further accelerate the application of artificial intelligence, big data, digital twin, cloud computing and other information technology in manufacturing the product design, production, organization system, management, etc., from a product design, virtual simulation of the system for manufacturing holographic intelligent manufacturing execution system and intelligent manufacturing technique of forming space.
intelligent manufacturing space basic theory and technology system
to establish a human-computer integration, with actual situation, diversity unified manufacturing model the main features of the new structure and a new framework, from a demand to practice, which involves a lot of theory to be further research, including horizontal integration model for service-oriented manufacturing; high-volume personalized product design and collaborative innovation; manufacturing resources to support the network, service and specialized manufacturing process of collaborative management; Internet of things and cloud computing industry new software environment architecture; for product lifecycle industrial safety system to share information and big data management; maintenance services management and decision optimization initiative for the transport of complex equipment, will support the development of intelligent manufacturing space. In terms of key technologies, the device will be the first stage in the manufacturing space, space generating unit class manufacturing, manufacturing factory space and cross-domain cross-layer production network impact level space, and produce key technology corresponding thereto, comprises: for the actual situation of concurrent product design, simulation and optimization; man-machine was three yuan collaborative knowledge sharing and integration; support collaborative product design manufacturing enterprises and public participation in the social product design; manufacturing resources under the decentralized and centralized environment coexist connect, configure scheduling optimization and collaboration; support flexible manufacturing cell self-organization, service virtualization and network-wide scheduling and valueOptimization; human communion service management and interoperability; intelligent monitoring process of human communion, health analysis, product performance and quality assessment. 4 Conclusion and outlook Throughout the development process of the whole manufacturing industry, manufacturing processes and adapt to the process of manufacturing equipment is an important part of the development of manufacturing technology, it has been the subject of concern. Based on the ubiquitous intelligent manufacturing information age, in addition to the process and manufacturing equipment, the importance of the manufacturing environment and conditions increasingly stand out, become a symbol of progress in manufacturing technology, critical to the development of the manufacturing sector. With the further development of the rapid development of information technology and the integration of the two, in the development of smart manufacturing, the field of intelligent manufacturing environment will be a major impact on the manufacturing industry. Intelligent manufacturing space and information environment for the future development of the manufacturing model changes and judgment and prediction. Our manufacturing system is necessary to organize a unified Virtual and diversity of the manufacturing process, to carry out the relevant technical man-machine fusion manufacturing methods involved in-depth study to explore the relationship between their mutual, constituent elements, operation mechanism, coordination mechanism and evolution law, combined with a new generation of information technology research intelligent manufacturing space common key technologies, intelligent manufacturing space to build infrastructure platform, test verification platform and public service platform to safeguard and promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, as do major changes to meet the manufacturing sector well prepared.

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