Bernie Sanders says current Democratic Party strategy is “an absolute failure” and slams Trump’s “incredible hypocrisy”

Standing before a crowd of progressive activists and some of his strongest supporters Sen. Bernie Sanders I-Vt., urged the Democratic Party to seek reform arguing that their “current model and the current strategy” is “an absolute failure.” The longest serving Independent in congressional history also unapologetically blasted President Donald Trump for his “incredible hypocrisy,” according to multiple news reports.The world is behind you @BernieSanders! #PPLSUMMIT — RoseAnn DeMoro (@RoseAnnDeMoro) June 11, 2017Sanders spoke on Saturday evening at the second annual “People’s Summit” in Chicago, a three-day event for activists and progressive organizations “committed to social, racial and economic justice.” Actors Danny Glover and John Cusack were in attendance as well as National Nurses United, Democratic Socialists of America and People for Bernie, according to Reuters.

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