Ambience created by black and white interiors

This is a very sharp and graphical way to decorate, through visual design, with contrasting black and white areas, interiors created by furniture and accessories.
1, in a 瞩 destination board processing, which illustrates a beautiful graphic wave and vortex throughout the length of the room, a highly polished monochrome interior design is being staged.

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Natural style furniture design has a myth

If the elements you like are inspired by the addition of nature to your home, it is a good idea to have the inspiration of furniture. So here you go to some amazing natural style furniture design:
1. A wonderful leaf shaped table

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The rising cost of building materials has led to high housing prices in the UK

The cost of building new homes has risen sharply in Canterbury (UK) is the reason why construction companies want to make more profits. The calculation of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is the ups and downs of goods and services, shows that the cost of new homes in Canterbury has risen by 9.5%, one year’s data. This is much higher than 4.7% by preventing the rise of Canterbury. Excluding Canterbury, the cost of building new homes has risen by 3.9% across the country. The cost of renting is also increasing at a faster rate in Canterbury than anywhere else.
The increase in construction and rising rents mean that Canterbury’s inflation rate is 50% higher than the national average. A spokesperson for the Bureau of Statistics said that the price hike caused inflation in the housing sector in Canterbury, reaching 2.4%.
Members of the construction industry warned of further pressure on home construction and rental costs. Registered Builders Association CEO Warwick Kui, building a house in Canterbury down the cost of high factors. They came from the Canterbury earthquake following building regulations, adding to the labor costs and additional requirements for construction companies to hike their profits.
The Bureau of Statistics takes into account the additional costs of the new building and compares the cost of the year to the previous year. Information feedback, he put the price of new homes mainly: increase labor costs, inflation in material costs and companies put their prices.

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Five major changes in Queen Victoria’s market reconstruction

Melbourne Mayor Robert · Doyle has launched a key concept for the $250 million reconstruction of the Queen Victoria Market (QVM), which is the largest investment ever made by the City of Melbourne. From the city of Melbourne, following the announcement of the redevelopment of the constituency last October, a series of community notices suggesting traders, shoppers, residents and visitors have been placed on the table to allow the public to comment and add.

Five key changes have been made, keeping in mind the preservation of QVM’s heritage and authentic atmosphere while allowing market constituencies to Evolved to meet the modern needs of traders and consumers.
1, below the ground facilities. The city recommends existing parking lots and underground storage to free up the heart of the market, although it is reported that favoring a multi-storey car park, I believe this will be “safe, cheap and less disruptive”.
2, market experience. Expanded retail, hotel and event offerings will help maintain and enhance the true character and experience of QVM. Improving logistics facilities, such as the cool room and waste treatment areas, is another consideration. Closing the traffic on Queen Street to improve security and create additional space for trading and market society is another part of this proposal.
3, new public space. The existing parking lot will be replaced by a major public space, which will provide a community of meeting places.
4, the connection of Franklin Street. Connecting Franklin Street and removing the two roundabouts will ensure better traffic connections around the market. This is expected to reduce congestion and make it easier for pedestrians to travel.
5, new development land. The Franklin connection to Deli Street’s proposal will create a land suitable for mixed use development areas. Work on the market will be carried out in stages to minimize the impact and inconvenience for the customer, while obtaining parking spaces and public transportation will maintain a consistent overall upgrade. The second round of community consultations is now open and invites the public to share feedback or forums on specific suggestions for their ideas. This second phase of engagement will run until May 16, 2014 and June 2015 to complete the master plan for redevelopment.

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Limited Edition OLA 25 Ferrari Kitchen

The latest version of the limited edition OLA-25 kitchen series has been released recently. This collection was designed by Pininfarina, which was built by Snaidero. ; red heart & rdquo; house.

You might wonder why the Ferrari brand is going to be a kitchen? The answer is simple: Ferrari brand stores do everything from child cars to headphones. For a while, they even customized the red coating and the iconic yellow shield logo for the Acer laptop. When the brand computer was launched, it would give the roar of the Formula One racing Ferrari, and the return rate was absolutely high.

Now returning to our kitchen, the OLA-25 series produces the “metal red 458 paint” & rdquo; It is the world’s most recognizable color, built of carbon fiber, and now it can reside in your kitchen. The table top of the cooktop is a glossy glass surface. The OLA-25 series has 84 different styles so you can customize your style to enjoy yourself. This future style design is also black or white. If you like it, but because of white and black to give up our “Ferrari”, is this really necessary? Mr. and husband, start your engine in this kitchen!

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European Patent Office building Nearly transparent building

The European Patent Office Building (EPO), located in the Hague near the Netherlands, has an area of ​​80,000 square meters. The office will serve as a flexible and comfortable working environment for 1,750 employees. With a height of 100 meters and a fully transparent design, the design of the glass curtain wall is subverted to highlight the architectural image of the European Patent Office’s support for innovation in Europe.

This almost transparent building is like floating above the landscape, designed by French Jean · Nouvel Design Designed, the façade of glass and steel creates a calm and serene architectural image that becomes part of the skyline and blends into the water landscape. The stainless steel entrance to the tower is lined with 45 European national flags. The European Patent Office building will be completed in April 2017 and the landscape construction section will be completed in early 2019.

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TD Bank: Overpriced housing prices may be slowed

Canada housing is overvalued by about 10%, but at an interest rate or “economic shock”, the price may fall by 25%, TD Bank (Dominion Bank) said in a new report . However, “many of these imbalances are reflected in large urban centers in Toronto and Vancouver,” the report said.
TD economist Diana pointed out in the report that when looking at the price of a house compared to rent or income, Canadian homes are overvalued, compared to rent. These figures agree more or less with the estimated economists, in the OECD and Deutsche Bank, and last fall announced that Canada’s housing was overestimated between the 20 countries surveyed.
But the TD said that these figures are missing points, because even the income is the most important thing than the rent, but the people’s ability to pay. Due to the low interest rates recorded, people are able to make larger mortgage-to-statistic recommendations. Therefore, how many houses are actually overvalued depends on the interest rate.
The Transport Department estimates that interest rates will rise by nine percentage points at the end of 2015. If this happens, housing is overrated by 10%, which is also possible in the case of TD. However, the long-awaited revision is long overdue. Despite the stagnation of home sales in recent months, prices have steadily increased (nearly 10%) in the last months of 2013, and Canadian household debt has consistently reached new historical highs.
Canadians will either eventually consume more of their income, lower their quality of life, or they will push up wages, making Canadian labor more competitive in the global marketplace.

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Trends in the use of vinyl siding in construction

Available for decades, vinyl siding continues to gain the builders and popularity among the owners. Like many building materials, including roofing panels and irrigation pipes, vinyl siding is usually made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC. Resistant to moisture and pests, PVC materials are easy to cut and use traditional tools. Although vinyl siding installation procedures vary from traditional siding materials, vinyl siding is suitable for the same wide range of architectural applications.

About vinyl siding
Vinyl siding system is made of vinyl wood or wall sheath or The frame uses concealed fasteners. Suitable for vinyl siding, the term “concealed fasteners” refers to nails or screws that cover overlapping wallboard materials. Vinyl siding systems are usually equipped with an interlocking bottom edge. For example, the vinyl siding plank hook and the bottom edge of the lock are inserted into the upper edge of the front panel. Overlap, the water flowing down the interlocking system prevents moisture from contacting the jacket and cushion.

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Space heater for warning safety updates

According to the National Fire Protection Association, space heaters (electrical and non-electric) account for 33% of all winter house fires. However, this statistic is misleading because it means that the vast majority of all space heaters are inherently unsafe, which is not the case.
Instead, it is an improperly used space heater, not the water heater itself, which is responsible for one-third of the house fires throughout the winter. And about half of the fires are located in the heating equipment, too close to the results of flammable items such as furniture, bedding, clothing and curtains. Of course, defective heating devices appear on the market, but recalls are a rare event.

One of the most important safety tips for electric heaters over the years is always plugged directly into the wall. Do not use extension cords. This warning extends to the power outlet and to the surge protector.
Warning is here. Although they look similar, surge protectors and power strips are not interchangeable. Although both can accommodate multiple plugs, only the surge protector provides an automatic shutdown feature.

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Waste Utilization Decoration: Paper Art Wall

With a dazzling array of discarded paper and household items, artist Lisa Hawk builds a large collage on the wall. From a distance, you may not know what material it is, her use, but after careful inspection, you will find cartons, trading cards, cups, plates, cups, stickers, etc.

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