Bathroom cabinet purchase: What are the reasons for the color difference in the solid wood bathroom cabinet?

On solid woodbathroom cabinetAfter entering the venue, discover your own homebathroom CabinetThere is a color difference. I believe many of my friends have encountered such a situation. What is going on?

In fact, the reason for the color difference in the bathroom cabinet is mainly due to differences in the variety, origin, color, texture, etc. of the tree, as long as There is a color difference in the furniture of solid wood. Let’s take a look at the reasons for the color difference in solid wood bathroom cabinets!

1, treetop root Color difference

Solid wood bathroom cabinet Some are made of tree roots, some are made of treetops, and the place near the roots is dark, and the color near the treetops is light.

2, the color difference of the bark tree heart

The place near the bark in the solid wood bathroom cabinet is light and light; close to the heart of the tree The color is deep and the weight is large.

3, processing method causes color difference

Furniture wood opening method is different, some are cut into diameter, some are cut by string, processed When the texture is different, the two pieces of wood with different wood grain will inevitably have a color difference.


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