Marble tray

Marble Tray is made by a Belgian companyObjettoDesign of small items. ObjettofounderNils Van Brabant was initially fascinated by architectural photography, which led him to live in Chile for several years. The original landscape of Chile, from Patagonia to the Atacama Desert, provides him with a deep understanding of minimalism and a simple world.

Tray production includesHector AlvaradoThe unique engraving technique, He is a living in India Mexican sculptor in Tunisia. The aesthetics of the work reminds the user of the fragility of the stone and the fluidity of the water. Each piece is slowly hand-treated with sandpaper until the surface feels better.

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Stud stool designed by Pierre Guibert

The bracket stool is a minimalist design created by Berlin designer Pierre Guibert. The concept of this design comes from the need for a well-designed and comfortable high stool that is both easy to manufacture and cost effective. The final product is a design that shows the CNC machining capabilities in furniture production.

The designer who just graduated from college as a architect has a strong intuition on materials —— especially cardboard. He wants to create a design that can be easily copied from basic materials anywhere in the world. The standard 24mm birch plywood is finally used as a raw material for the stool design with a canvas. A CNC engraving machine and some basic tools such as sandpaper, glue and clamps can complete the construction of the stool.

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Spectacular illusion makes the flat wall vortex

Peter KoglerThe geometric pattern transforms into a flat white wall with a dazzling underground tunnel illusion. The artist used wavy lines to cover the gallery walls, using curves and dive to make the audience feel that they were involved in the whirlpool. Some of these designs include the entire corridor so that people can experience the full effect through these patterns.

Space illusion of pipes and trajectories Arousing the feeling of a near claustrophobic version can be linked to underground public transportation. Just like taking the subway, KoglerThe static design seems to mimic a constant motion that makes people lose their sense of direction.

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Basket weave meets traditional ceramics

DesignerView Two manual techniques and seamlessly blending them to create a series of unique vases and containers called Caruma,

Works are made from carefully selected pine needles from PortugalCaldas da RainhaForest, weaving usedAngolanBasket Weaving technology. The pine needles are directly woven into the traditional ceramic ceramic form, becoming one of two manual techniquesIntercultural dialogue example.

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West Coast Design

INTRO/LASinging to the Los Angeles Design FestivalSilverlakeDistrict, time is May 29Day -31Day.

This event will be smallpondHosted and received the London Contemporary Design Exhibition support. Its goal is to provide an alternative experience for the standard design trade show environment by integrating a range of design devices into a cohesive exhibition. Span lang=”EN-US” style=”font-size:10.5pt;mso-bidi-font-size:10.0pt;font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-fareast-font-family:宋体; Mso-font-kerning: 1.0pt; mso-ansi-language: EN-US; mso-fareast-language: ZH-CN; mso-bidi-language: AR-SA”>
INTRO/LAwill showcase the latest products from a group of Los Angeles artists and designers, created by new International design brand release, including Anglepoise,Brendan Ravenhill,Desiree Kleinetc.

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Inspired by the carpet of sand painting

Textile DesignerMadeline Weinribthis yearCollective Design A series of new carpets and fabrics were launched. SandCollection isWeinribMy own understanding of sand painting, inspired by the famous abstract expressionist painterAntonio Tàpies, he incorporated sand, earth and broken marble into his work.

New works include hand-woven rugs, silk gauze and hand-woven fabrics with a structural and tactile texture And a deliberate sense of irregularity.

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A comfortable seat that can be slightly bent to fit the body

Designer during the furniture industryAdam FriedmanAware of the love between people and upholstered furniture/ hate relationship. They like soft seats but worry about fabric damage and outdated style. So he combined the comfort of the cushion with the durability and cleanliness of the wood, creating a name called Friedman Collection of these chairs and benches with small compressed wooden blocks that can be slightly curved to accommodate Body. This allows you to sit in a comfortable seat for a few hours without the need for cushioning.
The collection is made of sturdy hardwood, Walnut or oak wood surfaces. They were hand-built by local independent craftsmen in Los Angeles and can be sold outside the US.

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Lights inspired by JOHN MCCRACKEN

Brooklyn designer Sergio Mannino recently launched four new fixtures inspired by artist John McCracken. Mannino explained his design process through vivid images in a fictional letter to McCracken. In the letter, he described what he saw and felt through the Mediterranean, and he also wondered if these had any similarities with McCracken’s ideas.

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Milan Design Week

YanagiharaandStefan Teruhiro Scholtenbringed2016/, a match16International Designer and 10a pottery project. Designers include Scholten & Baijings,Tomás AlonsoandTAF, they spent two years researching pottery, increasing their understanding of resources and skills, and each developed a product or collection to protect the skills of local craftsmen.

Thomas Eyckpublished a book Book, recordChristien Meindertsma bottom ash survey. 25In the kilogram sample, she found concrete, carbon steel, ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, lead, copper, silver, in fact, this is a more than mining An effective method of collecting copper.

There is an interesting theme that runs through this year’s design event,Marcantonio Raimondi MalerbaThe monkey light is very interesting.

The most eye-catching work of Design Week is the Slovenian designerNika ZupancThe latest product set, which contains an oversized gray curved Armchair, a set of three overlapping round mirrors and updates to existing products.

Luca NichettoShowcasedNichetto Study, the work shows the design process of his various stages, through color, mood boards, pictures and furniture. Furniture and color cannot be considered separately, but as two complete parts of a single project,he said.

Moon JellyDesigned by youngEva Walk iVase works Set, made of silica gel stretched on glass.“Moon-JellyMeet the original desires, through a combination of sorrow and gentleness,Designer said.

SunbrellaShowcases a range of works designed by different designers, including a small colored table made of wood.

One ​​of the highlights of the Design Exhibition is Marble Ways, byEleonora Dal Farra & Andrea FortiDesign. The desktop is made of resin cast Made of cut marble pieces, each with a different color.

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Furniture from the new design brand Stilst

Architect and DesignerReinierdeJongFoundedStilst, a new design brand that focuses on quiet interiors Create timeless furniture.

HILT The top of the table comes with a practical Handle so you can easily move it to another location when you need it.
The dining table is a simple piece with wooden legs. The surface of the table exposes the texture of the wood.
Folding chairs are made using handles from brooms, cymbals and other tools in the yard.

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