How to choose a shower without leaking water

Many netizens will squirt their own showers on the Internet, but sometimes people can bear it and think that there is water to make it work. But life can’t be done, quality should be stressful, and today we will talk to you about how to buy a shower without leaking!
1, look at the shower water effect

How the shower water effect determines the bath is uncomfortable, high-quality showers pay attention to the balanced design of each water hole, in different Water pressure can ensure the water flow effect. We can try the water when we choose, see if the shower water is even and soft, and try the water function of different functions.

2. Look at the surface plating of the shower

The high-quality showers usually use electroplating to treat the surface in order to protect the shower from corrosion and keep the surface beautiful. A good electroplated layer can be kept at 150 °C for 1 hour without blistering, wrinkle-free, and crack-free. The 24-hour acetate spray detection does not corrode. When we choose, we can observe whether the surface of the shower is flat and bright, and touch the surface with hand to feel whether it is smooth and burr-free.

3, look at the self-cleaning effect of the shower hole

Hand-held and top-spray part of the shower, a granular silicone water hole is exposed outside, the shower water will be more comfortable natural. The quality water hole feels very textured. According to industry expert Kabei, this design is to make it easier for us to clean the shower. We can use the hand to press or wipe with a cloth to remove the stain inside the shower. .

4. Look at the shower faucet

The faucet is the core part of the shower. Among them, the valve core placed inside the faucet is the “heart” of the shower, and its quality affects the service life and effect of the shower. The high-quality shower head is made of a good ceramic valve core, smooth and frictionless, and very durable. When we choose the shower, we can rotate the switch of the faucet to feel whether the faucet rotates smoothly and comfortably. In general, a quality shower can be used for about 10 years. However, if the quality of the shower is not enough, the life of the shower will be shortened. If you want to buy a good shower, it is better to go to the physical store to choose, don’t be lazy online shopping!
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Maintenance of solid wood cabinets, share it

Undoubtedly, the solid wood cabinets are the top grades of all the cabinet materials, and the kitchens are replaced with new ones, which are often neglected. Due to the construction of pure wood furniture itself, it has an impact on various aspects such as air humidity, so maintenance work has a long way to go. For the maintenance of solid wood cabinets, share the practical experience with you:
  1, influence of temperature difference

  The ideal environment for solid wood cabinets is 18 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius Relative humidity between 35% and 40%, please avoid the cabinets placed close to the heat source or air conditioning tuyere. In the winter rainy season, you should pay attention to the humidity of the kitchen, avoid excessive evaporation of water and increase indoor moisture. Water on the door should be wiped in time.

  2, avoid direct sunlight

   should avoid outdoor sun exposure to the whole or part of the cabinet for a long time, the best position In a place where you can escape from the sun, or use a transparent gauze curtain to separate the direct sunlight. In this way, it does not affect the indoor lighting, but also soft light to add a warm and romantic atmosphere to the living room, while protecting the indoor cabinets.

  3, avoid hard scratches

  When cleaning, do not let the cleaning tools touch the cabinet, usually pay attention, do not let the hard Metal products or other sharp objects collide with the furniture to protect the surface from scratches.

  4, Avoid using alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents to remove stains

   If the surface of the cabinet is stained, do not rub it hard. The stain can be gently removed with warm tea water, and after the water is volatilized, a little light wax is applied to the original portion, and then lightly rubbed several times to form a protective film.

  5, pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the cabinet surface

  The surface of the solid wood cabinet is painted with paint, which is especially important for the maintenance and maintenance of the paint film. Once the paint film is destroyed, it not only affects the appearance of the surface, but also further affects the internal structure of the product. Therefore, the cabinet should be kept clean. Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe off the surface dust every day. At intervals, use the wet cotton thread that wrings out the moisture to clean the dust on the corners of the cabinet. Clean and dry soft cotton cloth can be dried, or apply a thin layer of high-quality light wax after drying, and gently wipe the luster like rubbing leather. This not only maintains the solid wood cabinet, but also adds It’s bright. However, the use of light wax must be cautious, and must not use inferior products containing chemical corrosion components.
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Lighting lighting needs to meet the development goals of the current situation

Nowadays, the market competition environment is complex. Whether it is the gradual emergence of a series of ills in the industry itself or the indirect impact under the big economic environment, the top ten brands of lighting lighting are facing more and more development pressure. For a company with a long-term vision, it is crucial to develop a set of directional goals.

Lack of directionality can make lighting lighting in a dilemma

Overall, the development of lighting industry in these years, product homogenization has become increasingly prominent, between brands The fierce competition has led to the lack of understanding of the top ten brands of lighting lighting and their blind involvement in the market. Many companies have high corporate goals because of their high corporate goals. They often start to squat without learning to climb, which also leads to more difficult outcomes on the road to development.

At the moment, the corporate blueprints developed by many companies are too general to talk about and often do not have strong execution. If we continue to follow this goal blindly, it will inevitably lead to distortions in the development of the enterprise and hinder the progress of the entire enterprise. Therefore, the development goals set by the top ten brands of lighting lighting must be concrete, and only the specific goals can be seen at a glance, so that the employees can be better completed.

Lighting lighting needs to comply with the current situation to set development goals

Goals are a changing factor. At different stages, companies need to set different goals in order to make the company always fit the trend of social development. In response to this situation, the top ten brands of lighting lighting can use the staged goal to decompose the big target, break it down into several small targets, and then implement it step by step, perhaps to obtain more substantial benefits. The top ten brands of lighting lighting should be down-to-earth and set a goal that suits them.

As we all know, a narrow-eyed company cannot succeed. Therefore, the top ten brands of lighting lighting should be combined with reality to materialize the target so that its goals can be realized. In a general sense, voids are a common problem of corporate goals. Because the goal is originally determined by the individual, because the individual’s emotional factors may affect the formulation of the target, if a person is better and better, then the goal he has set will have a certain degree of blindness. On the contrary, the down-to-earth person will combine the market law. And the company actually makes the most in line with the goals pursued by the company.

Therefore, in the actual development process of the top ten brands of lighting lighting, it is also necessary to have a clear understanding of their own situation, after finding a direction suitable for their own development, gradually develop some short-term or long-term The goal is that only in the process of development can be staged and targeted, and enterprises can win more long-term development in complex markets.
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Aluminum alloy door and window fittings: How long is the life of aluminum alloy door and window glass?

Aluminum alloy doors and windows Widely used in modern home decoration, Glass isAluminum doors and windows essential accessories One of . Under normal circumstances, there are two factors that affect the life of aluminum alloy door and window glass, namely humid air and high temperature.

Continuous humid air can make aluminum alloy doors and windows The glass is mildewed, but at room temperature, the mildew of the glass is very slow. It usually takes several months. In normal use, there is very little humid air that lasts for several months, so the glass is exposed to the air. There is no mold change. Generally, the mildew of the glass occurs in the process of overlapping glass storage, and the glass is more prone to mildew in a wet warehouse or in the open air. In general, raw glass without tempering is more susceptible to mildew than tempered glass.

1,Life of tempered glass

Physical tempering is to heat the glass Quenching changes the structure between the molecules and molecules inside the glass; chemical tempering is the ion exchange of the molecular structure of the glass surface at high temperatures; both methods permanently change the microstructure of the glass material. Therefore, unless there is high temperature and strong chemical action, the characteristics of tempering will not attenuate or change with time under normal use.

Second,Life of Insulating Glass

Insulating glass is made of glass substrate A combination of a spacer frame (aluminum strip), a desiccant (molecular sieve), a sealing material (butyl rubber, polysulfide rubber or structural adhesive). In the construction of insulating glass, glass and aluminum frames are generally very stable, and the life of the insulating glass depends on the life of the molecular sieve and the sealing material.

In the construction of the insulating glass system, the glass It is very stable, and the glass substrate does not need to be considered for aging under normal use; the standard hollow aluminum strips are surface anodized. The physicochemical properties of the surface anodized aluminum strip are very stable under normal conditions. Even if there is no surface anodized aluminum strip, oxidation during use will only tarnish the aluminum strip, but this does not have a significant effect on the properties of the aluminum strip itself.

The value of hollow glass system construction lies in The hollow glass can function as heat insulation and sound insulation under the condition of closed and dry cavity. Due to changes in ambient temperature, the gas in the hollow cavity is always in an expanded or compressed state, so that the insulating glass sealing system is always under stress, and ultraviolet, water and moisture in the environment accelerate the aging of the sealing system, thereby This causes the water vapor to accelerate into the hollow cavity. When there is a large amount in the hollow glass cavityAfter the water vapor, the insulating glass has failed, and the failure of the insulating glass means that the service life of the insulating glass is terminated. To ensure that the insulating glass does not fail, the key is the desiccant and sealing material.

About the life of insulating glass, the earliest glass companies in China have given reference to the US standard for 10 years. The concept of warranty period; in the insulating glass national standard GB/T11944-2012, the first reference to the life of insulating glass is proposed, and the concept of “expected life of insulating glass should be greater than 15 years” is proposed. In fact, the life of the insulating glass has a close relationship with the selection and processing technology of the insulating glass material, and is also affected by many factors such as the composition of the insulating glass plate and the use environment, and it is difficult to simply quantify. For insulating glass that has been installed on a wall, a relatively simple measure is to measure the dew point or spacer air humidity.

Three, Life of Low-E Glass

The life of Low-E glass depends mainly on the life of the hollow sealing system in which it is located. We know that the main constituent materials of the Low-E film layer are metals, alloys, metal oxides and metal nitrides. Metal nitrides are generally used as a protective layer in a film structure, and their properties are very stable. The metal oxide and alloy layers generally connect the silver layer and the protective layer as a dielectric layer in the film layer, and the properties thereof are relatively stable. The silver layer in Low-E is relatively active, but its oxidation requires the presence of moisture. Therefore, as long as the insulating glass does not fail, it is basically unnecessary to separately consider the life of the Low-E film layer.

Four, life of laminated glass

Laminated glass means that a layer is sandwiched between the glass Or a multi-layer organic polymer interlayer film, after the process, the glass and the interlayer film are permanently bonded into a composite glass product. The laminated glass adheres to the film even in the case of chipping, effectively preventing the occurrence of chipping and penetrating fall events.

The life of laminated glass depends mainly on the middle of the interlayer The material of the layer. Normally, wet laminated glass and EVA laminated glass are mainly used for indoor partitions, and are not suitable for building doors and windows or curtain walls. Wet laminated glass will accelerate aging under sunlight, and yellowing will occur after 1-2 years. Degumming bubbles, ice and fog will appear in 2-3 years. In general, wet laminated glass ages much faster than EVA laminated glass. EVA laminated glass is protected from direct sunlight and can be used for more than 10 years in indoor use.

PVB and SGP laminated glass, usually used as doors, windows or curtain walls, have aging resistance better. The most typical failure of laminated glass PVB and SGP is the opening of the glue. Opening the glue means that the glass and the spacer layer are disengaged, losing the safety characteristics of the laminated glass. Regarding the life of PVB and SGP laminated glass, there are currently no relevant standards and specifications in China. At present, domestic glass processing enterprises generally refer to foreign PVB and SGP suppliers.The relevant materials give a 5-7 year product warranty period.

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The whole assembly and hardcover branch interception, the furniture industry hits the winter?

The recent custom-made furniture faucets generally have obvious stock price corrections. We judge mainly for two reasons: first, according to According to grassroots research, the overall situation of the industry is worse than originally expected, and the growth forecast for the second quarter is continuously lowered. Second, under the expectation of RMB depreciation, the proportion of foreign holdings is decreasing.

Downstream furniture industry due to various reasons such as real estate regulation and the rise of the whole equipment model There has been a decline in passenger flow and an increase in sales pressure. The impact of the whole assembly on the custom furniture company is mainly reflected in the product category system and the strong delivery construction capability, but it also stimulates the custom furniture company to accelerate the pace and pace of the attempt to the whole assembly field and accelerate the penetration rate. Trying to make a double-edged sword for the impact of the whole decoration on the custom furniture company, it needs to be treated dialectically.

1, why the industry suddenly hits the winter

With the influence of real estate regulation and control, the growth of the furniture industry in the third quarter of last year has declined. After the vigorous promotion of “Golden September and Silver 10”, it has recovered in the fourth quarter of last year, although it is not as good as the first half of last year. It’s a good time, but the good ones have stopped the signs of slowing down.

Unexpectedly, since 2018, feedback from terminal grassroots and listed companies has been The drop in passenger flow is obvious, and the sales pressure is far better than that in the third and fourth quarters of last year. For the furniture industry, this spring and summer seems to be even colder than last autumn and winter.

We have been thinking about what has changed in the industry from the second half of last year to the first half of this year. As a result, the environment has become more and more serious. Our basic conclusion is that the decline in the growth rate of real estate sales area and the increase in the penetration rate of hardcover houses have an impact. However, the branching caused by the continuous influx of external participants represented by the whole assembly is the main margin. Changes, it is natural to suggest focusing on the subject of the track advantage.

First, part of the competitive landscape has increased, not to say price wars or The intensification of marketing, but the rapid rise of the assembly industry and accelerated growth.

Entering 2018, in the context of the overall slowdown in real estate growth, The overall demand for home improvement has also declined. Through a large number of industry chain research visits, the phenomenon we have seen is a very obvious differentiation in the field of home improvement: on the one hand, many traditional home improvement companies that have been operating for more than 10 years have been poorly managed. The capital chain is broken and the boss is running.

On the other hand, some of the new companies with new business models are fast against the trend Development, continuous new attempts and explorations in the industry, accelerate the channel layout, gradually move from the regional market to the country, and continue to evolve in the direction of multi-category and multi-brand cross-border integration.

We found that the common development of the well-developed company is to effectively solve the traditional home improvement The company has done a little painful point. In the early stage of development, it laid a solid foundation in terms of product system, financial management, and informationization level, and continuously optimized iteration in the right direction, although it seems that the time cost and capital of the previous investment. The cost is much larger than that of traditional home improvement companies. With the continuous increase in income scale, such assembly companies will gradually move from the investment period to the harvest period, and promote the industry’s extensive development model to evolve toward a more standardized system operation model.

The impact of the whole company on the custom furniture company is mainly reflected in the whole product system. And strong delivery and construction capabilities. First of all, from the perspective of product system, the whole company can cover a variety of matching of main and auxiliary materials and soft-packed products. The product series have different styles to fully meet the individual needs of consumers. At present, it can compete with the whole equipment from SKU. The custom brand has only a few custom leading companies.

Secondly, as the product continues to iteratively upgrade andWith the cooperation of more high-quality brands, the inherent negative impression of consumers on the “coarse manufacturing” of the whole product is gradually eliminated. The packaged products impact the customized brand with a strong cost performance and a more comprehensive product system.

Finally, the strong delivery of construction capabilities is a prominent competitive advantage for the company. Fully meet the needs of consumers to reduce the cost of decoration time, one-stop service.

The brand influence of custom furniture is an insurmountable barrier for the whole company in the short term. Leading companies have gradually extended to the field of consolidation. At present, most of the packaging companies are in the early stage of development, and the duration of the period is less than 5 years. Compared with the brand influence and consumer reputation accumulated by the customized enterprises in the 20 years of the industry, there is still a gap that is difficult to catch up in the short term. .

“Brand influence” seems illusory and difficult to quantify, but this is custom Enterprises have entered the field of weapons in the field of consolidation. In the decoration process, the home improvement company is the first to contact the customer, which is an important entrance to the entire home improvement chain. In the current development status of “flow is king”, the good feedback and positive response of the European-style house in the development of home improvement cooperation customers exceeded expectations, which is the best interpretation of “brand influence”. With the in-depth cooperation between the two parties, the customized brand after the installation and delivery will open up a broader space in the field of consolidation.

We believe that the impact of the whole set on the custom market is a double-edged sword On the one hand, it can make custom brands feel the further deterioration of the competitive environment, and even have short-term performance pressure; on the other hand, we must also see the more positive impact they bring, namely “incentives” and “ Cultivating” – Incentives the custom furniture company to accelerate the pace and pace of the attempt to the whole assembly field, through the whole series of products to cultivate consumers’ custom furniture consumption habits, accelerate the penetration rate. Customized companies and self-contained companies are entering their respective fields in various ways. Integration and cooperation are effective ways to resolve competition.

In terms of the competitive landscape of the industry, competition is intensifying, and finished products are constantly pouring in Local large and medium-sized brands have grown rapidly. These have been clearly seen since the second half of last year, and there is no obvious change in the first half of this year.

Second, furniture as a post-real estate industry, the real estate industry has a total impact on it It is impossible to avoid, here are three aspects, real estate sales, hardcover rooms and real estate sales ten years ago.

Since the third quarter of 2016, the first-line and some second-tier real estate industries gradually increased regulation The sales area of ​​commercial housing in first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai even fell by nearly 50% (in 2017, Beijing fell 47.56% and Shanghai fell 33.58%). The lagging effect of real estate on the furniture industry has been reflected in the third quarter of last year. However, from the perspective of changes in real estate data, this part has not deteriorated further in the first half of this year. It is expected that the marginal changes in the second half will not be obvious. Variety. Here, by the way, the change of the shed reform policy in mid-June, as long as the goal of the total number of sheds is unchanged, whether it is monetized or physical resettlement, it will generate purchase demand for downstream furniture products, and the actual impact is not large. .

For the hardcover housing industry, 2017 is a year of rapid growth. From the perspective of the delivery room, the proportion of hardcover houses has reached 20%, which is 5pct higher than that of 2016. If these commercial houses are sold in the form of rough houses, they will become part of the furniture industry (cabinet, ceramic tiles, etc.) from the fourth quarter of last year to the first half of this year. The main purchaser of the floor, etc.). The increase in the proportion of hardcover houses to the furniture retail in the first half of 2018 is more than the second half of 2017. Here we focus on the cabinet industry. Our previous judgment on the industry is that the penetration rate of cabinets is about 60%. In 2017, the improvement of hardcover accounted for 5pct is mainly the big real estate developers in first- and second-tier cities. The impact on the cabinet industry is still Very obvious.

Real estate discussed two negative contributions, which also add a positive impact Although it is impossible to quantify, due to the gradual improvement of real estate sales, the total number of stocks is also increasing, and the demand for renewal is indeed increasing. Since 1999, the sales area of ​​real estate has increased year by year, except for a significant decline during 2008, and the remaining years have maintained steady growth. During the period of 2008~2009, the absolute sales area of ​​commercial housingThe value has increased significantly. Considering the 10~15 year re-decoration cycle, the demand for home purchases in this period is expected to be transformed into re-decoration demand in recent years. We expect that the demand for replacement and replacement of stocks will increase from this year.

Again, is the impact of an apparent number, Ou Pai Home, Sofia, Furniture companies such as Gujia Home and Zhibang Co., Ltd. were the all-time highs in the second quarter of last year. The high base affected the apparent growth rate in the second quarter of this year, and the third quarter of 2017 was the low point of growth of most furniture companies. Part of the impact will gradually weaken.

2, market analysis

The recent custom-made furniture faucets generally have obvious stock price corrections. We judge mainly for two reasons: First, according to grassroots research, the overall situation of the industry is worse than originally expected, and the growth forecast for the second quarter is continuously lowered. Second, under the expectation of RMB depreciation, the proportion of foreign holdings is decreasing.

3, Investment Advice

Learn the layout opportunities, layout custom faucets, and finished furniture areas that are relatively small in these factors. Based on the previous analysis, it is recommended to focus on two main lines: First, the custom faucet with layout in the field of consolidation can enjoy the rapid growth of the whole industry and thus the growth of traditional channels. The past valuation of such targets is difficult to start. The recent adjustments provide opportunities; the second is the finished furniture sector represented by soft furniture, which is relatively less affected by the intensive housing, equipment and industry competition.


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Tile purchase cheats! Super practical summary strategy

A netizen buys tile, do budget quotes, find acquaintances quoted 15,000, find a shop outside the offer is 10,000, and then chose 10,000, I feel that I saved a lot, the result pinch? The house has not lived for two years, the tiles have gone wrong, unevenness, arching, cracking, seepage and other issues, this is the industry chaos! In fact, the acquaintance quoted 15,000 to earn him 2,000, the outside black shop quoted 10,000, earned him 8,000. Everyone knows how deep this water is!

Home decoration will definitely use tiles So, what do we need to pay attention to when purchasing tiles? Let’s let Xiaobian give you a detailed summary.

1, tile style selection

Although all are tiles, different tile styles are used together. The effect is different, so when we buy tiles, we must consider the decoration style of the whole room.

2, tile specification selection

How big is the tile to choose? For the living room, not the bigger the tile, the better. We also need to choose according to the size of the room. If it is a small apartment, and you choose a larger tile, then you will feel that the room is small.

Recommended living room space below 30 pings Choose 450×450mm tiles; for living spaces of 30 flat or more, you can choose 600×600mm tiles.

For the kitchen bathroom, the space itself Smaller, it is not recommended to use larger tiles; but too small tiles (such as mosaic) will form more tile gaps, which is more troublesome when cleaning up. So everyone must choose the right size tiles.

3, choose a trusted brand

Ceramic brand is a lot of things, so the owners are more confused when buying tiles. Many small brands of tiles are very cheap, so many owners are more tempted, but if you choose This kind of tile, maybe there will be a lot of troubles later.

So it is recommended that you choose a trusted brand, so you can rest assured.

4, Identification of tile quality

When purchasing tiles, it is necessary to identify the quality of the tiles. Identification by watching, listening, knocking, etc.

Look: First of all, look at the color of the tile surface, uniformity and flatness; in addition, we need to put the tile flat on the flat ground, to see if the thickness of the tile is consistent, but also to see if the four sides of the tile are straight. /p>

Listen: Use hard objects to hit the tiles and listen to the sound of the tiles. If the porcelain is high, the tiles will be crisper and the quality will be better.

Knocking: The way to listen is similar, we use the pinch to pick up the tiles The corner of the tile allows the tile to hang freely, then tap the middle and lower parts of the tile with your fingers to listen to the sound. If the sound is crisp and sweet, the tile quality is better.

Station: The tile is placed diagonally, the middle is exposed, we stand on the tile, on the one hand can test the anti-slip performance of the tile; on the other hand, it can also identify the tile The degree of firmness.

Also have anti-fouling performance identification, paint on the tile to see if it is easy to scrub Off; there is also the identification of the scratch resistance of the tile, using a knife to draw tiles, to see if it is easy to leave scratches and so on.

If it is not easy to slide down, then the anti-slip performance of the tile is good; if standing on it, Tiles do not break, indicating that the tiles are strong enough.

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Wooden floor soaking water, what kind of remedy should be taken?

A few days ago, our client, Ms. Li, hurriedly left because she had forgotten the tap of the toilet. After passing the floor of the living room, I staged a big drama of “Water Man Mountain”… Presumably, many citizens and friends will encounter such sudden “floods” in their daily life. If the floor is soaked, what kind of remedy should be taken? Measures? Four words, depending on the “board”…

wood floor Maintenance

01, solid wood flooring: “well” word dry

The solid wood floor is made of pure solid wood, retaining the characteristics of water absorption and deformation. Therefore, once the solid wood is soaked, the surface should be dried first. And use a vacuum cleaner to align the splicing gap of the floor to absorb water, or use the cold wind of the hair dryer, but avoid using heat. Wind to protect from heat cracking.

If the solid wood floor has a large range of “middle strokes”, after finishing the surface treatment, The floor can be lifted from the gap of the expansion joint, dried with absorbent cloth, and stacked in a “well” shape. The bottom of the floor should be cushioned and the floor should be facing up and placed in the shade. If it is handled properly and the rescue is timely, please re-pause the professional after drying.

wood floor purchase

02, laminate flooring: natural evaporation

The waterproofing of the laminate floor is relatively high. After the water is soaked in the floor, the furniture placed on the floor is removed first, and the surface water of the floor is quickly drained. The expansion joint of the floor is exposed for the first time. Water vapor is emitted, but do not pick up the floor and dry it, which may cause damage to the laminate floor.

According to the degree of water intake, 15 days is the limit, generally good quality Or the floor that is not soaked for a long time is usually dry for 7-15 days. If the flatness cannot be recovered after 15 days, it should be considered for replacement. Some consumers may consider saving the “pocket” or feel that the “injured” area is not serious. They tend to plan the arched part and then choose to repaint. This often makes the other boards uncoordinated, and the board is uneven. , uneven force, easy to appear grooves.
But if the area of ​​soaking water is too large, you should contact the after-sales service at the first time to smash the floor without ensuring that the floor is not deformed. From the beginning, the word “well” is stacked in a dry manner to prevent deformation by the force of lamination.

Wood floor installation

03, solid wood multi-layer: multi-processing

The first-aid method after the composite floor is soaked in water, can neutralize the treatment method after strengthening the floor and solid wood floor, consumers should pay attention to it, because the surface of the composite floor is a layer of pure solid wood, which should be treated according to the actual situation after being soaked in water. . If the water is in a small area, dry the surface water, and use a vacuum cleaner or a blower to cool the water immersed in the gap in the floor. If the area is flooded, the solid wood floor is treated with water soaked. After the “well” word is attached to the room, the open floor and the floor surface-soaked surface can be dried by means of a fan. Usually, a good quality laminate flooring that has been immersed in water for less than 12 hours for emergency treatment can be re-paved after drying.

Wood floor care
Declaration : Resource sharing, if there is any infringement, please contact with Xiaobian to delete!


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What is the tasteless paint? What are the tips for the purchase of tasteless paint?

Speaking of odorless paint, maybe everyone doesn’t know much. What is odorless paint? Unscented paint does not mean a paint that is completely odorless, but has no pungent smell. Today, people’s awareness of environmental protection is increasing, and the use of odorless paint is becoming more and more widespread. So, which is good for odorless paint? What are the skills of odorless paint purchase? Let me tell you the answer one by one.

Tasteless Which paint is good

1, choose a brand

There are many odorless paint brands on the market today, and each brand of paint has Their respective characteristics. In order to ensure the quality of the paint, the first consideration when purchasing odorless paint is the paint brand. For example, the most popular odorless paint brands on the market today are: Dulux, Nippon, etc. It is recommended that you purchase according to the family’s decoration budget.

2, consider the price

In addition, we also care about the price of paint. Under normal circumstances, there is a certain gap between the price of odorless paint and the price of ordinary paint. In order to let yourself spend less money, under the premise of ensuring the quality of paint, you should compare several more, and then choose a branded product with high cost performance.

3, see decoration effect

We all know that paint is used to decorate the surface of the building, and its decorative effect is also the primary consideration. Different types, brands of odorless paint, the effect of decoration will also be very different. For example: rich colors, fast drying speed, etc. It is recommended that you purchase according to your personal preferences and renovation budget.

What are the techniques for odorless paint purchase

1, quality is more important than price

Most people have this idea, the more expensive the tasteless paint, the better, after all, a penny; Of course, there are a few people who think that the lower the price of paint, the better, and can save a lot of renovation budget. In fact, no matter what type of paint you choose, quality is the focus of our consideration. Paint is neither the more expensive the better, nor the cheaper the better, but should be the big brand with good reputation and protection.

2, packaging is only auxiliary

When buying odorless paint, there is no need to pay too much attention to the packaging problem, but more attention should be paid to the inside of the package. product. At the time of purchase, the merchant is required to present a certificate of conformity and a quality inspection report.

3, color card is only a reference

we As you all know, there is more or less difference between the actual color of the paint and the color card, so don’t over-trust the color card. If you want to know the color of the paint, it is recommended to try it out.

4. Estimated paint volume before purchase

I would like to remind everyone that the paint should be purchased in moderation, calculate the required amount before purchase, and then determine the purchase according to the reference data. How many buckets.

Edit summary: The above is Unscented paint related content introduction, in summary, odorless paint is not all natural and environmentally friendly, its quality is also good or bad. Everyone should check the environmental protection of paint, should be from VOC The three indicators of free formaldehyde and heavy metals were analyzed.

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Does the home decoration choose anti-stick paint line? What are the characteristics of anti-stick coating?

   Why choose waterproof and thermal insulation coatings? Before answering this question, we must first look at the characteristics of waterproof and thermal insulation coatings, then the following small series will lead everyone to understand.

  Characteristics of waterproof and thermal insulation coatings
   strong heat insulation: painted on the roof and inside and outside the wall, it can reflect and scatter about 90% of the sun’s rays, reduce the accumulation of heat and heat, and ensure the most effective heat insulation in the summer. effect. It will give you a comfortable temperature throughout the year, a good living environment, even in the absence of air conditioning, you will feel cool and comfortable in the summer.

   strong weather resistance: paint can be maintained at minus 35 ° C and above 150 ° C Its elasticity, strength and stability are extremely strong.

   strong adhesion: the coating has extraordinary functions and material composition, for all building materials surface, metal materials The surface and glass surface have strong adhesion.

  Waterproof self-cleaning: Apply 3-6mm thick coating on the roof, soak in water There will still be no water leaks. The obvious lotus effect, the water droplets flow naturally, the anti-fouling self-cleaning property is good, and the decorative finish is clean and new.

  Easy construction, labor saving: The construction of the coating on the roof insulation and waterproofing and other exterior wall coating procedures The same, just apply 1-2 times. Compared with the traditional heat-insulating and waterproofing materials, there is no need to carry out the process of stacking layers, and the layers can be directly sprayed, brushed or rolled on the flat and clean base surface.

  Energy efficient: Heating costs in winter buildings are reduced by 25%-35%. In summer, the exterior of the building is painted, and the use of air conditioners reduces the cost by 30%-56%. When the coating thickness is 7. 5px, the thermal insulation effect is equivalent to 30mm thick polystyrene material.

  Human environmental protection: one-component products of water-based paint, no harm to humans and animals, environment, non-toxic Harmful products.

  High cost performance: use on the roof, waterproof and heat insulation, cost-effective, practical and reliable.

  Insulation and waterproof coating can conduct external heat to the inside of the object even when the atmospheric temperature is high The three functions ensure the cooling of the object coated with the paint, ensuring that the internal space of the object can maintain a constant temperature. It is understood that the existing insulation and waterproof coating products on the market can reduce the surface temperature of the object by more than 20 °C when the sunlight is strong, and the temperature can be lowered above 3 °C or reduced to the same temperature as the atmospheric temperature on cloudy and night.
  [Applicable range of decorative waterproof and thermal insulation coatings]

  1, suitable for the original building Masek, strip-shaped brick facing, etc. without the need for shovel to remove the wall or to repair the new waterproof, heat insulation and decoration works.

  2 Suitable for cooling and decorative coating of hull and deck.

  3, suitable for cement, mortar plastering, all kinds of polymer mortar plastering, concrete plastering, brick wall Waterproof, cooling and heat insulation of wood, zinc, iron or tile roofing and cement asbestos sheet finishes.

  4, used in various oil depots, fuel depots, grain depots, chemical storages and other metal casings ( Tank body) cooling, corrosion resistance and decorative layer.

  5. Suitable for waterproofing, cooling, and heat insulation of exterior walls and roofs of buildings and structures. Decorative coating.

  [Waterproof and heat-insulating new materials effectively solve the problem of high energy consumption in buildings]

    In the past, if you want to realize various functions such as waterproofing, heat preservation and heat insulation in building roofs, you must take two steps. First, make insulation layer and then make waterproof layer. The construction process is as high as 7-8, and the cost is high. The energy saving effect is not ideal, and there are even dangers such as flammability, water leakage, delamination and cracking.

   To this end, the Beijing Institute of Construction Materials Institute for the improvement and innovation of traditional roofing materials and construction practices, using lightweight aggregates, special waterproof gel and fiber, etc., developed a high water-resistance, high insulation, non-combustion, life The long waterproof and thermal insulation material successfully realizes the integration of flame retardant, heat preservation and waterproof, saves the construction period and eliminates the water turbulence phenomenon commonly existing in the waterproof layer.

   At the same time, by changing the proportion of materials, the traditional insulation construction process is simple to four processes, that is, bonding waterproof layer Waterproof and heat insulation to find the slope layer, waterproof insulation layer and waterproof protection layer, effectively improve the roof crack resistance and deformation ability, construction speed and low comprehensive cost.

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What are the specifications of the bathroom exhaust fan? What should I pay attention to when installing?

Now everyone will install an exhaust fan in the bathroom, the exhaust fan can be effective The moisture of the bathroom is discharged. However, there are too many types of exhaust fans on the market, and many owners do not know which type of exhaust fan is suitable for their bathroom. So, what are the bathroom exhaust fan specifications? What should I pay attention to during installation? Let’s take a brief look at it with Xiaobian.

1, what are the specifications of the bathroom exhaust fan?

What are the specifications of the bathroom exhaust fan?1, wall-mounted exhaust fan

Wall-mounted exhaust fan as the name suggests is to hang the exhaust fan directly on the wall of the bathroom, the volume of the exhaust fan Smaller, it can also be installed directly on the window, but the exhaust is relatively small, suitable for use in a small bathroom, or a closed balcony. Most of these exhaust fan specifications are 20cm*20cm, and there are smaller 10cm*10cm.

What are the bathroom exhaust fan specifications? Span>2, ceiling-mounted exhaust fan

This kind of exhaust fan is used by many people, and it is also a popular style. Many people connect the exhaust pipe to the outside of the house before the ceiling, and it can be installed directly when the ceiling is installed. The appearance of the exhaust fan is relatively beautiful, and the installation is convenient, but it is more difficult to repair. The specifications of such exhaust fans are mostly 30cm*30cm, and smaller ones are also 20cm*20cm.

What are the bathroom exhaust fan specifications? Span>3, window exhaust fan

This kind of exhaust is different from the front two. It can be rotated forward and reverse. The forward air can discharge the indoor air. When it is reversed, the outdoor air can be taken. Sucked in. Therefore, the exhaust fan can also be used in a kitchen or a bedroom, and the exhaust force is also the best. However, when buying, pay attention to buying better quality, otherwise it will make a lot of noise after a period of time, affecting life. The size of this exhaust fan is mostly 30cm*30cm, and the smaller one is also 24cm*24cm.

Second, what should I pay attention to during installation

1, exhaust fan position

To determine the installation position of the exhaust fan, first of all, pay attention to the exit position of the exhaust fan without obstruction Secondly, it should be placed in the shower position as much as possible, but it should not be placed directly above the shower. It is better to install it within three feet. Finally, if there is a vent, try to be close to the original vent position. Reduce the use of pipelines.

2, purchase exhaust fan

After determining the installation location, measure the position and purchase a suitable exhaust fan according to the size. Buy the exhaust fan If you want to buy a regular brand, the exhaust fan must have a certificate and a warranty card, and you can’t buy a three-quality product that is inferior. If your bathroom is large, you can install two exhaust fans for better results.

3, fan position

Installing the exhaust fan is to pay attention to the position and support of the fan Always keep the level. Before using it, measure it with a level. If it is fixed, it will be troublesome if it is fixed.

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