Barker paper that can change our environment

What is stronger than steel and can change our living environment at any time? paper! Or rather, Barker paper is more precise. Barker paper is a material composed of carbon nanotubes that can be 10 times lighter than steel and at the same time be 500 times stronger than it. The magical materials used to be expensive and difficult to make, and scientists from Florida State University believe that they have made several important developments that enable them to effectively manufacture it for a variety of applications, including airplanes and automobiles.

Tubular carbon molecules are 50,000 times thinner than human hair, and Barker paper shows an incredible set of physical properties. It is very flexible, lightweight and strong, plus its electrical conductivity and fast dissipating heat. Currently it is only used for rackets and bicycles because it is very expensive and difficult to manufacture in large quantities.

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