Break the ice with the scene, let the friends start with “something”

From live answering to short videos, all kinds of rumors are emerging. The topic of socializing has never been surpassed and has been innovating.

According to the latest survey data of China Internet Information Center, among the large number of netizens in China, the young and middle-aged groups are the main group. As of December 2018, the 10-39-year-old group accounted for 67.8% of the total netizens. Among them, the netizens in the 20-29 age group accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 26.8%. After 95, the number of netizens exceeded 369 million, officially becoming the main force of the Internet. Since the 95s have come, the social tools occupied by acquaintances and elders can no longer satisfy their preferences. Whether they are interested in socializing or socializing in games, they can be handed over to “ the friends I chat with are the last word they pursue.

As we thought —— each generation should have social products for each generation From communication tools to innovative interactions, from sound to video, young people always try out various products in the way they are used to, some software based on interest; some apps based on geographic location; trendy generations based on soul matching; open generation random matching … … In the current market, no matter what features the social app, most of them try to classify and match the user group by label, and use the technology to directly, surely and quickly connect to realize the social needs of the user.

But is an efficient connection a highly effective social connection? You may not have been blacked out after 95!

As a true Internet aboriginal, growing up with the mobile Internet The only generation, who have been dealing with electronic products for a longer period of time, lacked the companionship of relatives of the same age in their growth, and the actual dating activities were limited by heavy learning and work pressure. Desire to get the same channel communication and communication, find friends who can have a common topic with themselves to become their basic social needs.

It’s the unique companionship needs of 95s and the social attitude of friends who are eager to find the same channel. Play games, voices and communities to help users purposefully screen similar People, whether they are deepening their cognition of people they know, or making new friends, are opened by a relaxed scene and harvested.

The game scene is the first social scene tailored to the stranger’s social icebreaker. Like “I paint you guess this simple and interactive game, the fun of the game when the offline friends meet, the original, to provide an effective contact for the user to exchange ice. Although the two sides of the game can’t see each other, they can still communicate online through voice, real-time online communication, open a new window for the mutual understanding of users, and extend the emotions harvested in the game and also get the companionship of friends.

In order to meet the diverse entertainment needs of users, the Play app contains a variety of game types, Classic Gobang, play mahjong and other casual games, as well as brain-burning werewolf killing, undercover masters and other strong interactive games. What’s more worth mentioning is that the scripts that were launched last year have won wide acclaim from players. The role-playing + reasoning gameplay allows each participant to truly feel the thrill of the star detective. The game mechanics of team battles make the original strangers tacitly cooperate in the game scene, providing more possibilities for in-depth social interaction.

Rich voice interaction is another feature of playing social networking. The voice room in the Play app builds a variety of entertainment scenes such as singing, listening to radio, group CP and so on. In addition to meeting the needs of users and the needs of friends, the setting of the voice room is more important to provide users with emotional companionship. In addition to being able to hear a variety of preferences in the room, users can also immerse themselves in an atmosphere where people can be accompanied by real people. The room does not feel lonely even if there is no user to speak, “The virtual companion atmosphere is enlarged in the entertainment scene so that the loneliness is diluted.

In addition to these scenes, there are communities familiar to young people, whether they share their own lives or expand Friends making friends, the rich topics on the square and the interesting content will always let users find people who are like-minded in the browsing.

Whether it’s a meeting of the stadium, a friend who meets in the library, a dating scene from the offline to the online, and then from the selection of the region to search for friends to the current left and right slide, social needs have always existed, each generation People are also choosing their own way of making friends in their own tastes. This year’s young people have put forward more demands for socializing because of their better living environment, not only with the control of the body, but also with the peace of mind, playing. I think that it is a better encounter to have a chat through the scene. (This photo was provided by Beijing tacit Icebreaking Technology Co., Ltd.)

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