Behind the low-cost water purifier hidden "conspiracy"

[ is ] every thing developed to a certain stage there will definitely be chaos, the water purification industry is no exception. Today, many fake and shoddy, low-cost water purifier in the market run amok, disrupting the market order, undermine the market balance. ?

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what exactly is behind low-cost water purifier

First, the analysis of price levels: 300 block, not a thousand dollars retail price of 500, 800 and so on, that claim to achieve drinking water standards, which is exactly what kind of “standard drink straight.”

the next level of raw materials into deep analysis?: environmentally friendly raw materials from qualified to have the composition of a water purification function of water purifier is depleted raw material costs, tooling costs, and labor costs are really able to maintain the price of a few hundred pieces do not, then there is only one possible is:? not on sold thousand Yuan is extremely likely to be material non-compliance situation.

Some users say that cheap factory direct it?

good, then we assume it to compliance. Then the profits are so out, how to serve, besides water purifier most important thing is service, and maintenance can not keep up, then buy a water purifier does not really become a thing clogging. In contrast material is not up to the other end, the effect of water addition to the raw water is not debris added a “sauce” – substandard materials release different levels of hazardous substances.

cheap drink straight behind and with what kind of “conspiracy”? What is the target group?

First of all they are for misappropriating fast, because in the Chinese market to quickly popular cheap stuff , in order to win;

followed by targeting this gap and water highly polluted sites, the group is that the water is poor, and spending power is not high and much-needed areas of water, but also aimed at the petty Chinese people as well as those of traditional thrift crowd (of course, the face of the current economic situation, there is nothing wrong saving, savings for local use, and did not want to attack working people thrifty, because you hold up the Chinese traditional culture and side of the economic power of the labor force glossy banner); of course believe that the last of these three non-drinking cheap direct product identification by the majority of consumers slowly dropped gradually disappeared.

The arc also remindFees are: you pay everyone knows, water is the major event in people’s livelihood, the intake of the body’s internal organs, must be able to discern and will not be deceived by the surface prices. Cheap drink straight face to say it out loud, “reject”, and then a wisp decisively leave. As long as no one to buy, gradually, no one would dare to sell, but also clean water a pure land.

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