Don’t just be addicted to softness and comfort.

Carpet, soft and comfortable, especially in the autumn and winter, in front of the living room sofa or in the bedroom The carpet was laid in front of the bed, and the warmth and warmth was a lot. Many people will lay carpets at home, but where should they be laid? Which kind of pattern and color do you choose? These are all *scientific, so be sure to pay attention before the shop. Below, Xiaobian will tell you how to lay carpets before you can make a fortune!

First, choose the carpet according to the orientation

If the gate is open in the north, the color of the shipment is blue, because the north is in charge of the business, if you want If you are looking for a good job or want to improve your career, you can place a round or wavy round blue carpet in the north of the living room to make your career flourish.

If the gate is open in the east, southeast, open The color of the transport is green, because the east and southeast are five-line wood, and green is the main color of the trees, which has a dynamic meaning. The green carpet with a wavy pattern or a straight pattern on this side has a positive catalytic effect on home transportation and fortune.

If the gate is open in the west, northwest, open The color is white and gold, because white and gold symbolizes nobleness and purity. If you can put a white or gold carpet with plaid patterns or graphics in this orientation, it can bring good gifts and fortune, and can also increase children’s reading. Shipped.

If the gate is open in the south, the shipping color is Red, because the South is a fire, so the red carpet with straight stripes or star-shaped patterns on this side can make the family full of energy and bring fame and fortune.

If the gate is open in the southwest and northeast, The color of the shipment is yellow, because the southwest and northeast are the land, and the yellow represents the honor and wealth in China. At the same time, this orientation is the dominant wisdom and marriage. If you can put a star-shaped or individual pattern of yellow carpet in this orientation. That can bring strong wealth, make marriage and beauty.

Second, carpet patternGeneral patterns have their own five-line attributes, such as the wavy shape of the five elements of water, straight stripes are wood, star-shaped, pyramidal pattern genus or plaid pattern is earth, round is gold With the orientation and color placement can bring good luck.

three, carpet textureIf the carpet has a dense and thick texture, it can slow the flow of air in winter and adjust the indoor microclimate. If the colors and patterns of the carpets are properly matched, the halls will have different gas and space changes. At the same time, the color of the carpet can also be used to drive the home.

four, carpet colorcomposed harmonious, colorful and bright carpet It is pleasing to the eye and is the best choice. Try not to use a single color carpet, too cold, it will make the living room look lifeless, not conducive to the accumulation of gas. It is best to use colorful carpet, avoid monotonous carpet, in red Or gold* is more auspicious for the main color.

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Top ten rankings of sanitary wares

Bathroom is a product that is indispensable for the bathroom and can be included in the top ten rankings of the bathroom. They are the best in the bathroom industry. So what brand of bathroom is there, what do you know about the bathroom brand? The following small series introduces the top ten rankings of the bathroom, recommend some good bathroom brands for your reference, let’s take a look!

Bathroom Top Ten Rankings

NO.1 Kohler Bathroom

Kohler Sanitary Ware is by far one of the largest family-owned companies in the United States. Founded in 1873, its brand business is spread all over the world. Kohler Sanitary Ware has always been a trustworthy brand in the hearts of consumers. Its elegance and unique taste, high standards and high quality are the goals that Kohler Sanitary has been pursuing.

NO.2 Osman Bathroom

Aussie Sanitary Ware was founded in 2001 and is located in Kaiping, Guangdong. Quality, service and innovation are the business philosophy of Aussie Sanitary Ware. With the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, consumers can enjoy high quality life with comfortable, low carbon and environmental protection and energy saving.


TOTO headquarters is located in Japan, is by Okura and pro Founded in 1917, the Chinese name is (Dongtao). The main products are: toilets, faucets and other sanitary ware. TOTO bathroom figures can be seen everywhere in China’s building materials market.

NO.4 九牧

Jiumu Sanitary Ware was established in 1990 and its headquarters is located in Quanzhou, Fujian. Jiumu Sanitary Ware is a large-scale integrated sanitary ware enterprise. The main products are sanitary ceramics and whole bathroom. It is the first choice for star-rated hotels and gorgeous decoration of home bathrooms.

NO.5 Gold Bathroom

The business philosophy of Gold Bathroom is “Quality First” Take “people-oriented” as the guiding ideology. Through continuous innovation and improvement, we have successfully ranked among the well-known brands in China.

NO.6 Wrigley Bathroom

Wrigley bathroom was built in 1994 and is the iconic brand of Guangdong Jiantao Industry. The main products are: ceramic sanitary ware, surf tank, shower room and so on. Wrigley has won the honors of “China Famous Brand Product” and “China Famous Brand”.


Dongpeng Sanitary Ware was established in Foshan, Guangdong Province in 1994, with Professional R & D and production of ceramic sanitary ware and bathroom accessories products. The company’s products are fashionable, high quality and complete, and are well received by consumers.

NO.8 Zhongyu

Zhongyu Sanitary Ware is a product of Zhongyu Building Materials Co., Ltd., which sells well in nearly 30 countries including China, the United States, Canada, and Germany. Taking quality and technology as the guide, combining East and West elements to create a healthy, comfortable, stylish and environmentally friendly international brand bathroom.

NO.9 Huida

Huida Sanitary Ware has received the title of “National Inspection-Free Product” It was named “China Famous Brand” and was the first company to receive the top national title. Huida always regards design and innovation as the spirit of products. The design direction is based on the theme of environmental protection, water conservation, health, leisure, technology and intelligence. It draws inspiration from the natural and fashionable world and creates unique for consumers. Enjoy life in modern life.

NO.10 Still high

Shanggao is one of the fastest growing companies in the sanitary ware industry. It has been developed and sold from simple glass wash basins to the production and sale of high-end bathroom products. It sells products throughout the country and parts of the world through the Internet.

Summary of the small series: The above is the phase of the Bathroom Top Ten Ranking introduced by XiaobianClose content, when you buy, you must choose according to your own home decoration style, you can not only look at the price when buying, but also pay attention to brand quality, I hope to help everyone.


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Analysis of the five characteristics of the global sanitary ware industry

Modern sanitary ware manufacturing originated in the United States and Germany in the mid-19th century. After more than one hundred years of development, Europe and the United States have gradually become the regions with mature development, management and advanced technology in the world sanitary ware industry. Since the 21st century, China’s sanitary ware industry development has been rapid, and product output and quality, design level and process level have been rapidly improved, and more and more domestically. The favor of foreign consumers.

At present, three well-known sanitary ware brands have been formed around the world: represented by Kohler and Moen. American brands; European brands represented by Grohe, Roca and Hansgrohe; Asian brands represented by TOTO, Huida and Wrigley. With the technological advancement of the sanitary ware industry and the globalization of the industrial division of labor, the global sanitary ware industry has shown the following characteristics:

The overall matching is becoming more and more mainstream

The series of sanitary ware products can not only Coordination in function, making consumers more comfortable in use, enjoying a more comfortable and convenient bathroom environment, and its overall style and design, consumers can choose according to their own preferences and the environment of their home. The corresponding main body series products are more able to reflect the consumer’s personalized life concept and meet the needs of their individual development. In today’s increasingly rich material, people’s choice of products not only focuses on the function of “use”, but also on pursuing more “added value”, especially the enjoyment of artistic and beauty. Based on this, the series of integrated supporting sanitary products not only makes consumers satisfied with the “use” in the products, but also enjoys the “beauty” enjoyment, which will surely become the future development trend of the sanitary ware industry.

More emphasis on bathroom product design

With the deepening of global integration and the in-depth integration of various cultural elements, consumers are increasingly demanding the appearance and texture of sanitary ware products. The sanitary ware products that sense the sense of fashion and lead the way of life are widely welcomed by the market. In order to expand market share, sanitary ware manufacturers have increased their investment in the design of sanitary ware products, and have cooperated extensively with well-known designers to continuously introduce new products and guide global sanitary ware products to more focus on product design.

Production technology and craftsmanship continue to improve

The sanitary ware industry’s production technology and process level have matured and improved over the centuries, from product quality to production efficiency, and appearance technology There has been considerable progress in design and other aspects. In recent years, the world’s leading sanitary ware companies have increased their investment in production technology improvement and process improvement, such as research and development of new materials to prepare glaze puree, so that various new glaze colors and models continue to emerge; equipped with efficient new mechanical equipment And automatic production line to improve production efficiency; increase research and development efforts, innovatively apply modern technologies such as electronic control, digital and automation to sanitary ware products, to achieve more powerful and efficient product functions, and to improve the comfort of sanitary ware experience and Convenience.

Products are energy efficient and environmentally friendly Trends

In recent years, governments have become increasingly aware of energy Shortages and environmental pollution seriously affect and constrain social and economic development; the concept of promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, optimizing resource allocation, and achieving sustainable economic development has also been widely adopted and accepted by countries around the world. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, consumption More emphasis on health and comfort, emphasizing green environmental protection, in addition to the demand for product quality and function, green energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products are more favored by consumers. Therefore, as a supplier of sanitary ware products, to adapt to the trend of development, improve production Ways, using new materials, new technologies, new processes to improve products becomes an inevitable choice.

Industry Manufacturing Base Developing countries

Europe and other countries have been important manufacturing bases for global sanitary ware However, with the continuous improvement of its labor cost and affected by many factors such as industrial policy and market environment, internationally renowned sanitary ware brand manufacturers focus their comparative advantages on product design, market development and brand marketing, and strive to strengthen With the research and development and control of the core technology of high-end products, the company gradually shifted the manufacturing process of sanitary ware to Asian countries such as China and India, which have low labor costs, complete supporting infrastructure and continuous market demand, making these countries global. A specialized manufacturing base for sanitary ware products.


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For the decoration company that “runs the road”, say “I’m sorry!” to the owner.

Renovation is a mess, shoulder responsibility returns to the original heart

Recently, the news of the renovation company’s running has been a big shock. Some people say that it is a risk management problem for franchisees. Some people say that it is a stubborn disease left by the rapid expansion of enterprises. No matter what the reason, as a member of the decoration industry, I am saddened by the fact that I want to make a home improvement for all the running homes, as well as the suppliers, construction workers and owners who have suffered losses, sincerely say: Sorry! please believe us! We are working together with the Association of Decorative Decorations and all home improvement companies to make unremitting efforts to regulate the industry’s standard operation!

As a 25-year-old enterprise in the deep-growing home improvement industry, the directors of the Meilu Yating Group also expressed their views on the incident.

I. The trust crisis between the decoration company and the material supplier

Since it’s a self-contained, it’s sure to come with building materials, furniture, and soft Equipment, even the cooperation of home appliance suppliers. When the decoration company can’t make a timely payment, the dealer’s supply will definitely lag, the service can’t guarantee, and the natural construction period will be delayed. The second and third phases of the owner are not available, and the capital chain is elongated, increasing the risk of breakage. As a service provider, the decoration company should take the initiative to take responsibility, not arrears, not shirk responsibility, protect the interests of the owners, and maintain the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

Second, low-cost signing is self-seeking

In the buying and selling market, when the customer can’t identify the product quality, the price competition will make the buyer think that it is a big deal. The one who is crying is himself. Enterprises should understand that low prices can’t buy high-quality services, and low-cost competition ultimately harms their own vital interests. In the case that the customer can’t identify the quality of the product, the seller has no bottom line operation, which eventually disrupts the market and shows the mistake of starving the dead, exhausting himself, and dying the enterprise. The decoration company should monitor the operation of the funds. When the funds are insufficient, it is not necessary to recharge, cut corners, and default.

Three, please return to the original heart of the decoration industry

In my opinion, the interior decoration industry has a non-negligible feature, the user experience. To put it bluntly, it is to find ways to serve people, because the responsibility of the industry is to create a home for consumers, one to release the mind, and one to meet with each other. So it goes without saying that the creation of details has a decisive influence on the decorative design industry. Let the decoration industry return to the essence, let the industry’s employees return to their original heart, do personalized and creative design, ensure the quality of the project, use reliable materials, provide quality after-sales service, these points are the core of the decoration industry . The decoration industry is not a capital industry, but a service industry. The user experience should be placed first, which harms the interests of the owners and loses the business.

The Chinese national equipment industry is entering the reshuffle period, and we may hear a lot of negative news.

I believe that the market must be eliminated by unqualified enterprises, and what remains is necessarily a conscience enterprise that is interested in the needs of the owners.


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Gold steel screen window PK stainless steel screens

Unlike ordinary stainless steel screens, gold steel windows were born in 2009 ( It is developed and produced by Chun’an Screen, one of the earliest merchants based in Dali Fengchi Decoration Materials Market. It is made of thick metal wire and has very high hardness and strength. There is no need to worry about deformation.

Aluminum doors and windows The main functions are windshield, light and open Vision, etc., but facing the mosquitoes everywhere – unless the window is not ventilated, aluminum alloy doors and windows are helpless. Because the choice of appropriate mosquito screens and aluminum alloy doors and windows, the anti-mosquito and insect proof effect is immediately effective.

1. Stainless steel screens

There are many types of screens. The earliest is the iron screens – now it is basically eliminated, followed by ordinary stainless steel screens. Generally, stainless steel windows are thin and soft. It is fixed on the window frame, it is very convenient to install and replace, and the anti-mosquito effect is good. But it is very easy to break and the service life is too short.

Second, gold steel net screens

Unlike ordinary stainless steel screens, gold windows was born in 2009 (developed and produced by Chun’an Screen, one of the earliest merchants based in Dali Fengchi Decoration Materials Market). It is made of thick metal wire and has very high hardness and strength. Worried about deformation. The gold window also has the following advantages:

1, better anti-insect anti-theft effect

Golden steel window screens not only prevent mosquitoes, but also have very thick wire diameters. The mesh surface is hard to break with external force, and it is only possible to open the screen with the key from inside. The anti-theft effect is very good.

2, longer life

Golden steel window is made of wire and has high hardness; plus the surface is treated by pit corrosion, the service life is generally about 10 to 20 years, and the life of stainless steel window screen is not even for 2 years. Comparability.

3, Security

Prevents falling from height. The mesh surface of the gold steel window screen is framed with the height of the window, and it is stuck on the window frame. Only the key can be opened and removed, so the child can be effectively prevented from falling.

4, easy to clean up later

golden steel window It is not easy to be used for indoor or outdoor use. It does not need to be replaced or cleaned frequently. The stainless steel screens are different. It takes a lot of time to clean each time and needs to be replaced frequently.


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Advantages and pain points coexist China’s new home retail presents five major trends

The layman does not understand the insider, the consumer is often in a weak position in the consumption process, especially the home decoration, right Owners who don’t understand the decoration can easily fall into the traps set by the decoration company or the decoration team. Compared with the mature market, this is closely related to China’s still chaotic and unregulated home ecosystem. Let us directly address the pain points of new home retail in the digital age and look forward to a better consumer environment!

The new home retail in the digital age, that is, consumer-centric, with the scene For the entrance, through the composite product service and the integration of contacts to drive the C2B supply chain, to meet consumer demand for the ideal family life, and extended to other related industries.

The current home new retail ecosystem has many pain points

China’s new home retail ecosystem has a large scale and a fast growth rate.

2016, the market size of new home retail brands and service providers in China It is close to 5 trillion yuan, and the growth rate in 2015-2016 is as high as 8%. It is far ahead of the European and American markets in terms of market size and growth rate. At the same time, the network penetration rate of the back-end of China’s new home retail sector is comparable to that of Europe and the United States. In 2016, the penetration rate of back-end home appliances has reached about 20%, slightly higher than the European market (14.9%), which is equivalent to the US market (19.2%). .

Online penetration of front-end home improvement and building materials is not high, currently only About 8%, compared with Europe (9.2%) and the United States (15.4%) have more room for development. However, compared with the mature market, the new home retail ecosystem in China is still chaotic and lacks norms. To avoid being cheated, consumers are forced to spend a lot of time learning about decoration.

For Chinese consumers who don’t love DIY, the biggest pain point is In the long process of consumption, I have to do it myself. For brand owners, one of the most difficult problems is to face the lack of knowledge, the identification of good and bad consumers with limited ability, how to stand out in the industry with low-frequency trading characteristics and mixed market.

New Flooring

The digital home China’s new home retail will show five major trends

Trend One: Standardize the Market – From Non-standard and Chaotic Markets

Going to the standard and quality assurance standards provided by the platform, the national installed service market is mixed, and in 120,000 renovation companies in 2016 Only half have relevant qualifications. The future is bound to move from a non-standard and chaotic market to a regulated market that provides standards and quality assurance by the platform.

As consumers become more concerned about health and environmental protection, brands and channels In addition, we are striving to provide more healthy and safe basic building materials, and home appliances such as air purifiers and fresh air systems that improve environmental quality are also popular. For example, in the environmentally-friendly eco-board of plates, sales in the plate category accounted for 2015. Less than 1% of the rapid increase to 23% in 2016.

We also noticed that many e-commerce platforms will set the threshold for decoration companies. If you have a Class C decoration decoration qualification. In addition, user comments, users askA, the designer’s work display and even the decoration forum, decoration diary and other UGC content and mechanism, making the decoration company’s service quality, price and other information more transparent, the whole process of monitoring and regulating the chaotic decoration service market.

Trend 2: Life Scenes – From Selling Items to Scenes Lifestyle infiltration

currently, building materials, home improvement, furniture, Local brands such as electrical appliances are still selling products, but the transition to lifestyle penetration has begun.

In the process, “lifestyle first” will become the key word for entry That is, brand owners influence consumers by creating and promoting a certain leading life concept, which in turn causes them to pay attention to related products. In terms of lifestyle communication, brand owners often use real and virtual scenes to bring consumers an intuitive experience, and experience becomes the main decision factor for purchase.

Some e-commerce platforms took the lead in doing a lot of useful exploration.

Based on the analysis of sales data, outline the user’s portrait, around Key information such as the type of households, in line with the lifestyle and appeals of the customer group, the online experience store launches scene matching, and embeds the low-frequency home consumption scene into the high-frequency retail scene. For example, the Life Aesthetics Museum jointly developed by Intime and Tmall creates an immersive shopping experience for consumers by setting up real-life scenes such as offline experience zones and scene display zones.

We also saw that some brands and channel vendors such as Red Star Macalline It has been added to the team that uses VR and 3D modeling technology to build virtualized home scenes.

Trend 3: Channel Convergence – From Cross-Channel to Omni-Channel Fusion

Chinese consumers are accustomed to active cross-channel .

In the home appliance industry, 93% of respondents are omni-channel consumers By. From the demand side, there are more and more consumers pursuing omni-channel non-sense shopping experience in 2017. The most fundamental technical support for achieving omnichannel is the Internet of Things and smart home.

We believe that smart home is about to enter the whole network interconnection stage, the Internet platform has the most It may become a unified interface to help achieve the realization of the entire network interconnection. At the same time, smart homes drive future contacts to the home, creating new consumer touches in non-traditional retail scenarios, absorbing all-round consumer life. The store’s Internet of Things technology will also promote the digital acquisition of offline behavior, thus achieving personalized marketing.

To achieve the omnichannel of all stores in the future, retailers need to do the following thing.

Online and offline users have only one ID; online and offline, Same price, unified inventory; whether you buy online or offline channels, you can choose to deliver goods to your door or store; help merchants to manage separate online and offline channel inventory management, reduce operating costs; through the Internet of Things and the cloud The technology concentrates on obtaining offline data, and it is connected with online data for unified processing and analysis.

Trend 4: Segmentation customization – from satisfying most people Basic needs to move toward meeting the improved and personalized needs of the segment

China’s disposable income continued to rise, and consumption upgrades boosted demand for improved demand. The new consumer retailers in the home, “post-80s” and “post-90s” have formed newThe segmentation group, they have certain unique needs, such as the addition of two treasures at home, resulting in the need to add a new set of children’s furniture in a limited home space.

Brands have begun to use digital means faster and more accurately Discover the unique needs of these market segments, launch new products in a timely manner, and work closely with e-commerce platforms to proactively study the most popular product features of the next season and provide timely and effective input for product design.

Today, custom services have extended from the furniture industry to the relatively standardized home appliance industry. For example, Haier has introduced a customized refrigerator that customizes the refrigerator volume, temperature adjustment method, door material and appearance pattern. However, for the niche but has certain common needs, the user asks for the demand on the platform, and the designer recognizes the idea and A number of samples were designed, and then voted by the user. After the technical feasibility verification, the pre-sales were released, and the products were iterated according to user feedback. The sales growth of Haier’s various customized products was as high as 57%.

Trend 5: Solution – From buying a product to a user Solution

Currently, home consumers in China are basically buying The single product, on the one hand, is because the brand and service providers provide consumers with a single category of household products, or simple services + limited products (such as decoration services + building materials); on the other hand, due to a large number of irregularities in the home market The operation, consumers do not dare to let the service provider provide a complete solution.

In the future, with the full range of services from design to softcover Providers of high-quality solutions are emerging, and consumers will enjoy a “what you see is what you get” consumer experience and user solutions. We believe that there are two general ideas for implementing user solutions.

First, upgrade from sales items to sales items + services. In the context of ecological integration, the boundaries of products are also blurred. Brands not only want to gain value from selling products, but also find breakthroughs in products and extensions, such as increasing contact with consumers and providing value-added services. In addition to selling paint, Nippon also provides door-to-door service, creating new value growth points.

Second, upgrade to a full solution. More and more brands are beginning to offer consumers a complete solution to cover multiple aspects of their needs or in a specific scenario. For example, home appliance manufacturers provide smart kitchen solutions to meet the needs of users in the specific scene of the kitchen. The smart kitchen has a range hood and stove ignition automatic association, the central control panel controls the oven switch, temperature and duration, and can realize refrigerator storage management and one-button ordering through the touch screen. It can also download recipes and even do it. When you see the dishes through the screen, whoever knocks on the door and talks remotely, gives an intelligent solution to what needs to be done in the kitchen and what may be encountered.

Brands offer better products for consumers to be more assured

The biggest change in China’s “home economy” in the future lies in consumers The buying experience will move from a multi-channel market that is disorderly and requires a lot of compromises to integrated scenario products and services. The five trends we observe, from the consumer scene experience and segmentation needs, to the purchasing habits of goods and services, the integration of channels and the integration of back-end supply chain, will affect the home market in all aspects. In order to seize the opportunities in the new era of home retail, brand owners need six aspects from their customer image capabilities, product marketing methods, channel delivery methods, product design and development process, supply chain assistance and consumer-oriented agile organization reconstruction. Thinking about it, and finally transforming the home market with customer experience as the first and value chain integration.

Source: Pan Home Headlines


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Bedroom carpet laying strategy tips Three bedroom carpet purchasing skills teach you to choose carpet

Placing a bedroom carpet in the bedroom, on the one hand, can make The bedroom looks more stylish. On the other hand, the bare feet are very comfortable and soft on the carpet. Therefore, more and more people choose to lay bedroom carpets on the floor of the bedroom. So, how to choose the bedroom carpet is the best?

Bedroom rug Laying the purchase strategy

Bedroom Carpet – room with angles

For selection The color of the carpet begins with the principle of color first, and then the color of the bedroom is used to make the decision. There is a simple and practical way to choose the color of the carpet: several main colors in the bedroom as the color of the carpet. Components. Choosing according to such a method is not only simple but also ensures accuracy.

In determining the color of the carpet and other in the bedroom After the tone is kept in harmony, the pattern and style of the carpet must be considered. This is crucial and often determines the style of the entire bedroom. Whether it is modern or classical, it is fashionable or classic, it can be expressed through carpets, and even a unique bedroom style can be created.

Bedroom rug – carpet use angle

Generally, the carpet is placed at the door of the bedroom Or under the bed, the size is generally the best size for a small carpet or foot pad. This can both beautify the bedroom and clean the bedroom. The carpet in the bedroom needs to be able to create some warm romantic atmosphere, so that the pink is the main one. The carpet is placed in the bedroom to create a warm atmosphere for the bedroom environment, so the texture of the carpet is very important. Some long, fluffy, pink-based rugs designed for the bedroom are a good choice.

Bedroom rug – carpet quality angle

Generally speaking, the quality of the carpet is related to the service life. The length of time. Regardless of the texture of the carpet selected, the quality of the superior carpet requires no damage, no stains, no wrinkles, no noticeable color, streaks and repair marks, and the edges of the carpet are not bent. When choosing a carpet, you should also observe the back of the carpet. The back of the carpet is not laid off or glued.

Now, carpets are generally divided into woven and Artificial two. Before buying a carpet, it is necessary to distinguish whether the carpet is woven or artificial. This is because some woven carpets often have problems such as wrinkles, chromatic aberration, hair loss, and discoloration.

In addition, the fiber properties and processing are removed Outside, and the density of the plush fiberThe weight, the way of squatting are also related.

The above are three ways to choose a bedroom carpet . If you follow these three methods, you can definitely choose the most suitable bedroom carpet.

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Korean rice cookers who are snapped up by the Chinese are now unable to escape the deficit fate?

South Korea’s “Asian Economy” website said on August 17 that the two rice cookers in the Korean rice cooker market, Fukuy Electronics and Cool Morning Electronics, fell in the first half of this year. . According to the report, the sales volume of the main products of the two companies has dropped sharply. In addition, the increased market competition has led to an increase in marketing expenses and a decrease in profits. The overall situation is not optimistic.

According to the Korea Financial Supervisory Authority on the 16th, Fukuy Electronics’ sales in the first half of this year were 356.6 billion won (about 2 billion yuan), and operating profit was 42.5 billion won (about 240 million yuan), compared with the same period last year. They were reduced by 0.4% and 14.6% respectively. The current net profit was 32.8 billion won (about 190 million yuan), a decrease of 22.4%.

The analysis said that this was mainly due to the sluggish sales of the main products of Fuku Electronics. In the second quarter of this year, affected by the contradictions of Sadr, Fukuda rice cookers were restricted in China’s customs clearance, and sales were suspended in local TV shopping in China. Exports to China decreased by 57.4% year-on-year.

The situation of Cool Morning Electronics is even worse. The sales in the first half of this year were 117.9 billion won (690 million yuan), a decrease of 11.5% compared with the same period of last year. The operating deficit was 5.1 billion won, and the current net loss was 4.8 billion won. .

The main reason is that the sales of rice cookers have decreased, especially the slow-moving impact of high-end products with relatively high profits. The sales of high-end products IH rice cookers in the first half of the year was 56.6 billion won, down 18.9% year-on-year; the sales of mid-end product pressure plate rice cookers was 22.6 billion won, down 10.2% year-on-year. Sales of ordinary rice cookers with lower profits were only reduced by 1.4%. In the first half of the year, Cool Morning Electronics’ exports amounted to 4.8 billion won, a year-on-year decrease of 18.5%, and exports to China were blocked. Source: World Wide Web

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How to control the temperature inside the bathroom, small appliances make you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Yuba is a kind of temperature control device that is widely used, but It is only limited to being able to exert a very powerful effect in the winter. The smart Yuba design on the market today can be said to fully meet the needs of personalized home life

Knowledge Guide: Bathroom Temperature For many people, it is a headache. Because of the special function room status of the bathroom, 99% of the families will not install air conditioners in this bathroom. Then the problem comes. Many families have a bath in the bathroom they want to go in the winter. It feels cool and cool, and suddenly there is no desire to take a bath. The same is true in summer. The bathroom is like a steamer. After the cold is not dried, the body is sweating.

Many people don’t understand the idea of ​​showering in the bathroom, but for Toilet sitting feeling, many people are deeply convinced, otherwise there will not be so many aunts to go to Japan to buy a toilet seat. It can be seen that in the bathroom In life, its enjoyment still needs a certain pursuit, otherwise many people will feel that going to the bathroom will feel uncomfortable.

And here In the essence of enjoying life, the indoor temperature control performance is a very important part. The indoor temperature control is often in extreme weather, which can bring a very comfortable life experience. The following small series also tells you about this bathroom. Among them, what are the more powerful temperature control devices.

1 , Yuba

Yuba is a widely used temperature control device, but it It is only limited to being able to exert a very powerful effect in the winter. The intelligent Yuba design on the market today can fully satisfy the personalized home life. Demand, not only through the bathroom Yuba in the winter gives the room a feeling of four seasons like spring, but also able to reach Other effects of ventilation, lighting and the like. Like ventilation, the whole bathroom can be contacted for many days because the fog is too heavy, causing the visual field to be hindered, which may lead to some danger of slipping, and the lighting is not necessary to say that the functional design of the initial Yuba is the warmth. Therefore, the lighting function can completely replace the light, but it can not be used frequently, because the bathroom power consumption is relatively high, and it is permanent, and it is easy to cause the inner wire to overheat and burn.

2, radiator

The radiator is used less in the bathroom, but it is still used in some northern areas. The advantage of the radiator is that it is a wall structure design, so you don’t have to worry about the water. At the time, it will affect the basic performance of the radiator, and only need to be well-protected.

The radiator can have a very obvious effect on the insulation in the bathroom. In some northern winters, the performance of Yuba may not be as good as imagined, but there is The radiator is installed outside the bathroom door. By opening the bathroom door daily, the heating can be guided in. When you want to take a shower, you can close the door, and the temperature inside the room can not be dissipated very quickly. However, in the warmer homes of the South, the amount of heating is very small, so the form of the radiator is not popular among the southern families.

3, Central Air Conditioning

Do you have a big image of the central air conditioner with integrated temperature control? Generally speaking, the bathroom space is relatively small, so it is not easy to install air conditioner indoors. At the same time, the wall-mounted air conditioner is not very cost-effective in the bathroom, and is easily damaged by moisture.

The central air conditioner is different. The central air conditioner integrates the whole indoor air conditioner. It is not difficult to distribute the air exhaust vent to the bathroom, and the central air conditioner It is excellent in both refrigeration and heating, so you don’t have to worry about the hot and cold inside. phaseComparing the control of Yuba, radiator and central air conditioner is relatively simple, and it can preheat or pre-cool the toilet in advance.

However, it is still relatively restrictive to install central air conditioning in the bathroom, regardless of Is the indoor integrated ceiling integrated structure complete, or the price of central air conditioning for many ordinary household consumers, it is difficult to climb high, like the design of six-room central air conditioning, in general, in its price breakthrough Tens of thousands.

It can be seen that the proper temperature for the bathroom is still the most versatile air conditioner, but the average family does not mind the high temperature when the bath is hot. It’s really hard to accept. You can choose some different designs, such as placing some green potted plants in the bathroom, thickening the curtains in the bathroom, etc. Compared with installing central air conditioners, their practicality is often higher. .


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Home building materials industry, playing with new retail, nature floor is bright

At 24 o’clock on November 11, the morning of Sunday, the “2017 Double 11 Global Carnival”, which made more than a billion people crazy, came to an end. According to Tmall data, the large-scale turnover reached 168.2 billion, a record high.

For the home building materials industry, it is also outstanding. Among them, Lin’s wood industry swept the circle of friends with 7-minute door-to-door delivery time. PINGO International won the sales champion of home improvement category with a turnover of 482 million yuan. The floor of the natural flooring won the wooden floor industry championship with a turnover of 229 million yuan… … This year’s double 11, the gangsters once again participated in the carnival in the form of “buy, buy and buy”, and the merchants’ “breaking billion” news on this day is also endless, and of course there are also some bright spots.

Bright spot 1: 7 minutes fast logistics

It is understood that in the face of the rapid growth of double 11 orders, the home building materials industry can be said to be mixed. The good news is that offline store sales continue to rise, and the worry is whether the logistics system can support the rapid circulation of such large-scale items.

The long-term distribution cycle of the home building materials industry has always been a problem that consumers are most criticized, and even consumers are laughing: “The daughter-in-law has already gone home, and household items are still on the road.” This also shows that the logistics and transportation problems in the home industry are in urgent need of solution.

This double 11, Lin’s wood industry relies on accurate data forecasting, 1 billion spot preparation, ordering to receipt Less than 10 minutes of lightning logistics has refreshed the shopping awareness of consumers and other goods, and achieved a new breakthrough in the transportation and logistics of the home building materials industry.

Bright spot 2: Leading new retail across the board

At the Ali Yunqi Conference in October 2016, Ma Yun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba Group, mentioned the new retail for the first time in his speech: “In the next ten or twenty years, there is no e-commerce, only new retail. “This concept is equally applicable to the home building industry. In the new retail environment, how to quickly adapt to new consumer demand and realize the differentiated value of the home building materials industry? This is both an opportunity and a challenge for home building materials companies.

It is reported that this year’s Tmall double eleven, nature floor with ultra-low price spike, multiple gifts, privilege deposit, etc. The form allows the consumers to truly achieve the double 11 carnival! In addition, the nature floor also launched a national dealer store, the store’s drainage, online and offline two-way interaction, to achieve comprehensive coverage of information, accurate reach the target population.

Through the online brand communication, offline store experience service, transaction conversion and other actions, Nature Home truly integrates products, values ​​and services, and practices the user-centered management that it has been advocating. The concept has also achieved new retail sales across the board.

Overall this year, we found that with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, some home building materials brands are of superior quality. The service is of high quality and is widely loved by consumers. The “Double Eleven” shopping festival, which was once only for price reduction, has now evolved into a battlefield for the shopping service experience and brand value of various home furnishing industries.


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