The global architectural coatings market will exceed 33 million tons in 2019

Recently, IRL released the global architectural coatings market trend forecast report for the first time. The architectural coatings market will continue to maintain steady growth. It is expected to exceed 33 million tons in 2019, with an average annual compound growth rate of around 4%, twice the global economy. Forecast of total growth prospects. The global market capacity of architectural coatings will increase from 49 billion euros in 2014 to 61 billion euros in 2019.

Although the use of coatings is still low compared to developed countries, the Asian market is still the first to trade in the architectural coatings market. Among them, China’s architectural coatings market is more important. By comparing the forecast report of China’s coatings market released by IRL at the beginning of the year, it is roughly estimated that China’s architectural coatings market accounts for about 19% of the global architectural coatings market capacity.

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China’s indoor pollution white paper released, custom furniture or achieve scanning code to distinguish environmental grades

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On the one hand, consumers are pursuing an increasingly high level of environmental protection at home, and on the other hand, the country is increasingly producing environmentally friendly policies. Furniture manufacturers that use wood as the main material will face more and more severe tests, and the elimination of low-capacity enterprises is accelerating.

Recently, the White Paper on Indoor Pollution in China (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”) was released. The report shows that most of the respondents are not satisfied with the current indoor air environment, and that furniture made of wood is the main cause of air pollution. Yang Jinsheng, deputy secretary-general of the Guangdong Customized Furniture Association, said that the wood itself will not release harmful gases. The chemical substances added during the processing are the culprit. It is understood that products that have solved this problem have appeared in the market. Consumers are expected to distinguish the level of environmental protection by scanning the product.

Wood is considered a major source of pollution

According to the White Paper, respondents rated the average indoor air rate as only 2.23 points in the statistics of 13029 valid questionnaires. Compared with the 5-point option, “very satisfied, closer to 2 points represents “unsatisfactory.” The survey found that about 43% of respondents believe that interior decoration materials and furniture are the source of indoor environmental pollution, which has been widely recognized as the main cause of indoor pollution. Nearly half of the respondents believe that it needs to be used during renovation. Environmentally friendly building materials. Among them, the wooden floor and wooden furniture in the interior decoration are regarded as the main culprit for indoor environmental pollution, accounting for about 31% and 30% respectively.

At present, consumers have recognized the problem of indoor pollution, and most consumers consider wood furniture to be the main source of pollution. Yang Jinsheng, deputy secretary-general of the Guangdong Customized Furniture Association, said in an interview: “In fact, the wood itself does not contain harmful gases such as formaldehyde, but only some chemical substances will be added during the wood processing. At present, with the advancement of science and technology, the auxiliary materials used in the processing of furniture are gradually replaced by “naturally-added environmentally friendly products”, and the possibility of generating harmful gases will become smaller and smaller.

Scanning code can distinguish environmental protection levels

At present, people’s demand for home has changed a lot, and the requirements for home personality, customization, and environmental protection are getting higher and higher. Green environmental protection is also one of the main dimensions for measuring quality. Consumers have turned green, environmentally friendly and aldehyde-free into a new consumption model. It is understood that environmentally friendly building materials are more expensive than traditional building materials in terms of production costs and other aspects. According to the White Paper, most consumers can accept 30% to 50% more environmentally friendly building materials than traditional building materials, and the public has begun to accept professional air treatment at prices between 1,000 and 5,000 yuan. However, indoor air treatment is a way to cure the symptoms. The environmental protection products on the market are endless, and consumers are dazzled by the choice.

It is understood that there is currently no uniform labeling of harmful gases in the board market. Yang Jinsheng told reporters that the Customs Furniture Association of Guangdong Province put forward the standard for harmful gas grades in custom-made wardrobes in the “Customized Home Group Standards” released in December last year. The product is equipped with a harmful gas level indicator similar to the energy consumption label. The consumer can scan the two-dimensional code on the label to view the inspection report. People can easily judge the environmental protection level of the product. He revealed that this action will be promoted nationwide this year.

Do it all, except for the product label, in addition to the product label, Yang Jinsheng also gives “small, two Look, three questions.

A smell: When buying wooden furniture, you can open the door or drawer to smell a irritating smell.

Second look: Selecting a regular brand of products will be more secure. Secondly, it is necessary to look at the relevant inspection reports of the relevant boards. It is not recommended to buy wood-based panel furniture without all the edges.

Three questions: Consumers need to understand the after-sales service, whether there is a service card, warranty certificate, etc.

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Master Ali joins Italian Tasani to attack art paint

【招商宝】The diatom mud is in the ascendant, and the art paint has sprung up. Recently, Zhongshan Ali Master Chemicals teamed up with the leading Italian art paint brand — & mdash; TASSANI established Ali Master New Materials Co., Ltd., focusing on the art paint market. It is reported that the base has invested more than 50 million yuan and covers an area of ​​over 30 acres. It is currently the largest art paint production and research base in China.

Huang Kai, president of the Guangdong Coatings Industry Association, said that since 2015, art paints have shown a booming trend, and their functionality has become more and more recognized and loved by consumers. In the next 5 to 10 years It will be the golden period of its rapid development. The cooperation between Master Ali and TASSANI Tasani (China) can promote the development and consumption upgrade of the domestic art paint industry.

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Fenghua Environmental Protection: Dust from the source to win the battle for human health

Open-pit mining, blasting… seems to be far from our life, in fact, it is close by. The dust generated on the outskirts of the city will not affect the health of people in the city. If you have thought about it, then Fenghua Environmental will tell you exactly how wrong it is.

Open-pit mining, blasting, plus urban dust, which is driven by wind and man-made dust And other open sources of pollution that drive the air into the atmosphere, each threatening people’s health. The dust can be quickly absorbed by the lungs and directly into the blood circulation without detoxification by the liver. The harmful gases and heavy metals are dissolved in the blood, and for the human body, the precipitation over time will cause a devastating blow.

The smog that has occurred frequently in recent years is caused by many people’s warming and excessive exhaust emissions. I don’t know, dust is one of the important murderers. It can be seen that in order to make people’s physical health better protected, dust removal and dust reduction has become a topic that must be paid attention to, and this is also the problem that Fenghua Environmental Protection is constantly pursuing answers.

Speaking of Fenghua Environmental Protection, the first reaction of people in many industries is the variety of fog guns produced by Fenghua. This company with a history of 22 years of sedimentation, from the very beginning, has set its own goal in the production and research and development of fog gun equipment from the source, and has never changed. If there is anything that can prove the strength of this company, then it has 68 intellectual property rights patents, selected in the “Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Industry (Atmospheric Governance) Specification Conditions”, domestic leading atmospheric environmental management integrated solution providers, etc. That is enough to explain everything.

At present, Fenghua Environmental’s leading products are energy-saving and environmentally-friendly dust spray spray equipment, mainly ranging from 30 meters to 200 meters. All types of “environmental dust-removing air-assisted sprayer,” long-range wind-driven sprayer, “railway coal transport curing agent spray device,” “control air quality exceeds the standard water mist dust suppression device and other proprietary patent products. It not only meets the requirements of national noise and other processing standards, but also does not cause harm to the ecological environment and user’s health during the use of the products produced, and does not cause secondary pollution. More importantly, the Fenghua fog can truly remove dust from the source and completely kill the dust in the cradle.

Stretcher, self-propelled, hand-push, vehicle-mounted, air-delivery, trailer-mounted, lift-type, etc. More than 30 functions are complete, complete, automatic control, environmental protection, energy saving, cost-effective The high range of spray machinery allows the wind gun to be used in a variety of applications, plus high degree of automation, small fog, uniform atomization, high spray range, long range, wide spray width, remote control system control, high Point spray, safe and convenient to use, but also has the advantages of low noise, high work efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, water saving and high cost performance, etc. It also makes Fenghua Environmental Protection go abroad and become an important symbol in China manufacturing.

From the source to control dust pollution, let people get a healthier living environment, Fenghua Environmental has worked hard for this 22 Year, of course, this is not the end. In the future, Fenghua Environmental Protection (stock code: 831386, will continue to maintain its own pace of development, contributing to each of the small links in the air pollution control process. .

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From the field to the tip of the tongue! Guiyang Tiantian Express Helps Poverty Alleviation

June 29, & ldquo; 2019 Guizhou & middot; Qingzhen 3rd Crisp Li Purchasing Carnival was held in Xindian Town, Suning Logistics, Tiantian Express all the way to help, set up a solid green expressway channel, guarantee “from the field Fresh to the tip of the tongue.

Qingzhen Crisp from the field to the country

Qingzhen Xindian Crisp Li The whole is full, the flesh is thick, tender and juicy, sweet and delicious. It has the reputation of “Ji Zi Li Guan Bai Guo, the most counted Qing Li Crisp Li Tian, ​​and also obtained the national geographical indication product certification. In the past two days, when the local fruit farmers visited the plums, they were very energetic and planted for decades. This year, his family’s plums will be sold all over the country for the first time.

Mr. You recalled that at the beginning, he was on the side of the road, and he kept the sales, and the plums that could not be sold were all rotten in the branches. Later, some small traders began to buy home, his home 8 acres of land, 20,000 kilograms of fruit for the hawkers is also “the Arabian Nights.”

This year, he has already inquired, as long as the good fruit picked is sent to the town to designate Location, you can sell a “good price.” Then his batch of fruit will be packaged in unison and sent to all parts of the country by express delivery. “In the past, the plums we planted were sold far to the surrounding cities. This year is not the same. People all over the country can taste our sweet fruit.

“The fastest half-day from the field to the tip of the tongue

The crisp Li purchase carnival is “Precision poverty alleviation, stocking out, helping farmers to increase income, good & lsquo;Li & rsquo The theme of the delivery is to build Qingzhen Crisp into a nationally renowned brand, and to achieve the value of the company and the sales volume with the dual effects of brand and internet, and to increase farmers’ income.

Plums want to go out, of course, can not be separated from a national logistics express network. It is understood that the town’s 15,000 mu plum has been put into production of 8,000 mu, the output is about 7,000 tons, listed in early July. Among them, 4,000 tons will be shipped to all parts of the country by the delivery of logistics express delivery companies based on Suning, with a total transaction volume of nearly 138 million.

It is understood that in order to protect the agricultural support, Guiyang Suning Logistics and Tiantian Express have made a concerted effort to develop a comprehensive protection plan. Several 9.6-meter direct-traffic shuttle buses, more than 20-person security team, provide professional services such as underground, fill-in, loading and unloading, and distribution. The transportation network and end network of the whole country can be used to make urban users around Guiyang. The fastest half-day to taste the crisp Li, the national urban users, can also quickly enjoy the “from the field to the tip of the tongue.

Express Helps Agriculture and Accurate Poverty Alleviation Becomes a Reality

On March 7, 2019, the State Post Bureau held a 2019 Leading Group Meeting on Poverty Alleviation. The meeting requested that we continue to promote model innovation, platform innovation, and project innovation, and continue to promote “post, express + rural e-commerce + cooperatives + farmers poverty alleviation model, expand sales channels, grasp agricultural products, and build demonstration projects.

In fact, every day, the company has been deeply cultivating Guizhou for many years. It has already explored a path of poverty alleviation in the industry. Since 2012, we have cooperated with the local government to assist local dragon fruit, kiwi fruit, honey pomelo and other fruits by providing convenient express delivery channels. We have gone out and helped tens of thousands of local fruit farmers.

Yang Zhengyun, director of Guiyang Suning Logistics Express Business Center, said: “By courier + assisting farmers, let small plums roll up, effectively and accurately support the construction of local agricultural special product supply chain, open up and down In the logistics and distribution links, it is a business and a responsibility to make the goods out of the mountains, help the farmers to increase their income, and stimulate the economy of one side. This is both business and responsibility. Everyday express has been working hard.

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Cloud token cloud wallet – join the recruitment city partner program! Teacher Li Yi

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Cloud Token

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cloudtoken: There are three stable incomes:

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Guge Dynasty to create a special product branding mode to accelerate the local special product branding process

With the rapid development of society, the ever-increasing income of life and the change of the concept of mass consumption, the demand of consumers is not only a big brand in first-tier cities and developed countries, but also a place where there is more niche and branding. product. However, how can a local product break the geographical limitation and move toward a broader market? In this regard, the Guge Dynasty, the leader of the special product branding model, showed us that “special product branding brings “local art products” to the literature. revival.

Ancient Gewang Dynasty, a consulting company engaged in the original customization of the brand image of the food industry, was founded by Xia Ke, the founder of the special product branding model, and has since established the main field of development of the Guge Dynasty in the past 20 years —— Chemical. This is not only the expectation of Xia Ke but also the common vision of all members of the Guge Dynasty. Among them, the five students of Charco are proud to play their own specialties in various fields, helping the Xia Ke and Guge dynasty to “special product branding mode” The development blueprint is more clear and complete. They are Xu Bei, the director of the company specializing in brand culture, and the creative director of Tianmao’s thinking, Shan Chunxi. Chen Wen, the craftsman with more than 10 years of experience in branding, is the most insightful design director at the cutting edge of design, Pan Xian, and this. A group of elites, “Master, co-founder of the Guge Dynasty who is good at mining the core values ​​of the brand & mdash; & mdash; Zou Yong.

Ancient The special product branding model created by the Ge Dynasty not only helped many Chinese Fortune 500 and Fortune 500 food companies to achieve leap-forward development, but also allowed many local brands to break away from the traditional sales model and geographical limitations and move to the world stage. .

One of the most shocking cases is undoubtedly the Mihua Crisp brand “Zhangrenfang and the Asian Top 500” Zhang Fei beef. The original name of Zhangrenfang is “Shovel Shovel”, which is a local specialty under the Qingcheng Mountain in Sichuan. Because its brand positioning and brand characteristics are always blurred, it leads to no competition in the industry and cannot remain in the hearts of consumers. Image, although the product is very good, but nobody cares. When the Guge dynasty and the Zhangrenfang contact, the first is to target consumers, to locate their brand and tap the core value of the brand, to give the brand cultural connotation, from the brand connotation to the brand packaging. Only after we saw the rice bowl of the Zhangren Square, and the packaging designed by the Guge Dynasty, it was the world’s packaging design industry, the Oscar Pentawards Gold Award and the 2016 German Red Dot Award.

And the top 500 Asian brands & ldquo; Zhang Fei beef in the past has a local consumer base, but because it does not have the core value of the brand, always It is a limitation that cannot escape the geographical area. In the special product branding mode of the Guge Dynasty, the brand culture was re-established through the concept of “culture-incorporated brand”. And re-developing diversified products, so that consumers have more choices. After the products mature, the Guge Dynasty will also uplift its brand and launch more high-end products and services.

In addition, the Guge Dynasty also created the Three Kingdoms Cultural Tourism Park, successfully combining the brand with the tourism industry, helping Zhang Fei beef achieve a miracle with an annual output value of over 10 billion. And the Guge dynasty designed the Facebook package to win the 2016 German Red Dot Award, making local products on the world stage.

Behind these pride achievements, we also saw the master craftsmanship of the Guge Dynasty used in the field of special product branding for nearly 20 years. In the “brand-specific model” that it created, it did its best to bring the service brand to the “brand”. Renaissance. We also hope that the Guge Dynasty will help more local brands achieve leap-forward development in the future, let more Chinese culture products go abroad and promote Chinese culture on the world stage!

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Philippine environmental groups have pulled out 20 “fake” LED bulbs

An environmental protection group in the Philippines asked the government to impose sanctions on cheap, non-standard LED bulbs on the market to avoid affecting the market.

EcoWaste Coalition is a non-government environmental organization. Recently found in the retail shopping hub Divisoria, up to 20 bulb brands sold in the Philippines are unclear and may be misleading consumers. Ring member Thony Dizon said: “Insufficient specifications for LED luminaires make the Philippines a dumping target for shoddy LED bulbs. Therefore, there will be so many different LED luminaires circulating in the Philippines’ retail hub Divisoria.

LED bulbs are becoming more popular and calling for government quality.

As LED lighting products are increasingly favored by the market, Dizon urges the Philippine government to enact regulations to regulate LED lighting products. Lighting performance, quality and safety standards to achieve the goal of protecting people and the environment.

He also suggested that the government set up a checklist to educate the public on the method of identifying counterfeit LED lamps to prevent people from buying unmarked goods.

The team purchased 20 different LED bulb brands from 4 different stores or shopping malls, and the lowest price per unit can be as low as 40 pesos (about RMB 5.5).

EcoWaste Coalition’s brands include Admin, Bayanko, CATA, GaoGa, Hetachi, Hua Mei, HXS, Kevico, LED Bulb Lamp, LED High Power Lamp, LHT, Ocho, Okes, Onestar, OTO, Rohstar, Star, Sunrise, XQG and XinMey LED products.

Keep an eye out for manufacturing trademarks and information about products

They were recently held at the De La Salle University’s Lamp Waste Management Forum at the University of Manila’s De La Salle University. The results were published, and the results showed that none of the 20 brands provided basic information about the manufacturer on the product label, including importers, agents, etc. The lack of such information is likely to represent that the goods are fake.

Among the 20 samples, the manufacturer listed energy savings ranging from 80% to 90% and lifespan between 10,000 and 50,000 hours, while also listing other items such as mercury. No health insurance such as infrared or ultraviolet radiation. The characteristics of the goods marked by these fakes also attract attention. Some merchandise packages have a 10,000-hour life mark on the front, but the side-mark life is up to 50,000 hours. There are other commodities that list their compliance with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). In addition, the ring found that some products provide 1 to 2 years product warranty, but did not provide detailed warranty regulations.

As LED lighting fixtures are increasingly accepted by the public, how to avoid unclear, fake LED bulbs is bound to become a challenge for the local government.

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Export to South Korea melamine meal kitchen utensils to prevent melamine dissolution

Recently, KFDA of Korea issued the administrative notice for the revision of “Appliances and Containers, Packaging Standards and Specifications”, and the dissolution limit of melamine in food contact materials based on melamine was changed from 30mg/L to 2mg/L, limited value. 15 times lower than the original.

Food contact materials based on melamine are also called melamine kitchen utensils, commonly known as porcelain-like kitchen utensils. Due to their smooth surface, beautiful appearance and resistance to falling, they are loved by consumers. Children’s tableware is also made of imitation porcelain. However, the imitation porcelain material is affected by factors such as heating of raw materials and tableware, and harmful substances such as formaldehyde and melamine are released during use, which have an impact on human health. The quality requirements of this kind of products abroad are relatively high, and the sampling rate is also large. This time, South Korea has significantly reduced the limit of melamine migration, which is more stringent.

Zhejiang Taizhou is a major exporter of plastic food contact materials, with an annual export value of nearly US$400 million. Among them, melamine meal kitchen utensils are also the main product category. In order to smoothly export the company and reduce the risk of being notified abroad, Zhejiang Taizhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminds relevant enterprises: First, it is necessary to use better raw materials, and whether the raw materials are good or bad is an important factor in whether the melamine migration in the product exceeds the standard; It is necessary to strengthen the quality control of products. Enterprises should increase the proportion of factory inspections of finished products and leave unqualified products in the factory as much as possible.

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Cloud token national recruiting regional agent, team docker Li Yi teacher

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Cloudtoken Global Launch

What is cloud token?

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How Cloud Token can query quantitative detail tutorial

Cloud The Token platform is a decentralized chain wallet built on the fourth-generation public-chain BBS system. Our platform currency is based on the side chain developed by ETH. So, what are the technical advantages of our DAPP and APP..: Explain the APP briefly: At present, many projects with blockchain wallets belong to the APP wallet, which is what we call the centralized wallet. Also, save the mainstream currency (BTC, ETH, etc.) storage function, but in fact, you actually see only the numbers in your own APP, and the real assets are in the project address.

DAPP: familiarity: decentralization is to write everything into smart contracts, clear consensus mechanisms and reward mechanisms. Can’t tamper with, so the real decentralized wallet, all the main currencies stored by users are all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

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1: What is Cloud token?

A: Cloud Token is a decentralized DAPP chain developed on the BBS public chain. On the wallet, we can deposit coins for us, and its JARVIS Ai robot can make a quantitative strategy transaction for us to make a profit. It is a decentralized smart money wallet.

2. What is the background of the company?

Digital Curren Group of the United States (DCG) Pantera Capital (PC) Bloockchian Capital (BC) Andreessen Horowitz (AH), 4 The most influential venture capital fund company, combined with Singapore’s world-class quantitative team and technical talent in Asia, ronald aai (Chinese name: Ronald)

Multi-country, venture capital, foundation union The headquarters was launched in Singapore.

3.Where is the profit point of the distribution?

A: The JARVIS Ai robot is not a simple quantitative moving brick. In fact, the profit of the quantitative brick moving is not so high. JARVIs Ai robots are a variety of strategic trading, as well as trading strategies for bands, trends, futures, stocks, grid trading, etc. The robot collects all the big data from the currency circle and analyzes them. The source of these data analysis is one in Singapore. The mathematics professor, then the robot buys, sells, stops, and takes profit. As long as there is a market in the currency circle, there will be gains, and we will make a profit.

4. How to prove that it is a real safe wallet:

Multi-chain chain wallet, all mainstream coins are queried, traceable, open and transparent on the chain, the first A wallet that conforms to the blockchain principle. And you can use NFC to store private keys, the highest level of security technology.

5.CTO is based on what chain development

CTO is a platform coin developed on the BBS public chain, and the Cloud Token platform is built on the fourth generation public chain BBS system. Decentralized chain wallet.

6. Q: What is the concept of the fourth generation public chain?

A: BBS works by bringing together computing, networking, and storage resources from peers (individuals and organizations) and using disparate applications (dapps) on smartphones and sales devices. transaction. Mr. Ronald explained: “Each transaction is itself considered a file or block. We developed an FSDLT (File System Distributed Classifier Technology) that combines with other technologies and protocols to process transactions in real time. It is recorded in a parallel ledger for each transaction, and I like to call it a parallel atomic chain. Parallel atomic chains are jointly owned and controlled by each party to the transaction, namely the buyer, the seller and the witness. Parallel atomic chains mean that BBS has unlimited scalability. The more user nodes, the more transactions can be processed in real time. Click on a few clicks to see more introductions

7: Q: What is quantification?

A: Quantitative trading refers to the substitution of artificial mathematical models to replace subjective judgments, using computer technology from a huge In the historical data, sea elections can bring a variety of excess returns to large-scale events to formulate strategies that greatly reduce the impact of investor sentiment volatility and avoid making irrational investment decisions in the face of extreme fanaticism or pessimism. . Click to see more introduction

8: Q: Is it a decentralized wallet?

A: cloudtoken is the first in the world to integrate all blockchain encryption assets into one platform. In the social wealth wallet, it uses the latest 4.0 blockchain platform technology development, implementation of cross-chain encryption exchange, payment, all transparent and queryable, is a decentralized wallet! Click to teach you whether the resolution is a centralized wallet

9: Q: What should I do if the platform is closed? Security period?

A: The assets on the blockchain are “private keys”, everything can be controlled with a private key. Assets on the blockchain. What do you mean is that if you have a private key for a bitcoin address, you control the assets in that bitcoin address. Each cloudet address in cloudtoken has its own private key! Security period? It’s a safe period at any time, enjoy it! The money you transfer is available, don’t lock the position, your currency is yours

10: Q: What does it mean when the private key is coming online?

A: The platform is protected by players. Now many members are not bound to Google verification. When 90% of the members are bound, they will be open. p>

11: Q: How long does it take to return to the book under static conditions? How to maximize the benefits for yourself?

A: There is no return to this book, and the currency that is transferred is included. Like the money placed in the balance treasure, you can control it at your own time, your own currency is your own, the capital income is free to enter and exit, the way to maximize the benefits, please refer to the sharing system, and consult the people who share you!

12: Why is an account income 6 to 12, is it not fixed?

A: Our JARVIS Ai robot is doing quantitative trading + strategic trading

The income is the amount of money that changes every day. It is also a daily change. The player also increases every day, so it is impossible to fix it and not a rebate disk

13 This is different from other wallets

A: The Cloud Token platform is a decentralized chain wallet built on the fourth generation public chain BBS system

Our wallet goes to the center All, according to the distribution of smart contracts, clear consensus mechanism and incentive mechanism. Can not be tampered with, the main currency stored by the user is all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

14: Can I get money at any time? Is there a procedure?

A: 10% of the fee is required to withdraw from the program within 30 days of joining the program, and 1% of the fee is required after 30 days. p>

15: Can the black card of CT be used in the market?

A: It can be used globally. We will launch the legal cryptocurrency solution in November: payment based on debit card The plan applies to eligible Cloud Token members, while launching an offline cryptocurrency scheme to provide a fiat currency resolution strategy for all members.

16: Why is a single account investment not capped?

A: We are wallets, We are depositing coins, not investing! Really decentralized wallets, the first to support CTO, mainstream currency deposits into MasterCard, and UnionPay card seconds to cash in and out at any time, can be used as a follow-up

17: The difference between the plus token

A: 1 is the APP mobile phone number mailbox registered non-centralized wallet 1.0 wallet, one is the real decentralized wallet 2.0 wallet

2plus opens the smart dog Ethereum address on the private address how to carry out the bricks? The project started to heat up because of the timing, just happened to meet many high-level coins in 2018, success also determines the system is feasible, but the future is more The era of specialization. Accreditation, everyone needs to run a safe quantitative wallet, this is the market to determine the emergence of CT

3 public chain operation, you can transfer the private address transfer confirmation speed and public chain when you transfer to the background The difference between running the actual transfer, all the bonus system in the background is written into the public chain, 24 hours regardless of when you open the joining plan, the network node confirms the calculation from the time you join the plan

4 Important, plus token a lot of big coffee led the entry CT, now the heat CT is more suitable

5 all in order to make money, in order to double: plus platform coins from 0.3 to 80 dollars for a year, from 80 How many times is it to $160? CT is now $0.30,How many times is it to 80 dollars?

6 mode is good, security is not safe, the market voice is also very important, and now the heat is no less than our opening of FN in April 2017, early early income

7 bonus system is more superior, all know after analysis. Statically stable to make money, dynamic big money. No one will ever go with the trend

8 The cloud wallet’s hematopoiesis is: Quantitative transactions + strategic transactions. You can query the specific data of the quantitative transaction. The project with real profitability is not a pure fund.

9 The core of our team is built. As a self, I am very proud that everyone is doing things. Especially serious, it is very responsible for doing things. We seriously study and study the complete body market before it starts operation. We are not the earliest, but the speed is fast because the recognized people know the principle of doing things. Plus and CT are carefully analyzed and selected. CT

18: Difference from MGC

A: CTO only circulates in the inner disk The currency price of the online exchange has more say.

It is not good for the MGC to break the internal market. It is very simple for the exchange to cut the project and short the project.

We all think If you don’t go online, you have too many concerns on the online exchange.

Everyone comes in different time to withdraw from the CTO of the same dollar.

Earning money is the time difference. The cost of holding is very low

MGC packaging is too much for the project yet The overwhelming publicity of the media at home and abroad will come out first

The threshold is too low and the bonus system is too easy to get on the level

The bonus Bobby is too low and the dynamic is not much money

MGC seems to be perfect for packaging. It is actually a Chinese player’s mobile phone number registration

19: How many CTO circulations

A: The total amount of issued is 1 billion CTO

20 : Why do I find more than 1000 websites on the IP address of cloudtoken through IP check?

A: The real IP address of cloudtoken is hidden by firewall technology. We use Cloudflare’s firewall. The IP you found is only the firewall IP of Cloudflare. For details, please refer to the video explanation.

For more details, please search: cloudtoken Li Yi, learn more

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