Europe has a large number of households using smart homes

Nowadays, the sales of energy-saving equipment and “smart speakers” are growing at a record-breaking rate, which also promotes the rapid development of the high-tech market. However, due to the lack of digital skills and inconsistent service levels, there are still many obstacles to the development of the smart home market.
Fingerprint lock, web security camera, smart light bulb, smart washing machine… Technology is changing our daily family life, and has turned yesterday’s technology dream into reality.

Consulting firm Gartner predicts that with the spread of smart technology, by 2022, a typical family home may contain more than 500 smart items. Smart homes will be a rapidly growing field for the next decade and will offer many innovative digital opportunities for companies that can adapt their products and services to take advantage of this emerging industry.

North America is still the main market for smart technology, but Europe is catching up. According to market researcher Berg Insight, by the end of 2017, the number of households with so-called Internet of Things (IoT) equipment in Europe reached 22.5 million. It is expected that by the end of 2022, the booming industry will grow to 84 million European households, with a market penetration rate of 35% and a total of 13.3 billion euros in Europe in a few years.

According to Giulio Salvadori of the Polytechnic University of Milan, Germany, the United Kingdom and France are the major countries in the European smart home market, followed by Italy and Spain.

It is expected that by the end of 2025, the global smart home tools and services market will generate an opportunity worth 85 billion euros. As the price of sensors and processors declines, energy-efficient home automation is becoming more popular in urban homes. Intelligent thermostats are one of the most popular tools, and the number of houses equipped with these thermostats in the EU will increase from 4 million in 2017 to 22 million in 2020.

The EU Research Fund is stimulating and following market trends in the industry. In Spain, Mondragon University is a member of the CITyFiED project organization, which focuses on energy efficiency in residential buildings and has developed an application for collecting data on residential water, electricity and heating applications for apartments.

This is an ICT solution that helps raise residents’ awareness of energy efficiency. The app provides information about energy consumption, as well as advice on when to use the device best, or advice on when to turn it off.

Felix Larrinaga, professor of electronics and computing at Mondragon University, explained: “This process involves different disciplines, including design departments, ICT architecture and database experts, software developers and energy experts. Residents of the pilot project conducted several workshops and tests to measure user acceptance of the proposed solution and shared these experiences with other pilot cities, including Soma in Turkey and Lund in Sweden, and partners in all projects. “

More than 22 million smart homes in Europe
In Italy, Politecnico di Milano estimates that using smart devices for heating can save up to 28% for families with children. energy. “The widespread adoption of smart heating solutions, such as the reduction of CO2 emissions by more than 54,000 tons per year in the city of Milan, has a positive impact on the environment and saves citizens 70 million euros a year,” said Giulio Salvadori.

However, the mere existence of intelligent technology does not guarantee that it will lead to a change in user behavior. Salvadori added: “Only 15% of consumers who purchase smart devices often use the smart features of their devices. Consumer choices depend more on the general functionality of the device than on smart features.”

In the Politecnico di Milano study of the Italian and European smart home markets, the lack of digital capabilities of consumers is considered one of the obstacles to market development. Seventy percent of consumers require professionals to assist in the installation of equipment, even if the equipment is designed to be installed by the consumer as much as possible. In addition, other barriers include lack of services, often limited to the management of cloud data, and the lack of compatibility between different smart devices.

“Consumers need to better understand the added value of device intelligence,” Salvadori explained. “However, from the growth of global smart speakers from 8 million in 2016 to 56 million in 2018, the market’s future possibilities are already obvious, with Amazon Alexa and Google Home leading the industry.”

The two network giants hope to increase their leadership in this area, focusing on services related to their core business. Amazon Echo and Alexa help users shop online, while Google Home provides information from real-time weather to sports events. Smart speakers are increasingly being developed for better interoperability with home smart appliances such as lights and heating systems.

According to this research, Amazon Echo and Alexa can “talk” to more than 20,000 devices from 1,200 different brands. Google is catching up, its smart assistant is now available in 30 languages ​​and can be used in 80 countries.

Experts at the Forbes Technical Committee agree that the industry must develop better cross-compatibility standards to enable devices to work together better. Security technology expert Tyler Shields said: “The voice control of the technology contained in mobile phones, televisions, home audio and even car dashboards will be a very popular application in the future.”And “breakthrough progress in the future will really make these technologies ubiquitous.”
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Confirmed your eyes, you are the “pot” I want to find.

In our life, it is especially common to place a bath tub in the bathroom. Many friends consider the material in the choice of the bath tub. The cedar tub is also a favorite among many consumers, so why is the cedar tub? Everyone’s enthusiasm? Let’s take a look at the cedar tubs and the cedar tubs.
What are the cedar tubs, how to choose a good wooden tub

1, cedar tub, cedar tub retains nature and absorbs natural aura In addition, with its natural aromatic scent, cedar tub is not a locust product. It is environmentally friendly, has no odor, and does not contain formaldehyde. It is a truly healthy and environmentally friendly product.

2. The cedar bath is comfortable, and in the warm water of the deep and the chest, in the light woody fragrance, the person whose comfort is not experienced can not be experienced. If you add aromatherapy, Chinese herbal medicine, etc., it will not only be good for your health, but you will also sigh that life is so beautiful. If there is another bookcase, look at the book during the bathing process, and listen to the music at the same time. 3. The cedar is the longest of the wood, and it is a symbol of righteousness, nobleness, longevity and immortality. Cedar wood is rare and precious, and it has a long history. It has a long growing season, clear and delicate wood grain, natural wood knot, hard material, high density and strong anti-corrosion. It is not easy to be deformed, wear-resistant, moderate in fat content, easy to maintain, rich in natural wood knots on the surface, full of artistic atmosphere, giving people a beautiful enjoyment.

4, cedar tub has sterilization and no deformation. Cedar wood has high oil content and bactericidal effect, and the water storage is not deformed or rotted. A piece of cedar is put into the water and does not rot for ten years, so cedar is the first choice for bathing barrels. The wooden barrel is smooth and flat, the upper mouth is even and thin, the paint gloss is soft, and the combination of traditional crafts and modern craftsmanship shows the perfect workmanship of the barrel.

How to choose a good wooden tub

1. Material selection: Bathtubs made of spruce, cedar and oak are common on the market. The service life of the tub is generally 8 to 10 years.

2, choose thick and thin: the barrel wall is too thick, the use of inconvenience; the barrel wall is too thin, poor thermal insulation performance. It is better to have a bucket wall with a beak of more than 3 cm.

3, select quality: the surface of the workbench is lubricated, the hand feels fine, the joint between the board and the board, the barrel and the hoop is good, and the bath barrel is not easily deformed after being filled with water.

4, the thickness of the barrel is also very important, to achieve better insulation and durability, 2 ~ 3cm thickness is better.
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Environmentally friendly cabinets can be called at least the following conditions

The cabinet is an indispensable piece of furniture for the modern home kitchen. It has many materials and diverse functional designs to meet the needs of many owners. Now people are pursuing environmental protection and energy conservation. The choice of cabinets is also natural. How do you choose environmentally friendly cabinets?
    See quality:
  Buy home building materials must pay attention to quality, not “high price”, “big name”, “import” must be “high” “Quality” is painted equal.

  Look at the craft:
   Consumers must first look at the craft when buying cabinets. The quality of cabinets is not limited to materials. Materials can be purchased as long as they cost money. The process determines the quality. For example, the connection between cabinets and cabinets is more eccentric and the raft will be firmer. It is not easy to hang on the front of the platform. fracture. There is further doubt that local companies can request to go to the factory for field visits, and foreign companies can search for information. The above two strokes can basically make the “cottage version” exposed. Of course, for consumers who are not knowledgeable, choosing a guaranteed channel to purchase goods can reduce the risk.

  See details:
   Cabinet production is a very complicated project, many of which will affect the environmental protection factor, such as edge banding, viscose, door panel paint Etc., often contain a lot of harmful substances, and unqualified countertops and baseboards will also contain a certain amount of formaldehyde and harmful substances. Therefore, the environmental protection of the board is equivalent to the environmentally unscientific statement of the cabinet. At the same time, there are businesses that promote 100% environmental protection of their cabinets, and it is very difficult to achieve. Because in the construction process, whether the cabinet is environmentally friendly, in addition to the production process, strictly speaking, the design of the cabinet and the noise, soot, etc. can be effectively eliminated, are all factors to check whether the cabinet is all-round environmentally friendly. Therefore, it cannot be said that the board is an environmentally friendly product, and the cabinet made of it is an environmentally-friendly cabinet. The environmental protection of the board is only the basis for the production of environmentally-friendly cabinets.

  See energy saving:
  Some cabinets were not properly planned at the beginning of the design, not suitable for the layout of the kitchen environment, plus some related kitchen appliances The quality and unreasonable layout lead to defects in the kitchen hydropower system, resulting in high power consumption, waste of resources, neither economic nor environmental protection.
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Bathroom decoration design will provide quality of life, must not be ignored

In the home decoration, although the bathroom is not as important as the living room and bedroom, its luxury can be defined according to its own preferences, but the bathroom must be: reasonable design; easy to use and comfortable; the corresponding product quality is excellent, otherwise it will Become a nightmare and greatly reduce the quality of life. How to properly arrange the required sanitary ware, sanitary ware and home appliances in the limited space of the bathroom, and at the same time meet your personality style preferences, thus creating a perfect overall experience, has become an important concern for everyone in the bathroom decoration.
     First, the color of the bathroom
   Before decorating the bathroom, determine the color of the bathroom according to personal hobbies, bathroom The color effect consists of wall, floor material, and lighting.
  1. If you want to create a clean bathroom, it is recommended to choose a cool color, suitable for similar colors and similar colors, such as light gray tiles. A white bathtub and a milky white washstand with a pale yellow wall.
  2. If you like small fresh, you can choose a warm color of solid color, such as milky white, ivory yellow or rose red wall, assist with similar colors, patterns Simple floor. Then with the soft warm light, under the diffuse light, not only makes the space view wide, the warmth doubles, and the more elegant and clean, the refreshing.
  3. Chinese and Italian high school reveals mystery? Then choose black with gold, which means mystery and nobleness, plus glass, marble, mirror, through the light to disperse a little star, more golden, and extraordinary.
  4. In addition, the bathroom boldly uses black and white super-small, clear, simple and clear, with green plants as an embellishment, can add a lot of anger.
  2. Ceiling
  Generally, the ceiling of the aluminum gusset plate, aluminum buckle for household use The life of the board is longer than that of PVC, and the quality of the aluminum gusset is good. There are many shapes on the layout, and the price is not very expensive. In fact, you don’t have to worry about the thin and thick problems of the business, and it is not under the soles of the feet. Moreover, the aluminum gusset ceiling is very simple, and the size can be directly attached to the dragon skeleton. If the roof leaks, you can buckle it to see if it is thick on your own installation. The operation is simple, PVC is generally integrated, if you want to handle the roof The problem of water leakage is that you have to cut a hole, which affects the appearance.
   three, floor bricks
   floor tiles do not lay small mosaics, on the one hand easy to hide Scale, on the other hand, is not easy to clean, these dirty things will intensify the growth of bacteria in a humid environment. Try to lay a small piece of floor tiles, such as 40*40 cm. It is recommended that the color of the floor tiles be deeper than that of the wall tiles, and the color of the wall tiles should be matched. It is not enough to make the floor tiles only beautiful. To ensure the cleanliness of the floor and the smooth discharge of the drain, it is necessary to choose the floor drain. It is better to be the Briton Bentham-type floor drain and the Briton must-have floor drain BT-S. -LFF01-SS-SS, this kind of floor drain is durable: stainless steel and the finish is sanding, which has better corrosion resistance and anti-slip performance; the small grille in the water inlet can filter the debris generated during the bathing process to prevent blockage. Sewer pipe.
  pipes have upper and lower pipes, taking into account the hot and cold water pipes Kind, but also consider the problem of underwater water on electric appliances such as water heaters, washing machines, etc. Don’t wait until the decoration is finished and find that there is no water in the washing machine. If you plan to separate the wet and dry bathroom, you should also consider whether to reserve in the bathroom. A faucet can be used to wash the mop and clean the faucet, which is convenient for use in life.
  V. Waterproof treatment:
  Because the water is visible everywhere in the bathroom, the bathroom is decorated It is necessary to do a lot of work in waterproofing to prevent troubles caused by the problem of water seepage to the neighbors and the downstairs. Therefore, it is necessary to do a water shut-off experiment after waterproofing to ensure the waterproof effect. In addition, in the above mentioned wet and dry separation of the bathroom, this is an important factor in the consideration of bathroom renovation, regardless of whether the glass door of the shower room is flat push or ring form, the water in the shower room or The water vapor will not spread to the dry area of ​​the bathroom, ensuring the drying of the bathroom appliances and daily necessities. Therefore, when choosing the shower room water strip, you should choose the Briton Bentley 90° bathroom glass side water retainer like An Langjie. Strip or Briton will 135° bathroom glass side water retaining strip. This waterproof strip has a thickness of 1.3~1.5 mm. It has good waterproof performance. It can ensure the wall and stone base and the glass perfectly match. It is beautiful and environmentally friendly. .
  To ensure the perfect isolation of the glass door in the rain room, in addition to the need for a high quality waterproof strip, a reliable and durable hinge is required, The glass doors are perfectly connected and mechanically moved, and the hinges of today’s bath rooms are common.Aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and copper material, among which copper material is stronger in bearing capacity and corrosion resistance, such as An Langjie’s Briton 135° shower room hinge BTSH135-01 and Briton Benteng 180° shower room The hinges BTSH180-01 are made of copper and can bear 80 kg and last longer.
  6, circuit
   circuit is mainly to consider the lighting, water heater, Yuba, washing machine and other electrical appliances Leave the wiring port, it is better not to connect the row in the bathroom. It is necessary to consider the layout in advance to leave the wiring port well, because the environment of the bathroom is wet and the battery is prone to leakage in a humid environment for a long time, resulting in the tragedy of electric shock, even if it is inserted. Occasionally, the toilet will inevitably have water splashes. In case of splashing, there is also a chance of leakage, so the tragedy should be eliminated. The lines are all to be wall-cut, so be sure to design them before laying bricks and floor tiles. It is better to install a leakage protector in the bathroom.
  7, bathroom
   Basic operation is complete, it is necessary to install the bathroom, like a toilet, In the sink, bath or shower room, it is recommended to choose the appropriate sanitary bathing facilities according to the bathroom decoration style. Bathroom hardware such as storage baskets, towel racks, clothes hooks, single-disc, paper holders, and toilet cups should be selected with cool colors to better match the color of the bathroom. At the same time, it is recommended to choose bathroom hardware with excellent moisture and corrosion resistance. Otherwise, the surface will be easily peeled off in a humid environment, which will greatly affect the quality of life. An Langjie’s Briton Benteng bathroom hardware is made of copper and chrome finish. The bathroom hardware is often affected by moisture and rust. Copper material can overcome this problem. The chrome finish has a cool color tone. It is a high-grade, atmospheric color in the bathroom hardware, which can be perfectly matched with different styles of bathroom.
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Drying method of waterborne wood lacquer

The trend of water-based wood lacquer is already a common trend in the relevant industry. Although there are still many difficulties to be solved for efficient operation, many technologies need to be further improved, but it is only a matter of time. Drying technology is one of many difficulties. There are many drying methods for waterborne wood lacquers. Different boring methods have obvious differences in the drying speed and film forming quality of waterborne coatings. The following is a summary of several boring methods for waterborne coatings.

Natural drying
   natural drying has the advantages of simple method and common application, but at the same time has the drawback of slow drying speed. Under natural conditions, temperature and humidity and wind speed change from time to time, and the drying speed and film formation quality are unstable. If the temperature is high or the humidity is high or the humidity is relatively large, the coating tends to be white and the drying speed is slow. At low temperatures, the drying speed is very slow; especially at 5 ° C, aqueous coatings are difficult to form. These are important reasons for limiting the application of waterborne coatings.

Hot air drying
  hot air drying is a convection principle, with hot air at a temperature of 40-60 ° C as the heat carrier, transferring heat energy to the surface of the workpiece Layer, the heating and drying method of the coating to absorb energy and solidify into a film. Commonly used electricity or steam as a heat source, the air is first heated, and the heat is transferred from the hot air to the surface of the coating by convection, so that the coating is quickly dried. The hot air drying process can significantly accelerate the drying speed of the coating and has the characteristics of strong compliance, which is a common drying method.

Microwave drying
   microwave refers to a wavelength of 1mm-1m, a frequency of 300MHz-300GHz, with penetrating electromagnetic waves, commonly used microwave frequency is 915-2450MHz. Microwave heating is based on the principle of dielectric loss, and the dielectric constant of water is much larger than that of dry matter. The vast majority of the energy released by the electromagnetic field is absorbed by the moisture in the coating. The microwave field periodically changes the direction of the applied electric field at a high speed of several hundred million times per second, so that the water molecules oscillate rapidly, producing a significant thermal effect, so that the temperature inside and outside the coating increases at the same time. The advantage of microwave heating is that the drying speed is extremely fast, different substances have selective absorption with respect to microwaves; there is no shape request for the object to be dried; the heating of the coating film is average, there is no temperature gradient, and the thick film can be dried.

UV drying
  About waterborne UV wood coatings, UV curing can be used. The term “ultraviolet curing” refers to a drying method in which an aqueous UV wood coating is stopped at an ultraviolet ray having a wavelength of 300 to 400 nm. The aqueous UV coating contains a small amount of photosensitizer. Under the ultraviolet light, the photosensitizer absorbs ultraviolet light of a specific wavelength, synthesizes a reactive group, and initiates polymerization reaction of the film-forming substance to form a network structure to cure the coating. UV curing has the characteristics of fast coating curing speed and good film quality. but. This method can only be used to dry water-based UV coatings and can only be dried into flat furniture coated panels.

Infrared drying
   Infrared curing can be used to dry the coating of waterborne wood coatings. Infrared curing refers to the fact that the coated furniture panel and its coating absorb the radiant energy and are converted into thermal energy under the infrared ray, thereby completing the curing of the coating. Infrared is an invisible ray between visible light and microwave with a wavelength of 0.72-1000 um. According to the wavelength range, it can be divided into “near”, “medium”, “far” infrared, commonly used far infrared dry coating, infrared curing has the advantages of fast curing speed, rapid temperature rise, good curing quality, etc., but dried by infrared heating When coating, the coating has a significant temperature gradient, and its drying extends from the outside to the inside, which makes it unsuitable for drying thicker coatings.

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Who is the chef of the rivers and lakes?

The fast-growing kitchen appliance market has slowed the pace of progress.

Since the implementation of the most restrictive purchase order in 2016, the kitchen appliance industry has had a profound impact, and Avi Cloud (AVC) According to the channel’s total big data, the total sales of kitchen appliances (smoke stoves) from January to October 2018 was 52.8 billion yuan, down 4.2% year-on-year. During the Double 11 period, emerging products such as dishwashers and embedded steamed (baked) boxes, which were regarded as “life-saving straws”, also performed poorly. The online retail sales of dishwashers fell by 20.2% year-on-year.

Based on this, the industry has made a pre-judgment, and the era of widespread and barbaric growth in the kitchen appliance industry has ended. In the next 2-3 years, the downswing and adjustment will become the main tone of development.

Many market analysts believe that the kitchen appliance market There are three main reasons for the decline in growth rate: First, the variability and uncertainty of the macro environment have put tremendous pressure on the development of the kitchen electricity market, and the regulation and adjustment of the real estate market directly leads to the bottleneck period of the overall development of the industry; the second is the Internet home improvement and the whole The rise of the decoration brand, the building materials properties of kitchen and bathroom products have been significantly enhanced, and the formation of interception, directly leading to the decline of the retail channel of the terminal, resulting in high inventory of agents, high commercial inventory of the entire industry; third, integration The rise and rapid development of the stove has also formed a certain impact on the traditional kitchen appliances (smoke stoves).

In this context, the share price of the kitchen appliance sector is also relatively low. Changjiang Securities data shows that according to the calculation of the market value of each sub-industry company, the kitchen appliance industry’s stock price has dropped by 49.16% year-to-date.   

For a long time, everyone has become accustomed to seeing the kitchen power market lead all at a double-digit high growth rate. Household appliances, which are now showing negative growth and low growth rates, are seen by many as the beginning of the decline in the kitchen appliance market.

But in the home appliance industry senior observer Liu Buchen, the kitchen appliance industry will continue to maintain rapid growth in the next five years. He believes that the ideal scale of the kitchen appliance industry is 250-300 billion yuan. “In 2017, the scale of China’s kitchen electric appliance industry is still less than 100 billion yuan, and the market size of air-conditioning single product is 280 billion yuan. There is no reason for the scale of the kitchen appliance industry. Even if the kitchen electricity market is saturated, it does not mean that mainstream brands do not. Further growth. Mainstream brands will get bigger cakes by taking advantage of the weak brands.”

The same is true, data refraction The “hibernation period” that came out does not affect the judgment and confidence of kitchen appliances in the future. Kitchen appliances are still the segment of the most growth potential and imagination space in China’s home appliance industry. Compared with black and white appliances, the future of the kitchen appliance market is more worth seeing. Because the kitchen appliance market entering the adjustment period provides more opportunities for the birth of the giant.

Someone once said: Whoever masters a young person will master the economy. Lu Jianbo, deputy secretary general of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, believes that whoever masters young people will have the future kitchen consumption. According to the “2018 Healthy Kitchen Consumption Trend Report”, the new youth represented by “post-80s” and “post-90s” has become the main consumer of current kitchen appliances, and the penetration rate of kitchen appliances closely related to kitchen health among young consumers. Up to 44%.

He pointed out that the concept of healthy kitchen appliances is no longer limited to the scope of sterilization, but extends to nutrition and reduces fatigue. At the same level, such as the micro-freezing technology introduced by Panasonic refrigerators, AEG’s comfortable lifting dishwasher, etc., all pointed to the pain points of consumers.

Industry observer Hong Shibin also believes that the entire industry has transitioned from the product era to the user era, kitchen appliances companies should consider whether their positioning can give The company brings sustained high growth, and in the future, we must think about how to attract new users after the 90s. Enterprises can’t stay in the product era, only pay attention to high investment and high promotion, and ignore users.

Ye Danyi, head of the boss’s electrical strategy market, also said, “From the competitive environment to the consumer lifestyle, everything is changing at a high speed. “

The kitchen and the rivers and lakes are ups and downs, it is unclear, but undoubtedly the competition in the kitchen electricity market will be more exciting.


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Change the toilet cover, it is divided into four steps.

The problem of how to change the toilet seat is a problem that is more likely to occur when using a toilet. The toilet is a consumable item and will not easily move after the installation is completed. The ceramic barrel of the toilet is not easy to break, but the toilet lid that often needs to be closed and closed is relatively easy to drop the chain. In addition, the popularity of smart toilets in recent years, the loss of the ordinary toilet lid, the use of smart toilets is also coming. The more people choose, the more the toilet lid is replaced by new skills that many people want to know and master.

  How to change the first step of the toilet cover

  When the new toilet cover is bought, the new toilet cover will be assembled first. The experienced boss can skip the instruction manual and easily complete the assembly of the toilet cover. The inexperienced partner who has entered the rivers and lakes can look at the instruction manual. In fact, after assembling the toilet seat and the toilet cover, use the screws provided by the merchant. It is fixed, and there are some simple buckles or screw holes in the toilet seat and the seat ring. After the two are combined, the screws can be used.

   How to change the second step of the toilet cover

   The most annoying thing is those who occupy the pits, Therefore, we need to drive those who are not swearing out of the “pit”. So we need to remove the old, bad toilet cover, which is an important step in how to change the toilet cover. First, find the two symmetrical small hooks on the side of the old toilet seat, smash them, and the toilet cover and seat can be taken directly.

   Then find the screws where the toilet lid is fixed, use a screwdriver to loosen them and remove the old toilet base. Some of the screws on the toilet base are in the dark, so it is more troublesome to find. Need to find some to find, it is more likely to be in the dark under the fixed base of the toilet base.

  How to change the third step of the toilet cover

   After those who occupy the pits are not pulled out of the pit, First put the new toilet base on it, use the expansion screw provided by the merchant to fix the toilet base semi-fixed, and push the toilet cover into the toilet base. At this time, mainly to determine the size, look at the front and rear of the toilet lid, whether it fits with the edge of the toilet, if not adjusted, then remove the new toilet lid and completely fix the toilet base.

  How to change the toilet seat in the fourth step

   After confirming the toilet base, push the toilet cover and hear similar The doctor who “squeaks” or “squats” proves that it is complete.
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How to avoid lead exceeding the standard?

The faucet is the most commonly used material in the home. It is often heard that some people say that the lead of the faucet exceeds the standard, which brings safety hazards to family life. So how do you choose a faucet to avoid this problem?

The faucet material is divided into stainless steel, plastic, copper, ceramic, zinc alloy and so on. In home decoration, copper faucets are used more. Copper has antibacterial, anti-corrosive and bactericidal effects, but it contains a trace amount of lead, but it is not bright enough. It is used more in home decoration and the price is moderate. There is a ceramic faucet at a higher price than the copper faucet. This kind of faucet is high-grade, durable, corrosion-resistant and has good economical conditions.

There are also many households who use stainless steel faucets, but this kind of material is more classified. Basically, they are now purchased from 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, lead-free, no pollution to water, and bright and clean. The price is also reasonable, but the material is not easy to process. There is also a choice of zinc alloy faucets for the family. This material is easy to process, but the quality is general, easy to crack, cheap, short life, and commonly used in the family.

The worst quality faucet is a plastic faucet. It is not durable and cheap. Home decoration is basically used as a temporary use. It is best not to be used as a home.
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How to distinguish the quality of art paint products?

How do you distinguish the quality of art paint products? There are four main observations:
A look at water soluble

After a period of storage and storage, the colorful art paint will sink and the protective particles will have a protective glue solution. This layer of protective glue solution generally accounts for about 1/4 of the total amount of colorful art texture paint. Where the quality of the colorful coating, the protective glue aqueous solution is colorless or slightly yellow, and clearer; and the poor quality of the colorful art paint, the protective glue aqueous solution is turbid, obviously showing the same color as the pattern color, its main problem It is not the stability of the colorful paint, that is, the storage has passed, it is not suitable to use. The art paint will be stored in a layer of protective glue solution

Look at the floats

Where the quality of the colorful art paint, on the surface of the protective glue solution, usually does not float There are very few floats floating in the grain, but often, if the number of floats is large, the surface of the protective gel is covered with a protective coating, even if it has a certain thickness, it is not normal, it indicates this kind of colorful The quality of art paints is poor. Good art paints are usually free of floats on the surface of the protective glue solution.

Three look at the degree of particle

Take a transparent glass, hold a half cup of water, then take a little colorful paint and stir it in the glass. Where the quality of the colorful paint, the water in the cup is still clearly bottomed, the particles are relatively independent in the clear water, the anions and cations are not bonded together, the particle size is very uniform; and the poor quality of the colorful paint, the water in the cup will Immediately becomes turbid, and the particle size is differentiated. A small number of large particles are like facial paralysis, and most of them are fine particles of villous shape. Good quality art paint particles will be very uniform in size.

Four look at the sales price.

Good quality colorful texture coatings are produced by regular manufacturers according to formula, the price is moderate; and the quality is poor, some are cut corners in production, and some even personal counterfeit production, cost Low, the sale price is much cheaper than the better quality paint. If someone saves money and urinates, they will suffer big losses. Good quality art texture paint not only makes your home space personality stand out, but also does not have to worry about the subsequent bad phenomena such as falling off, cracking and peeling after decoration. The price of poor quality art paints will be very cheap

Therefore, before the decoration, it is important to control the quality of the paint products.
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AZ91D magnesium alloy, very cool

AZ91D magnesium alloy concept:

AZ91D belongs to the cast magnesium alloy, which is mainly processed by means of pressure die casting and subsequent processing. It can be changed by surface method such as electrophoresis. It is characterized by high specific strength and corrosion resistance, which is greatly improved compared with pure magnesium. It is mainly used for housings of electrical products, small-sized thin or special-shaped brackets. A represents metal aluminum Al, Z represents metal zinc Zn, 9 represents aluminum content of 9%, 1 represents zinc content of 1%, and the final D is an identification code.

AZ91D magnesium alloy sheet use:

1. Magnesium alloy sheet is an indispensable material for aviation and aerospace industry. The economic benefits and performance improvements brought by aviation material weight reduction are very significant. The same quality of commercial aircraft and automobile weight reduction brings fuel cost savings. The former is nearly 100 times that of the latter, and the fuel cost savings of fighter aircraft are close to commercial aircraft. 10 times, more importantly, its improved maneuverability can greatly improve its combat effectiveness and survivability. Because of this, the aviation industry will take various measures to increase the application of magnesium alloys. The aluminum materials used in aircraft today account for about 85% of the total weight of the aircraft. High-strength, corrosion-resistant magnesium alloy plates perform better than aluminum plates and have advantages in aircraft applications.

2. Applications on vehicles, such as automobiles, trains, ships, etc., to reduce weight, save energy, reduce pollution, the country is vigorously developing.

3. Widely used in 3C products.

4. On the power supply, magnesium power products are high-energy pollution-free power sources, such as magnesium-manganese dry batteries, magnesium air batteries, magnesium seawater batteries, power supplies and power batteries.

5. High-potential magnesium alloy sacrificial anode plates are used for metal protection.

6. Civil use is also very wide. Such as environmentally friendly building decorative panels, sports, medical equipment, tools, high-end glasses frames, watch cases, and advanced travel goods.
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