Furniture inspired by the landscape, architecture and lifestyle of Puglia

The Agronomist collection is a four-piece modern piece of furniture designed by Natuzzi Italia in collaboration with Marcel Wanders, originally inspired by the landscape, architecture and lifestyle of Puglia. The collection includes Furrow sofas, Barrow coffee tables, Crate cabinets and Peacock rugs.

The Furrow sofa was originally made of reddish-brown leather and is now made from glossy black tattoo leather with scar-like sutures. It is reminiscent of a worn leather jacket.

The Barrow coffee table has been redesigned with dark eucalyptus and black leather on the handles and wheels, in stark contrast to the original country unicycle design.

Crate cabinets can also be redone with sturdy black beech wood. The door decorated with green olive leaves (the symbol of Puglia) is black in its original design and presents a new textured appearance when reproduced.

The Peacock rug is inspired by the majestic feathers of the peacock’s tail and suddenly becomes more abstract in its new black and white mirroring mode.

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How to disinfect the bird cage? And the method of preventing the feeding of parrots

84 disinfection

Friends with 84 disinfectant directly sprayed in the birdhouse bird cage or even the bird, thinking that this can be disinfected, The purpose of this sterilization has been achieved, but your method of loving birds has invisibly paid a great price. 84 disinfectant is a chlorine-containing disinfectant, which is commonly used in clinical treatment to deal with virus contamination. For example, if 84 is used for indoor disinfection, the dose is small and it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. When the concentration is reached, not only the metal is reached. The product has a corrosive effect, and it will also have strong irritation or damage to the bird’s mucous membrane and skin. If it is used for a long time, the weak bird of the system can be estimated to be unlucky.

I mainly use 100 bacteria killing and 100 poison killing and dripping, these medicines can be bought in the pet market all over the country, the price is very good, let us see the killing of bacteria. Introduction–

Function and use: A

(1, this product can quickly kill various pathogenic microorganisms, including viruses, at normal temperature and low concentration , bacteria, mold, mycoplasma, chlamydia, eggs, etc., mainly used for prevention and killing of avian influenza, Marek’s disease, Newcastle disease, Parrot’s disease, paratyphoid fever, salmonellosis, chlamydia, etc. Viral diseases such as swine fever, poultry cholera, dysentery, etc. also have prevention and treatment, and viral diseases such as dysentery also have preventive and therapeutic effects. It is an ideal high-efficiency and powerful disinfectant for current birds and rare birds.

cheap cpap cleaner and sanitizer, spraying the walls and birdhouse walls and bird cages once a month. When the bird cage is sprayed, the birds are inside the cage. There is nothing wrong with the birds.

2, disease prevention

The daily prevention of birds is mainly for the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases. When preventing the drug, we must pay attention to a principle without losing the efficacy. In the case of using drugs as little as possible, the daily use of more antibiotics, such as erythromycin, chloramphenicol, enrofloxacin, norfloxacin, oxytetracycline, gentamicin, etc. These drugs have a certain effect on the pathogenic bacteria of the digestive system, but some of these antibiotics are for positive pathogens and some are for negative pathogens, so the first attention dose when using, the second note cross-use to achieve greater Guangpu sterilization Function, my bird field daily with gentamicin injection two (each 2ml 80,000 units) against 10 liters of water, the effect is good, the bird grows very healthy.

Flagship Hotel in Macau Dream City Resort

The architecture designed by Zaha Hadid Architects is so complex that the photos look like renderings rather than complete buildings. They recently launched Morpheus, the flagship hotel of the Dream City Resort in Macau.

Although Morpheus’ sculptures are inspired by China’s long history of jade carving, the structure of the hotel is not similar to any building or building we see today. Zaha Hadid Architects describes it as “the world’s free-form high-level exoskeleton”.

The structure of this 40-story building consists of two internal vertical cores connected to the top, bottom and middle layers. From the outside, the building is abstractly similar to the number 8, which is auspicious and lucky numbers in Chinese digital numerology.

The hotel has 770 rooms, including a variety of standard rooms, suites and “sky villas” (9, 2-storey duplex villas, approximately $11,138 per night). Although Morpheus is the glory of the City of Dreams, the resort also includes a casino, two theatres, a shopping district, 20 restaurants and four hotels, not to mention a variety of meeting and event facilities, a games room, a spa, a rooftop pool. And other hotel facilities.

The interior of the hotel is engraved with a series of spaces that define the hotel’s public spaces.

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Cathedral ceiling

So far, you should have a clear understanding of the appearance of the cathedral ceiling. Obviously, no two are the same, but they all share several key features in common, such as the symmetry of the sloping sides and the fact that they make the room feel more spacious and more dramatic without hindering its comfort and welcoming atmosphere.

Someone would say that the vaulted ceiling is almost the same as the church ceiling. In some ways, this is true, but there are some major differences between the two styles. The vaulted ceiling is not necessarily symmetrical because it actually has only one inclined side. In addition, it can have a curved or arched shape, while the cathedral ceiling can’t.

The ceiling of the cathedral is meaningful in the design of the building and there are many different situations. As mentioned earlier, each individual design or structure has its own characteristics. For example, the height of the ceiling, the material being covered, the finish and the color may vary from case to case.

The distinction between vaulted ceilings and cathedral ceilings is sometimes very similar, making it difficult to distinguish. Usually it is reduced to the exact length of the bevel or the angle or shape of the bevel and the extension of the entire ceiling. In this case, can you figure out what type of ceiling is there in this home?

The vault and the cathedral ceiling are ideal for skylights. It makes sense to install a skylight on a sloping ceiling. They give plenty of sunshine and also provide a fantastic view of the night sky.

There are a lot of cool ways to take advantage of the cathedral ceiling. First, you can emphasize its dramaticity with beams or hanging specific types of luminaires, such as this great restaurant chandelier.

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Inspirational home from the Amsterdam neighbourhood

Inspired by the industrial Amsterdam neighbourhood, Marc Koehler Architects designed the home with a minimalist look, black wood frame, vertical planks and large windows. The layout has a reversal plan, the sleeping area downstairs and the party space upstairs. Upstairs there is a kitchen, dining room and lounge area, and the view of the port is maximized.
This is a prefabricated wooden structure with significantly reduced construction time.
According to the owner’s request, the floor is connected by a central staircase, which is almost like a video game.
To make the space feel bigger, the design takes into account a split-level structure, each layer being higher or lower than half of the other floors. This also allows for visibility between open floors.
They also focus on designing an environmentally friendly house that reduces consumption by installing photovoltaic panels, CO2 controlled ventilation systems and underfloor heating on the roof.

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a colorful interactive device

French-born artist/designer Camille Walala created an amazing interactive device, WALALA X, with her iconic graphic patterns, geometric shapes and bold colors.
She created a colorful labyrinth that cites the waterways of the Greenwich Peninsula, the curves of the Thames, and the shape and angle of the building. From the above, the layout of the device completely reflects the aerial view of the location.
Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the maze of interesting geometric shapes and patterns, experiencing the visual effects of being destroyed and distorted.

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Connect sofa brings back the beauty of classical Nordic furniture

The Connect sofa brings back the beauty of classical Nordic furniture with clean lines and precise proportions. They have adapted to a more modern lifestyle, although the charm remains the same. The sofa has a variety of fabric decoration options.
If your main concern is comfort, Softly sofa should be your favorite. This is a two-seat sofa with a classic and modern design and a very comfortable structure. The armrests and backrest are connected, creating a squat design that gracefully surrounds the user.
The classic image design of the Plumy sofa comes from 35 years ago and was inspired by the 1980s. The sofa is especially interesting due to its sturdy and comfortable appearance. It is made of polyurethane foam blocks of completely different density.
The MCD sofa has an interesting contrast. The frame is crisp, with a building-like charm, while the interior is soft and comfortable. The backrest and armrests are soft and tufted and the seat is very comfortable.

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Croft House’s 2017 Furniture Collection

Located in the bustling area of ​​downtown Los Angeles, Croft House is a manufacturer and retailer of handmade furniture. They started to restore antique furniture in 2009, and the business quickly flourished into a complete service production studio and retail store.
Croft House now brings their collection of 2017. They are known for their ability to reuse materials and create exquisite furniture at an affordable price point. Every piece is modern and timeless, suitable for any space. Furniture can be personalized to suit the needs of the user, and their portfolio includes sofas, tables, bookshelves, cabinets, beds, bookcases and more.

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Portable light fixtures for indoor and outdoor use

Nox is a portable luminaire designed by Zurich designer Alfredo Häberli. This wireless light lets you carry it with you wherever you need it, even outdoors. Its wireless charging system sensing technology allows you to use it without plugging it in. Its touch dimmers provide a variety of light, from soft light on the dinner to brighter reading light, all of which make it the perfect bedside companion. Nox can be used for 15 hours on a single charge. The Nox is made up of four parts: a charging base, an anodized aluminum body with a charging system, an artificially blown milky glass diffuser and a handle.

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Some bookshelves can be placed against the wall as separate units or room dividers

In this example, both sides of them are accessible.
Large wall shelves look less boring and simple, and books are stacked and displayed in a variety of ways and at different angles. Of course, this bookshelf is interesting due to the wave pattern.
The design advantages of bookshelf or bookcase units using glass are lightweight, versatile, and easier to integrate.
Add some accent lighting to your bookshelf to highlight the shelf, highlight the books you like or give the whole unit a more interesting and eye-catching look.
This small bookcase is tall and narrow, like a tower, it has a glass shelf, but the most interesting thing is that it is balanced by only one leg. The cube is the design theme of this bookcase. They support and connect the shelves and give the unit a fun and fun look.

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