To win the new retail, home businesses must do these things!

Consumption upgrades have brought about changes in consumption habits. The main consumer groups have presented new group characteristics, understand consumers, and use them well. New technologies and the introduction of scenario marketing are essential factors for home furnishing companies to remain invincible in the new retail trend.

Consumption upgrades are caused by consumption power, consumer mentality, and even changes in the consumer population. In the past, we mainly bought goods for the value of the product itself, and the consumption upgrade was to pay for added value (such as experience, atmosphere, brand, convenience).

New era of consumer and consumer behavior presents new features

1. Consumerism is younger.

&nbspquo; After 80 and “ 90 has become a major consumer group in China. Compared to other age groups, they are capable and more willing to increase their personal consumption levels, and the standards for quality, experience and freshness are higher.

2. Pursuit of convenience, more attention to “ one-stop service.

According to the survey, 67.6% of consumers chose the O2O platform to purchase goods because of the “home delivery, on-site service, convenient and fast. In addition, with the intergenerational changes of major consumers, consumers are more willing to improve efficiency, purchase the products they need at one time, and consumers are increasingly pursuing diversified and personalized products. The business of the service is more responsive to the needs of consumers.

3. The online and offline consumer boundaries are gradually blurred.

With the changes in consumer demand and the development of the industry, consumers no longer simply use a single online or offline consumption, but choose the most appropriate way according to their own needs. .

Diversified consumption scenarios, more diversified consumer choices, and better user experience, shopping channels from fragmentation to integration. According to the survey data, 5% of consumers choose to purchase goods online, 79% of consumers will use online and offline combination, and 16% of consumers will only use a single offline consumption.

For the pan-home industry, in the context of consumption upgrades, the introduction and implementation of new retails not only provides an alternative direction for the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry, but also reshapes the multi-dimensional The value chain of the home industry, and solve many of the inherent pain points of traditional home consumption.

Contextual Marketing

Provides temperature-based services rather than cold furniture display, which is now a home service upgrade. From static furniture display stores to dynamic multi-scene life experiences, the collection and accumulation of consumer big data is inseparable. Designers and home consultants continue to research the changing needs of home consumption through big data to complete the task of providing personalized home solutions for consumers.

1. Scene guidance In the basic home business, the introduction of parent-child entertainment, light food, floral, baking, photography and other formats, while bringing the topic and flow to the store, is also very rich The interactive experience and home experience of consumers.

When you come to the store, consumers can not only accurately sense the style and quality of the product, but also purchase all the items displayed in the model room with one-click scan code. In addition, the free distribution and installation services also truly achieve the long-awaited “one-stop shopping”.

2. Expand the business category. At present, many home retail stores have made great efforts to expand their business categories. In this respect, the data pool has played an important guiding role.

After scientific data analysis, select the best products, each brand only chooses the best-selling explosives and super items, and through this cooperation with other brands, retail stores can do it. There is reason to be cheap, that is, consumers can enjoy practical benefits. The logic behind the expansion category is that even if consumers don’t buy furniture in the store, they can buy wooden doors, buy wallpapers or other products, and there is always one that can attract him.

At the same time, through the organic combination of multiple categories, it is a complete “home” appearance, and consumers can select satisfactory home products at one time, and no longer have to take time off. Running back and forth in the building materials city, it is undoubtedly time-saving and labor-saving for consumers. In this way, the retail store realized the maximum realization of online traffic, and also increased the value of the customer, which is a two-pronged one.

Black technology becomes a traffic brushing machine

More and more black technology is involved, so that home shopping that was difficult to touch can also be experienced in advance.

1. Freely switch between various scenes between the fingers

Between virtual templates, consumers can switch between different home scenes such as French, American, and modern on the screen. Dozens of furniture combinations, including living room and bedroom, consumers can choose the appropriate sofa, cabinet, curtains, etc., free to replace, combination and match.

2, 3D cloud design: see the “home appearance” in advance

Through the design software, let the whole house customization plan truly land: according to customer needs and scale data, draw the floor plan, Design a high-quality customized solution for customer preferences, and quickly render the map so that consumers can immediately see what their future home looks like.

3, BIM smart home improvement application: first rehearsal re-construction

Traditional home improvement and BIM technology integration, resulting in BIM smart home improvement. BIM Smart Home Improvement refers to the entire process of simulating a rough house to a project delivery in a computer in a three-dimensional visual manner.

Enter the renovation preview stage in advance, first rehearsal and then re-construction, to ensure no delay. Generate construction operation instructions and work instructions, accurately calculate the construction usage, and manage the cost budget in advance to make the renovation cost transparent.The error rate of formal construction is greatly reduced, and the length of decoration will be shortened effectively.

4, cloud shelves make small stores second big store

In the cloud shelf, goods not placed in the store are synchronized in the electronic big screen, greatly reducing the store display The demand for the area is also very good to present the details of the goods in front of the customers, reducing the cost of supplier distribution, and customers can also experience the products displayed under the line, and directly purchase the products of different styles and colors in the big screen.

5, master the first manual details thousands of miles away

Previous renovations have to worry about progress issues from time to time. Nowadays, workers can upload on-site construction progress and details in real time, customers do not need Running back and forth can also grasp the situation on the spot, and the project supervision can also understand the construction progress 100%.

Black technology has been sought after by more and more merchants. Its essence is to promote the participation and experience of customers in the decoration process by building a big data system.

Trends in new retail sales under consumer upgrades

China’s biggest shift in economic trends is that consumers’ buying experience will be multi-channel market that will be disorderly and require a lot of compromise. To move closer to integrated scenario products and services. From the consumer scene experience and segmentation needs, to the purchasing habits of goods and services, the integration of channels and the integration of back-end supply chain, it will affect the home market in all aspects.

In today’s fierce market competition, businesses must be invincible, although there are many factors, but customer satisfaction plays an important role. In this context, the reasons for determining consumer satisfaction have shifted from the basic requirements of the product to more “additional value”. Essentially, it is necessary to meet the new industry requirements under the consumption upgrade.

In order to seize the opportunities in the new retail era, brand owners need to develop their own customer image capabilities, product marketing methods, channel delivery methods, product design and development processes, supply chain assistance, and consumer-oriented agile organizations. Reconstruction and other six aspects of thinking, and ultimately around the creation of a customer experience first, value chain integration of the pan-home market to transform.

First, life scenes —— penetration from sales items to the scened lifestyle.

At present, local brands such as building materials, home improvement, furniture, and electrical appliances are still selling products, but the transition to lifestyle penetration has begun. In the process, “lifestyle first” will become the key word for entry, that is, brand owners will influence consumers by creating and promoting a certain leading life concept, which will cause them to pay attention to related products.

In terms of lifestyle communication, brands often use real and virtual scenes to bring consumers an intuitive experience, and experience becomes the main decision factor for purchase, such as the application of VR technology.

Second, supply chain integration —— service efficiency has increased significantly.

A fusion based on efficiency improvements in the supply chain. Through the technical means to open and optimize the retail full link, relying on big data and information system to integrate the customer’s comprehensive perception, intelligent command coordination, customer precision service, key focus protection and other elements, ultimately making the service more accurate.

The supply chain has become more transparent, flexible and agile, and its efficiency has increased dramatically. And through instant delivery to meet the convenience and immediate needs of procurement.

Third, segmentation customization —— from meeting the basic needs of most people to meeting the improved and personalized needs of the segment.

The disposable income of Chinese residents continues to rise, and consumption upgrades have boosted demand for improved demand. The new retail main consumer group “after 80” and “after 90” formed a new segment, they have some unique needs, such as the addition of two treasures at home, resulting in a limited home space to add another Set new requirements for children’s furniture.

Brands have begun to discover the unique needs of these market segments faster and more accurately through various digital means, launch new products in a timely manner, and work closely with e-commerce platforms to prospectively study the next season. The most popular product features provide timely and efficient input for product design. Today, with the vastness of materials and channels, the core competitiveness of retail is to focus on the main consumer groups and meet their needs for a better life with high quality development.

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How to renovate wooden doors What are the precautions for wooden door renovation?

In many homes, after a long time, the wooden door will be damaged more or less. It would be a pity to throw it away. At this time, I will think of renovating the wooden door. So, what should you pay attention to when renovating a wooden door? How to renovate is the most cost-effective and labor-saving?

If the wooden door If the surface is damaged, such as cracks or broken pits in some places, you should first put the damaged place on the damaged putty, then sand the paper, then brush the primer and topcoat.

If the base layer is not damaged, consider painting directly. The correct way to do this is to polish the original wooden door with sandpaper and then apply the primer and topcoat directly. Because the finished door is waxed, the surface will have grease. After polishing it, it can improve the adhesion of the paint. There is no difference in quality between refurbishment and first-time painting, so don’t worry about shorter life or other quality problems.

One of the concerns that everyone will pay attention to is that the wooden door originally used oily paint or water-based paint. If the same type of paint is not used during renovation, it will lead to poor quality. Experts say that this issue is not a concern.

In general, there are three types of oil paints, polyester paint, nitrocellulose paint and alkyd paint. Alkyd paint is an earlier product that works slowly and is used less and less in decoration. The nitro paint dries quickly but the paint film is thin, it needs to be brushed many times, and the humidity is easy to whiten. Polyester paint is used relatively more, film formation is fast and the effect is better.

If you are using an oil paint, consider using the same paint or water-based paint. In general, the adhesion of the same paint will be relatively good, with the exception of polyester paint. If you originally brushed the polyester paint and then brushed the polyester paint, you need to melt the original paint film to have a good adhesion. One problem that arises from this refurbishment is that the adhesion between the retreaded paint film and the original paint film is not so good. If the new film is damaged, such as being cut open by a sharp weapon or pulling out a pit, going along the crack or pit will cause the two layers to peel off. The water-based paint is relatively more environmentally friendly, and the wooden door renovation is mostly carried out indoors. The oily paint has a large smell and is difficult to volatilize. It is recommended that everyone use the water-based paint to renovate.

It should be noted that if the wooden door is refurbished, the first time the paint is sprayed, the better. Because the original substrate has been dried out during refurbishment, it does not affect the repainted film. If you are just buying a wooden door, it is recommended not to spray it first. Because if the smell is very large, it means that it does not dry out, resulting in poor adhesion of the paint film.

Since any substrate and material can be refurbished, Ms. Tian wants to change colors naturally. In the lacquer store, Ms. Tian can choose the color she wants according to the color card. However, it should be noted that if the original oil is used and the color is dark, it cannot be covered with a light paint unless the original color is covered with a darker color. If it is originally mixed with oil, there is no limit on the color, and you can change it to any color.

For the effect of film formation, the quality and construction of the paint will have a certain impact. Oily paint is generally good, normal construction can be. Usually in the construction of water-based paint, workers are prone to the following mistakes, affecting the construction effect. 1. The water is not properly watered according to the instructions. The water content exceeds the reasonable ratio and affects the film formation effect. 2. Generally speaking, the paint brush can be applied three times with the primer, but each time it takes 4-6 hours to brush the second paint. The worker brushes the paint a second time every 1-2 hours. The paint film did not dry out, affecting the final result. 3. During construction, the workers will use coarse sandpaper for the sake of the map, but they should use fine sandpaper to polish more finely and the adhesion of the paint film is better.

Some experts have suggested that since the wooden door renovation is carried out indoors, it is better to remove the door and put it in a special room for better spraying. There is no dust to reduce environmental pollution; secondly, the front and back of the door can be seen very clearly. If it is sprayed directly on the door, it will easily generate fog when spraying, which will affect the line of sight and affect the spraying effect.

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What is floor leather? Floor covering and service life

Floor leather (also known as coiled floor), a new type of flooring material, belonging to plastic products, is one of the indispensable floor materials for modern living room decoration, thickness of 1.5 mm or more, wear layer of 0.1 or more, generally Use a flat glass or double coat. The plastic floor leather belongs to the soft floor. It is a floor material produced by the process of coating or calendering on a continuous substrate of polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material, adding appropriate additives.

How to shop floor leather

First, first measure the structural size of the room, the measurement should be accurate; then cut the floor leather according to the size. Note that the width of the cut should be slightly larger than the desired width to facilitate overlapping and trimming when laying. The finished floor leather should be placed at room temperature of not less than 15 ° C for about 24 hours to allow the curled portion of the floor leather to be fully stretched to prepare for the final lay. A special adhesive for floor leather applications. The indoor floor should be treated before paving. The first is to clean and remove oil stains or dust sand;

Second, the bulge should be shovel flat, and the depression can be adjusted into a paste with a weight ratio of 1:2 by using 107 glue and cement. Level the spatula and dry it with sandpaper. After the floor is smooth, clean and dry, it can be glued and laid. Gluing is the last step before paving. The tool should be a toothed scraper. When applying glue, apply glue on the floor according to the size of the floor leather, and apply a piece of paving, in this order. At the seam of the leather, a width of 10 cm should be left without glue, so that the seam is finally treated. The glue coated on the local surface can be spread after being touched by hand. When affixing, pay attention to aligning the edge line. When using it, use a long handle to brush out and catch it. Floor joints are generally spliced ​​by overlapping cutting methods, and the width of the overlap is preferably about five centimeters. Use a long steel ruler to align the center of the overlap, cut it with a knife along the ruler, and then remove the cut edge strips (note that there should be two side strips, don’t forget to take the one below), brush with a paint brush Appropriate amount of glue at the seam, and then use the pressure roller to close the seam and compact. The excess glue extruded at the seam should be wiped clean to avoid affecting the appearance. Apply a layer of thin seam along the seam with the joint fluid.

Third, you should also check whether there are bubbles, whether it is flat. If there are air bubbles, the suction air can be inserted into the syringe and then compacted. Finally, use the washing powder to remove the residual rubber marks on the floor leather. If it can’t be removed, wipe it with alcohol. The entire process is completed.

Floor leather · Service life

In fact, it is necessary to maintain the long-term beauty of the floor leather, daily maintenance and maintenance is also very important. First of all, keep the floor clean, no sand, dust and rubbing the floor surface; remove the dirt in time, be careful not to scrub with organic solvents such as acetone, cyclohexanone or concentrated alkali water to prevent the surface color from fading, degumming, cracking or Warp, clean with a detergent or detergent. Clean it with a semi-dry mop on weekdays to prevent dirty water from penetrating into the seam and destroy the bond. In this way, the floor leather is very durable.

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Internet home improvement “city partner mode” did not run through, a large number of partners have lost money!

Image from “

Enter Since 2018, there have been many Internet home improvement companies that have been over-expanded and eager to scale. Because they cannot withstand the pressure of cost and profit, they have begun to shrink. The so-called partner model has not been verified in the market. A company with very good operations, in response to the problems of the business model of the city partners, Yiou Home interviewed several people in the industry and listened to some practical operational problems, trying to find the root of the problem.

Zhang Chen joined the Internet home improvement company that just got the A round of financing when the Internet home was the hottest in 2015, but it didn’t take long for him to choose to opt out because Zhang Chen thought The urban partner model, in the final analysis, is still a profit problem. The company headquarters over-committed to the partners some returns, but basically can not be honored. For example, an Internet home improvement company promised partners 10 times a year, 30 times three years. Of course, there will be a lot of restrictive clauses (for example, 200 requests for completion each month). After investing, the partners found that they did not see the profit prospects at all, and finally became a migrant worker. They did not have the passion and motivation to do it in the long run.

A good partner mechanism should help local traders to do better, get the actual business volume and earn money, and ensure everyone’s profits. The actual operating level is more earned than before. More, everyone is willing to follow you, this is the most fundamental, rather than simply relying on painting cakes to fill the hunger, taking the vision to flick will not last long, to develop an effective incentive mechanism.

Zhang Chen also said that package products in the third-tier cities actually have relatively large bottlenecks. Absolutely standardized products are no way to give users a sense of experience. The more users in small cities, although they do not care about brand selection. However, the more personalized the decoration needs, especially the kitchen, bathroom, product color, etc. If it is really limited to a certain SKU, then it is not competitive in the market, and the traffic is wasted, which is very realistic. problem.

A CEO of an Internet home improvement company that has already changed careers has concluded that the partner model of Internet home improvement has not really run through in recent years, because most of them cannot bring traffic to the city. To complete the quality of the city’s landing service, the premise of the partner model is traffic, the essence is service, and the mode of no traffic is useless. Then this determines that it is also very important to choose a reliable partner. Those who need to get traffic problems in the local area are useless.

Wang Feng is the general manager of a traditional decoration company in Qingdao. He believes that a partner is actually a nonsense model. From a human point of view, only those who can’t do it will choose a partner. Especially in the current S2b mode in the industry, the so-called S is a half-slung S, half-hanger + do the trader, there will be good results. The home improvement industry needs to fall to the local service. The home improvement industry actually lacks excellent traders. It can be said that there are very few. There are a few better experienced traders. Everyone is going to do the industry. Old Chinese medicine, look at the disease. I want to make quick money by catching the pulse. For the decoration company, the flow, conversion, delivery, but do not starve to death, do not starve to death, can do two things, 100% make money. If you can do well, you will not be a partner unless you have money to burn. In addition, everyone in this industry actually can’t look down on each other. Why should I work for you? The city partners learn something valuable, and they will continue to go it alone. The two sides will be scattered and there is no trust.

Yang Mingming, the founder of a local decoration design company in Guangzhou, believes that the urban partner model is actually another form of joining, and the attributes of the home improvement industry directly determine that people cannot standardize. The ability of the post can not be standardized, and the brand appeal itself is not enough, so the similar model can not continue.

Li Fei had a decoration company that he had operated for several years in Hainan. In 2015, he joined an Internet home improvement brand in Beijing. The annual brand management fee is 100,000 yuan, which is known as Internet home improvement. The supply chain has advantages, but In less than two years, I re-run my original decoration company. I haven’t made any money in the past two years. Li Chao, who is deeply hurt, believes that we are in the name of a partner. In fact, it plays the role of a dealer. The story of empowering to increase production has not increased much output, but has eaten profits. In 2015, the wave of Internet home improvement was the output value at the expense of the partner’s profit margin. The actual sequelae were very large, there was not enough profit, there was service, and no service naturally did not return customers. Operating my own small company, although the output value of this year is almost the same as last year, but the company actually makes money, our current materials have services, but the materials that were previously installed through the Internet home can not be processed after sale, it is very anxious. .

Li Fei believes that Internet home improvement is a supply chain. In fact, this model is difficult to get through. Now the gross profit of building materials companies is also decreasing, and there is no advantage in taking the supply chain. The dealers give us 20-25 points, and the small Internet home improvement platform is actually 5%-10% higher than the dealer’s price, plus the platform itself has to make money to increase the price, and there are transportation service costs. In fact, the comparison found that there is no need to take the platform supply chain, but also profit, but also convenient and worry-free. Joining these so-called Internet home improvement platforms does not solve any problems in essence.

According to the feedback from the founders of many companies, after the injuries in the partner model, fewer loses hundreds of thousands, more than one million, after some toss, everyone returned to their own old The Bank, re-run and manage its own small decoration company, there areAfter this unsuccessful experience, many people feel that the mode of speculation in this industry is not very interesting. It is better to run their own small company.

But the feedback from these people can roughly sum up the problems of the urban partner model, such as the lack of accurate traffic, the inability of headquarters and local companies to form effective linkages, the control of existing loopholes, and the supply chain. Lack of true competitiveness, continuous compression of profit margins, lack of incentives and operational models, lack of cross-regional replicable business models, lack of prospects for the company’s development, and unacceptable package products, limited product choices can not harvest the hearts of users Many Internet home improvement brands that sink to second- and third-tier cities face great survival and are far less lively than regional companies. From the current situation, the partner model is still a feather, no enterprise really runs through, the parties can not achieve a win-win situation, but also need to continue to verify the trial and error, explore new paths. However, one of the founders mentioned that one thing is certain. The unsuccessful mode still has a lot to do with people and organization management, especially with the founder of the brand. How will this model evolve in the future, and whether there will be a truly capable company to do this is quite worth looking forward to.

(The content of the article is the real interview feedback of the parties, the names are all pseudonyms)

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Check two, see three notes, choose high quality practical carpet

With the increasing fashion and personalization of home improvement, various styles and types of carpets continue to appear in the market. Carpets have gradually become the fashion protagonist of home decoration. When consumers buy carpets, they should start from that aspect. What good skills are there in the process of selection? Here, we specially visited the experts of the Provincial Textile Association to answer these questions one by one.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021729371203.jpg”>

The quality of the carpet, in addition to the characteristics and processing of the fiber At the same time, it has a great relationship with the density, weight and twisting method of the plush fiber. Under normal circumstances, the thicker and thicker the plush, the heavier the weight of the plush per unit area, the more the texture and appearance of the carpet can be maintained. According to experience, short-haired and densely woven carpets are more durable.

Three principles should be noted when selecting

Check: Check the density and elasticity of general short-haired carpets. Press the thumb on the carpet and quickly restore the original shape after pressing, indicating that the density and elasticity of the velvet are better. Secondly, if the carpet is bent, the more difficult it is to see the bottom pad, it means that the plush is densely woven and durable. /P>

Second look: The carpet material, weave structure and processing are determined for different environmental needs. When purchasing, you should choose carpets of different materials, colors and specifications according to different spaces. Label indicating the applicable environment and the ability to withstand the frequency of movement. The corresponding choices are explained.

Three notes: When purchasing carpets, you should pay attention to whether there are dust, anti-fouling, anti-wear, static control and other guarantees provided by the factory. Generally excellent household carpets are passed. Wear-resistant, anti-static, anti-fouling treatment. In addition, pay attention to the location of the carpet and the amount of walking. The different areas of the activity should choose carpets of different materials, such as entrances and halls, the density should be selected. High and wear-resistant rugs (such as short-brown velvet and tweed); where the activity is small, such as a sleeping room, you can choose a softer, softer carpet (such as cut pile).

I believe that as long as you grasp the above three points in the process of selecting carpets, you will be able to be a rational and rational consumer.

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Rococo Loker at the first SICC conference to discuss the road to innovation in business services

Combining intangible service experience innovation with industry, products and brands, promoting industry experience innovation, shaping a new economic shape and growth mode, and building a better experience for consumers is the direction that many companies are working hard. Based on this, the first SICC Service Innovation Conference in 2018 was held on November 26th at the Intercontinental Hotel in Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town. This conference is the organization and team of Tencent’s user research and experience design department, LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group, LKKER shared design platform, McKinsey, Micro Insurance, Weizhong Bank, Digital Guangdong, Tencent Cloud + Smart Industry. Jointly engage in a professional sharing of the pan-industry.

The first SICC Service Innovation Conference in 2018

The conference consists of a main venue + four sub-conference venues, more than 30 guests, focusing on different industries and fields such as Internet banking, Internet insurance, cloud + smart industry, business experience innovation, etc., dedicated to promoting the value of service innovation. At the same time, we will share practical cases in different fields with enterprises and industries, so as to further understand the value transformation brought by service innovation, fully respond to embrace the industry Internet, create value for more industries through Internet technology, and provide services for more consumers. To help government management and service capabilities evolve.

The first SICC Service Innovation Conference in 2018

Tencent’s user research and experience design department general manager Chen Wei said that service innovation in the industrial Internet era will be more three-dimensional and diversified. She pointed out that this process was summarized in Tencent by “one vertical, one horizontal and one new”. “In the vertical, it means “Internet + penetration and integration into the vertical industry to develop the digital economy; “Horizontal refers to the digitalization process expanding from the economic field to all areas of society; “New is the innovation brought by the integration of vertical and horizontal convergence. . Service innovation is an important development idea. Service innovation empowered by the Internet will be the opportunity and value of the future industry.

Ms. Shasha, Global Senior Managing Partner and President of Digital McKinsey Asia, explained McKinsey’s research data on 300 listed companies for five years, and believes that becoming the top 25% of the head companies can form a brand premium. The stronger the situation, the design thinking will undoubtedly become the driving force of commercial value. The enterprise needs to integrate four aspects in the process of digitization: 1. The pursuit of extreme user experience; 2. Big data and artificial intelligence Empowerment; 3, diversified and intelligent cooperation culture; 4, continuous iteration of private operation. These four points can help companies transform from a product-supported culture to a user-supported culture in the process of digital deepening.

And Li Yichao, president of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group, stated that “allowing users to participate in the network of business innovation is a challenge to all of today’s innovative business models. He introduced Rococo’s 14 years of entrepreneurship and upgraded from an industrial design company to a product innovation platform. Today, 24.6% of young users in China have a strong willingness to define products on their own. So how to build a good business model, break the original scale of scale benefits, break through the scale bottleneck, adopt more social network benefits, and realize the connection of commercial network, it is today to think about the changes of the underlying logic of the business.

2018 Service Innovation Conference "Business Experience Innovation Theme Forum Site

At the “Business Experience Innovation Theme Forum” hosted by Rococo · Lokker, the general manager of the new retail experience division of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group, invites everyone to think about “What is service design?” She has explored the service design as the experience design with her years of experience. She emphasizes that the experience itself is an economic output. Entity, experience can promote the economy to advance and produce economic value. The experience is like steel. Like electronic products and AI industry, it is a real economic output. It is not a matter of thinking about making products. It is not a icing on the cake.

Li Xiaopeng, founder of Qi Ke Bus, and Gongrui agree that the market’s traffic currency is turning to time currency, and the future retail is a battle for user time. As a channel, the geek bus pushes the user experience to the extreme. The first store opened in Hangzhou two years ago, with a storefront of 340 square meters. The passenger flow exceeded the average passenger flow of the cinema for 24 consecutive months. At present, there are 15 stores, and each customer has an average stay time of 16 minutes.

He observed that the consumption habits of the main consumer groups are changing rapidly. Current consumption focuses on defining “who am I? This is the root of consumption. People spend less and less time on single-item shopping decisions. The key to decision-making comes from: What kind of lifestyle do individuals want to enter? In addition to stratification, future users will be divided into circles, with different sovereignty in different circles. Different sovereigns have different personalized goods, which is the opportunity for the retail industry in the next decade.

This is again demonstrated in the keynote speech of Li Haibo, Vice President of Himalayan FM. In recent years, the development of smart speakers has been 16 times faster than that of smart phones. The end-to-end market has completely broken the APP service logic. The interaction becomes lighter and the connection becomes very extensive.

A piece of equipment costs 199 yuan, and the copyright fee is more than 200 yuan. It has been very difficult to survive in the market. Himalayan finds its own differences: “human interaction, smart recommendation, putting traditional radioThe thousand people changed to thousands of faces, thus defeating the opponent. If you spell artificial intelligence, the Himalayan voice recognition rate is 95.4%, while a domestic speech recognition product is 97%, but the accuracy of the output results, the Himalayan can achieve 97%, a speech recognition product can only do because of the lack of content To 42%, future services are the architecture of core competencies.

Chen Bing, managing partner of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group and general manager of Rococo International Brand Planning (Beijing) Co., Ltd., gave a demographic basis for the user’s circle differentiation. It was called X generation from 1950 to 1970, Y generation from 1971 to 1994, and Z generation after 1995. Now Z generation has accounted for 27% of China’s total population. They are the main consumers. . If enterprises want brands to last, they must understand and seize new consumer groups.

The first SICC Service Innovation Conference in 2018

The Rococo brand department has a complete methodology based on insights into core users, looking for user desires, corresponding to the three levels of sensory, behavioral and emotional aspects of the brain. The senses are the yearning for beauty, such as color, form, and touch. Behavior is fun at the operational level, such as convenience, ease of operation, and high efficiency. Chen Bing believes that the shaping of the brand is the communication of values. It must deal with the relationship between the user and the world, and bring the feeling of self-reality pleasure in emotion. In the process of shaping the entire brand, there are multiple contacts that interact with the user and work toward a consistent value.

LKK Rococo Innovative Design Group Managing Partner and General Manager of Rococo New IoT Group, Miao Wei, has been practicing in the field of smart travel for many years. She believes that there is no shortcut to the innovation of service experience. Her team passed Set up more than 60 large libraries such as the scene library and the user pain point library, sort out more than 110 pain points of the user travel, 110 “experts library, and detect more than 1000 behaviors in an undetected manner. A complete, integrated approach to systemic solution innovation. She defines her professional role as “user experience.”

Jia Wei, Chairman of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group and Founder of LKKER Shared Design Platform, mentioned at the Service Innovation Conference that “social innovation platform is the solution, Rococo · Luo Ke will create a brand-new product innovation platform, such as a sea of ​​rivers and rivers, to accommodate a wide range of social resources, to connect users, supply chains, and enterprises with a platform. Jia Wei believes that future product innovation is not in the enterprise, but in the platform where social resources are gathered. The future is an era of personalized design and flexible manufacturing. Only with social resources can we create a truly service-oriented design system.

These industry giants gathered together, they brought ideas and shared frontier insights at the conference. For the industrial Internet era, what substantial impact will the company have on the digital transformation and upgrading? It is worth looking forward to! The 14th birthday of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group will continue to be based on the mission of “Designing a Beautiful World”, connecting 1 million+creators, 30,000+designers, 5000+ supply chains, senior strategists and design masters. Luoxiang user strategy, Luoke shared design, Luojian R & D supply chain, Luoxin integrated innovation design four platforms, build a social product innovation platform, jointly create good products, and build a better experience for consumers.

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Looking for new kinetic energy in the industry, how can a hundred years of power be born to the sun

More than halfway through 2018, compared with the same period last year, the wall-hung boiler market has seen the scene of two days of ice and fire. According to industry online monitoring data, the total sales of domestic gas fireplaces showed a downward trend year-on-year in the first two quarters of 2018.

After a round of “oil-to-gas policy dividend”, the domestic boiler market is returning to rationality. However, the policy dividends are not only a bubble, but after the big waves, new opportunities have emerged. Whether the practitioners can grasp this is the key.

As one of the first foreign-invested companies to enter the Chinese market, Wei Neng has always been eye-catching in recent years. As early as the release of the policy dividend in 2016, Weineng opened a new round of layout, injecting vitality into the brand in the persistence and transformation ——

1. Staying productive

As early as the birth of the brand, Weineng will be clean and efficient as a major guideline for product production, incorporating brand DNA.

In the course of its development in 144 years, every great progress of Weiergy has been accompanied by breakthroughs in high-efficiency technology. Among them, the condensing technology pioneered by Weineng has been widely used in Europe. The representative cities have also incorporated the condensing furnace into the green building promotion plan, which has become the green “column” for project construction.

Take the power-saving ecoTEC plus condensing wall-hung boiler as an example, applying latent heat recovery technology with a thermal efficiency of up to 108%. Full premixed combustion condensation technology to achieve 5-star nitrogen oxide emissions, green and environmentally friendly.

Monitoring data from BSRIA shows that although the wall-hung boiler market in the first half of 2018 is down, the condensing furnace market However, it does not fall and increase, and the market prospects are limitless.

2. Extreme details

At the power, the birth of a fireplace is not as simple as one end to the other. Even a small part in the fireplace will be stopped at any time, and will be transported back to the German headquarters from the global power plant to receive multiple rounds of strict audits.

Neatly arranged, tightly occluded, evenly lustrous, each part is made into a handicraft, which is the century-old insistence of quality.

The wall-hung boiler industry has a three-point product and a seven-point installation. We are able to hold the three-point product with repeated ingenuity, and it will not be lightly installed.

As early as 15 years ago, Weineng became the first brand in China to have an independent after-sales service team, and set up a professional service team covering the whole country. Users can enjoy customer pre-sales consultation by calling customer service. , troubleshooting, after-sales service full service.

In order to upgrade the user service experience, Weineng has set up more than 30 service stations nationwide, and built a nationwide network after-sales platform that can be accessed through WeChat official service number & quot; .

In recent years, Weineng will also hold regular after-sales skills competitions to convene Wei Neng national after-sales technicians to conduct skills training and competition. The contest is divided into two parts: written test and practical operation. The written test requires the technician to complete the answer in 10 minutes, and test the technician’s quick response ability. The practical link simulates the common faults in the user’s home. From the door to the completion of the service, the skills of the technician are fully evaluated. Level and service awareness.

3.More than "furnace

From the date of the birth of the Granville brand With innovation and rigor, Weineng has always occupied the position of industry leader.

However, Weineng did not stop at the glory of the heating industry chain, but turned its attention to a broader market. In 2015, Weineng took the lead in the layout of the comfortable home field, and introduced new comfort systems such as fresh air system, water purification system, and air-cleaning, which are all key elements of life, such as water, air and temperature.

In the view of Wei Neng, consumers are constantly improving. Today, the development of Weineng should not stay in the ego, but should be integrated into a larger pattern. Just as IBM’s transition from traditional IT companies to full-scale Internet solution providers, Wiener’s transition from offering products to providing complete-room comfort system solutions is bound to bring more possibilities.

As comfortable home products are recognized by more and more Chinese families, there is still ample space in the comfortable home market represented by heating systems. At this point, every piece of the industry may be as good as the power, to embark on the road of self-improvement, to prepare for the next market high.

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Accelerate the launch of smart home package, the era of home appliance turning point is coming soon

Image from “

Consumers’ products have ushered in a replacement period. Consumers’ demand for purchases will continue to increase in the next few years. Coupled with the pursuit of smart home appliances by young consumers, the future will be driven by core technologies and high-end market segments. Smart home appliances will become a high growth point.

In 2017, the main theme of the home appliance market is health and intelligence. Looking back at the home appliance industry market, smart home appliances are accelerating from the interconnection of TV, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances, small appliances and other items. The landing of the smart home package. In the home appliance industry, the market with smart home appliances as a breakthrough has begun to take shape. With the iteration of home appliance companies to promote product innovation with intelligence, the era of intelligent home appliances turning point is coming.

First: opportunities are greater than challenges, market demand will gradually open, which is conducive to the development of smart home appliances market

According to the development of China’s home appliance industry market in the past decade, it can be classified into four Stage: The first stage: home appliances to the countryside in 2008-2011; the second stage: the end of home appliances to the countryside in 2012; the third stage: the policy of energy-saving and benefit-minded people in 2013; the policy period of 2014-2017.

Throughout the overall market of China’s home appliances, the electricity capacity of China’s home appliance market is basically saturated. From the perspective of the number of households in urban and rural areas, the number of color TV sets, refrigerators and washing machines is high. Of course, in the period of home appliances going to the countryside, the growth rate of color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and other products has been greatly improved, and it has been rapidly popularized.

According to the average life expectancy of household appliances for 10 years, during the period of home appliances going to the countryside, the sales of household appliances will usher in a replacement period, and the demand for renewal will gradually emerge. This view can be verified from the following three aspects:

First, according to Zhongyikang data, the overall market size of home appliances in 2017 reached 1.7 trillion yuan, an increase of 9.8% year-on-year. The low growth rate will return to a smooth return in 2017. This is no accident, just a decade.

Second, consumers’ awareness and pursuit of smart home appliances.

Third, Chinese consumers now have the ability to consume. As long as there are good products, consumers are not bad.

From the point of view of the popularity of household appliances, it has a phased feature: the popularity of TVs is the earliest, followed by refrigerators and washing machines, followed by air conditioners. We judge the future demand for rural market renewal from large to small: color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner.

Second: new demand, smart home appliances with core technology and high-end market segments become high growth points

According to the most active category of smart TVs in the household appliances category, smart air conditioners Smart washing machines and smart refrigerators have the strongest stamina. Such as the top three selling points of TV: artificial intelligence, ultra-thin, fashion design.

The first three selling points of air-conditioning: air purification, intelligent control, energy saving and environmental protection; the first three selling points of washing machine: healthy sterilization, intelligent control, washing and drying. Both reflect intelligence. In order to meet the needs of users, and to use smart technology as a means to promote the development of the home appliance industry to be intelligent, humanized and high-end.

In the year of 2017, the market share of smart home appliances such as smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart air conditioners and smart washing machines accounted for 94%, 16%, 27% and 26% respectively. Compared with 2016, the penetration rate of smart home appliances has further increased. It is foreseeable that more home appliance companies will enter the home appliance smart market in 2018, which will greatly promote the rapid growth of the home appliance smart market and bring more investment opportunities.

Third: consumption upgrades and the rise of the middle class, the explosive demand for smart home appliances is worthy of attention

Some reports indicate that the growth rate of total retail sales of consumer goods in China has slowed down in the past five years, while quality consumption Then the trend is red, and the growth rate has increased from 26.8% to 34.4%. It can be seen that consumers’ consumption awareness is upgrading from price to quality, and at the same time promoting the high-end and intelligent development of the household appliance consumer market. Behind the escalation of consumption and the rise of the middle class is the transformation of the economic level to stimulate consumption and the pursuit of smart products.

From the perspective of user usage and experience, consumers are gradually upgrading from functional products to smart consumption, from functional appliances to high-end smart appliances.

The above three characteristics mean that the smart home appliance market has entered the market environment with the market opening demand gradually opening up, the core technology and the high-end segment of the market, the rapid growth of smart appliances and the rise of the middle class. Rapid development stage. In 2018, the growth rate of smart home appliances will continue to lead the development of the home appliance market, and the market segment will gradually become a scale, which is conducive to the development of high-end smart products market.

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Teach you three strokes to urgently deal with the floor damp

The first trick: dry rag to dry the water

If the floor is sprinkled with a small amount of water, and stay for a short time, just use a dry rag to dry the water on the floor. Because the amount of water is small and the time is short, moisture does not penetrate into the interior of the floor, and the impact on the floor is small, without excessive tension.

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The impact of the new real estate policy is delayed. The floor enterprises are looking for “internal factors”.

With the development of the economic environment, the progress of the flooring industry can also be described as ups and downs. However, the external factors are not enough to break the accumulation of the flooring industry for more than 30 years, and the real obstacle to the development of the flooring industry lies in the interior. Therefore, the floor company can only keep moving forward if it fully addresses its own problems.

Real estate New Deal does not play a big role this year

As the upstream and downstream industries, the flooring market and the real estate market are closely related. According to the data of the first half of the year, after the state introduced the purchase restriction policy to macro-control the real estate industry, the real estate economy declined, and the entire market was sluggish. The downturn in the property market and the downstream flooring industry can be said to be a downturn in the flooring market in 2014. Even in the traditional sales season such as Jinjiuyin 10, many flooring businesses are still struggling.

‘The business during the eleventh period was flat. ‘Mr. Tan, the market leader of a flooring company, said, ‘Compared with last year’s eleven, it may be slightly worse. ‘For the new real estate policy, Mr. Tan said that it has little effect in this year. The impact of the real estate industry on the home industry such as the floor has been delayed. Even if it has an impact, it will not be reflected until next year. In addition, after the relaxation of the purchase restriction policy, the subsequent policies are not very clear. How banks lend, how developers use the policies, the degree of market pull remains to be seen, and the stability of the policy is yet to be tested.

The slowdown in the development of flooring companies and internal factors

In addition, Mr. Tan also has his own concerns: ‘In the home industry such as flooring, the most demanding and most stable decoration It is just a group. The relaxation of the property purchase restriction policy only broadens the purchase of 2 or 3 sets of houses, and has little effect on the newly-needed groups. However, the developers’ price increase may affect the purchase of houses by the just-needed groups. ‘

‘The floor is the downstream of real estate, so the bad real estate will definitely affect the market sales of flooring companies, but the problem is that the slowdown of real estate can not be attributed to the purchase limit, the purchase restriction is not the key, the main decline in real estate The reason is that the relationship between supply and demand has undergone a relatively big change. It is impossible to transfer all contradictions to purchase restrictions. The restriction on purchases is only a matter of the past few years. The same relaxation of purchase restrictions is not a life-saving straw, and it can turn the tide. ‘Industry people say so.

Release date: 2014/10/17 9:37:05

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