The correct way to buy paint

Paint is a very sinister thing, the city is very deep, they are different, they all look the same. A metal jacket on the side of a thousand people; under the hat is a white face with a clear color; after being applied to the wall, it shows delicate skin.
Principle one: only buy what you need

It is difficult to say which kind of paint is cost-effective, the key is to do it yourself. At present, the performance of coatings is mostly concentrated on scrubbing, mildew proofing, antibacterial, covering small cracks, etc., and the price of coatings increases with the increase of functions. Before you buy, consider what you need, and the most expensive ones are not necessarily useful to you. For example, some scrubbing times can reach more than 20,000 times, and some are 3,000 times. The price of the former is naturally much more expensive. However, the number of scrubs required by the state is only 1000, which is qualified, so choose which one to look at. Needed; another example, some houses are facing the sun, the ventilation is good, and the anti-mildew function can not be wasted.

Principle 2: Do not believe in advertising

Pick up the cloud of paint advertising, directly request relevant testing methods, testing standards and authoritative testing agencies to verify the authenticity. For example, the so-called nano-coatings are not well-known, and there are no recognized testing standards in the world.

Principle 3: Let go of the domestic products

At present, imported coatings account for about 45% of our coatings market, and mainly occupy our high-end market, their prices It is 20%-50% more expensive than domestic coatings. However, the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center’s test results of the comparison tests of 10 Chinese and foreign paint brands published in 2003 proved that the brands such as Fuya, Jiabaoli and Qianshuihua are comparable in quality to foreign brands.

First of all, carefully look at the quality inspection report of the product, do not believe the word “green” on the paint packaging;

Second, observe the seam of the iron barrel No rust or leakage;

Third, pay attention to whether there is a safety sign on the iron drum. For imported coatings, it is best to choose products with Chinese signs and instructions. Non-environmental coatings, because VOC, formaldehyde and other harmful substances exceed the standard, most of them have pungent odor, which makes people sick, dizzy, etc. Therefore, if consumers smell irritating smell when buying, then they need to choose carefully. It is best not to buy a fragrance-added coating because the additive itself is a chemical product that is difficult to protect.

Fourth, save the purchase invoice. You should open the paint bucket and check it at the purchase site. If there is a serious stratification phenomenon, it indicates that the quality is poor; after stirring gently with the stick, the paint stays on the stick for a longer period of time and covers evenly, indicating that the quality is better; It is very difficult to wash off the clean water; the lighter the hand, the finer the better.
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Is the leakage switch a kind of switch that will leak?

Speaking of the leakage switch, I believe many of my friends are not too familiar with it. I think this is a kind of switch that will leak electricity. In fact, this is not the case. The leakage switch is a kind of protection type switch, which has anti-leakage and leakage. It can automatically cut off the power supply function, which can protect our personal and property security. Although it is not easy to see in our lives, its function can not be ignored. Now every house will install leakage. Switched. So today we will talk about the principle of leakage switch, and let us know the type of leakage switch.

First, what is the leakage switch

1, leakage switch, also known as leakage protection switch, can be generated at home A protective switch that cuts off the power supply when it leaks can protect our safety. The leakage switch is composed of the output current winding and the input current winding and the secondary winding. In normal life, it is no different from the ordinary switch. The output and input current are also the same, but the circuit safety hazard occurs. It will play a very big role.

2 There are currently three types of leakage switches on the market, namely voltage type, current type and pulse type. The voltage type leakage switch is mainly used on the transformer, but since it cannot be graded, it is basically no longer used.

Second, the principle of leakage switch

1, leakage switch is divided into two windings on the core, one is the input current winding, the other is the output current winding, in the absence When a leakage occurs, the input current and the output current are the same, and the current on the core is the same, so that the current induced by the third winding is not excessive, resulting in tripping.

2, if the leakage switch is added to the device, even if the device does not leak, but because the current in the core is unstable, this will be the illusion of leakage, it will Make the leakage switch automatically trip.
Third, the type of leakage switch

1, the first is only leakage protection function, when used in conjunction with fuses and relays.

2, the second is to increase the overload protection function based on the leakage protection function.

3, the third is to increase the short-circuit protection function based on the leakage protection function, and can also automatically power off when a short circuit occurs.

4, the fourth is based on the leakage protection function to increase the overload, overvoltage and undervoltage function, to achieve a variety of circuit failure protection.

5, leakage protector, this protector can be divided into two according to the tripping action and actuator, one is the electronic leakage protector, and the other is the electromagnetic leakage protector. The actuator of the electronic leakage protector is a relay, which is powered off by a relay. Its advantages are that it is more sensitive, the cost is lower, and the error is small. The actuator of the electromagnetic leakage protector is an electromagnetic tripping device, which is powered off by an electromagnetic tripping device. Its advantage is that it has strong anti-interference and stable leakage characteristics, but it is relatively high in cost. .
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What color is good for living room tiles?

Tiles are a kind of floor decoration material commonly used in our house decoration. It is exquisite in color and excellent in wear resistance. It is widely used in living room, kitchen and bathroom. Has a strong decorative effect. Then What color does the living room tile chooseOkay, What are the skills of living room tile color matching? Let me introduce you to the following article.

What color is good for living room tiles: use cool-tone tiles

For those living spaces with small space or poor lighting, it is best to choose cool-tone tiles, cool-tone tiles, not only will you visually feel Comfortable, but also used to enhance the visual effect of the space.

What color is good for living room tiles? : Use warm-tone tiles

For those living areas that are relatively spacious, warm-tone tiles can be used. Warm-coloured tiles give the living room a more intimate home atmosphere, especially in beige, brown and orange. It will make the whole space easier and more comfortable, but the pure color of red and yellow is not suitable for the living room, because these colors are easy to get upset.

What color is good for living room tiles: black and white grey tiles

Black and white ash is a color often seen in our living room floor tiles. White can make the living room brighter and more transparent, and can be matched with other colors in the living room. The grey is full of art and is loved by many home improvement designers, making the living room look more elegant. Black tiles can be used to decorate the living room to make it more spacious.

Living tile color matching tips

1, match the overall home style

The color of the living room tile needs to be chosen in a more overall style. For example, the rustic living room decoration, it is best to choose light-colored tiles such as light yellow and green, and the modern minimalist style is best gray and white. Monotonous color tiles.

2, depending on the color of the wall

Depending on the color of the wall, it is very important for us to choose the color of the living room tile. If the wall is in warm colors, the tile is also best in beige. Light tones such as ivory white make the living room look bright and spacious.

3, match with light

The color of the living room tile can be matched according to the light of the living room. The living room with light can choose darker tiles. If the living room is dark, you can use light-colored tiles.

Article summary: The above is about What color to choose for living room tilesGood and living room tile color matching skills The relevant introduction, I hope to give you some help in the decoration of the living room, so that everyone can make the whole living room space more beautiful and gorgeous by matching with the reasonable tile color.


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Red sandalwood wood flooring market is left out

According to the market conditions, the recent market for solid wood composite flooring is heating up, and the red sandalwood solid wood flooring is not popular.

The market for wood flooring is warming up

Market survey shows that this week’s parquet market is showing Investing in the situation.

The dealers reflected that the popularity of the solid wood composite flooring market has gradually increased due to the favorable stimulation of the home improvement season. In particular, the proportion of floor decoration for children’s rooms in the opening season is very obvious. Some insiders believe that the home improvement season seems to be very lively, but the actual transaction volume is limited. After a wave of sales in the flooring market, it is expected to cool down quickly. It is recommended that dealers be fully prepared. At this stage, the Guangdong market 610 × 190 × 15mm three-layer solid wood composite flooring business offer 110-160 yuan / Zhang.

Red sandalwood wood flooring is not popular

Market survey data show that the recent red sandalwood solid wood flooring market is not popular.

The dealers reported that the solid wood floor in early September has not yet sensed the atmosphere of the market season, especially the market price of expensive red sandalwood solid wood flooring has been left out since July of the second half of the year.

But there are also insiders who reflect that although the current red sandalwood solid wood flooring has not been the first to taste the sweetness of the home improvement season, red sandalwood still has the opportunity to perform in the floor market, especially the next solid wood floor heating market. The demand will bring benefits to the red sandalwood.

At this stage, Guangdong market 610 × 125 × 18mm Luzhou-flavor red sandalwood solid wood flooring business offer 500-560 yuan / Zhang.


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Zoomlion’s construction machinery sector increased by 15.09% year-on-year in the first half of the year.

On August 30, Zoomlion’s semi-annual report for 2018 showed that the company achieved operating income of 14.72 billion yuan during the reporting period, a year-on-year increase of 15.09%, excluding 2017. After the operating income of the environmental industry in the first half of the year was 2.665 billion yuan, the operating income in the first half of 2018 increased by 45.38% over the same period. At the same time, the company’s operating cash flow situation continued to improve, reaching 1.595 billion yuan in the first half of the year, an increase of 128.82%.

Zhonglian Heavyweight believes that the first half of 2018 Focusing on the main business of equipment manufacturing, optimizing resource allocation, strengthening construction machinery, making excellent agricultural machinery, accelerating the development of financial business, and upgrading the company’s development. Benefiting from the market share of the company’s leading products, the proportion of high-margin products continued to expand, and the quality of contracts was further improved, the company’s profitability was significantly improved, and the market leading position was more stable.

Engineering machinery sector growth of 61.15% product gross margin Significantly improved

Industry believes that domestic infrastructure The investment machinery industry continued to recover due to the unabated investment and the overseas market opportunities brought about by the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. According to the latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the output of construction machinery in the first half of 2018 achieved rapid growth. During the reporting period, the sales revenue of Zoomlion’s engineering machinery products was 13.592 billion yuan, up 61.15% year-on-year, and the benefits of the construction machinery advantage sector clusters were more prominent.

The leading position in the company’s leading products market has become more stable since 2018 The domestic market share of hoisting machinery and concrete machinery continued to maintain “one of the best”, among which construction cranes and long-arm pumping vehicles continued to maintain the number one position in the industry. At the same time, the proportion of high-margin products of the company has continued to expand. According to the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion, the significant increase in gross profit margin of the products is mainly due to the growth of scale efficiency of the enterprise, and the product structure is concentrated to the higher technical threshold. And the launch of the company’s new generation of smart 4.0 new products. The continuous increase in the gross profit margin of Zoomlion’s products also means that the company’s profitability is more optimized.

As a business that is accelerating, the corporate finance sector is at 2018 In the first half of the year, there was a new leap-forward development. Zoomlion has invested in the establishment of a financing guarantee company, and cooperated with the leading fund management team in China to establish the China United Industrial Fund, which will promote the synergy and integration of the company’s industry and finance.

Overseas market, Zoomlion’s eight major overseas The production base has begun to take shape, building a localized manufacturing cluster around the “Belt and Road”. Among them, the construction of Zhongbai Industrial Park base accelerated, and the cooperation with Belarusian MAZ company was quickly implemented; the Indian localized comprehensive manufacturing base project is progressing smoothly; Italy CIFA is accelerating to upgrade to a comprehensive company covering concrete, work and construction products. . At the same time, in the first half of the year, the company’s flagship products made new breakthroughs in overseas markets, and the international market share of various 4.0 products including tower cranes continued to maintain its leading position.

Intelligent transformation continues to advance technology innovation to lead the market

In recent years, Zoomlion Accelerated Transforming and upgrading to the direction of intelligence and digitalization, and fully embracing new technologies and new economies. With 4.0 intelligent products as the carrier, through the Internet of Things, big data, mobile Internet, deep integration of sensing, interconnection and other technologies to connect equipment, enterprises and customers, innovation to promote the company’s transformation from “equipment producers” to “manufacturing service-oriented enterprises” .

In the first half of 2018, the company continued to promote intelligent 4.0 products With the optimization and listing, a total of 9 new 4.0 intelligent engineering machinery products were added. At the same time, Zoomlion is preparing to set up an industrial Internet company to create an industrial Internet technology platform to create smarter products and provide smarter services in a smarter way. In addition, at the end of July, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Professor Wu Enda’s artificial intelligence company Landing.AI. The cooperation mainly focused on the application of artificial intelligence technology in the direction of agricultural machinery, marking the high starting point of Zoomlion to enter artificial intelligence. In the technical field, it became the first AI agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprise in China.

Continuous breakthroughs in technology enable companies to increase their voice in the global industry. In February 2018, Zoomlion’s international standard ISO 12480-1, “Safety of Cranes, Part 1: General Principles” was successfully approved. Up to now, the company has undertaken three international standards revisions. In addition, the company has achieved fruitful results in the field of independent innovation. The tower crane green design and manufacturing integration platform demonstration project was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the 2018 National Green Manufacturing System Integration Project.

Operating cash flow growth of 128.82% Management change Advancement

In the first half of 2018, uphold Strengthening the policy of cash flow management, the quality of Zoomlion’s operations has improved significantly. The semi-annual report showed that the net cash flow generated by the company’s operating activities was 1.595 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 128.82%. Ample operating cash flow will add momentum to the company’s future development.

In terms of management, Zoomlion continues to strengthen the market Change, business management, service upgrades, risk control. The company is fully committed to promoting the new business model of “win-win development” customer alliance and building a highly efficient and sustainable industrial chain ecosystem. Deepen the application business common management platform, the order production mode is fully implemented, and the new machine business process control is precise and efficient. Strictly control new business risks and properly resolve stock risks. Building a new service management system with customer satisfaction as the core, greatly improving customer satisfaction.

Industry experts believe that in the next three years, China’s highways and subways The investment growth rate of underground pipe corridors and new towns is obvious. The PPP project has entered an accelerated period and the environmental protection policy has been normalized. The relevant infrastructure projects such as the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Xiong’an New District, Pan-Pearl River Delta Belt and Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Dawan District have started. The new growth space opened by the “Belt and Road Initiative” will become a major positive for the sustainable development of the domestic construction machinery industry.

CMB Securities recently released a research report, which is expected to be Zhonglian The core business income will continue to grow from 2018 to 2020. In the future, Zoomlion will continue to promote the strategic transformation and upgrading of its enterprises, to become a strong and strong core business, to build a century-old store in the equipment manufacturing industry, and to continue to create value returns for shareholders and users.


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Which home businesses does capital prefer?

The home industry is welcoming the capital boom

In the first quarter, many home furnishing companies received capital attention, and the capital of the home furnishing industry remained unrelenting

In recent years, the home furnishing industry has gradually gained attention from capital. As one of the categories of “final capital attention”, although the financing of the home industry came later than other industries, it finally ushered in a boom in capital. Whether it is an outside professional investment institution or a “not bad money” enterprise in the home furnishing industry, there are actions to invest in home furnishing enterprises. This can be said to be an unprecedented “money route” in the home furnishing industry.

Home business “money way” is optimistic

According to the incomplete statistics of the reporter, in the first quarter of 2018, the financing related to the home industry has been Over 10 billion, about 10 home furnishing companies have successfully financed, and more than 10 billion yuan of funds have been injected.

The benefits of home businesses entering the capital market are very obvious. According to the 2017 annual report released by Red Star Macalline, Red Star Macalline has invested in Ou Pai Furniture Group Co., Ltd. in 2013, accounting for 4.99% of the invested company. Ou Pai Home is mainly engaged in furniture manufacturing business. The equity investment cost of Red Star Macalline on Ou Pai Home is RMB 157.660 million. In March 2017, Ou Pai Home was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The Company changed its measurement according to fair value. The fair value of the current period increased by 204,309,233.85 yuan, and the book balance on December 31, 2017 was 2,2006,523,830.85 yuan. In terms of book value, with a total investment of about 158 ​​million yuan in the European home, Red Star Macalline has received substantial profits.

The first to land A shares and H shares, Red Star Macalline naturally “not bad money”, also invested in a number of home industry enterprises, involved in smart home, upstream industry chain leader, home logistics, design and decoration, customization Home and other fields, including Yundingmen lock, Violet IOT, Dream Lily, Cool Manju, Shi Nieman, etc. As a pan-home business platform service provider in the home industry, Red Star Macalline naturally has a more forward-looking insight into the industry. It can be said that its investment layout also reflects the capital’s preference for the home industry. The “unicorn” enterprises and smart homes in the industry, especially smart single products, environmental technology production enterprises, and intermediaries that provide platform services and subvert the traditional decoration mode, have become the focus of capital enterprises.

In the industry, in the past two years, home furnishing companies have received such capital intensive attention. This is unprecedented in the development of the industry for more than 20 years. This also indicates that the industry has great potential. The strength of companies with capital blessings will grow faster, and leading companies in each segment will stand out.

“Hot money” is also hot

From the financing situation of home furnishing companies in recent years, although capital is moving closer to home furnishing companies, “hot” Later, some companies were “slapped ashore”. Obviously, the influx of hot money may bring more opportunities to the industry, but it is also the process of big waves.

The collision between the Internet home improvement field and capital, although spawned a well-known enterprise such as Tuban Rabbit, but the craze in the past has gradually calmed down and the ending is not satisfactory. According to the data from the Prospective Industry Research Institute’s “In-depth Analysis Report on Market Prospects and Solutions for China’s Internet Home Improvement Industry in 2017-2022”, 46 companies in the Internet home improvement sector were financed in 2016, with 51 cumulative financing times and total financing. It was 3.871 billion yuan. Overall, the financing situation of Internet home improvement in 2016 was slightly lower than that in 2015. The number of financing companies decreased by 7 and the total financing decreased by 28.4%.

The Beijing News reporter learned that a number of Internet companies have been closed. Some of the former “Net Red” startups have a lifetime of no more than three years, and many of them are optimistic about well-known investment institutions, but It will soon be silent. From this point of view, it is impossible to fight public relations in the form of “burning capital”. The products and services of the home industry pay more attention to quality. As a company with enough industries, how to seize the opportunity of capital, it is also a lot of home. The issues that companies need to consider.

Industry also reminded that although the current market environment is very good, home furnishing companies should not blindly pursue fast, high-standard products and services are the foundation. While home furnishing companies continue to raise funds and expand their markets, they must also improve their management capabilities and improve their ability to integrate resources so that the value of capital can be revealed.

What kind of home furnishing do you prefer?

With the refinement of various categories in the home furnishing industry, you can see from the companies that financed in 2018, The “specialized” enterprises are also more recognized and favored by investment institutions. As the market environment changes, the gap between enterprises is increasing, and more subdivided and professional home-based enterprises hope to gain more support.

Platform Service Provider

The traditional home improvement industry chain is long, which gives startups many opportunities. In the past two years, with the rise of VR technology and the e-commerce model immersed in the industry, a large number of intermediate service platforms have been created. For example, the cloud design platform based on VR technology and the middleman platform for providing services to the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, these platforms change the traditional decoration process and service methods, not only by the professional capital institutions, but also the giants in the home industry such as Red Star Macalline. The industry favors it.

January 24, based on VR design, the direct supply platform for household products, Guju recently completed a round of financing of 20 million yuan, this round of financing led by zero capital. This round of financing is mainly used for optimization iteration of Guju VR design system and optimization of VR home supply chain product system. Guju is helping between designers and usersBuilding a bridge B2C promotion platform to provide consumers with decision-making advice on soft-packing, home design and decoration.

On March 8th, the home improvement building materials B2B e-commerce platform “Foreman Gang” has completed tens of millions of A+ round financing. This round of financing was led by Zhenghe Magnetics Investment Fund, and the last round of the old shareholders, Silicon Valley Bank, followed suit. The proceeds from the financing will be mainly used to expand the market, expand the coverage to 25 cities, and focus on expanding small B customers. The foreman team was formed in early 2015. The platform is positioned to carry out B2B transactions for home-made accessories, upstream to the first-level agents of home improvement building materials and hardware supplies, and downstream to meet the purchasing needs of small B merchants.

Coca-Cola, the home cloud design platform officially launched on March 9th in November 2013, announced the completion of the $100 million Series D financing. This round of financing was led by Shun Capital, and Pemalion Capital of Temasek , IDG Capital, GGV Jiyuan Capital, Yunqi Capital, Hearst Capital and other institutions to vote. According to reports, Cool Carre is a 3D cloud design tool based on its own ExaCloud cloud rendering technology. It can generate decoration plans in 5 minutes, generate renderings in 10 seconds, and generate VR solutions in one click.

On March 29th, the “three-dimensional home” of the home IT service platform announced the completion of RMB 300 million B round financing. This round of financing was led by Red Star Macalline, and the old shareholders Softbank China and Guangfa Xinde followed suit. It is understood that this financing will be used to expand the national business layout, and comprehensively deepen the empowerment of home improvement industry. 3D official website introduction, it has online speed rendering HD renderings, massive material model, 720°VR panorama, refined management, cloud manufacturing technology, providing 3D cloud design + scene marketing + one-click ordering for the home industry Single + production system + refined big data management” integrated solution.

“Unicorn” Enterprise

There are a large number of participants in each segment of the home industry, as some giant companies expand in size They are also optimistic about capital. These companies or market share, known as “unicorns”, or advanced production technology and product advantages, will stand out in a certain field and become a new star in the investment community.

In December last year, the Mona Lisa Group was listed on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which played a very important role in benchmarking and demonstrating the entire ceramic industry. Looking at the home furnishing companies listed in recent years, concentrated in the custom home, furniture products and home circulation industry, the building ceramics industry has been concerned about the capital market because of its relatively extensive production mode and pollution discharge. Mona Lisa said in its prospectus that the company is the first in China to develop dry-pressed ceramic sheets and supporting green and intelligent production processes. It is one of the pioneering enterprises of thin-type building ceramic products in China. Some insiders said that the future development of home furnishing enterprises with environmental protection technology as a highlight is also optimistic about capital.

At the beginning of this year, at the beginning of this year, Beijing Real Home Furnishing Chain Group Co., Ltd. accepted a total investment of 13 billion yuan from investment institutions such as Alibaba, Taikang Group, Yunfeng Fund and Jiahua Weiye Capital. As a non-listed company, the Real Home Home Chain Group released 36% of the shares in this round. Among the many investors, Alibaba’s investment is the most eye-catching. Alibaba and related investors invested 5.453 billion yuan to acquire 15% of the shares of the actual home. In addition to the four leading investors, it also includes Hualian Changshanxing, Sequoia Capital, Xinzhongli, Noah Holdings, Boyu Capital, Bo Rui Capital, Jiuding Capital and so on.

Not only is optimistic about investment institutions such as Alibaba, but the home industry is also quite optimistic about the home. On February 26, Gujiajiao issued an announcement stating that it plans to invest 198 million yuan to participate in the establishment of the equity investment fund of Huanggang Joseph Guangshengcheng, which only invests in the home. The announcement pointed out that through this investment, in addition to the company’s strategic cooperation with the actual home, the company will also share the listed investment income of the actual home IPO.

Smart Home Items

Smart Home has always been a field of capital optimism. In the context of consumption upgrades, smart homes have gradually become popular, especially the penetration rate of smart items is gradually rising. In the past two years, explosion-proof products such as smart door locks and smart audio have appeared. With the combination of big data and cross-border, every household product that consumers are involved in in their lives may become the direction of the company’s smart home, thus winning the attention of capital.

On January 8, Beijing Source Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it has completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. The financing was jointly invested by Gaochun Capital, Shuimu Capital and Donglin Capital. In August 2017, Red Star Macalline also invested in source code intelligence. Committed to the development and design of intelligent doors and windows, to transform the indoor air environment for users. The source code intelligent window mainly integrates sensors and control chips into the hardware structure of traditional doors and windows, collects indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, formaldehyde, CO2, TVOC and other air data, and realizes the automatic switching of doors, windows and fresh air systems through control software and AI algorithm. Maintain a good indoor environment. In addition, relying on technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, and next-generation OLED display, the source code smart window supports remote control of users. At the same time, by learning the user’s daily usage habits, intelligently selecting window switch behavior in the corresponding scene, the window-mounted OLED display provides users with Weather, transportation, shopping, health, entertainment, advertising and other app services.

On February 1st, the health sleep solution provider Yu Sheng Technology announced that it has completed a strategic financing of over RMB 200 million. The investors are Red Star Macalline, share investment, European home, and home. It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used to expand production channels and expand sales channels. Yusheng Technology is committed to the production and research and development of intelligent electric beds. According to official website data, Yusheng Technology has sold more than 4 million electric beds worldwide. In 2016, the company achieved operating income of RMB 1.6 billion, a year-on-year increase of 100%.

At the end of February, Amazon invested about 1 billionThe US dollar acquired the American smart doorbell company Ring, which is a new effort by Amazon to improve the security of parcel delivery and an important layout for the company to enter the smart home industry. The core technology of Ring is to connect the doorbell with camera to the mobile phone or tablet of the head of the household, so that the head of the household can have a remote visual dialogue with the visitor or courier and monitor the safety of the home.

When the company was invested by Red Star Macalline on March 19, Yunding Technology, a technology company focused on smart home, announced that it has completed the C+ round of financing of over 100 million yuan. , Lenovo Star, the peak of the peak and the cast. According to public information, Yunding Technology obtained the investment of millions of angels from Lenovo Star and Xianfeng in June 2014. In April 2015, it won the A-round financing of Midea Group, LeTV and Lenovo Star 15 million yuan; In March 2016, it received Fosun Ruizheng tens of millions of RMB B round financing; in March 2017, it received Harvest Investment and Red Star Meikailong 51 million yuan B+ round financing. Yunding Technology is an innovative technology enterprise in the field of smart home. It owns brands such as “Lu Ke” and “ Yun Ding”, covering smart door locks, door and window sensors, doorbells, smart meters, smart water meters and other smart home security. Products, and based on these products provide intelligent management services for apartments.


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Internet home improvement began to find breakthroughs with new retail

The decline of the entrepreneurial wave represented by “Internet +” has begun to bring the development of Internet home improvement to a new stage. With new ways to empower the home improvement industry, new retail is one of many ways to empower. Whether it is Tubal Rabbit or, they are trying to gain new development momentum by blessing new retail outlets. So, the entire Internet home improvement began to use the power of new retail to find new development breakthroughs.

However, due to the Internet’s thinking, when people think about the combination of Internet home improvement and new retail, they will also use the logic of the Internet to think. Therefore, building a platform with the help of new retail, and then empowering the traditional home improvement industry through the platform has become the “model model” of the new retail empowerment home improvement industry.

In fact, otherwise As a new type of business, the reason why new retail can replace the Internet has become the next development, indicating that there is a fundamental difference between it and the Internet. Simply adding the “new retail” and “internet home improvement” and continuing to play the concept card is by no means the essence of the new retail-enabled Internet home improvement.

Now, People talk about the fact that most of the new retailers want to play concept cards and continue to get user traffic. In fact, what they don’t know is that the user’s consumer demand has changed radically, just to play the concept card, not to change the home decoration itself, the user will not pay the bill. Therefore, how to use the new retail’s empowerment to fundamentally solve the pain points and problems in the home improvement industry that cannot be solved in the Internet era may be the essence of the new retail plus new retail.


In essence, the process of combining the Internet with home improvement is actually a process in which a user channel is transferred from offline to online. For the home improvement industry itself, Internet technology has only changed the interface between users and decoration providers, and has not really changed the home improvement industry itself. From this logic, the breakthrough in the new retail era lies in the profound changes in the home improvement industry.

Change Home Improvement The current situation of the industry’s barriers makes the Internet home improvement truly become a whole. We all know that one of the main reasons for the inefficiency of the home improvement industry is due to the deep barriers in various processes and links in the home improvement industry. Entering the Internet home improvement era, although the process and links of the home improvement industry are all gathered on the Internet home improvement platform, the barriers between the home improvement process and the links are still relatively deep. This has caused the Internet home improvement to merely change the docking efficiency of the home improvement industry without changing the efficiency of the construction industry. Entering the new retail era, we must solve the current situation of the heavy barriers in the home improvement industry, and truly transform the Internet home improvement into a whole.

The advent of the new retail era involves the application of new technologies such as big data, AI, cloud computing and blockchain. These new technologies are applied to home improvement. In the industry, it can form a new relationship with the home improvement industry itself, and the new retail technology is relatively low-level, so they can eliminate the traditional barriers of the home improvement industry by the bottom-level transformation of the home improvement industry, and truly make the home improvement industry become a The whole of each other.

Design by design For example, with the help of big data, the data accumulated in the design process can not only provide services for upstream building materials production, but also provide support for downstream construction, acceptance and other aspects, so that those in the traditional home improvement era can not change. The homework pain points and problems are fundamentally resolved.

Home Improvement Tools The modernization of Internet home decoration is no longer just a traditionally strong existence. We have seen that although the docking method of the home improvement industry has become the Internet, the tools used by construction workers in the construction process are still traditional and original. Although such a construction tool can be more convenient for construction workers, in the face of the user’s demand for home improvement efficiency, it is difficult to achieve a truly substantial effect by merely using conventional technology.

One ​​of them The most prominent representative is the application of artificial intelligence in the home improvement industry. According to past experience, artificial intelligence application is very difficult to achieve in the field of home decoration, because home improvement is a highly personalized industry, if you use artificial intelligence, you can only deal with the highly standardized home improvement. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, some highly standardized processes and links in traditional home improvement can be realized by means of artificial intelligence.

except artificial In addition to intelligent tools, there are other tools that can be used to change the original tradition of traditional home decoration to a certain extent, and finally the home improvement industry takes a new stage. In the new retail era, the home improvement industry is no longer a traditionally strong industry, but has become a presence that can be mixed with many new technologies. The significance of new retailing for the home improvement industry is the application of many new technology-based tools to the home improvement industry.

Home Improvement Function and function are no longer just renovations, but more of an entry point for a new retail lifestyle. The home improvement industry has sprouted and grew up along with the development of the real estate industry. This has determined that the home improvement industry is largely to ensure that owners can enter and renovate into the only property of home improvement. Even in the era of Internet home improvement, this property of home improvement has not been fundamentally changed. The decoration property of the home decoration not only limits the profitability of the industry itself to a certain extent, but also limits the possibility of combining the external technology with the home improvement industry.

Enter In the new retail era, the relationship between the home improvement industry and the external industry is getting closer and closer. Retail, health, finance and many other industries can connect with users through home decoration. This is the magnificent beauty brought by the new retail deep-enhanced home improvement industry. In a sense, the home improvement industry has become a scene entry that can be deeply connected with many industries. This seems to have a deep connection with the scene consumption in the new retail era, and will ultimately affect people’s lifestyles.

Enter In the new retail era, the mobile Internet era has only lost its market in the way of intermediateization. Through the deep empowerment of the home improvement industry, the development of the home improvement industry has become technological and intelligent, and thus the Internet home decoration is no longer just It’s just a word game that doesn’t change the medicine, but it turns into a brand new species.


The advent of the new retail era has undoubtedly opened up a reflection on the future development of the Internet home improvement industry. The door, however, if we simply add new retail and the Internet, it will not really promote the transformation of the home improvement industry. New retail can only find a direct combination of the two directly involved in the actual operation of the Internet home improvement industry. To promote the conscience of the Internet home improvement industry.

The ability of the new retail bottom-level Internet home improvement determines the success or failure of the change. For many people who are deeply involved in the home improvement industry, they know that the home improvement industry is an industry with a long extension of the industry chain, the Internet One of the most important reasons why technology is at a loss to the home improvement industry is Networking can only be superficially de-intermediate, and can’t really be deeply involved in the specific process of home improvement. For new retail, what you should have to truly promote the transformation of the home improvement industry is not its ability to add. It is the ability of the new retail and home improvement industry to integrate at the bottom. In a sense, the fundamental point of the success of the new retail-enabled Internet home improvement is whether it can deep integration and connection with the home improvement industry at the bottom.

somewhat worrying Yes, the new retail-enabled Internet home improvement has been regarded as a marketing tool and tool. In essence, the new retail has not been deeply integrated and connected with the Internet home improvement. If the new retail is still in accordance with this idea, the Internet home improvement is still applied. If so, the so-called new retail empowerment Internet home improvement will become a marketing tool, and can not really fundamentally crack user pain points and problems.

From this logic point of view, the success or failure of the new retail bottom-layered Internet home improvement is whether the new retail can deeply empower the home improvement industry from the bottom. If the new retail can carry out the underlying empowerment of the home improvement industry, then the Internet home improvement can be transformed and reborn with the help of new retail, the pain points and problems of the home improvement industry can be solved, and the home improvement industry can also enter a new stage.

New Retail Whether the business model can be truly changed directly determines the future direction of the Internet home improvement. The biggest difference between the new retail and the Internet is whether it can change the B2B model of the Internet era and switch to the S2b model. If people regard the new retail-enabled Internet home improvement model as a B2B model, even in the new retail era, Internet home improvement will still develop into a platform-based model, which cannot truly transform the industry through the traditional model of the home improvement industry. Come to new energy.

If we Still in accordance with the B2B model for the empowerment of Internet home improvement, then Internet home improvement will still be platform-oriented, and can not really participate in the actual process of home improvement. If we can implement the S2b model in depth, we can change the Internet home improvement to just build a platform, without changing the pain points and problems of the home improvement industry itself, and truly bring the development of Internet home improvement to a new stage of development.

S2b mode One of the most innovative changes is the emergence of Big S. Based on the layout of large S’s traffic, scenarios, technologies, etc., the large platform of the Internet era has become a new technology enabling platform, so that The development of the home improvement industry has entered an era where it can penetrate deeply into the industrial chain of the home improvement industry.

New Retail The advent of the times makes you deeply confusedThe Internet home improvement has re-founded a new way to break the game. However, just as all empowerment methods are not always smooth, the new retail-enabled Internet home improvement also requires an ongoing process of adjustment. Despite this, we are still able to find ways and means to create new retail-enabled Internet home furnishings. By continuing to carry out the underlying empowerment and strengthen business model innovation, Internet home improvement can also find new directions in the new retail era.


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Copper sleeve has good casting function and cutting function

The advantages of the copper sleeve are high hardness, excellent wear resistance, not easy to produce a dead scene, good casting function and cutting processing function, and excellent corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water. Wear-resistant parts such as connecting rods, bushings, bushings, gears, worm gears, etc., which can be operated under high load (below 20Mpa) and high sliding speed (8m/s).
Characteristics of the copper sleeve:

Compressive resistance: The compression resistance of the copper sleeve is also quite good. Its external pressure is very high, and it can accept the side pressure of the bearing very well. The high-load pressure condition copper bushing can also be operated, and it is suitable for low-speed heavy-duty applications.

Corrosion: Another feature of the copper sleeve is corrosion resistance and excellent corrosion resistance. It is primarily used in the atmosphere and fresh water, as this environment is still relatively good. In the process of using copper bushings, it is usually not easy to present a sedentary condition. The corrosion resistance of the copper bushing is mainly reflected in the chemical elements of the excavator boom copper sleeve. Its function is well compared, even in the absence of lubricant and water quality lubricants, it can still perform normal operations, in slidability. And the self-lubricating function can still be adhered to.

Abrasion resistance: The wear resistance of the copper sleeve is still relatively good, and the equipment with different raw materials has different characteristics. The internal arrangement of the copper bushings is still tightly contrasted, does not present a too loose scene, has no stomatal trachoma, and most importantly its hardness is relatively high.

The role of the copper sleeve is very wide, copper, used for sliding bearings, the bearing is more than a normal amount of savings, can withstand greater loads, copper sleeves, also known as copper bearings, oil lubrication bearings . It is made of various copper alloys for lubrication of mechanical parts. It is an important component of machinery on various large and heavy machinery.

There are many materials for copper sleeves. Commonly used are tin bronze, aluminum bronze, brass, phosphor bronze, etc. The casting method can be divided into metal casting model, precision casting, centrifugal casting and sand casting.

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The growth of the Russian cement market will be resilient

On September 30th, according to Amicron Consulting’s forecast, Russian cement production and consumption in 2018 will increase with the expected increase in housing construction. It is estimated that the growth rate in 2018 is about 5%. The growth of the Russian cement market will be revitalized. Since 2014, the Russian cement market has fallen by 20%, only a slowdown in 2017.

Cement consumption depends on economic conditions. In Russia, there has been a high dependence on the growth rate of cement consumption and GDP dynamics for a long time. Until 2015, this correlation exceeded 85%. In the case of economic growth, the cement market is growing at an excessive rate, but when the economy declines, cement The market will also fall sharply. Despite the gap in the index in recent years, once the economy actually grows, the cement market will also grow, and the growth momentum will be quite strong.

Construction industry, especially housing construction, remains the Russian economy One of the most promising industries. The reason is that in the context of low housing security rates (below the first world countries) and inadequate infrastructure construction, a large amount of demand has not been met. In addition, there is an increasing demand for replacement and replacement of residential and non-residential facilities built during the Soviet era.

In the medium to long term, the demand for infrastructure construction is expected Will grow. The demand for cement concrete road construction is promising. This road construction is common throughout the world, but in Russia, including the Soviet Union, the lack of cement was not implemented. In recent years, the cement deficit due to the construction of new cement plants has been eliminated. However, due to the high price of cement, unstable quality indicators, and unpredictable conditions for the delivery of cement, road construction technology for cement concrete has not been widely promoted in Russia.


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The difference between real stone paint and ordinary paint

Real stone paint is currently the first popular exterior wall decoration material. It has the stone-like decorative effect and is more intimate than the stone in terms of cost and construction and maintenance. It can be said to be one of the best substitutes for dry hanging stone. Is it different from ordinary paints such as latex paints in addition to decorative effects?

Of course, today Xiaobian has compiled the difference between the two on the putty used for your reference.

1, color
Real stone paint can be used with dark putty. Ordinary coatings generally use white or yellowish light-colored putty. If it is dark, it has high requirements for the hiding power of the coating.
2, flatness
Ordinary coatings have higher requirements for flatness, only the layer of putty is flat, and the flatness of the paint after the wall is guaranteed. Since the real stone paint has a certain leveling function, the requirement is relatively lower.
3, grinding
If some parts of the wall are not polished, it will lead to matte and high-gloss effect on the wall after the paint, the wall effect is not uniform. Real stone paint generally does not need to be polished.
4, the hardness of the putty layer
ordinary paint on the putty layer hardness requirements are not particularly high, if the small area of ​​the putty layer hardness is not enough, it will also be improved because the coating penetrates the putty layer after the anchor bond. However, the true stone paint has higher requirements on the hardness of the putty layer, otherwise the delamination problem is likely to occur.
The coating layer is a thin organic layer, which is greatly affected by ultraviolet light, temperature difference stress, freeze-thaw cycle, and the coating is closely connected with the putty layer. Therefore, the putty layer must also have certain flexibility to resist various damages. stress.
5, flexible
real stone paint is more flexible for putty, because it is inherently flexible, if the flexibility of the putty layer can not match, it is easy to crack due to resistance to uneven shrinkage.
6, adhesion
coating layer because of the light load, so the adhesion to the putty layer is generally required.
However, the adhesion of the real stone paint to the putty layer is very high, because if the adhesion is not enough, it is very easy to cause the real stone paint to leave the base layer with the putty layer.
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