Bedroom decoration tips: create a refined sleeping space

Regardless of the type of apartment, a comfortable and relaxing bedroom is especially important in homedecoration, the bedroom is a relaxing break, complement Energy, small and comfortable place. The isolation between the bedroom and the surrounding environment, the sound insulation of the bedroom itself is also very important, the bedroom should not be too close to other household houses, if the distance is closer, then the renovation should be thicker The curtains create a sense of privacy in the senses. So how can the bedroom create a comfortable rest environment?

2. The curtain also plays the role of , to keep the sleeping space of the bedroom at 10-15 square meters, so it will not be too big or too small. The bed is separated from the work area, allowing us to fall asleep without working emotions, which helps to promote sleep. If the bedroom lighting is not very good, choose half blackout curtains. The semi-blackout curtains can still block the light and create a good sleeping atmosphere.

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