Custom cabinets, you need to know these

Because of the different kitchen structure, most people choose custom cabinets in the kitchen decoration. Custom cabinets can be your favorite style or you can satisfy your requirements. So what do we need to know about custom cabinets in the process of customizing cabinets? Let’s take a look!
  1, cabinet customization process

  1. You can start the purchase before the decoration. The initial purchase can be considered from the perspective of brand, style, material, style, etc.

  2. After determining the cabinet, when the hydropower worker is present, the cabinet designer can go to the initial test;

  3. After the designer comes out of design, the owner can make a hydropower transformation map without objection;

  4. After the construction of water and electricity gas is completed, after the tile paving and ceiling installation are completed, the cabinet designer can find the door to retest;

  5. After the owner confirms that the design drawings are ok, he can sign the contract and put it into production.

  6. The general merchant will confirm the installation with the owner two days in advance;

  7. During the cabinet installation process, sinks, range hoods, gas stoves, small appliances, etc. are recommended to be installed simultaneously, in one step.

   Second, what are the cabinet cabinets

  1, multi-layer solid wood board multi-layer solid wood board is made of a piece of board and glue layer Superimposed, so it is less environmentally friendly. However, the multi-layer board has strong nail holding power, the hardware is fixed stably, it is not easy to be deformed and cracked, the moisture resistance is strong, and the cost performance is quite high.

  2, solid wood particle board solid wood particle board, do not look at his name with “solid wood”, in fact, there is no semi-finance relationship with solid wood. It uses wood scrap as raw material, which is made by hot pressing. It contains less rubber and is more environmentally friendly. However, its nail holding power and strength are slightly worse than that of multi-layer solid wood, and its moisture resistance is also poor, so it is impossible to soak water.

  3, EGGER board is the same as solid wood particle board, but its quality is better. It combines the advantages of multi-layer solid wood and solid wood granules: Good nail strength, stable and non-deformable, and environmentally friendly. However, there are still many fake love panels on the market, so be sure to pay more attention when purchasing.

   Third, what are the common cabinet doors?

  1, the paint door has high brightness, strong anti-pollution ability, easy to clean; strength High, high abrasion resistance; surface paint can be effectively waterproof, moisture-proof, no need to seal; no oil leakage, no fading;

  2, new technology of crystal steel door panels, new materials, Stable structure, strong durability, impact resistance, wear resistance, non-destructive knife cutting; waterproof, fireproof, anti-invasive and anti-insect; easy to clean, no odor, environmental protection, no radiation, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, non-toxic and non-polluting.

  3, plastic door panels are rich in color and texture; scratch resistant, heat resistant, stain resistant, fade resistant, no cracking and no deformation; simple maintenance;
  4, solid wood door panel texture, high-grade appearance, natural texture, environmental protection, no pollution, consolidation and durability, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance.

   Fourth, the cabinet needs to pay attention to check what is installed

  1. Check whether the number, style and color model of the cabinet door are consistent with the order contract;

  2. Check the cabinet and cabinet doors for scratches and paints;

  3. Check whether the door panel and the cabinet body are in contact with each other, whether the door can be closed, whether the handle and the sealing edge are firm, and whether the screw is firm;

   Check the table top for scratches or excessive seams.

   For a home, the kitchen is indispensable. Every food cooked in the kitchen not only fills our empty stomach, but also makes us feel the warmth of home! So the cabinet customization can’t be seen!
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Is paint really equal to paint? Come to reveal the answer for you.

The words paint and paint are often heard in the decoration. For many people, the difference between the two is very inconspicuous. Many people think that paint is a paint, but is this really the case? Is paint really equal to paint? Maybe the answer will be beyond your expectations. Let’s take a look.
paint = paint? The two are actually very different!

I. Definition of paint and paint

Paint is a solid coating film used on the surface of objects, which has the functions of protection, decoration, insulation and anti-corrosion. Divided into two forms of liquid and solid.

Paint refers to the general term for organic solvents as medium or high solids, solvent-free oil paints.

Second, the difference between paint and paint

A, the previous paint is mostly based on vegetable oil, so it is called paint, but now the synthetic resin is completely It replaces vegetable oil, and its apparent characteristics are liquid, can not cover solid paint, and then the paint is not named properly, it is changed to paint.

B. Simply put, paints include solid powder coatings and liquid paints, but paints can only be liquid paints, not equivalent to paints. The term paint can cover all types of industries. product.

C. Nowadays, water-based paints and powder coatings are widely used in the market. Water-based paints account for about 38% of the total paints in China, but water-based paints and paints are in chemistry. There are essential differences in performance, and the nature of the product varies widely, so such materials are also known as coatings. Water paints and paints should be listed as two different series in liquid paints.

Therefore, paints can be divided into three categories: paints, water paints, powder paints; paints (flowable liquid paints) include paints and water paints.

Paint = paint? The two are actually very different!

Third, the difference between water paint and paint

Water paint is a liquid paint with water as a diluent. The difference between water paint and traditional paint is that water paint does not need to add any curing agent or thinner. It only needs to be mixed with water, so it does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and xylene, thus eliminating the possibility of air pollution. . At present, in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, it has basically replaced oil paint, and the penetration rate has reached more than 90%. It is a relatively environmentally friendly paint.

Fourth, the difference between water-based paint and latex paint

Where water is used as a solvent or as a dispersion medium, it can be called water-based paint, water-based paints include water-soluble paint, water Dilute paint, water-dispersible paint (latex paint) three kinds.

Latex paint, also known as synthetic resin emulsion coating, is a kind of organic coating, which is based on synthetic resin emulsion, and then added with pigments, fillers and various additives. Waterborne coatings. Latex paint is only one kind of water-based paint. The range of water paint is wider, and there are metal paint and wood paint.
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How to choose a suitable size for the shower room at home?

  It is very important to install a shower room in the bathroom of your home. It is important to choose a shower room of the right size before that. So how do you choose the right size for your shower room?

  Shower room size-width

   Generally speaking, the size of the shower room is 0.9 m*0.9 m. suitable. This width ensures that people can move and rotate freely in the shower room. However, if there are relatively fat members in the family, it is necessary to pay attention to increase the space, or the bathroom space is limited, but it can also be reduced, but it is best not to be less than 0.8 m * 0.8 m.

  Shower room size-height

  The height range of the shower room is generally 1.8m~2.0m, according to The actual height and space of the members of your own home to determine the height that suits you best, but don’t design the shower room too low, it will easily splash out, and the design will not be too high, which will affect the aesthetics and breathability. Will be discounted.

 The distance between the shower room and the heating equipment

  In Xiamen, the bathroom usually has a heater or Yuba. If it is hanged, it should not be placed in the shower room or near the glass of the shower room to prevent moisture. If it is placed on the top, it can be placed in the middle, try not to face the shower.

  The type of shower room is generally curved, fan-shaped, diamond-shaped, square, etc. The bathroom can be considered in the shape of your favorite. The bathroom is not big enough, it is best to choose according to your own bathroom. The sizes of these models are generally available in specifications.

  Sliding shower size

Anwar Shower Room

  The standard arc-shaped shower room size is: 900*900mm, 900*1000mm, 900*1200mm, 1000*1000mm, 1000*1300mm, 1000*1100mm, 1200*1200mm.

   Non-standard sizes are 850*900*1950mm, 950*950*1950 mm, 850*1000*1950 mm, and 900*1100*1950 mm.

  If you want to better fit your own bathroom, you can customize it, but the relative price will be more expensive.

 Diamond shower room size

Anwar Shower Room

  The standard size of the diamond shower room generally has four specifications: 900*900*1950mm, 900*1200*1950mm, 1000*1000*1950mm, 1200*1200*1950mm.

 square shower room size

Anwar Shower Room

  Standard The square shower room is available in 800*1000mm, 900*1000mm and 1000*1000mm sizes.

   Choosing a suitable shower room will make you feel good and relax when you take a bath, so you must not be sloppy when choosing a size!


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Finished furniture and custom furniture are two parallel lines that cannot intersect?

– Traditional channels – hypermarkets, business declines in a cliff-like manner, because the hypermarket rents are too high, and more and more, and fewer and fewer customers.
  ——More and more hardcover rooms, the business of the model room where the bag was stayed, and the business of the hypermarket was grabbed.
  ——E-commerce, micro-business and other channels, also robbed the traditional channel business.

  ——Customized, whole house customization opened in different places, and also robbed the traditional channel business.

   Therefore, the downscale furniture retail business must be a comprehensive channel, strive for traffic, and can no longer wait.
Finished product and custom furniture integration:
Currently on the market, finished furniture and custom furniture are two parallel lines, almost no intersection. You grab my business, I grab your business. The development of custom furniture has become a whole-house customization, which is to grab the market share of finished furniture. In fact, it is impossible to grab, custom furniture is basically plate furniture, can not do, can not handle soft furniture or solid wood furniture, can only go to find suppliers, earn a hand. This does not conform to the so-called “new retail”: the product does not go through the second hand, and the interests of the consumer are prioritized. Moreover, custom-made furniture is made of wood-based panels such as MDF and particleboard, which limits the design style and changes. The finished furniture is made of wood-based panels, combined with wood and wood, and all solid wood. Therefore, the design is relatively rich, can be modern from the classical, American, French, Chinese, Nordic … national style, which is the main reason for the intersection of custom furniture and finished furniture. Therefore, regardless of a family, the finished furniture can adopt Nordic, Chinese, Jane, European, etc., and the custom-made wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, etc., can only be straight and straight, simple panel furniture. Therefore, in one home, finished products and custom furniture constitute an uncoordinated “freakish family”. How to make the finished furniture and custom furniture blend well? By the finished furniture factory, no; relying on custom furniture factory, not. Both of these products are furniture, but for the factory, the difference is no less than cross-industry. I have been engaged in furniture manufacturing for decades. The wooden furniture factory can’t make soft furniture, and it can’t make plate furniture. The plate furniture factory can’t make soft furniture or solid wood furniture. Similarly, the sofa factory can’t make plate furniture or solid wood furniture. Called the industry has a specialization.
   In foreign countries, I have not seen any factory that manufactures all kinds of furniture. Unless it is a group company, there are several different factories that produce different products; or the company merges with other different types of factories. But in management, still have to be very careful about the original profession of the group owner or responsible person? Can he balance other unfamiliar categories (assuming the group’s boss is still in the furniture industry, not the financial consortium). Who is best suited to integrate furniture and custom furniture? I think it is a big dealer. Dealers should upgrade themselves to operators, what are operators? In a region, such as a province, operating a certain style of products, of course, when choosing products and manufacturers, you need to pay attention to:
& emsp; & emsp; – products that you are familiar with, that is, products that are suitable for you. For example, some people are not suitable for young people’s products, or do European-American products, they do not understand, how to sell?
  ——Verify the material, style, and price of the product is not suitable for the mainstream market (if you want to do mass market), the symbol does not meet your own market positioning.
  ——Awareness of the factory owner, Chinese people do business, or recognize people, three different views, how to cooperate in the future? You can say that everyone is profitable now and can cooperate. But in the event of a conflict of interests, can the two sides cooperate with each other? This may be life-and-death at a critical time.
   Inamori Kazuo attaches great importance to the ethics and outlook of life of businessmen, and makes sense:
  -In the region (province), intensive cultivation, from the provincial capital To the second and third levels and even to the county and town level, long-term followers are trained. Of course, the operator must let the followers make money, and let the profit be followed by someone.
  ——With these conditions, operators must look for three or two custom furniture factories, not to be large, and to take on custom parts. This customization must be coordinated with the finished furniture, and the materials, styles, and tones should be as uniform as possible and organized into a “unified family”.
   To this end, the operator must be formed:
& emsp;   – salesman
& emsp; & emsp; – designer
& emsp; & emsp; Installer
  ——after-sales service
  ——transportation tool
   salesman receives the order, submits the designer to measure the design, and then hand in the custom factory Processing (in order to match the finished furniture, some parts may be provided by the finished furniture factory, such as cabinet doors, drawer panels, etc.). It is then installed by the installer of the custom factory, and then delivered to the operator after completion, allowing the operator to do the after-sales. The finished furniture is also provided by the operator. Under the coordination of the operators, the design style of the customized and finished furniture can be unified. This is the integration of the finished product and the customized furniture.
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New selling points and vitality in the smart home segment

[Guide] The concept of “smart home” first originated in the 1980s.

  30th Anniversary of Concept, No Revolutionary Progress

  The concept of “smart home” originated from 1980s. In 1984, the United States United Technologies Corporation built the world’s first “smart building”, which opened the curtain for the construction of smart homes around the world. By the end of the 30 years, the richness and diversity of smart homes have greatly improved, but there has been no revolutionary progress. The reason is mainly because the scope of smart home is very large. Until now, no company in the world can claim to be the model and standard of smart home, and it can succeed in this matter alone.

  Internet In the era, Google and Apple respectively attracted developers to enter based on the Android system and iOS system solutions, becoming the industry leader. Google has invested heavily in the acquisition of smart thermostat manufacturer Nest, smart home router startup Revolv, to further build a smart home platform to consolidate its dominance in the mobile Internet. After the aura of the Hehe, it is a large number of partners supporting the development of Android. In terms of mass, this is a giant alliance, which is also the biggest advantage of Google. Apple released its smart home management application platform Homekit at this year’s Global Developers Conference, and launched a “front confrontation” with old rivals such as Google and Samsung. Apple has already completed the customization of the hardware specification standard for HomeKit smart home platform. The platform will be fully opened to smart home device partners through the MFi licensing program.

  In Asia, Japanese and Korean companies such as Samsung, Sharp, Sony and LG are also grabbing the market through mergers and acquisitions or research and development of new products, and have launched their own smart home products: Sharp will be robotics After the civilization, the function of sweeping the ground can be realized; Sony’s robot can even “bath” (clean the camera); in addition, LG’s Home Chat and Samsung’s Smart Home are relatively excellent. These enterprises can rely on the advantages of the country’s electricity share ratio, and the actual operation is stronger. However, the smart home appliances of Japanese and Korean companies “have a lot of breakthroughs in single products, but the system products are not outstanding enough”.

  Under the global wave of smart homes, major domestic companies have begun to deploy smart home appliances strategies, and the market has entered a new round of integration and development. So far, in the field of smart home, the “2+N” competition pattern has gradually been established. Among them, “2” refers to the two giants of Google and Apple; “N” refers to this circle, and there are countless large and small enterprises and innovation teams trying to explore the smart home business.

  The market segment contains unlimited business opportunities

  Smart Home is a systematic project, and there are huge business opportunities in each segment. To attract various industries to enter, and intend to seek their own initiative in the future smart home market.

   For new properties, the first condition for building a smart home is the pre-planning of the house and the construction of supporting infrastructure. The early stage of a smart home includes: high-speed network, integrated decoration, monitoring and networking, and electrical planning. These are all planning and construction work that needs to be completed before entering the home. Nowadays, the real estate industry has gradually changed from extensive to refined. Some keen real estate developers have been pleasantly surprised to capture smart home business opportunities, and try to lead the game, launch smart home model houses and upgrade the real estate technology content. It can be foreseen that smart homes must be the magic weapon for the transformation of the real estate industry or the New World. The concept of “all-intelligent” fine decoration will inevitably bring new selling points and vitality to the real estate industry.

   As a component of a smart city, the smart community mainly includes two aspects: first, the intelligence inside the home, that is, the home appliance platform and environmental control; the second is the intelligence of the public area. Smart properties such as neighborhood interconnection, smart security, and smart e-commerce including community services, community commerce, and community health. At present, several companies such as Dachuan Electronics, Maichi, and Shunfeng hackers in China have made certain achievements in this regard.

  The cloud platform at the operational and service levels is equally rich in opportunities and challenges. In smart homes, devices such as TVs and mobile phones must be intelligently stored, and information storage and big data processing must be performed in the cloud. At present, several domestic Internet giants such as Baidu, Tencent, Ali, Jingdong, Xiaomi, as well as traditional hardware manufacturers Haier and Midea have established their own cloud. Dong Min expects that there will be fierce competition among the various clouds, and it will also face the following major challenges: 1 The reliability of cloud services, users currently rarely consider the cloud as the only storage space for reliability reasons, therefore, Stable and reliable is the highest priority for data processing; 2 how to achieve interconnection, interoperability and interoperability between services; 3 security technologies for cloud services are not perfect, such as the case of background data leakage that has frequently exploded recently; 4 data transmission speed, Whether it can achieve fast or even high speed; 5 credibility and legal crisis, the Internet information age, any small mistake will cause credibility collapse or corporate bankruptcy.

   In the hardware product level of smart applications, the market of various sub-hardware categories such as household appliances, kitchen appliances, and smart wearables is booming and the profits are huge. According to Aowei Consulting (AVC) data, wisdomThe overall output value of home appliances will exceed one trillion in 2020, and the output value of intelligent hardware will be about 600 billion. In particular, smart phones, smart TVs, and intelligent routers are the three key hardware devices for enterprises to seize the home Internet portal and control center and deploy a new intelligent ecosystem in the future.


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Hygienic appliance installation precautions

At present, there are many provinces and cities in the country, such as public rental housing, affordable housing, price-limited commodity housing, shantytown renovation and resettlement housing, and self-occupied commercial housing. The precautions for the installation of sanitary ware are shared with you:

1. The outer surface of the sanitary ware is clean and undamaged, and the installation is firm and stable. Loose; each joint should be sealed without leakage; the valve switch is flexible. After installation, no water leakage test is carried out for no less than 2 hours. The water content is as follows: the toilet bowl should be raised to 10MM below the wrench; all kinds of washing basins and basins should be filled to the overflow; the bathtub should be filled Not less than one third of the depth of the cylinder.

2, toilet installation; before installation, the toilet must be inspected for damage or cracks. The inlet and outlet should be unobstructed. If it does not meet the quality requirements, it should not be installed blindly. The toilet should be installed smoothly and correctly. It should be in the toilet compartment, the position should be correct, and the level should be adjusted with the horizontal scale.

3, floor drain installation: floor drain should be installed at the lowest level of the ground, its elevation should not exceed the ground, the minimum should not be lower than 5MM below the ground.

4. The center longitudinal distance of the drainage hole of the squat toilet is not less than 540mm: the center longitudinal direction of the drainage hole of the toilet is not less than 420mm, and the height of the seat is 300mm from the ground. : Washbasin installation: wash the wash basin basin edge of the ground about 800mm; the upper edge of the tub is not more than 520mm from the ground.

5. Washbasin installation: 800mm on the washbasin basin, the basin installation bracket should be tightly contacted, and there should be no looseness. The basin is level-corrected with a horizontal deviation of 2 mm or less. The connection between the triangular valve and the basin faucet is tightened with steel pipes.

6. The water supply connection pipe of the sanitary appliance shall not have defects such as unevenness of the concave and convex.

7, the sanitary appliance should be fixed firmly. Do not use expansion bolts to secure plumbing fixtures in perforated bricks or lightweight partitions.

8. Sanitary appliances and various water supply pipes should be leak-proofed when passing through the floor. After passing the inspection, they can be put into the next process.

9, sanitary ware should be prevented from bumping during handling and installation. After the installation, the sanitary ware drains should be read and blocked, and the chrome-plated parts should be wrapped with paper to avoid blockage or damage.

10. When glazed bricks and terrazzo walls are punctured, it is advisable to use electric drills or lightly remove the glazed surface with a small scorpion, until the ash layer at the bottom of the brick is used, but it is not allowed. Fierce, so as not to shred the surface layer or shake it into an empty drum.

11. After the sanitary ware is installed stably, in order to prevent the loss or damage of the accessories, the accessories should be installed uniformly before completion.

12. The installed sanitary ware should be protected to prevent damage to the porcelain surface of the sanitary ware and damage to the entire sanitary ware.

13. Before the water test, check whether the floor drain is unblocked, whether the household valve is closed, and then conduct the same water test one by one according to the interval to avoid water leakage and damage the decoration project.

14. When the indoors are not warmed in winter, all kinds of sanitary ware must be drained. There should be no water in the trap to prevent the sanitary ware and trap from being cracked.


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Cabinet hardware accessories can not be ignored

Kitchen decoration everyone may focus on buying large items, such as cabinet appliances, in fact, the small details of the cabinet is also very important. Do not look at the cabinet hardware accessories are usually hidden in the cabinet, pressed under the cabinet, it is very inconspicuous, in fact, there is no quality cabinet hardware accessories, the life and beauty of the cabinet is not good. Then, let’s take a look at the small series for you to introduce the cabinet stainless steel hardware accessories.

  Stainless steel hardware: 1. Drawer slides

  The importance of cabinet rails is second only to hinges. Cabinet companies use cabinet drawer rails that are similar in hinged price. About 95% of cabinet companies use low-priced, low-quality products. In comparison, the advantages and disadvantages are not from the appearance and use of the distinction table. The main difference between them is that materials, principles, structures, equipment, and production processes, such as producing different changes. Due to the special environment of the kitchen, domestically produced slide rails are generally difficult to meet the requirements. Even if it feels good in the short term, it will be difficult to push and pull if it takes a little longer. Therefore, if you want to ensure that the drawers are pushed and pulled for a long time, you should choose an imported brand with superior performance.

  Stainless steel hardware: 2, skirting board

   is often overlooked, actually Perhaps the first problem with the cabinet is it.

  Stainless steel hardware: 3, pull basket

   The most, three meals a day, and the inevitable entry and exit of the kitchen, but also the move of the pots and pans. How to establish a good living order in such a frequently moving space is an annoyance faced by many families. This kind of trouble can only be solved by pulling the basket, a broad-minded mind, and storing all kinds of items in his arms without any complaints. The basket has a large storage space, and can reasonably divide the space so that various items and utensils can be obtained. In this respect, Germany’s big monsters and small monsters pull baskets are more outstanding. They can not only maximize the use of built-in space, but also make full use of the abandoned space at the corner to maximize the use value. According to different purposes, the basket can be divided into a stove pull basket, a three-sided pull basket, a drawer pull basket, an ultra-narrow pull basket, a high-deep pull basket, a corner pull basket and the like.

  Stainless steel hardware accessories: 4, hinges

   cabinet door switches are many times, so cabinet door hinges are very important . Practice has shown that, depending on the nature of the cabinet hinges and the accuracy of the cabinet doors used, it is difficult to meet the necessary quality requirements with the domestic cabinet hinges, which together with the weight of the kitchen door itself.

  Stainless steel hardware: 5, steel

   for the maintenance and use of cabinet drawers, it is irreplaceable The role has long been widely used by cabinet companies in developed countries such as Germany, the United States, and Japan. Therefore, when you have a rough look at the appearance of the cabinet, you should pull each drawer to look at it. If you use a steel pumping and knife and fork combination, the cost of the product is higher, the cabinet combination is more standardized, and if you use a wooden drawer, The cost is lower. Steel pumping and cutlery discs are also imported and made in China, mainly on the rail and surface treatment.

  Stainless steel hardware: 6, spotlights

  General glass door cabinets or cabinets with lighting roofs often To configure the spotlights, they are divided into probe type and inner horizontal type, depending on individual preferences. But pay attention to the choice of 12V spotlights with transformers, because for safety reasons, the country explicitly prohibits the use of 220V voltage for furniture lights.

  Stainless steel hardware: 7, faucet

   faucet can be said to be the most intimate part of the kitchen. However, its quality is often overlooked when shopping. The faucet proved to be the most problematic place in the kitchen. If you use a low-quality inferior faucet, there will be water leakage, and the consequences will be very serious. Therefore, you should pay great attention to the quality of the product when purchasing.

   In most kitchens, faucets are often a rare highlight. This is because the faucet can give the designer a large space to display his talents. The design elements such as lines, colors and shapes can express many exciting design inspirations, and the aesthetics and artistic light can be realized. At the same time, the high-quality faucet is the embodiment of technology, and the requirements for the craft are extremely high, which just meets the aesthetic pursuit of many fashion people’s quality of life. Many factors have made cabinet makers more cautious about his choices.

  stainless steel hardware: 8, water basin

   is a very high-frequency object in the kitchen, thus Its choice is also very important. Most of the common basins are stainless steel, artificial stone, ceramics, stone products, depending on the owner’s preferences and the overall style of the kitchen. If the style of the kitchen is more fashionable and avant-garde, it is more suitable to use stainless steel basins. This choice is not only because the metallic texture of the stainless steel material is quite modern, but more importantly, the stainless steel is easy to clean, light in weight, and also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and moisture resistance.Meet the quality requirements of modern people.


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Raw materials continue to rise in price, how should the furniture market respond?

In recent years, the price of furniture raw materials has risen sharply, and the prices of furniture, such as hardware, sponge, leather, fabric, paint, sheet, glue, spring, coconut palm, sideband, film, carton, etc., are the same every year. The biggest increase is the related products made of titanium dioxide and TDI. These bulk raw materials are greatly affected by fluctuations in the international market, and the price increase has a direct impact on sponges and coatings. For example, the main raw material sponge of soft furniture has been continuously increased by five or six times in one or two months in 2016. Since 2018, prices have continued to rise, and there is no market, out of stock, and no reservation.

In addition to sponges, every increase in the price of wood-based panels such as particleboard and MDF, which are the main raw materials for panel furniture, has stung the panel furniture manufacturing enterprises. Following the second and third price hikes of many paint companies in Guangdong this year, paint companies in East China after the National Day holiday also set off a price hike, which will inevitably lead to an increase in the production costs of furniture companies. For a long time in the past, the upstream raw materials rose once a year or half a year, which is enough to touch the nerves of the whole industry. Nowadays, the raw materials have risen several times in a few months, and even a few times in January have been strange. In the case of price hikes, priceless goods, first-hand delivery, and first-hand delivery have become “normal”, furniture manufacturers have different ways of digesting price increases, which also reflects different market competition strategies of furniture companies. The pattern.

Filling up, raising prices, hello, my good consumers are not good

The furniture manufacturer who made this choice, in the ” The wool is on the sheep, and it is a linear thinking performer that does not let the principle of losing itself. Raw material manufacturers want to raise prices. This type of furniture manufacturer is planning two sets of plans. The first one is to buy relatively poor raw materials. Consumers can’t see anything different from the surface. As a result, the furniture products that are distributed to the market are of poor quality year after year. Not only do they not feel that this is their responsibility, but they also evade their responsibilities when they encounter a complaint with a “what kind of price to buy what kind of goods.” Over time, consumers can only give themselves a psychological expectation that does not expect good product quality. The second option is to buy raw materials for price increases and then quietly increase the price of the finished product. Considering that consumers can’t accept a single product, they will increase the price a lot. They will use various packages, combinations, new products, and even various incomprehensible pricing methods to increase the price.

Together with raw materials vendors

The furniture manufacturer who made this choice, the first thing that comes to mind is not “wool out of the consumer” But how to achieve a win-win situation with raw material suppliers. This type of furniture company is a good collaborator with a user-centered thinking, a certain product quality, brand reputation, and the price of their products is mostly acceptable to the target consumers. They always attract a lot of raw material suppliers who have the same quality pursuit as themselves. When faced with the price increase, they discuss the countermeasures with the raw material suppliers, and also win a lower unit price due to the reliability of long-term cooperation, or they are much more expensive. However, raw materials with much better quality will get more guidance from raw material manufacturers in the production process, thereby reducing waste and loss of raw materials and effectively controlling costs. Some enterprises even have a win-win situation in which the total cost does not rise and fall.

Confidence in raw materials suppliers

Furniture manufacturers who make this choice give confidence to raw materials suppliers from the perspective of empathy. This type of furniture manufacturer is a leader who can achieve the top three in the field and has a huge potential for production expansion. In the environment where everyone is watching the “bad” market and the investment is relatively conservative, they realize that the demand of raw materials suppliers is a long-term growth of business sources, so they dare to innovate, dare to invest, and dare to take orders of raw materials beyond the supplier’s estimate. In this way, they can not only get the lowest price from the raw material supplier, but also give the other party the confidence to develop for a long time. “Be sure to believe, you can do it, attitude determines everything.” In the economic downturn, confidence is more expensive than gold. Who can be a little more active than conservative competitors, who can influence and drive a group of active upstream partners to catch up with the momentum, just like the spirit of the sword, “As long as you dare to brighten the sword, you will have a grasp of victory.” The furniture manufacturer is by no means a radical input. Behind their daring to invest is a strong market raw material monitoring and analysis capability that can effectively and reasonably control costs to achieve the best input-output ratio. As the cost of furniture manufacturing, the cost of raw materials, how to obtain lower raw material purchase price, as well as improve the utilization rate of raw materials and reduce the loss rate of raw materials, is the direction of furniture manufacturers’ continuous efforts. In the process of hard work, the way of thinking is very important, different ways of thinking form different choices, and different results will be obtained. In the context of rising raw material prices, the ability to control costs and control the most important costs will undoubtedly gain a huge competitive advantage. Behind the strong furniture industry, Hengqiang, this is the main reason.


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How is the wooden floor store business attractive?

Knowing the project’s income-generating skills in the market, the development of the store in the market is long-term. Therefore, when investors are faced with many projects in the market, regarding this issue, what is the content of the store system, and what do the entrepreneurs need to know when they operate? Next, Xiaobian is aimed at opening a good wood. The income-generating skills that floor franchisees have to master have been analyzed.

Wood floor franchise stores need to pay attention to the sales skills of shopping guides. Because wood flooring products are very knowledgeable. The guides should not only master the basic sales skills, but also have a comprehensive understanding of the product’s characteristics, maintenance and other aspects. Only when customers know more about what type of wood flooring products to purchase, customers will voluntarily consume. At the same time, shopping guides must learn how to grasp the psychological changes of customers, and constantly grasp the development trend of the market.

When the wood flooring products were first designed, the designers spent a lot of effort on the style and color of the products. The serialization of the wooden flooring and the complementary aspects of the colors are also very particular. The style and characteristics of the products are The display will be different due to the internal structure, internal environment and geographical location of the wooden floor agent franchise store. The correct display can effectively reflect the personality characteristics of the brand.

As long as the entrepreneurs of the wood flooring franchise store pay attention to the above contents when opening the store, the wooden floor franchise stores are attractive in the market, and such wooden floor franchise stores want to be on the market. It will be easy to generate income.
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What are the benefits of leaving a wall stone?

  Nowadays, more and more designers have added a small detail to the treatment of wall stone – leaving a gap. In the hotel lobby, sales office, residential area and other spaces, stone can be seen everywhere, especially in beige, light gray, black stone as the mainstream wall stone, in the large space is the stone The details of the use of the fire. Why are more and more large-scale building stone walls beginning to be treated with seams? What are the benefits of wall-to-ceiling seams? What are the drawbacks? You can analyze them from the following three factors:
   , sensory factors

   II. Construction factors

   III. Cost factors

   Stone sew treatment “profit” analysis

   I. Apparent factors

   1. Large area stone leaves a gap, which can be effectively avoided During the construction process of the stone, the installation caused by various reasons is not smooth, and the problem of poor perception caused by the vertical is not caused.

   2. It can effectively alleviate the problem of chromatic aberration on the stone itself. After the seam is left, the chromatic aberration will be moderated, not as obvious as the seam.

   3. It can effectively avoid the corners of the stone, the defects caused by bumps and cutting errors caused by various reasons, and the small corners after the seams will not appear. So obvious, and weakened its existence (of course, if the corners are big, the processing of the seams can not be covered, the stone must be replaced or repaired by the manufacturer)

 &emsp 4. If the stone itself is not obvious, or it is close to the solid color (such as: Spanish beige, Ascot ash, etc.), it will appear that the whole space is very weak without the seam treatment, and the effect and the effect of the paint are presented. Almost, so this time you need to deal with it by the method of seaming, making the whole space tough.

   Second, construction factors

   1. After the seam treatment, the installation of large-area stone is more convenient and quick. Calculated by 600*600 bricks, a group of qualified workers can hang 15~30 square meters per day, which is more efficient than dry hanging. (Approximately 10~20 square meters can be dry for one day when sealing.)

   2. The installation method of dry hanging stone treated with seams is not easy to produce quality problems. Because we all know that the most difficult quality problem of wall hanging stone is that the surface is not flat, not vertical, the diagonal is not square, and after sealing, it can easily avoid these problems and avoid unnecessary rework. Need to explain: whether the dry hanging stone is not related to the deformation of the material caused by the expansion and contraction, because the dry hanging is different from the wet sticking, without the effect of mortar and adhesive, the normal thermal expansion and contraction will not be for the stone. Too big impact.

   III. Cost factors

   1. Large-area stone seams, the edge will inevitably require edging and sweeping, this cost It will be counted in the processing fee of stone, usually billed at 5~8 yuan/meter, calculated according to the length of the gap of the large-area wall, and can also increase the project profit appropriately.

   2. If the gap is too small and need to be seamed, it can also increase the cost of the project and achieve a better decorative effect.

   The gap size of the stone seam: the smooth stone should be 2~5mm gap, the rough stone should be 5~10mm, but the rough stone itself will be produced by the seam. All kinds of advantages, so the seams are of little significance.

   Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages in everything. Stone has many advantages, but it also has its drawbacks.

   Analysis of the “disadvantages” of wall stone seams

   1. From the perspective of perception, it is not suitable for small spaces. Handling, the small space people are close enough to the wall, and it is easy to feel the roughness of the gap. If the seam is not suitable, it just stays under the human eye level (1300~1500mm), then it will definitely see the fixed steel frame inside through the gap, but it will lose the meaning of the seam.

   2, although the seam treatment avoids the common problems of chromatic aberration, flatness and verticality, and the size of the gap, but the size of the gap needs to be strictly controlled, if the gap The size control is different, and the final result can be imagined.

   3, the seam treatment is higher for the worker’s craftsmanship and construction process management test. If the seam is tight, the dry adhesive can be applied arbitrarily, but if the seam is treated, the dry adhesive needs to be strictly controlled. Otherwise, once it is hit, it will not be cleaned in time. After it is cured, it will be difficult to clean up and eventually form. An obvious glue mark affects the look and feel of the final product.

   The above analysis of “profit” and “disadvantages” finally shows whether the wall stone needs to be seamed to the size of the space, the texture of the stone and the length of the construction period. Comprehensive trade-offs.
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