Can a large-sized bathroom be designed to be arbitrarily designed?

   “I want a big house with a large glass window, the sun is shining on the floor…”

  A warmth of the words, people can’t help Construct a picture. The house at home is being renovated, maybe also a floor to ceiling window? The floor is also paved with floor? Do you want to come to a video room? …… A lot of thoughts, today we don’t talk about the whole, let’s talk about the part of the house – the bathroom space, what do you want to put in the bathroom?

  The house is big enough, the bathroom area is not small, so Xiaobian wants to push the jacuzzi first. A busy day of life, in a large space, holding a glass of wine, ordering an aroma, putting a favorite song, enjoying the bath in the jacuzzi is comfortable, really happy like a fairy.

  When choosing a jacuzzi, don’t blindly think that the more functions you have, the better. Choose the bathtub according to your actual needs. Like the Whale A3101 Jacuzzi, there are two ways to massage. One is a small bubble massage, which is mainly to give a gentle massage to the waist, thigh, calf skin. One is the high-frequency dithering water flow, which forms a large-area massage, which can effectively alleviate muscle fatigue. The function is not much but the effect is clear. Another important factor in choosing a bathtub is to see if it is used in safety. The Whales Jacuzzi has worked hard on safety details, reflecting the humanity design. The whale’s original opening design, double armrests above the bathtub, three water showers, and a simple operating system all ensure the safety of this bathtub. The elderly and children at home are not worried about using it. They have a healthy and comfortable life with a whale bath.

  The bathroom area is large enough, so the wet and dry separation must be considered, so it is necessary to install a shower room. The shower room can isolate most of the moisture and keep the bathroom dry. Especially in the large bathroom, there will be a washing machine, which is also a kind of protection for the washing machine.

   When purchasing a shower room, the first thing to confirm is the size and shape to better fit your own home. Bathroom. The precision 23 series shower room can be customized according to the standard, and the shape and size can be accurately manufactured according to the type of the house. The shower room should also pay attention to the glass material. The precision shower room is made of high-strength tempered glass. The glass is uniformly heated and tempered by 695° constant temperature, which eliminates the self-explosion phenomenon. Finally, the water in the shower room is very important. If the water blocking effect is not good, it is meaningless to install the shower room. The precision shower room’s rubber strip adopts imported PVC material and 30° arc angle drainage groove to effectively prevent water leakage and truly dry. Wet separation.

   Large-sized bathroom, I feel that I can be willful and do not have to worry about storage problems? You are wrong, daily necessities are increasing day by day, and it is also necessary to have a bathroom cabinet in the bathroom.

   When buying a bathroom cabinet, the first thing we need to look at is whether the storage is strong. Hengjie’s simple luxury bathroom cabinet is very exciting in terms of storage design. The combination of drawers and door-opening can separate objects of different sizes, and the storage compartment is movable, and the access of objects becomes very convenient, making the bathroom routine. In this way, with the child, you can also flexibly adjust the storage compartment. It is integrated with the minimalist design concept, and the use of new environmentally friendly materials, simple and practical experience, more in line with consumer demand.

  The bathroom must have a toilet in the standard. Nowadays, toilets on the market are divided into two types: ordinary and smart. The difference in price and functionality between the two is still particularly large. Ordinary toilets are more familiar, let’s talk about smart toilets.

   Speaking of smart toilets, what must be said is its function. To give an example: If you use the Wrigley Smart Toilet V7 AKB1310 at home, then when you walk into the bathroom and close to the toilet, you don’t need to bend over, the toilet lid automatically opens to welcome you; when the toilet is off seat, the toilet automatically flushes. , clean and worry free! This is an experience that ordinary toilets can’t give you. The most important function of the intelligent toilet is still in the cleaning function. The Wrigley intelligent toilet is equipped with a cleaning spray gun in the third position to adjust the water potential to ensure the cleaning comfort of different members of the family. The unique massage cleaning function effectively massages the anus. The sphincter makes the toilet more comfortable. More women’s wash function, let women at home enjoy the happiness and care.

   Smart home is no longer a new vocabulary, and the intelligentization of bathroom products will be a trend. The service life of sanitary products is generally more than 5 years on average, and keeping up with the trend is also an investment!


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