Beach House designed by Shiotsuka Studio, Japan

In Japan, this beach house is a wonderful example of how to combine a beautiful look with versatility. This beach house is defined as light and airy. Allow the breeze to shape their interiors and make the user feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Beach houses generally do not use the natural texture or specific color of the wood to make the user feel comfortable. Instead, the beach house, including this one, has a very bright and simple design. The interior is almost entirely white, but it doesn’t feel deserted, they have the opposite effect. This is because the texture is very soft and light, because this decoration gives people a feeling of openness and freedom, making people feel comfortable.
It is called the White Sea house and was designed by Kaohsiung Shiotsuka Studio. It has a very clean design combined with modern architecture. The interior is white with minimalist fittings. Most of the furniture is white, including sofas, dining tables and chairs. The huge windows/glass walls give the house a good view and look, and make this beach house more personal.

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