DJ police Shibuya became famous

Tokyo does not seem to have a fixed traffic command service, and the Japanese police will use the police whistle in addition to catching the bad guys. 哔”, the general service especially loves to use loudspeakers and repeats hundreds of moral persuasion.
The first time I noticed this incident was to attend the fireworks meeting in the suburbs of Tokyo. Before coming out of the station and breathing fresh air, I have already heard the police broadcast: There are many people at the fireworks meeting, please polite, please walk by, please go to the venue. About five or six kilometers from the station to the venue, they held small loudspeakers, one by one, and repeated similar lines.
The megaphone that the Japanese police like to use is actually not much quieter than the whistle. In particular, police cars and fire trucks drive all the way, and the car whistle sounds plus their live broadcasts. In the execution service, please give way, the white car in front, please lean over, hear someone talking at night, and easily start the brain switch, which is very disturbing.
However, the broadcast dialogue does have its effect. On the 4th of last month, the Japanese football team kicked the night of the World Cup, and the police’s broadcast dredging made great achievements.
In addition to the Shibuya station in previous years, fans gathered to watch the game through the big screen. No matter how the Japanese team won or lost, there were many riots. This night, the Japanese police rarely pulled up the control line and sent the police of the Guangbao Branch to the heights and shouted to the fans: “Whoever wears the Japanese team jersey, you are the twelfth person, please cooperate. ”“Please, like the Japanese team, keep the team spirit and move towards the station. “There was a young man leaning on a car that couldn’t move. The policeman said, “This behavior is going to give a yellow card.” ” even said, “The police do not want to lose temper on this good day.” His shouts cut the hearts of the fans, and the duty film was madly reposted, winning the title of “DJ Police”. The police officer was later awarded the Director’s Award by the Metropolitan Police Department to know that he was the winner of the Police Broadcasting Technology Competition.

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Separate volumes connected to shared outdoor space

3LHD Architects have completed a pure white home in the old town of Dubrovnik above the sharp slopes for private clients. To ensure that they are able to build their ideal residence, the owner buys the last empty plot at the Ploche quarter site.

Steep sites are irregularly shaped, and land zoning plans are divided into roads. The house is set with a plot with stunning views of the old town and the top of Lokrum Island, while the lower part is used for a lush garden.

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What is the problem with the modulation of the color of the paint?

The color modulation of the paint is very complicated. In the process of paint production and construction, the problem of floating color is often encountered. When the paint has floating color, the color difference between the color and the standard plate makes the coloring difficult, which wastes the pigment and does not color. Precisely, at the same time, the canning effect of the coating is very poor, and the color of the coating film after the coating is dried is difficult to be uniformly applied. One of the phenomena of dynamic separation of the genus genus: the pigment is separated in the horizontal direction, so that the color of the coating film is uneven and the flowering occurs. The floating color is the color that changes vertically. One or more pigments separate during the film formation and drying process. One pigment floats to the surface and the other pigment moves to the bottom or sinks to the bottom.
How do you observe and judge the phenomenon of floating color in the laboratory?

You can start from two aspects:

Static floating color in the tank: After the paint is evenly dispersed and left in the tank for a period of time, one or A phenomenon in which a plurality of pigments are separated and floats on the surface. For example, after storage for a period of time, after opening the can, the surface of the can appears to appear black, indigo or white.

The dynamic floating color of the coating film: the phenomenon that the pigment particles are separated during the drying process of the coating film is called dynamic floating color, and the dynamic floating color pigment separation is divided into two cases: one is the coating film fading surface. The color is uneven, and the other is that the surface of the film is uniform, but the surface layer is different from the color of the bottom layer. Use finger to spread to identify the floating color. First, pour or coat the paint on a glass plate or black and white cardboard. When leveling, rub the finger until the film begins to become viscous, and the pigment particles no longer migrate and separate. If the paint has floating color, the unhoned surface and the honed surface are different in hue. During the honing process, the pigment is easily separated and filamentous streaks appear. After the coating film is dried, the honed surface will have an angular vortex pattern. The degree of discoloration of the finger 随 varies with the conditions of the finger test, and the length of the honing time or the weight of the honing action and the drying speed of the film have a great influence on the degree of color change.

There are many factors in the floating color of paints, the difference in particle size of pigments and fillers, the difference in surface tension of various substances in the system, and the hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB), emulsion and color paste of each substance. The compatibility and the like have a great influence on the floating color of the latex paint, and are discussed in detail below.

1, the effect of the particle size of the pigment particles on the floating color of the paint

During the drying process, with the volatilization of the volatiles in the paint, these volatiles It also carries a part of the pigment and filler to bring them to the coating film. When these pigment and filler particles are transported to the surface, the finer particles with higher surface area are easy to transport, while the coarse particles with relatively low specific surface area are hindered. In sports, when the latex paint film is dried, the more hydrophilic substance tends to evaporate quickly. If the white pulp is more hydrophilic than the color paste, the white pigment particles are more hydrophilic than the color paste. Pigment particles are more hydrophilic and they are more susceptible to being brought to the surface by highly polar volatiles. In addition, the particle size difference between the pigment and filler particles is too large, so that the compatibility between the pigment and the filler becomes very poor. Due to the above reasons, the color paint prepared by using the pigment is not suitable for construction, and the paint floats during construction. Severe, and the film appears to float. It is difficult to adjust the dark paint on floating white, and it will cause waste of paint. The solution is to carefully select the pigment and filler to match the particle size of the selected pigments and fillers; thus avoiding floating and fading.

2, the effect of surface tension difference on the floating color of the paint

In the usual coloring, it is often found that some color paste is difficult to disperse evenly in the white base paint. After the dispersion of the colored paint for a period of time, there is a phenomenon of color separation or floating color, or the canning effect of the paint is not good. In the process of painting, the preparation of white pulp is different from the preparation process of color paste. Anionic dispersant or ionic polyelectrolyte dispersant is often used for making white pulp, while non-ionic dispersant is used for color paste, or part of it. The anionic dispersant is used in combination, and thus the white pigment and the color pigment particles have different surface properties due to adsorption of a different wetting and dispersing agent, and the hydrophilic and lipophilic values ​​are different, and the surface tension is also different. Generally, the ionic surfactant has a larger surface tension than the nonionic surfactant. They are all nonionic surfactants. Because of their different molecular structure at the hydrophobic end, the surface tension is also different, and the outermost link in the hydrophobic end structure of the molecule contributes the most to the surface tension. A molecule with a low surface energy means that the force between the molecules is small and the surface tension is also low. From the viewpoint of thermodynamics, substances with low surface tension are easily adsorbed and transferred to the interface, which makes the system stable. The decrease in surface tension weakens the tendency of the liquid shrinkage surface and the droplets to coalesce, and reduces the additional pressure difference of the curved liquid surface. Conducive to the stability of the liquid surface and dispersion system. Therefore, if the surface tension between the white pulp or the color paste differs greatly from the surface tension difference of the system, the paint disposed with the slurry is more likely to have a floating color.

3, the compatibility between the system

The compatibility of the emulsion and the color paste is good, the floating color of the paint and the coating film will be much better, the emulsion on the color paste If it is wet, the color development of the paint is also good. Anionic and nonionic surfactants are often used as wetting and dispersing agents in aqueous coatings. Inorganic pigments with polar and ionic surfaces in water systems can react with polar groups or ions of added ionic surfactants. The effect is to form a two-layer adsorption layer. In the aqueous pigment slurry, the surfactant particles are adsorbed on the surface of the pigment particles to form a protective layer, but the interaction between the protective layers is intermolecular force and electrostatic force, so the force between them is different, when the above color paste When mixed with various types of emulsions or latex paints, the dispersion stability of the color paste is different. When the surfactant on the surface of the pigment particles has a high affinity with the surfactant adsorbed on the surface of the emulsion particles, that is, an emulsifier or water, The surfactant adsorbed by the pigment particles is peeled off, so that the protective layer on the surface of the pigment particles is thinned, causing flocculation of the pigment, thereby causing floating coloration of the coating film. Of course, when the emulsifier outside the emulsion particles is compatible with the surfactants other than the pigment and filler particles in the color paste.When the emulsion is wetted by these pigments and filled particles, the color development of the whole color paint is good, the color is bright, and the color is not floating.

4, the effect of hydrophilic-lipophilic balance on floating color fading

Hydrophilic lipophilic balance (HLB) is a very sensitive problem, often in the production of coatings Use a variety of materials: emulsions, pigments, fillers, solvents, cosolvents and various additives. These materials all have their own hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB value). The hydrophilic-lipophilic balance of each material matches the performance of the coating system. The floating color, hair color, water distribution and other phenomena will be get over. Of course, after the emulsion and pigments we use, the hydrophilic-lipophilic balance value, that is, the HLB value, cannot be changed, but the HLB of the whole system can be adjusted by carefully selecting the auxiliary agent, that is, wetting and dispersing agent, thickener, and the like. The value balances the HLB value of the entire system. We know that the lipophilic substance has a small surface tension at the lipophilic end, and the paint is stored in a container storage tank. These lipophilic substances are easily floated onto the surface. From a thermodynamic point of view, the energy of the whole system is lowered and the system is stable. When the latex paint produced is in a static state, it floats in the container, not only the canning effect is not good, the construction performance is not good, and the coating state is not good. If the paint floats white, it means that the HLB value of the white pulp is relatively small, and the white pulp is relatively oleophilic. Therefore, the white pulp should be made hydrophilic when producing the white pulp; if the paint floats the color of the color paste, it indicates the white pulp HLB The value is relatively large and relatively hydrophilic. When producing white pulp, the white pulp should be made lipophilic to prevent the paint from floating.

The matching of the hydrophilic-lipophilic balance value (HLB value) can be accomplished by careful selection of the wetting and dispersing agent. The ammonium salt dispersing agent with a hydrophobic group in the anionic dispersing agent is more lipophilic than the sodium carboxylate dispersing agent, and the HLB value is small, and the ammonium salt dispersing agent with a hydrophobic group also greatly improves the floating color of the latex paint film. Because when the pigment particles are wrapped with this type of dispersant, there are not only electrostatic resistance around the pigment particles, but also steric hindrance, and during the drying process, as the water evaporates, the ammonia in the ammonium salt also volatilizes. To make such dispersants more hydrophobic, so that the pigment filler particles encapsulating such dispersants are more compatible with the film-forming materials, and the steric hindrance makes the structure become bulky, so that the coating film is in the drying process. The floating color of the middle coating film, that is, the floating color during the dynamic process is also suppressed.

5, the effect of thickener on the floating color of latex paint

some pseudoplastic strong associative thickeners and surfactants with larger HLB values The great affinity makes it desorb on the surface of the pigment, causing the pigment to aggregate and flocculate, which in turn causes the coloring power of the system to decrease and produce a floating color. In the system of mixing organic and inorganic pigments, especially when titanium white is used in combination with cyan, cyan and carbon black pastes, a weakly plastic associative thickener can be used to obtain a latex paint with satisfactory color and good leveling. Sex.
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US furniture factory orders fell 18% year-on-year in February

Orders for US furniture factories fell 18% year-on-year in February, the month in which the situation has been relatively good since last September. According to the accounting consulting company report, from October last year to January this year, the company’s order volume fell by more than 20%.

Company Managing Partner Ken Smith said: “The order volume of US furniture factories in February is, to some extent, industry expectations. The value is flat.

In the list of civil furniture factories surveyed, 89% of factories reported a decrease in orders in February; orders A 65% decline in the number of factories has exceeded 20%.

Survey shows that factory shipments in February and last year Compared with the same, the sales volume dropped by 20%. From the sales volume in the first two months of 2009, both the order volume and the shipment volume decreased by 22%.

Smith also said that according to the majority of exhibitors at the high-point exhibition, the passenger flow in the exhibition hall has declined.

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New York Van Allen Institute Design Redesign

The group music has received a nod, from a prestigious judge and the public to design a new home, the Allen Institute, an important New York cultural institution dedicated to promoting the architecture and design of innovative thinking in civic life. . The competition, known as ground/work, attracted 120 entries from 20 countries and led to three finalists, including EFGH (Helley Heber Frank Gesualdi, Spencer LAPP, Eight Ruggiero and Ari Nova ) and possible architecture (Vincent · Appel, Ethan Lem, Jaime Magaliff, Heather Modi, Miller, Paul, Little Franklin & Middot; Romero and Emily with Jay & Middot; Thurton cooperates with Ruopp). The group music proposal was titled Screen Play, but it eventually won a day.

The award-winning design envisions a highly flexible space that utilizes subtle interacting surfaces and screens to enable diverse uses by the Institute Activities are required from multimedia exhibitions and lectures, seminars and private meetings. “The idea of ​​group music provides a vision for both complex and sensitive Van · Allen’s needs, as an evolving cultural organization,” said David Van, the executive director of Van Allen Research. “When we refocus the research and planning of the Institute and explore the city, we are fortunate to have this inspiring design team. ”

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Does the environmentally friendly tile have radiation?

When we carry out interior decoration, the use of tiles is indispensable. Modern decoration people generally prefer green tiles. However, there are many types of tiles on the market. How should we identify whether tiles are environmentally friendly? Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.
Teach you to identify whether tiles have radiation

  The raw materials of ceramic tile products are derived from ore, quartz powder, long sand powder, zircon powder and other mineral materials. A special ray is emitted, which is called radioactivity. Many people in the ceramic industry have said that the raw materials of ceramic tiles are made of natural stone, more or less radioactive; in order to facilitate decontamination and avoid erosion, manufacturers generally apply a layer of “glaze” on the surface (the tile is also called glaze). Tile).

  glazed tile
   tile radiation refers to the phenomenon that tiles contain radioactive materials, of which the radioactivity of glazed tiles is more obvious. The glazed tiles are coated with a layer of glaze on the tile base. The tiles have a variety of colors and rich patterns and patterns. Most of the glazed ceramic tiles are derived from potassium-containing minerals such as feldspar and mica. These minerals contain certain radioactive substances such as uranium and potassium. It is still radioactive after physical and chemical processes such as pulverization and sintering. In order to make the surface of the tile smooth, the higher-activity zircon sand is often added to the raw material, which also makes some tiles have higher radioactivity.

   First, look at the tile radiation according to the color
   Remind consumers that the whiter the tile, the greater the radiation, the stronger the radiation of the ultra-white brick in the polished tile So whether it is a first-line brand or a third-line brand, buy tiles, especially floor tiles, don’t buy too white, the damage is much smaller. The whiter the tiles, the more often they contain more supplemental additives, which are generally more radiant. The radiation produced by brighteners such as zirconia can endanger human health, while the ultra-white bricks in polished tiles are more strongly radiated. Therefore, unless the glazed glaze itself is white, the large white brick is not suitable for large-area paving.

  The difference between big brands and small brands is not the quality of the products but the quality. It may be bad when the first-line bricks buy 100 blocks, and the third-line brands will be bad. But it must not be said that small brand brick radiation is more powerful than big brands.

   Dark tile radioactive contamination is more serious. The darker the tiles, the more radioactive materials they contain, and the greater the radiation. Among all the glazed tiles, the red is the most serious, and the radioactivity of the tiles such as General Red and Rhododendron is higher than other colors.

   Second, the radiation produced by qualified tiles will not endanger human health
   China’s national mandatory standard “Building Materials Radionuclide Limits” (GB 6566) will The radioactive level of building decoration materials is divided into three categories: A, B, and C.

   Class A decoration materials have the lowest level of radioactivity, and their production, sales and use range are not limited.

  Class B decoration materials are not to be used in the interior of Class I civil buildings such as houses, hospitals, schools, etc., but can be used for exterior finishes of Class I civil buildings and all other buildings. Inner and outer finishes.

   and Class C decoration materials can only be used for exterior finishes of buildings and for outdoor use.

  3, tile purchase strategy

  1, if you want to choose brick, it is best to choose matt brick

   Try not to decorate the interior with tiles. If you want to choose bricks, it is best to choose matt bricks; if you use polished tiles, usually try to open small lights in your home, try to avoid direct light or affect the eyes through reflection.

  2, purchase ultra-white bricks to warn the excess of zirconium silicate

   polished tiles in the production process, in order to achieve whitening effect, will Appropriate addition of zirconium silicate, and some enterprises excessively added for the production of ultra-white bricks, is the main reason for the excessive radiation of ceramic tiles

  3, choose the tiles to be careful to check the inspection level

  The industry said that when buying tiles, the public must look at the certification provided by the manufacturer: radioactive level detection, divided into three categories, A, B, C, of ​​which A is the best, outside this tile The package will indicate: “Radioactivity level: A”.

   Fourth, how to detect whether the radiation received by yourself exceeds the standard

   can use the radiation detector at home for testing, pay attention to the optional detector If it is certified by an authoritative organization, and can produce a product test report, and the product with an energy response index of 1.0±0.15; we are in a radioactive environment of 0.13μSv/h even without any radiation, this radiation background The upper limit is the safe normal. Therefore, the radiation level of the decoration materials or the radiation level of the specific activity environment is safe as long as it is not significantly higher than the background level. According to the public exposure control standards proposed by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the World Health Organization, the total amount of radiation received per person per year should not exceed 1000 μSv, as long as the total amount of radiation per year is not greater than this standard, it is also safe.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network)<

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Danish Disabled Persons Association builds disabled building

The only thing in the Danish Association for the Disabled is the fact that they are all gathered under an umbrella. Despite the huge differences between individual organizations, the general consensus is that the general promotion of disability issues is even greater when you join forces. Now, there are about 20 different organizations representing the disabled organizations in the House, forming close collaboration and creating a new dynamic synergy. The organization’s goal, this new house is to create “the most accessible office building in the world”. High ambition and a complex task, involving intense users, and being seen as a new strategic approach, the way forward to achieve this goal.

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Old wine bottle light: an environmentally friendly example

The chandelier adds value to the recycling from an old wine bottle, creating a wine cellar, kitchen, bar or dining room at an affordable price.
Collect bottles and put them up

Make used bottles of wood as a custom squeeze Full of Tuscan-style chandeliers and basics. In order to make this chandelier, you will need: wine bottle in a variety of colors and highly practical knife wet cloth a glass cutting tool, lamp holder and wire; a spool chain; bolt cutter; 2 & ldquo; & times; 8′ plank pine; self-sealing Wood Dyeing Drill 1“ Paddle position; screwdriver, wire cutter, reciprocating saw or circular saw miter saw shallow plastic square junction box, wing nut, hook eye and 1” Sewing gun and clear heavy strength silicone.

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Couple bathtub: couples deserve to have

A couple of yin and yang baths, for those, you feel like there is no real share to share their bathtub is the best choice. A little confused? We all know that the time you spend with your other half is precious, counting every moment. But comfort and relaxation are essential. Couple bathtubs are things you don’t get, everyday use. First of all, it is super expensive. It costs $55,000 and from here you can get more information about it. Second, it keeps you away from your love. If these let you say: “No, not for me”, then what might make you change your mind? Let’s start with this: it provides you with just the right amount of intimacy (“space”) while allowing you to enjoy the bath.

This is a treatment for a different type of couple, encouraging as much as possible to do things together, At the same time promote the idea of ​​”joining together, but mind your own business”. “ Each swimmer has his/her own bath water. The temperature can be chosen separately to bathe the color of the additive. In addition, in terms of hygiene, separate bath water is the best solution. If a person takes a bath, only half the amount of water is necessary. “The shape is reminiscent of China’s symbolic yin, yang, and the constant change of expression. Most importantly, you can feel the vibration of the music, your body in every fiber and rainbow color enjoy the perfect combination in your bathtub.

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Egyptian cement prices rose

Egypt According to the latest market report of the National Bureau of Statistics, the price of cement and steel in April 2009 increased by 5.08% and 5.56% respectively, indicating that the open import market has little impact on the retail price of the domestic market. At the same time, the prices of various timbers in the domestic market in Egypt fell sharply, with the highest drop of 10.1%. The prices of other building materials have remained basically stable.

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