Ukrainian president and opposition leader reached an agreement on a temporary truce

Xinhuanet, Kiev, February 19th The Ukrainian President’s Information Office announced on the 19th that Uzbek President Yanukovych and the opposition leaders had a temporary “dearest” and agreed to start negotiations.

The U.S. President’s Information Office said that Yanukovych and the opposition leaders Klitschko and Yazenuk held negotiations in the president’s office building, and the two sides announced after the negotiations that they would stop bleeding. And to stabilize the situation in the country, for the sake of peace for the citizens, it will temporarily “the truce” and begin the negotiation process.

Klitschko told the media that Yanukovych promised that opposition leaders would not attack Independence Square. He said that the next stage of negotiations should be held on the 20th.

The violent clashes in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, which occurred in the past three months on the 18th, caused 26 deaths and 388 injuries, including several military police and journalists. The United Nations, Russia, and China have called on all parties concerned to stop the bloodshed of violence and resolve the crisis peacefully through dialogue.

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A long-distance bus crashed into the valley and killed 17 people in Pakistan

Original title: (International) Pakistan’s long-distance bus crashed into the valley and killed 17 people

Xinhua News Agency, Islamabad, October 28th, a Pakistani coach was opened in the northwest of the country on the evening of 28th. – The Gochstein region of Pashtun province fell into the valley, killing 17 people and injuring one.

According to local media reports, the bus was heading for the city of Rawalpindi in the northern part of the city. There were 18 people in the car. The bus crashed out of a mountain road and crashed into the valley, killing 17 of them. A woman was injured in the accident.

The report said that because the incident was relatively remote and the accident occurred at night, rescue workers completed the rescue work in a few hours.

Japanese aquarium king has a footworm hunger strike 5 years and 43 days later died

The Japanese aquarium king has a footworm hunger strike after 5 years and 43 days of death (data map)

International online feature: According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on February 17, On the 14th of this month, the world “the longest hunger striker”, the king of the Toba City Aquarium in Mie Prefecture, Japan, was born with a footworm “No. 1” in a public feeding event, the museum was declared dead. It has been hunger strike for 5 years and 43 days.

It is reported that “No. 1” is from the Gulf of Mexico and was admitted to the Mie Prefecture Aquarium in September 2007. It is a male footworm with a body length of about 29 cm and a body weight of about 1 kg. After eating a fish in January 2009, he did not eat any more.

The introduction of the museum, “1” & rdquo; can pretend to eat. In order to please the breeder, it used the mouth and forefoot to move in front of the food and make a meal, but in fact it did not eat anything.

At present, the experts intend to freeze the dead king’s footworm and investigate why it refused to eat.

The king has a footworm, or giant giant sea otter, giant footworm, which is the world’s largest arthropod phylum. It is generally believed that the king has a large number of footworms living in the deep sea of ​​the cold Atlantic.

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The Ukrainian parliament decided to reorganize the government Yanukovich’s whereabouts

China News Service, Beijing, February 23rd, Kiev News: Ukrainian parliament voted on the 23rd, the new speaker Turchinov temporarily fulfilled the president’s duties, and began to form a coalition government. President Yanukovych became suspicious after being dismissed by the parliament. It is reported that the opposition is planning to hold Yanukovitch accountable for the serious violent conflict that has taken place recently.

According to the Ukrainian “Kyiv Post” report, Turchinov said on the same day that he will form a coalition government by the 25th of this month. On the same day, the Ukrainian parliament voted to lift the duties of Kozala’s foreign minister and the Minister of Education and Science of Tabaznik.

As former Prime Minister Tymoshenko’s “firm ally”, Turchinov vehemently criticized Yanukovych in the parliament on the 23rd. He said that the current economic situation in Ukraine can be described as “disaster”. The state treasury, pensions, and banking systems all have significant risks, and Yanukovych should be responsible for this.

The Ukrainian opposition party “Reform Democracy Coalition” leader Klitschko said on the 23rd that Yanukovych is responsible for the violent conflict that caused a large number of civilian casualties. He also announced that he will participate in the presidential election in May.

On the evening of the 22nd, the newly released Tymoshenko appeared in a wheelchair and appeared in Kiev Independence Square. Her supporters welcomed her return with flowers and the slogan of “Heroes”. Tymoshenko expressed his gratitude to the supporters and called on the demonstrators not to leave the Independence Square until they achieved all of their expectations.

On the 23rd, opposition supporters still held rally in Independence Square, but no major conflicts occurred.

The news from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health said that 82 people have been killed since the outbreak of serious violent clashes in Kiev on the 18th, most of them demonstrators.

As of now, there is no official news to announce the whereabouts of Yanukovych. However, news from the eastern city of Donetsk said that Yanukovich had a large number of police officers outside the residence of the place, and the streets leading to his residence also strengthened their vigilance. Reuters said that Yanukovych has the most loyal supporters in Donets. Changes in the local security situation indicate that Yanukovych has appeared here.

And the Russian Interfax news agency said that the U.S. border defense department refused to apply for the departure of Yanukovych’s aircraft from Donetsk late at night on the grounds that the aircraft had not been granted a departure permit. .

The situation in Ukraine began to develop in a favorable direction towards the opposition from the 22nd. In just one day, the opposition took over the government, the parliament, and the judicial system. Yanukovich’s official residence is also under the control of the opposition. The Ukrainian military also stated that it would be loyal to the authority conferred by the Constitution and would not be involved in domestic political struggles.

A major turning point in the situation in Ukraine has also attracted the attention of the international community. According to the Los Angeles Times, Russian Finance Minister Silouyan said on the 23rd that Russia decided to suspend aid to Ukraine until the situation is still unclear.

US White House spokesman Carney called on Ukraine on the 22nd to stop violence and achieve democratic change. The United States is willing to cooperate with Russia and the EU to maintain Ukrainian reunification.

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The reunion of the scattered families of the DPRK and the ROK started. More than 100 Korean families went to the DPRK.

Local Time 2 On the 19th, in Sokcho, South Korea, Koreans who participated in the reunion of the separated families of the Koreans and the DPRK arrived in Sokcho, located in the northeastern part of Gangwon-do, South Korea, to prepare for family reunion. The first round of reunion of the Han and Dynasties will be held at the Mount Kumgang Hotel in North Korea from the 20th to the 25th.

China News Service, February 20th According to the Yonhap News Agency, the reunion of Han and Dao’s separated family members kicked off in Mount Kumgang, North Korea. A total of 140 people from the Korean family who participated in the first round of separated family members, including 58 separated family members and 58 accompanying family members, departed for the Gangang Mountain at 9:00 am local time on the 20th, and met with the North Korean family members who had been separated for more than 60 years. A total of 178 North Korean family members participated in the day’s meeting.

The Korean separated family gathered in Sokcho, Gangwon-do on the 19th, and left Sokcho at 9:00 am. They will transfer to the Han Dynasty Immigration Office (CIQ) in Gangwon-do, Gaocheng to the King Kong. Mountain, arrived at the Mount Kumgang Hotel at approximately 1 pm.

The separated families of the Korean and Korean sides will participate in the “Group Meeting” held at the Mount Kumgang Hotel at 3 pm and attend the welcome dinner at 7 pm. On the 21st, the separated family members will meet with individuals and groups, and then have lunch together. On the 22nd, the separated family members will have their last meeting, thus ending the first three-day reunion.

After the 18th discrete family reunion event was held from October 30th to November 5th, 2010, the reunion of separated family members was held again after three years and four months. The reunion activities were held in two rounds. The first round of meetings took place from the 20th to the 22nd. A total of 140 Korean families and 58 accompanying family members went to the 178 North Korean relatives to meet in the DPRK meeting; the second round of meetings From the 23rd to the 25th, 88 families of the DPRK will meet with 361 family members of the ROK.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

Russian Prime Minister is willing to cooperate with Uzbekistan’s legitimate regime

Xinhuanet Moscow, February 20 (Reporter Hu Xiaoguang) Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in Moscow on the 20th that Russia is willing to develop cooperation with Ukraine’s legitimate and effective regime and called on Ukraine to rectify the national order.

According to the Russian government website, Medvedev said at the government meeting held on the same day that Russia will continue to cooperate with Ukraine in all aspects of the agreement and will make every effort to fulfill its commitments. “At the same time, our partners must be full of vigor, the Ukrainian regime must be legal and effective, and the extremists cannot be allowed to use the regime as a rag on the outside. & rdquo; He said that law enforcement agencies defend national interests and protect people’s safety, and the government should ensure the safety of people and the safety of law enforcement agencies.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Lukasevich declined to comment at the press conference on the day that Ukraine may be under the control of the new president. He said that Russia does not interfere in the internal conflict and mediation process in Ukraine. Russia insists that the mediation process of the Ukrainian crisis should be carried out on the legal track.

Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov refuted the report on Ukrainian President Yanukovych’s request for asylum in Russia in an interview with the Russian media, saying that the relevant news was “Proverbs” and “" Information warfare”. He said that at the request of Yanukovych, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a representative to Kiev on the evening of 20th to participate in the Ukrainian government and opposition negotiations as a middleman.

The most serious violent clashes in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, occurred in the past three months on the 18th, causing many deaths and injuries, including military police and journalists. On the 20th, a new conflict broke out in the Independence Square in the center of Kiev. According to the latest figures released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, as of the evening of the 20th, violent clashes caused 67 deaths and 562 injuries, including 13 police officers. The United Nations, Russia, and China have called on all parties concerned to stop the bloodshed of violence and resolve the crisis peacefully through dialogue.

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Indian scientists develop “detoxification gel” to help farmers avoid pesticide poisoning

[Global Network] Because of the lack of government regulation, the abuse of toxic pesticides in Amnesty is very popular in India, which makes farmers working in farmland face a lot of risks of. However, this issue may be effectively resolved in the near future. Indian researchers have developed a new gel that neutralizes toxicity, which will provide farmers with tangible protection.

According to a report by the American quartz network on November 26, researchers at the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (InStem) in Bangalore have developed a polyfluorene gel that rapidly inactivates organic phosphorus. Several pesticides. They have published their research results in the journal Science & Bull; Progress last month.

It is reported that about 200,000 people worldwide die from organic phosphorus. Studies have shown that, like chemical weapons, organophosphorus inhibits neurotransmission mechanisms, leading to neurological disorders, suffocation, paralysis and death.

Working as a Korean biggest worry 20-30 years old young people are most satisfied with life

China News Service, November 20, according to the Korea International Radio Station, the results of the “2018 Social Security National Cognition Survey” published by the Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare on the 20th showed that the biggest worry for Koreans is work, followed by In health and old age, one-third of Koreans are full of concerns about their jobs.

This survey was conducted by the Korea Health and Social Research Institute for 1,000 people and 100 experts over the age of 20 years. According to the survey, 36% of respondents believe that the biggest worry at present is “jobs”, 17% of respondents answered “healthy”, and 15% of respondents answered “old age life”. In addition, a survey of 100 experts showed that 50% of experts believe that the most worrying Koreans in five years are “jobs”.

In terms of old age, 51% of respondents said they are preparing for retirement. Among those who did not prepare for retirement, respondents aged 30-50 said they would prepare for the future. Of the respondents over the age of 60, 71% said they were not able to prepare for retirement.

Foreign media: Floods in Sicily, Italy, killing 10 people

China News Service, November 4th According to Agence France-Presse, according to Italian fire department news, a flood in Sicily caused 10 deaths.

Recently, various parts of Italy have been ragingly raging. According to the forecast of the Italian National Meteorological Observatory, from October 31, Italy will once again usher in heavy rain, and the weather in the northwest, Sardinia, Sicily, and Calabria will be even worse. November From the 3rd to the 4th, there will be strong storms in Sardinia, Sicily and the Northwest. On November 5th, the weather will gradually improve.

Many cases of robbery and burglary in the United States, the embassy reminded citizens to pay attention

China Overseas Chinese Network November 22nd According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, there have been many cases of robbery and burglary involving Chinese tourists and students in the Chinese Embassy in the United States. Fortunately, there were no casualties. The embassy once again reminded Chinese citizens in the United States to strengthen their awareness of self-security, carefully choose the location of their homes, be alert to suspicious people around them, and avoid going out alone at night. In case of danger, please calmly respond and call 911 to make sure you are safe. (If you speak Chinese, you can get Chinese service).

In addition, the criminals posing as consulates in the name of the consulate are still embarrassed, and the Chinese citizens in the United States should be vigilant and not be burdened. If you are accidentally defrauded, please call the police immediately and contact the relevant financial institutions to try to recover the loss.

I wish you all a happy life in the United States, happy to learn, happy Thanksgiving!

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