Smart sensors into new global trends in the industry prospects worth the wait

In recent years, the development and application of sensors in the field of industrial manufacturing, especially hot. Since 2012, the market size of the industry from $ 800 billion to 2017’s $ 200 billion, close to the product type and variety of more than 30,000 kinds of value in industrial production highlights, let it become a leading economic development of countries of one of the strategic industries. As one of the sensors of information technology infrastructure, now integrated into our production and in life, whether it is from unmanned robots to or from the smartphone to the home of wisdom, or the wisdom of the city is under construction, can see it figure. Which sensor applications in the robotics industry has received attention in most countries to the United States and Japan-based, driven by the action of these advanced countries of the world set off a wave of development of “smart sensors” boom, China is also the current body and at which a positive response. Robot and sensor combination can be said to have a very beautiful chemical reaction. Sensors for robots like the various organs of perception in humans, the robot sensor provides five visual perception, power, touch, smell, taste, etc., allowed to have flexible posture, sensitive intelligence, and fully automated operating. At the same time, the sensor can detect the internal state from the working robot, to ensure the stability and sensitivity of robot operations, from the work environment and the external object state detection robot, to protect the safety of human relations. The robot was developed sensor provides a good landing scenario and higher requirements. With the development of the robotics industry growth, on the one hand to usher in rapid growth in demand for sensor applications, sensors for further R & D to accelerate; on the other hand, the robot’s sensors to upgrade brings new functional requirements, and the type of technology, to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of the sensor. Currently, the “smart sensor” is the new product and new trends under the combined sensor and robot. The United States believes that the information age of the 21st century belongs to a certain extent on the sensor, and after entering the era of intelligent front sensor naturally also need to add “smart” word. Compared with conventional sensors, because the smart sensor with a microprocessor capable of collecting, processing and exchange of information, with high precision, low cost, and intelligent automation advantages. Take advantage of our country and the world in recent years, smart sensors market is generally ushered in rapid growth. According to relevant data Control Engineering Copyright 2015 global sensor market to 995 billion, of which intelligent sensor reached about 69.8 billion yuan , more than 70% market share, in 2016 the global smart sensor market to expand to 170 billion again about yuan, an average annual compound growth rate reached double-digit, is expected in 2019 the market size will exceed 300 billion yuan. Meanwhile in China, the 2015 domestic smart sensors enterprise value of approximately $ 1.4 billion, the country is expected in 2019 will reach $ 3.7 billion, a compound annual growth rate of over 30%. 2019, expected market size of China’s smart sensors will expand to $ 13.7 billion, the localization rate of 13% from 2015 to upgrade 27 percent. Whether from international or domestic market point of view, the development of smart sensors belong to the rapid upward trend in the coming period will be the mainstream market. However, due to the late development in China started relatively early, the development of domestic intelligence sensors may take a very long way to go. At present many problems facing the development of our country, such as industry more scattered, small scale, lack of leading enterprises and leading talent, not a complete industrial chain, industrial integration is not high, serious industrial hollowing out, etc., are to hinder development of the industry suffered a major . Although national policies have been put forward and dividends release Control Engineering Copyright , to a certain extent, eased some of the contradictions CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , but there are still issues related to more severe [123 ] control Engineering Copyright , need to work together to tackle research governance. One of them is the disconnect between development and production, the problem is mainly composed of R & D and production enterprise is not enough exchange caused by the need to enhance the integration between schools and enterprises; the face of a large flow of talent gathered is not high, lack of talent and other issues room, by many the impact strength of enterprises, competition and other factors, but also the needs of enterprises and enterprises to strengthen cooperation. In addition, the face of the market itself disorder, high barriers, import the product from shock caused by the loss of scale domestic enterprises and stimulating effect, resulting in a virtuous cycle of market collapse. This requires companies to jointly develop the power industry, on the one hand to enhance their own competitiveness, on the one hand to establish a standardized market order, moderately reduce the access conditions and restrictions, to promote the rapid development of SMEs, to create a good development ecology.All in all, along with the concept of intelligent penetration of all walks of life, the future of smart sensors will occupy the “half” in the overall size of the market. As long as a good grasp of this important opportunity, in the case of policy, market and other positive acceleration landing, prospects for the development of smart sensor industry in China worth the wait.

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