Wang Yi Meets with Iraqi National Assembly Speaker Nuja Ifi

On February 23, 2014, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with the Iraqi National Assembly Speaker Nuja Ifi in Baghdad.

Wang Yi said that the friendship between China and Iran has a long history. The ancient “Silk Road” connects the two ancient civilizations and the deep friendship between the two peoples has laid a foundation for the development of bilateral relations. Solid foundation. In recent years, China-Iran relations have achieved rapid development and fruitful cooperation in various fields. The NPC of China attaches importance to developing friendly relations with the Iraqi National Assembly and is willing to continuously strengthen friendly exchanges and exchange experience in governing the country. China is willing to continue to strengthen exchanges with the Iraqi parties, enhance mutual understanding, strengthen mutual trust, and jointly promote exchanges and cooperation in various fields for the benefit of the two peoples.

Nujayfi said that Sino-Iranian friendship has a long history and the current cooperation between the two countries has ushered in important opportunities. Iraq’s reconstruction faces multiple challenges and needs to strengthen cooperation with China, which will benefit both sides. The Iraqi National Assembly looks forward to strengthening exchanges and exchanges with the National People’s Congress of China, promoting friendship between the two peoples and promoting cooperation in various fields.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

Bush said that he did not miss the president but he missed the Air Force One very much.

Data Map: Former US President George W. Bush and the special plane “Air Force One” & rdquo;

On the 21st, according to foreign media reports, former US President George W. Bush said in a speech in Dallas on the 19th that he did not miss the day of the president, but he missed the US presidential plane “Air Force One”.

George · Walker · Bush is the 54th and 55th president of the United States. He served in the White House for 8 years, and his successor, Obama, officially took office in 2009. The former president recently said that he did not miss the feeling of being president, except for “Air Force One”.

Bush said in his speech, “Many people asked me if you miss the president. My answer is ‘ really don’t miss & rsquo;,” rd, Bush added, ” I miss those who work with me, I miss & lsquo;Air Force One & rsquo;, they have never lost my luggage for 8 years. ”

Bush mentioned this topic in his speech at the Dallas Presidential Library. On the same day, George W. Bush participated in the activities of the library. The theme was to let more military soldiers step out of the battlefield and return to normal life as soon as possible.

After he retired, George W. Bush began to cultivate his painting hobby. He said that learning a skill would never be too late. He also joked that his wife would not think she would marry a “single year ago.” Oil painter & rdquo;.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

South Korea plans to restore Korean and Japanese disputed island extinct species to help sovereignty claims

China News Service, February 19, according to the Yonhap News Agency, on the 19th, the Korean Ministry of Marine and Fisheries said in a report on the New Year’s work that it will be rehabilitated in the waters of Dokdo (the disputed island of Japan and South Korea, called Zhudao in Japan). The sea lion, which will help maintain South Korea’s territorial sovereignty over Dokdo.

According to the report, in history, Malaysia and Indonesia had disputed the sovereignty of Sipadan. The two countries decided in 1998 to submit them to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for resolution, after which the International Court of Justice in 2002 The sovereignty of Sipadan is determined to belong to Malaysia. It is reported that the Green Turtle played a decisive role in winning the Malaysian victory. The International Court of Justice held that the Malaysian government has made special protection measures when green turtles are on the verge of extinction, and has made many contributions to avoid extinction of the species.

The Japanese government also requested that the Dokdo issue be referred to the International Court of Justice, but the South Korean side repeatedly reiterated that there is no sovereignty dispute in Dokdo and therefore will not be submitted to the International Court of Justice for resolution. However, if South Korea successfully recovers “Dokdo Sea Lions”, even if the Dokdo issue is submitted to the International Court of Justice, the possibility of winning the case will be improved.

& ldquo;Dokdo sea lions are mainly distributed in the sea rock area near Dokdo, and were extinct in the 1970s due to excessive hunting by Japanese fishermen.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

China resolutely opposes Obama’s meeting with the Dalai Lama

Original Title: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying’s Remarks on US President Barack Obama’s Meeting with Dalai Lama

Q: It is reported that US President Barack Obama will Informal meeting with Dalai at the White House. What is China’s comment?

A: We are seriously concerned about this and have made solemn representations to the US. It must be pointed out that Tibet affairs are purely China’s internal affairs and no foreign country has the right to interfere. The Dalai Lama is a political exile who has long been engaged in anti-China separatist activities under the banner of religion. The US arrangement of leaders to meet with the Dalai Lama will be a gross interference in China’s internal affairs, a serious violation of the norms of international relations, and will seriously damage Sino-US relations. The Chinese side is firmly opposed to this. We urge the US to take seriously China’s concerns and immediately abolish the US leaders’ meeting with the Dalai Lama and not to facilitate the Dalai Lama’s anti-China separatist activities in the United States.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

Japan considers re-examining comfort women’s testimony

Japan considers to re-examine the testimony of the comfort women. The Korean government has expressed its protest

China News Service, February 21, according to the Yonhap News Agency, South Korean Foreign Ministry official said on the 21st that the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yu Yiwei should re-investigate in academic terms as the “Japanese Army” Whether the comfort testimony of the comfort women is authentic or not, the Japanese government itself admitted that it was forced to recruit, transfer and manage the Japanese comfort women through the “Heye talk”, but now it has raised objections to this, and the Korean government cannot accept the situation. The remarks undermine the foundation of correct treatment of history.

The report said that the official said that the Japanese government admitted that the Japanese army had directly or indirectly recruited and managed comfort women, and admitted that the process was mandatory and at the same time victimized. The person apologized, saying that Japan had introspected the matter of forcing the comfort women and promised to correctly treat the problems left over from history. However, the chief of the official representative of Japan’s official position denied that “Heye talks”, considering the opening of a group to re-investigate the testimony of the victims of comfort women, can only be said to be an attempt to reverse the trend of history. This is tantamount to destroying the basis for correct treatment of history.

The official said that “the river talk” was issued at that time, the Japanese army forced the victims of the comfort women to expose the truth of the history, regardless of shame, to testify. The Japanese words and deeds brought the victims back to the wounds again. The Korean government strongly urged the Japanese side to stop such words and deeds.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yu Yiwei said on the 20th that the basis for the “Heye Talk”, that is, the testimony of Korean comfort women victims needs to be further investigated from an academic perspective, so consider opening A government group that investigates the content of testimony.

& nbspquo;Heye talks rdquo; refers to the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono announced in 1993 that the Japanese army participated in the establishment and management of the comfort zone, forced and transferred comfort women, and expressed gratitude.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

El Niño climate phenomenon will reproduce world food production this year

People’s Daily on February 22, according to the Spanish “Uprising” reported today, the El Niño climate phenomenon will be more and more likely to reappear this year, causing drought in some parts of the world, causing floods in other areas, thus destroying the world. Production of food such as rice, wheat and sugar.

El Niño emerged from the rising temperature of the Pacific Ocean and appeared every 4 to 5 years. The most serious El Niño occurred in the late 1990s, killing more than 2,000 people and causing massive economic losses.

Severe droughts may cause crops in Australia, Southeast Asia, India, and Africa to wither, while in other parts of the globe, such as the central United States and Brazil, there may be excessive rainfall.

While the scientists continue to discuss the potential of the potential El Niño climate phenomenon, the Australian Climate Office and the US Climate Prevention Center warned that this phenomenon is more likely to come this year. Last month, the United Nations’ WMO stated that a weak El Niño “more likely” would appear in mid-2014.

The world is preparing for El Niño. If confirmed, it may cause disasters to the food supply and increase the price of certain raw materials. This is the investment analyst of Phillip Futures, Vanessa & Middot; Tang predicted in Singapore. After many crops are affected by climatic phenomena, their supply may be interrupted, as happened when the northern hemisphere was affected by the harsh winter.

The threat of El Niño has pushed global cocoa prices to the highest level in the past two years, and this month there will be a global supply deficit due to concerns about the effects of arid climates in key production regions in Africa and Asia. If the El Niño climate phenomenon is confirmed, other agricultural raw materials may continue its upward trend.

Asia’s rice production accounts for more than 90% of the world’s production. It is also an important producer of coffee and corn. El Niño may cause drought, which will affect the harvest in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and China.

El Niño may also cause difficulties in the supply of mineral products such as gold, nickel, tin, copper and coal, if the mine is flooded or the logistics supply is interrupted. (管彦忠)

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev inspects the “Plesetsk” space launch site

People’s Daily Online, Moscow, February 21 (Reporter Liu Xu Qu Haiqi), according to Russian media reports, at 1 pm Moscow time on the 20th, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev arrived in the Far East to inspect “Plesetsk” Launch site. He also participated in the formation of the “Ankara” space flight complex meeting. The space launch complex is expected to begin trial use next spring.

After arriving at Miminoi Airport, Medvedev immediately took a bus to an installation test building where he watched the installation of the latest generation of Ankara rockets. The Ankara rocket is the most advanced rocket in Russia. The development of such rockets has been carried out for 20 years. The Ankara rocket was completely made in Russia, and its test procedure ended today, and this week the rocket was transported to the launch site for a total exercise.

Accompanying Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to inspect Plesetsk’s space launch site is also Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shojgu and Deputy Prime Minister Demetri, who is in charge of the defense industry. Officials such as Lagokin.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

American high school students imitate the expression of great politicians

America's high school students are keen to imitate the political figures of the great people's self-portraits.

High school student Chaz · Lorike likes to take selfies, often uploading self-portraits on the personal Instagram social networking site that mimic the expression of political tycoon. The picture shows him imitating Queen Elizabeth II and Bush. Self-timer comparison chart.

Mei high school students are keen to imitate the political figures of the great self-portraits.

Beautiful high school students are keen to imitate the expression of great political figures February 23rd according to the French “Feraro The newspaper reported on February 22 that a group of self-portrait photos uploaded to Instagram and Twitter social networking sites caught the attention of the public. The picture consists of two photos from the left and right. A young American man on the right side imitates the expression in the old photos of the left world political tycoons. The photo atmosphere is also nostalgic. The young man in the picture is Chad · Rorick, who is still attending school at Rush Henrietta High School in Rochester, New York, USA. He said in the well-known Internet blog network in the United States that he had seen the 34th president of the United States — — after a documentary by Truman, he suddenly found that he had a similar place with the former president, and he suddenly began to imitate The expression of various political tycoons. Whether it is really similar, it is necessary to leave it to everyone “public review” to consider.

Chaz · Rorick also told the media: “My father thought that my behavior was very grotesque. But after uploading the first comparison photo with Truman, I uploaded another photo that mimicked Roosevelt’s expression the next day. But starting with the third photo, I got used to making a picture that mimics political celebrities every day and uploading them all into my social network. Fortunately, my friends are very supportive of my behavior and have encouraged me to continue this weird plan. ”

It’s not surprising to raise the hobby of the middle school Roryk, but its influence also makes the public recall to some of the United States’ presidents who are not so colorful and forgotten. Missing it. For example, who is a person with a beautiful moustache in a photo? He is the 27th President of the United States & mdash; — William · Howard · William Taft.

In an interview with American television, Rorick also said: “Even the history teachers of our school have shown a crazy love for my plan with a history of memory! I tried to imitate the famous political circles. The old photos are even the shapes in the statues, and in order to be close to their image, I will prepare some props, such as moustaches, fake beards, newspapers, shawls, etc., in order to imitate the shape of an old photo of Clinton, I Also specially prepared a saxophone instrument!”

This young man who loves history has no clear plan for his future path, nor does he know that he will be on a deeper path of study in the future. Which major to choose. But look at his talented and creative imitation skills, maybe he will be a big performer in the future!

Responsible Editor: Qi Hanhan

Party newspapers and periodicals refute Chinese passports with low gold content: can not only see the number of visa-free

The police are introducing the e-passport

The police are introducing the e-passport Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Fei.

For some time, the passport “gold content” has become a hot word in the streets. Some people complain that the mainland China passports have a low amount of gold, and they are all poor countries. They want to travel to developed countries. Visa depends on people’s faces, and sometimes they are more nervous than job interviews. Far from saying that, compared with the SAR passports in Hong Kong and Macao, there seems to be a big gap.

Then, the “gold content” of Chinese passports is really so low, as some people have said, “Is it far worse?” The author believes that it is a little one-sided to measure the “gold content” of a country’s passport only from the number of visa-free countries. The “gold content” of Chinese passports is exactly where, how to improve the “gold content” of Chinese passports? We may wish to find the answer from the following aspects.

Chinese Passport

Increased popularity

Chinese passport was born with the founding of New China However, at that time, the passport was only used by diplomats in foreign countries or when the leaders visited, and had little to do with the lives of ordinary people. Before the reform and opening up, going abroad was still an enviable thing. Most of the users of Chinese passports were government officials and state-owned enterprises who went abroad.

After the reform and opening up, more and more mainland residents began to take their ordinary passports for private departure. In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, outbound self-help travel has changed from a distant dream to a way for many people to take a leisure vacation. People “surprised” found that the footprints of Chinese tourists have spread all over the world. . According to statistics, in the past 30 years from the founding of New China to the reform and opening up, the cumulative number of mainland Chinese residents has only about 280,000. In 2013, the number of mainland residents leaving the country has reached 98 million.

As a witness and promoter of reform and opening up, Chinese passports have flown into the homes of ordinary people from the height of the past temples, and have been used by hundreds of millions of people to benefit the people.

Chinese Passport

More Convenience

Since the international financial crisis, developed countries have generally The downturn, the recovery is weak, and China has maintained a strong momentum of development. More and more countries are hoping to take advantage of the Chinese economy’s “smoothing” and also value China’s huge tourism market. When the Chinese tourists with strong consumption became the “sweet” in the eyes of all countries, the “gold content” of Chinese passports is also constantly improving.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said that he should sign an agreement with more countries to simplify visa procedures as much as possible until the signing of the mutual visa exemption agreement. At present, China has signed agreements on visa exemption with 81 countries. The visa exemption agreement with San Marino, Seychelles, Mauritius, Bahamas and other countries applies to Chinese citizens with ordinary passports. In addition, 35 countries and regions are allowed to apply for a visa on arrival at the time of arrival at the port of entry. In recent years, some developed countries have also continually simplified the procedures for Chinese citizens to apply for visas, and also issued visas for Chinese citizens with longer validity and more entry times.

Of course, the work of improving the convenience of Chinese passports has a long way to go, from easy to difficult, step by step. It is foreseeable that Chinese passports will be familiar and welcome to more and more countries, and it will certainly bring more “surprise” to licensees. In addition, in October last year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chinese embassies and consulates abroad introduced eight measures to improve the travel documents, including the adjustment of passports and other travel documents, and simplified the passport application materials, which was welcomed by overseas Chinese citizens. And is the Chinese government’s work to improve the level of passport services not only to effectively improve the convenience index of Chinese passports?

Chinese Passport

High Security

Passport is not only a travel document, but also a nationality Proof of identity. In other words, judging the “gold content” of a national passport is not only convenient and convenient to see if the passport is out of the country, but also depends on whether the licensee is in trouble and danger outside the country, and can get timely protection and assistance.

In recent years, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has coordinated and instructed foreign embassies and consulates to dispose of tens of thousands of insured cases every year, to solve problems for overseas Chinese citizens and to protect overseas Chinese interests. The Chinese government upholds the concept of “people-oriented”, which is unmatched by many countries in the world in mobilizing the resources and assistance of Chinese citizens including Taiwan compatriots and Hong Kong and Macao compatriots. For example, in 2011, during the Libya Great Evacuation, the Chinese government used 12 days to attack the sea, land and air, mobilizing resources of more than 40 countries, and evacuating and transporting 35,860 compatriots without a casualty to the motherland! In the process, China also helps other countries withdrawMore than 2,000 refugees. At that critical juncture, the Chinese passport is a guarantee of peace. As far as its safety index is concerned, the “gold content” of the Chinese passport is full of color.


Adding color to you

In the past, due to China’s economic development The level is low, and some mainland residents go to the developed countries to make a living through illegal channels such as smuggling, or illegally stay in the receiving country after legally leaving the country, and become unintentional “illegal immigrants”. There are still some countries that set higher thresholds when issuing visas to Chinese citizens because of the above unpleasant memories and prejudices.

Today’s China is strong, and more compatriots are going abroad. However, some people bring foreigners who are rich, uncivilized, and informal, to foreign countries. Very few people are engaged in illegal activities in foreign countries. This not only greatly damages the overall image of the Chinese, but also artificially reduces the “gold content” of the Chinese passport.

The author recently heard that a Chinese tourist traveled in Tokyo, Japan, and several times in the subway, he heard someone shouting loudly, even speaking Chinese. The author also found a reminder in Chinese on the cable car of a scenic spot in Cape Town, South Africa: Please keep quiet. Similar examples of shame, the image of Chinese people overseas is not perfect.

When you complain about the Chinese passport, “the amount of gold” is not high, can you ask yourself, we are calling for “walking away” when there is no overseas Chinese for the maintenance of Chinese people. Image, in order to improve the reputation of Chinese passports, do more than one heart, add a little more points?

Therefore, the so-called passport “gold content” is not only a simple travel convenience problem, but also not only the number of visa-free countries. The “gold content” of the passport is actually the “opening amount” of the state’s opening to the outside world. “It is the amount of gold in the country’s comprehensive strength”, and it is the overall quality of the national “gold content”. As long as China continues to deepen reforms, China’s overall national strength and international status continue to improve, and Chinese people will appear on the international stage with a more open, civilized and confident image. Chinese passports will become heavy, loud, and “golden”. Travel & ldquo;hard currency”.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

A smuggling ship sank in Haiti, causing at least three deaths and missing many people

Xinhuanet Santo Domingo, February 20 (Reporter Liu Shenbing) A ship carrying 25 Haitian illegal immigrants sank in the waters near southeastern Dominica on the 20th, killing at least three people and missing many people.

A spokesman for the Dominican Navy said the shipwreck occurred in the waters near Bavaro Beach, 207 km east of Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominica. The rescuers at sea have rescued 10 drowning people and also recovered the bodies of three people. At present, search and rescue work is still going on.

This is the second time that a Haitian smuggling vessel has been overturned. On December 11, last year, a ship carrying illegal immigrants from Haiti sank in the waters off the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean, killing at least 10 people and missing a few. Haiti is the poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean. A large number of Haitians often sneak into the United States by boat, and accidents such as overturning often occur.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang