Kitchen tile purchase considerations

The kitchen is a special function space in the home. It is mainly a cooking function, and it is inevitable that there will be a lot of soot. Therefore, when carrying out kitchen renovation, we must consider its particularity. So, what should be considered in the matching of kitchen tiles? In this issue, we will introduce the precautions and matching skills of kitchen tile matching, and hope to help you.
First, kitchen tiles with precautions

1, our daily three meals a day are required to operate in the kitchen, so the kitchen tiles are very important, if the floor is wet There will be many security risks. Anti-slip is also very important when decorating the kitchen. In the current market, matt tiles are a favorite of the audience, because matt tiles can best meet the anti-skid requirements of the kitchen. Matte tiles are all-body tiles. Their abrasion resistance and slip resistance are the best of all tiles. They are not glazed and very hard, so they are very suitable for use in the kitchen.

2. In addition to the anti-slip, the kitchen tiles also need to have a moisture-proof function. It is better to use glazed tiles on the walls of kitchen decoration tiles, because glazed tiles have the best moisture resistance. However, many people in the decoration of the kitchen in order to save the trouble of picking tiles, often use wall tiles and floor tiles mixed. Many people do not understand that wall tiles belong to ceramic products, and floor tiles belong to porcelain products. Relatively speaking, the water absorption rate of the ceramic brick is many times higher than that of the porcelain brick. Therefore, if the wall surface has a moisture-proof function, it cannot be used as a wall tile.

3, we need to cook cooking in the kitchen every day, so the soot is also the most place, it is easy to dirty, so the kitchen decoration tiles should be easy to clean. There are many kinds of ceramic tiles on the market, such as glazed tiles, whole bricks, vitrified tiles, polished tiles, mosaics and other ceramic tiles. We use the exclusion method. Everyone knows that the mosaic is a small tile. After the paving, there are a lot of gaps. It is easy to hide the dirt, and the kitchen should be cleaned frequently. This is not conducive to cleaning, and it is very inconvenient. So we have to choose as easy to clean tiles as possible.

4, when the kitchen tile decoration, the matching must be coordinated. When decorating, we should use light color as much as possible for the kitchen wall tiles, and it is better to use the darker series of floor tiles. If the kitchen has a visual impact effect or a fashion avant-garde effect, then the color of the tile is best contrasted with the color of the cabinet, and there must be a contrast color, so that the two can complement each other.

Second, kitchen tile matching skills

1, kitchen tiles in the matching is to highlight the effect of kitchen space changes, dark Tiles are no longer a single choice. When the kitchen is generally not large, the light-colored tiles are more conducive to the expansion of the field of vision, and such colors will make people feel the breath and coolness of spring under high temperature conditions.

2, there are a lot of family living rooms and kitchens are connected together, so you should be cautious when choosing the color of the tiles, choose the same color, you can also use the contrast color, but the overall color should not exceed three Kind.

3, the choice of kitchen tiles should be chosen to be simple and clean, and need to pay attention to the cabinet and the style and color of the cooking table, the pattern should be simple and generous, making people feel clean and clear. The pure white color that looks good is a popular color. If you feel that using too much waistline in a small space will make the space seem messy and cumbersome, you can choose to spread a few pieces of flowers to embellish, making the kitchen show a few vitality and romance.
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Furniture stores are facing the layout of large consumer formats

Cross-border cooperation embraces new retail

   Severe market environment makes everyone realize that they are alone Perhaps it has already lost its advantage. For the long-term development, change is imperative. Therefore, home stores have explored breakthroughs in channels, which has also promoted cross-border cooperation.

  The most interesting cooperation in the home store in 2018 is the combination of “Ali + actually” and “Tencent + Red Star Macalline”. First, on February 11, 2018, Alibaba and a number of institutions invested a total of 13 billion yuan in the strategic plan of the home, of which Ali invested 5.453 billion yuan, holding a 15% stake in the actual home. Since then, the actual home and Ali new retail initial integration, the two sides through the information sharing, online drainage, offline experience, smart stores, logistics and consumer finance and other aspects of cooperation. For example, the Real Home and Ali’s box horse freshman cross-border hand in hand, creating a new business combination mode of the current business field, is also an important exploration of the new home in the real estate.

   Then on October 31, Tencent and Red Star Macalline announced the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership to build an IMP global home smart marketing platform to create a “smart marketing flow field” Reinventing the “role content scene”, empowering the entire home industry and promoting the home industry to upgrade from the consumer Internet to the industrial Internet. In the past New Year’s Day, with the full blessing of IMP’s global home smart marketing platform, Red Star Macalline completed the business sales revenue of 3.227 billion yuan on New Year’s Day, achieving the number of participants of 150,400, and reducing the customer cost by 40%. Member repurchase rate increased by 131%.

   In addition, in September 2018, Ouyada Business cooperated with Gome Retail to develop all-round cooperation through precise resource sharing, retail terminal resource sharing, joint marketing, and cross-border drainage. Eco-chain optimization, creating a new one-stop shopping experience for home appliances. In addition, Ouyada will introduce Box Horse Fresh Life to Wuhan Houhu Store and actively deploy new retail.

   Nowadays, under the trend of new retail, influenced by e-commerce, the advantage of offline shopping malls is only experience, but it is difficult to impress consumers and attract customers. Traditional home stores have to change due to business development needs, so they all use new retail as an opportunity for transformation.

   Enhance the customer acquisition capability of the store with new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to achieve business transformation and upgrading. From the trend of “new retail + home store”, the new market has been opened, and everything in the future is expected.

  Transform from single sales to commercial collectives

   stores as one of the important sales channels for home furnishing companies, their marketing power and channel expansion It is vital. In this era, the traditional single home sales store is becoming more and more passive. In order to retain and attract more customers, many home stores have begun to expand their business format and gradually transform into a diversified consumer business assembly, furniture. The store is facing a large consumer format.

   In April of this year, the one-stop commercial project that the family actually created was built–the real home experience MALL opened in the Lize business district to welcome customers, actually experience the MALL two The big brands ” actually eat the world” and ” actually Yaolai Chenglong Studio” at the same time settled in, for the first time to achieve the full layout of fresh supermarkets, restaurants, sports fitness, children’s entertainment, home care, digital intelligence and other large consumer formats. In addition, the Real Home cooperated with Boerli Architects in Italy to develop the “Vertical Forest·City Complex” project, including ecological mall, ecological commercial block, vertical forest dwelling, office building, hotel, apartment and so on.

   In addition, Red Star Macalline is constantly accelerating the layout of new home formats, building a full-story life service platform including ‘home shopping mall + Aegean shopping and living squares + commercial real estate’. So far, the business of Red Star Macalline has expanded into: Red Star Macalline Home Mall, Red Star Real Estate, Aegean Department Store, Red Star Cinema, PE Investment Business. Among them, the Aegean shopping and living square has entered nearly 60 large and medium-sized cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu and Suzhou.

  Speaking of “Global Harbor”, everyone will not be unfamiliar. In 2015, Yuexing Home in Shanghai Macau Road was reinstalled and upgraded, breaking the consistent layout pattern of the domestic household industry. The new image of “Home MALL” is newly unveiled. This is the masterpiece of the Yuexing Group’s transformation from the home industry to the large-scale urban commercial complex. It has spread to many cities.

   Of course, in addition to large chain stores, regional stores have also tested the water and launched the operation mode of the integrated shopping mall. For example, Fusenmei is a regional brand. At the beginning of 2018, it spent nearly 500 million yuan to acquire a plot of land in Sichuan Tianfu New District. In the later period, it will invest no less than 1 billion yuan to build a commercial complex project.

   As consumers become more and more demanding in terms of consumption, the acceptance of a single home store is getting lower and lower, the author believes that the home hypermarket has changed at this time. Introducing a variety of formats and diversifying with new retail, it is also for long-term development. For consumers, the one-stop home shopping experience of home appliances, home improvement, home and catering is more persuasive than a single home mode. force.
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Antique bathroom cabinet, what do you think?

   The “retro” trend has been enduring for a few years, and the bathroom cabinets have also set off a retro trend. The antique bathroom cabinet was born and was sought after by many people, but some people in the antique bathroom cabinet said that it has obvious three shortcomings. What are the disadvantages of these three?

 Antique bathroom cabinets are easily deformed and cracked?

  The antique bathroom cabinet is spliced ​​with wood plates, so after using for a period of time, the splicing is more likely to be deformed and cracked. So, is that really the case?

  If the choice of antique bathroom cabinet is made of oak or solid wood, then it can effectively prevent the sheet. Cracking and deformation. In fact, it is the quality of wood used in antique bathroom cabinets. If you buy a poor quality wood, then it is easy to deform and crack.

  Antique bathroom cabinets are expensive?

  The material of the antique bathroom cabinet is made of solid wood, oak and other materials in order to ensure the quality. For a penny of goods, in order to ensure quality, the price is naturally more expensive.

 Antique bathroom cabinets are not waterproof?

   Many people think that the moisture resistance of antique bathroom cabinets is not good. For this problem, some manufacturers of bathroom cabinets will adopt dry and constant temperature treatment, dry The wood is balanced to reduce the moisture content gradient of the wood, prevent moisture and moisture from drying out the semi-finished products and finished products, and eliminate residual stress during the drying process of the wood. In addition, multiple times of painting and sanding are performed on the surface of the board to make it smooth and free of pores.

  In fact, the antique bathroom cabinet is similar to the solid wood bathroom cabinet, but there is a difference in style.


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How can the home industry change to stand out from the contrarian?

In 2018, the home industry has gone through a tortuous year in the overall adversity. In this year, the changes in the household consumption market continue to bring new challenges to home furnishing enterprises through their own industrial structure, product quality and service level. Constantly upgrading, some excellent home furnishing enterprises can rise against the trend, and bring a lot of enlightenment to 2019. In 2018, it has entered the last month. What new trends will be in the home furnishing industry, how can we change from the contrarian trend? ?
Technology under the “new innovation” becomes the core competitiveness

With the changes in the consumer market, the “pseudo-innovation” style of “Shantou” is no longer the case. The era of attracting consumers is gone forever. Even children know that they can check the Internet. Mr. Yang, who has been in the home industry for many years, told the Beijing Morning Post reporter. Consumers will pay more attention to the inner experience of home products. In recent years, many home furnishing companies have gradually shifted their research and development focus to “inside”, through innovation in the design, work quality, raw materials and comfort of home products. Under the environment of “Made in China 2025”, the “new innovation” products suitable for Chinese consumers are the magic weapon for the home industry to seize market opportunities.

Differentiated products continue to be favored by consumers

In recent years, although the scale of the customized home market has not expanded as expected, it is undeniable that more and more Consumers are beginning to accept differentiated customized home experiences, and more and more families are beginning to try to meet different home needs through a “customized” approach, especially with the lag of the “two-child era”. Time will increase the household consumption of the two-child family as the main consumer group, and the demand for differentiated products will become more and more visible.

Diversified channels for symbiosis and win-win

Before this year’s “Double Eleven”, many traditional home furnishing companies, such as large stores and home improvement companies, have chosen a variety of ways. The Internet e-commerce platform “marriage”, from the actual sales data and consumer market feedback, also achieved good results. Due to the special nature of household products, there are a certain proportion of consumer groups in various channels, such as online and offline retail, home stores, etc., and the balance is difficult to be broken in a short period of time. In the new year, how The organic use of diversified channels is a key factor in achieving good results in 2019.

Environmental consumer demand continues to increase

In 2018, environmental issues in rental housing have caused concern about home environmental issues. Nowadays, many consumers have already chosen home products. The environmental protection attribute has been put in the first place, and since many consumers in the process of purchasing, they constantly learn about environmental protection knowledge through the Internet and other channels, and the environmental identification ability of household products has also been greatly improved. The improvement of consumer identification ability has made some pseudo environmentally friendly products nowhere to be seen, and some excellent environmentally friendly products have been favored. Under the head and tail effect, environmental protection has become the key word for the reshuffle of household products. In the new year, It is the general trend to do environmental protection in a down-to-earth manner.

Service-oriented home business to fine transformation

In 2018, at major home exhibitions, some big home manufacturers can be seen to do some “small things” “A home improvement app, a data management software or even a smart light, as long as it is more about the comfort of the home experience, it can attract consumers to stop and win business opportunities. In the new year, how will Some high-tech technologies such as big data, VR, and AR have come to the service experience, which is a problem that every home enterprise must consider.

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What happens to the cabinet with a layer of aluminum foil?

As one of the important storage items in the kitchen, cabinets play an important role in improving the kitchen experience. I often hear people say that a layer of aluminum foil can be laid under the cabinet. Is this all the more, is it really practical? let’s figure it out together.
You may be wondering why the cabinets are covered with a layer of aluminum foil. What is the statement? In fact, the main role of aluminum foil paper is moisture-proof and waterproof! When the cabinet encounters water, it will become moldy and swell, and it will rot under severe conditions. The aluminum foil paper is generally installed under the sink cabinet, which can effectively isolate the water leakage and water vapor under the water tank, and achieve waterproof effect and delay service life. .

Some people will think that this is a lot of work, my family is not posted, the cabinet is still used well! In fact, the most fundamental reason is the plate used in different cabinets. If the cabinet is made of ecological board or multi-layer board, it has a good waterproof function. The tin foil is just a icing on the cake, and there is no problem if it is not laid. However, in addition to the waterproof function, the laminated aluminum foil can be easily cleaned. Wipe gently with a rag. There are no aluminum foil cabinets, and the bottles and jars in the kitchen will be more or less left with print marks. It can be hard to wipe.

Of course, avoiding the scratching of the cabinet panel is also the main function of the aluminum foil. After all, the cabinet wood is easy to rub with the furniture when it is used. When the aluminum foil is laid, it is equal to the formation. A protective film and a film on the surface of the phone are also a principle.

How to install aluminum foil? It is usually laid before assembly, or it can be installed after completion. If the cabinets in the home have been used for a long time, the interior of the cabinets has long been mottled, and it can be cleaned and then covered with aluminum foil. To a certain extent, to prevent further deterioration, of course, there is also aesthetics.

So, if the home is being renovated, you can consider installing aluminum foil in advance in this way, because the decoration is always better for your future life. If you pay attention to the quality of the cabinet at the beginning, you can A lot of trouble for the future life.
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The development trend of powder coatings

As a solvent-free coating, powder coatings have no solvent volatilization during the coating process and are suitable for environmental protection. The powder coating conforms to the internationally popular “Four E” (economic, environmental, high efficiency, excellent performance) principle.
In the global powder coatings market, several large companies account for about 40% of the market. Among them, Akzo Nobel accounted for 13% of the global market share, DuPont accounted for 11%, Rohm and Haas accounted for 7%, and Flow and Jutun each accounted for 696 and 3%. In the North American powder coatings market, the monopoly position of large companies is more obvious, Rohm and Haas and Flow each account for 16% of the market share, DuPont accounts for 10%, HBuller accounts for 6%, Iilly, 3M and PPG The three companies each account for 4%.

In order to maintain its leading position in the powder coatings market, DuPont has integrated the powder coatings business in recent years. In 1999, DuPont expanded its production capacity of powder coatings by merging Hebbers, and strengthened its overall functional coatings in the European market by increasing research and development and product market expansion and strengthening various management activities. After the acquisition of Herberts by Strength O, DuPont subsequently formed a functional coatings division, including powder coatings, industrial coatings and inks.

Currently, there are about a domestic manufacturer of powder coatings, abroad. Some well-known powder coating manufacturers, such as DuPont, Akzo Nobel, Flow, PPG, UCB and other companies in Nanbao, Taiwan, have established production bases in China, both in terms of production scale and product quality. All are superior. While stabilizing their existing market share, powder coatings manufacturers have begun to turn to the mainland market in order to expand sales and open up new markets.

In the future, the competition in the domestic market will become more intense. Many powder coating companies sell and sell resin products in China, and some famous raw material suppliers bring their products to China. For example, Dow and Ciba have established epoxy resin production plants in China. Other companies, such as Shell Chemical, are also introducing new resin products, which has also driven the development of powder coating materials and environmental protection to promote the development of powder coatings.
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I like DIY’s own paint friends.

Nowadays, many owners like DIY, and painting paint in their own home is a matter of saving money and having fun. But do you know that if the paint is not brushed, there will be many problems such as blistering, unevenness, cracks, and bottoming. In order to avoid these problems, we must pay special attention to the construction. Below, I will introduce you how to brush and some precautions.
1. Construction process:

First, clean the wall, then repair the wall, start putting putty, brush the first paint, brush the second time, and finally brush the third time .

2. Clean the wall:

Inspect the wall for peeling and loosening, clean the surface, apply it with cement mortar, and then shovel the residual ash. Then clean the entire wall.

3.Repair the wall:

Wallen plaster will be used to level the wall bumps and the gaps of the potholes. After drying, use sandpaper to grind the protrusions and dust. Sweep.

4.Scrape putty:

Scratch three times putty under normal conditions (mainly look at the level of the wall), the first time with the scraper to the full horizontal scraping, pay attention to scrape The board should be clean and neat. The second time is scraped vertically with a squeegee, and after it is dried, it is smoothed with sandpaper. The third time, the wall surface is flattened, dried and smoothed with fine sandpaper.

5. The first coat of paint

The top wall of the top plate, the gesture is to go up and down. Clean the wall and wipe off the surface dust. Mix the paint well before use, and add some water to dilute it. The purpose is to prevent the paint from being too thick to brush. After it is dry, brush the putty again, polish the sandpaper and clean it.

6. Second coat

This step is best not to add water to prevent the bottom. After the paint film is dried, the wall is rubbed off with fine sandpaper, smoothed and cleaned.

7. The third coat

Because the paint dries faster, the operation is as fast as possible. When brushing, brush from one end to the other, pay attention to avoid The joint after drying appears.

Second, the precautions of brushing your own paint

1, dark paint should try not to mix water, otherwise the color difference will be more obvious.

2. Try to work on sunny days. If the paint is applied in wet weather, it is likely to affect the overall construction quality and the paint is dry.

3, pay attention to the indoor ventilation and heat dissipation after construction, each process must be dry after the process.

4, after brushing the paint, pay attention to whether there are bubbles, if the bubbles are found to break immediately.
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Send a cabinet cleaning strategy, no thanks

Cabinets are durable, and maintenance and cleaning are also important. Different materials of the cabinet, cleaning methods are also different, below, send you a cabinet cleaning strategy.

I. Countertop maintenance articles

1. It should be avoided that the hot pot and the hot water bottle are directly in contact with the cabinet, preferably placed on the pot rack.

2. In operation, try to avoid hitting the table and door with sharp objects to avoid scratches.

Regardless of the choice of countertops, the food should be cut on the cutting board, in addition to avoiding the marks, it can also be better cleaned.

3. The surface of the general material has bubbles and gaps. If the colored liquid penetrates into it, it will cause stains or discoloration. Therefore, the dye or hair dye should be avoided to be placed directly on the table.

4. The erosion of chemical substances is not allowed for many materials. For example, stainless steel countertops may be rusted by salt, so you should always avoid placing items such as soy sauce bottles directly on the countertop.

5. Artificial panel cabinets should avoid standing on the countertop for a long time.

Second, countertop cleaning articles

1. Artificial stone and stainless steel cabinets should not be rubbed with hard scouring pad, steel ball, chemical agent or steel brush. Use a soft towel, soft scouring pad to rub with water or use a brightener, otherwise it will cause scratches or erosion.

2. Fireproof board cabinets can be cleaned with a nylon brush or nylon ball using a household cleaner, then wipe with a damp cloth, and finally wipe with a dry cloth.

3. Natural stone countertops should be soft scouring pad, not toluene detergent, otherwise it is difficult to remove white spots. When removing scale, you should not use acid detergent powder, dilute hydrochloric acid, etc., otherwise it will damage the glaze and make it lose its luster.

4. If the cabinet is made of raw wood, first remove the dust with tweezers, then wipe with a dry cloth or a special lotion for the maintenance of the logs. Do not use wet rags and oil cleaning products.

5. Washing basins or gas stoves should avoid knocking or impact, and the two tables should be connected to each other to avoid long-term immersion of moisture.

Third, door maintenance articles

1. Avoid the water on the table to soak down to the door panel, otherwise it will be deformed after a long time.

2. Door hinges and handles are loose and abnormal, and should be adjusted or notified to the manufacturer for repair.

3. Solid wood door panels can be cleaned and maintained with furniture water wax. The crystal door panel can be wiped with a lint-free cloth dampened with warm water or a neutral detergent.

Fourth, door panel cleaning articles

1. Paint door panels are not available with soluble detergent.

2. All benzene solvents and resin solvents should not be used as panel cleaners.

5, cabinet maintenance articles

1. The carrying capacity of the upper cabinet is generally not the following cabinet, so the lighter items such as seasoning are suitable in the upper cabinet. Tanks, glasses, etc., the weight is best placed in the lower cabinet.

2. The utensils placed in the cabinet should be cleaned and then put in, especially pay attention to the need to dry the utensils.

3. The hardware in the cabinet is wiped with a dry cloth to prevent water droplets from remaining on the surface.

4. The sink of the cooking table can be used to hold the internal filter box with filaments in advance to prevent the vegetable chips and fine debris from blocking the water pipe.

6.Cabinet cleaning articles

1. When cleaning the water tank, remember to clean the neck end of the tube after the filter box to avoid long-term accumulation of grease. The thicker the accumulation.

2. If grease stains accumulate in the sink pipe for a long time, it is not easy to wash, then try to pour some kitchen detergent into the sink, then rinse with hot water, then rinse with cold water.
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How to avoid cracking and deformation of the bathroom cabinet?

  In our bathroom suite, the bathroom cabinet has become an indispensable bathroom product. However, the bathroom is damp, and the bathroom cabinets are mostly made of sheet materials, which makes the bathroom cabinets subject to moisture and deformation. So how can we prevent these problems?

Anwar bathroom N1M11G03-A bathroom cabinet

   First, let’s take a look at the reasons for the cracking of the bathroom cabinet.

  The first one: the quality of the bathroom cabinet itself is not closed

  Second: During transportation, if you are not careful, the bathroom cabinet may A bump occurs, which causes damage to the protective film on the surface and affects the quality of the bathroom cabinet.

   Third: The bathroom is too humid and the wood is in a humid environment for a long time.

   So, how to prevent it?

  Selecting a bathroom cabinet, the brand is very important

  The bathroom cabinet is a big piece of furniture, choose a good brand In terms of quality, after-sales, etc. will be more secure. Moreover, after getting the bathroom cabinet, if you find that there are problems such as bumps on the surface, you can also find the brand to return, and do not use the skin.

  Processing seams

  The bathroom cabinets have seams. These places are the main way for water vapor to enter the interior. It is easy to go on for a long time. Deformation. And there will be an odor in the enclosed area. So use glass glue as much as possible to seal some seams that do not affect the use!

  The bathroom is kept ventilated

  The bathroom must be ventilated frequently and kept clean. Do not use the exhaust fan when it is used. It is best if the bathroom in the home is wet and dry. At the same time, when installing the bathroom, if it is not a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, it is better to keep a little distance between the back of the cabinet and the wall surface, which can effectively isolate the moisture on the opposite side from the wall surface.

  Clearing water in time

   When using the bathroom cabinet, the splash of the faucet in the basin is inevitable. Therefore, in our daily life, we must keep the joint between the basin and the countertop dry. If the accumulated water stays on the counter for a long time, it will be deformed. At this time, choosing a faucet with rich foam and soft water is a good way to protect the bathroom cabinet.


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Wall color, advanced and modern style

Pantone, the color authority of the popular color wind vane, recently released the popular colors of 2019. These distinctive colors are irresistible. Whether it is used for makeup, fashion or home decoration, it is high-grade yet Modern style. Then, in 2019, which colors are popular in wall coatings, let’s take a look at the ~


The pink is a soft and unforgettable Color, whether men or women, you can always find a pink fashion item from the tide of TA. The pink space is full of femininity and princess style, which makes many men who want to approach pink to be discouraged. In 2019, the color authority organization made a proper change in pink. So, presented in front of the public is a modern and nostalgic millennium powder. Millenium powder is very inclusive, sweeping through the fields of make-up, home accessories, fashion items, etc. Men can also get along with them. Especially when it becomes the color of the wall, the whole space is precipitated in a retro but romantic feeling, full of charm.

02 Mustard Yellow

The yellow line often appears in exotic homes, such as Mediterranean-style homes, with its regional features. Furniture and decorations make the style more harmonious and unified. In 2019, mustard yellow was recommended as one of the most popular paint colors of the year, and it began to involve more styles of space, including modern minimalist homes. The dazzling yellowness and clarity give a feeling of vitality. The background wall of the restaurant is yellow, which helps to increase appetite; the reading space is yellow, and the mood of the warmth is… The yellow brings the vitality of nature and the confidence is multiplied.


The green system has always been one of the preferred colors for the wall of the home, but the grass is green and the color is bolder, which makes the living space look more vibrant. It is also expected to become the popular color of paint in 2019. Grass green has a breath that is close to nature, healthy, lively, natural and fresh. It is the color that represents vitality, makes life full of hope, relieves stress and relaxes body and mind.


Farewell to the fog blue, deep sea blue is ready to re-master the color of the wall paint, take us into the deep, long, quiet time tunnel. The deep blue is elegant and mature, and it is mature and durable. Living in such a space can make people feel peace of mind and worry-free. For a long time, the deep sea blue has captured the fashion people from all walks of life with its steady gas field. Whether it is makeup or fashion, even the main color of the family space, the deep sea blue can bring a noble and elegant atmosphere.

05 lilac purple

The mysterious purple has always been the usual color of the mature boudoir. Nowadays, the lilac purple is finally turned from private to open, and the decoration is more generous. More dream space. In the traditional Chinese concept, purple is a noble color, and the Forbidden City in Beijing is also known as the “Forbidden City”. In the West, purple is the favorite of the nobility and the special color of the ancient Roman royal family. The unique position of purple is recognized worldwide. When purple becomes the main color of the home, it has another more important meaning. Purple represents eternity and symbolizes the stability of family members, just as amethyst symbolizes eternal, pure love.


Milk Apricot has a warm color, which is one of the preferred paint colors in the home space with its own softness, atmosphere and tolerance. In 2019, the apricot yellow lived up to expectations, once again being promoted to become a popular color, it is also one of the favorite colors of fashion items. Apricot yellow is suitable for all spaces, with a variety of colors of furniture, decorations. The warm-colored milk apricot can also create a homely atmosphere of warmth and warmth, which makes people feel intimate and let the family present a harmonious scene.


Coffee brown belongs to the earth color system, it has a simple and stable artistic conception, and it is willing to be close to it. Coffee brown is a neutral warm color. It is elegant, simple, solemn and elegant. It is a relatively subtle color and never goes out of style. This is one of the reasons why many people are willing to decorate their walls with coffee brown. Because it is always in the forefront of the fashion, so coffee brown is not unexpected in the 2019 paint color.
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