Buy a carpet first plan, save money, beautiful and correct

First, follow the principle of color first. Select the appropriate carpet color by analyzing the color of the materials in the living room. One of the simple and applicable methods is to use several main colors in the living room as the color components of the carpet, so that the selection is simple and accurate. After ensuring the uniformity of color, the final is to determine the pattern and style. This will not be wasted because of inconsistent styles.

Carpet is an indispensable decoration in home decoration in recent years. It not only adds personality and atmosphere to the home space, but also shows the main points of the owner’s personality and preferences. At present, there are many kinds of carpets on the market, and there are many kinds of patterns, and the colors are changeable and dazzling. And a good quality carpet is expensive, so how do you choose the right carpet for your home?

carpet purchase first plan to save money and beautiful both

Faced with a variety of carpets, what kind of carpet is better to save money? So we will You must be confident before you walk into the carpet store and plan the carpet you want in your heart.

1, plan a good room function to save money to buy carpet plans

First of all, think about the situation in the home, according to different family conditions, choose different materials for the carpet Therefore, the damage of the carpet is reduced, the service life of the carpet is prolonged, and the money is practically saved. For example, families with young children should choose synthetic fiber woven carpets that are resistant to corrosion, pollution, easy to clean, and darker in color; carpets should be placed in rooms with large traffic volume, and the quality of the pile should be high, the density is high, and the resistance should be high. A worn tufted looped rug.

For different room functions, different choices are also needed. For example, the carpet placed in the bedroom is used to create a warm atmosphere for the environment, so the texture of the carpet is very important, and there are some fluff in the market. The long, pink-based rug designed for the bedroom is warm and romantic at home. The living room carpet is heavy and wearable, but the overall decoration style of the living room should also be considered. If you are in your child’s room, you can choose a carpet with a cartoon character pattern. From a qualitative point of view, it is a good idea to choose a wool carpet that is easy to clean and non-slip.

2, planning the carpet laying area to buy a reasonable carpet is not wasted

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Usually the bedroom is simple and can be carpeted. The dining room has a single carpet and can cover 70-80% of the area. Tables and chairs for dining, when the table is not placed, the chair is placed under the table, and the chair is pulled out when the meal is taken, so the size of the carpet should be taken into consideration. The carpet is placed at the door, and a small-sized carpet or foot pad should be laid. It not only beautifies the home, but also has the function of household cleaning. If the living room area is not large, you should choose a carpet with a slightly larger area than the coffee table.

3, planning the style of the room to buy the carpet beautifully coordinated and save a lot of people, go I saw a lot of beautiful carpets in the carpet shop, I liked it, and I came back and found that the color of the carpet is inconsistent with the decoration style of my own, which makes the carpet useless. It is a waste when buying a carpet. Consider yourself Style carpet repair to buy it!

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