Analysis on the structure of laminate flooring

The laminate flooring consists of a four-layer structure. The first layer: wear layer. Mainly composed of Al₂O₃ (aluminum oxide), it has strong wear resistance and hardness, and some reinforced laminate flooring made of melamine can not meet the standard requirements. The second layer: the decorative layer. It is a layer of paper impregnated with melamine resin, and the paper is printed with wood grain or other patterns resembling precious tree species. The third layer: the base layer. It is a medium density or high density laminate, also known as the High Density Fiberboard. After high temperature and high pressure treatment, it has certain moisture and flame retardant properties, and the basic material is wood fiber. The fourth layer: the balance layer. It is a layer of kraft paper with a certain strength and thickness, and is impregnated with resin to prevent moisture and floor deformation.

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Three-layer solid wood flooring is favored, and the iconic V7 Wujinmu series continues to lead

2016 is coming to an end, The floor industry’s fiery degree is eye-catching. This is the second consecutive year of rapid growth since the real estate market in 2015. Industry insiders predict that with real estate The market continues to be good, The three-layer solid wood flooring industry has a lot of room for growth before the end of 2016, and as the originator of the three-tier solid wood flooring, Elephant will continue to lead the industry.

Three-layer real The reason why the wooden floor can be so great in just a few years is inseparable from the promotion of the icon, before 2008, domestic Still do not understand the three-tier solid wood flooring, and by 2015, three-layer solid wood flooring occupies the minds of middle and high-end consumers, with the central bank’s five interest rate cuts, the provident fund policy frequently, the second home provident fund down payment The prosperous policies of the industry such as the decline in proportion, the three-layer solid wood flooring ushered in an unprecedented development opportunity.

The icon shows the market trend. As the originator of the three-layer solid wood floor, we must conquer the market with innovative thinking. The iconic world travels all over the world, adding new members to the three-layer solid wood family. ——V7 Wujinmu series.

“Wujinmu” is the darling of home furnishing, and the high-end brand has more than 200,000 sets. At Chengdu Hilton Hotel the restaurant’s Wujinmu table is worth 300,000. The iconic tree is selected from the Ujin with a tree diameter of 80 cm or more. After the wooden name “Paraberliniabifoliolata”, the three-layer solid wood floor of the icon uses its unique mosaic technique, supplemented by advanced sawing technology, to the greatest extent retain the texture of the log itself. Clear texture. Under the light, the gold and silk are interlocking, comparable to the golden nanmu.

And looking for Wujinmu [scientific name shoes, the name of the bird (Paraberliniabifoliolata)] The precious species of the tree, the unique touch of the icon.

In the African savanna, many trees are carrying red rope, and the tree with the red rope will grow purple cherry fruit. It is apple-sized and tastes like bananas. It is one of the main food sources of African wild animals. In 2009, the Gabonese Republic introduced laws to protect the uncles carrying red ropes to ensure the physical source of elephants and other animals. This The concept of environmental protection deeply touched the iconic people, and the kung fu did not bear the pedestrians. Finally, at the altitude of more than 1,600 meters above sea level, the iconic people found the precious wood of Wujinmu, in order to reflect the green Respect for life, the icon and its partners in the Republic of Gabon when harvesting suitable logs, will also avoid the “red rope tree.”

The concept of environmental protection is deeply rooted in the heart of the icon, right The production of Wujinmu [Paraberliniabifoliolata] has greatly adhered to this concept. From the 78 to the strict screening of the process and the surface treatment of the water-based open paint, V7 Wujinmu exudes a unique charm. The icon of the sacred image of Wujinmu has been created, and the four styles of sofa, BMW, classic Wujin and Wujin are created. The color of the treasure is bright, and the sofa is deep and quiet. The atmosphere feels alive, the classic Wujin greatly retains the gold and black wood texture of Wujinmu, which is very simple, and the collection of Wujin is noble and generous, which makes people love it.

Either good policy or floor The status quo of the industry, from 2015 to 2016, the fiery heat of the flooring industry will never be a flash in the pan. As the leader of the three-layer solid wood flooring industry, I believe that the three-layer solid wood flooring of the icon and its latest explosion V7 Wujinmu will continue to be brilliant. achievement.

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“One dollar purchase” broke the news: the insider was severely beaten!

Shenzhen Yiyuan Yunbu Network Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as 1 yuan cloud purchase) was established in 2012, is a comprehensive cloud shopping mall, headquartered in Futian District, Shenzhen Huaqiang North Stars Square.

1 yuan cloud purchase means that you only have 1 chance to buy the desired product. That is, each item is divided into a number of “sold separately”, each share is 1 yuan, when a piece of goods is sold, the equivalent is generated according to the cloud purchase rules, the lucky person can get the goods .

Recently the Supreme People’s Court issued the Supreme People Several Opinions of the Court on Further Strengthening Financial Trial Work (hereinafter referred to as the “Opinions”). 30 opinions were put forward on the implementation of the spirit of the National Financial Work Conference by the People’s Court, strengthening the financial trial work, and ensuring the healthy development of the virtuous circle of economy and finance. The Internet Finance Special Rehabilitation Office issued documents for the 1 yuan purchase that CCTV had exposed many times before. Qualitative, nationwide crackdown on this scam!

(pictures are from the web)

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Virgo car guide: Who is the first choice for 180,000 SUV?

The zodiac is about to be transferred to the sixth house, and the month of Virgo is coming. For the savvy and savvy, the pursuit of perfection, “Virgo, any detail in life will be intolerable, how can you accept that your car has a little shortcomings? And the new Jeep guides rely on “outside” The concept of the interior of the car is impressed by the hearts of the Virgo owners & mdash; & mdash; a new Jeep guide inside and outside, and within 180,000 yuan to enjoy the version of the new Jeep guide, become the first choice for the picky Virgo.

Appearance association & radic; nitpicking & radic; Jeep guides can stand up to picky

In this “look at the face of society, Virgo as a 100%” appearance association, the value is not high Everything is free. In the era of homogenization, the new look can satisfy the more critical eyes of Virgo consumers. The Jeep Guide has a design-integrated front face shape that integrates the family’s signature new piano paint 7-hole grille, as well as a gold-scale professional-grade body design with a strong trapezoidal wheel arch that not only has a distinctive personality, but also has a strong personality. Sewage capacity, large rotating space, designed for easy family travel.

Virgo is also famous for its nitpicking, and the Jeep Guide has polished all the details to The ultimate, LED lens headlights, with bright color trim, even on the endless roads have a unique visual recognition. Throughout the characteristic line of the whole car, the upper and lower sides of the grille are integrated into one body, and the delicate chrome-plated trimming work piece is arranged to decorate the entire tail, so that the Virgo owners can enjoy the daily radiance.

Comfortable interior & radic; dynamic chassis & radic; perfect ride experience

Can you endure the bumps that pass through the potholes? You can endure driving all the way like sitting on a carousel Is it the same undulating? In order to give the Virgo car owner a perfect driving experience, the Jeep Guide is equipped with a four-wheel independent suspension + active adaptive damping system. During the driving process, the guide will automatically adjust the softness and hardness of the suspension according to the current road conditions, and filter out the bumps on the road, so that the occupants can get the driving quality comparable to the European high-end cars.

Of course, the dynamic comfort is far from enough. The interior of the Jeep Guide also uses the cockpit layout, the soft pack material with a thickness of 10 mm, and the imported first layer cowhide from McKinley from South America. The seat gives the discerning Virgo owner a meticulous touch, and whether it is short-distance or long-distance self-driving, it can get good body support and parcels.

It’s worth mentioning that compared to the new CR-V, it is like sitting on the engine. The effect is that the inside of the guide is like being in a quiet office or a quiet coffee shop. The new Jeep Guide uses five silent projects to bring a quiet cockpit of only 59.4 decibels per day in the city’s driving speed range, allowing Virgo owners to have a full range of comfort from the outside to the inside, from quiet to moving. I am afraid that the CR-V, which is only equipped with the common chassis, fabric seats, etc., as well as the disturbing noise inside the car, will make the discerning Virgo owners crazy.

Nearly 70 technical configurations & radic; 64% high-intensity body & radic; comprehensive security protection

Violation, random tangent, emergency braking … … There are always some things that you can’t predict, even if you are an old driver, you will inevitably make mistakes. In the face of these “insecure factors, the new Jeep Guide has more than 70 intelligent security configurations, and solves all the troubles carefully and professionally: When the current car suddenly brakes, the FCW front collision warning system can calmly deal with and reduce the risk of rear-end collision. When you drive carelessly and unconsciously change lanes, the lane keeping system will immediately alert you; when you change lanes, vehicles enter your blind spot and the blind spot monitoring system will respond in time. In addition, the same level of unique brake assist failure compensation, the same level of dynamic steering assistance, and a series of safe driving assistance system such as slope assist, EPB electronic parking, automatic switching of Auto High beam, let Jeep guide take you Become a super strong “technical faction.”

With regard to vehicle safety, the guide is not only visible in the technology configuration, but also in the consumer “Invisible The place. Compared with CR-V and many Japanese cars, the vehicle is too weak to build a car. The strength of the car body is relatively weak. In terms of vehicle materials and craftsmanship, the Jeep guide has no compromise. — 64% high-strength steel The rate is more than 30% of the 180,000 cars of the same class, and the 1300-1600MPa hot-formed steel, which is rare in the same class, accounts for 30% of its high-strength steel. In the Japanese SUV, there is almost no thermoformed steel above 1300Mpa. From active to passive, Jeep Guides are perfectly in control. From then on, the insecure Virgos only need to enjoy the happiness of the journey with their families, and the safety issue will be handed over to the new Jeep guide.

Powerful & Radic; Four-wheel drive √ Perfect driving experience

I want to be economically fuel-efficient in the city for 5 working days, and I want to open for 2 days on weekends. In the wild, any road conditions can be used as desired. 驭, the high requirements of Virgo are not satisfied by some SUVs that raise the chassis of the car. Jeep as 76 yearsSUV professional manufacturer, its strong power performance and professional full road capacity can be really solid, not to play with you.

The Jeep Guide offers both 1.4T and 2.4L engines, including the 1.4T Flame MultiAir2® the turbocharged engine with the king of small displacement engines. Its application makes the new Jeep The guide is half the effort. This engine can output a maximum power of about 121 kW with a displacement of only 1.4 liters, and its fuel consumption is only 7.2L per 100 kilometers. For the Virgo owners who have high requirements for power and are eager for low fuel consumption, the Jeep Guide will never let you down. Expectations.

In addition, the Jeep Guide also offers a high-performance four-wheel drive version, which is equipped with the Jeep family. Some Active Drive Low intelligent four-wheel drive systems have the only low-speed torque amplification function of the same class. In the limit state, the theoretical maximum torque of 4600N·m can be erupted, and it is easy to deal with complex road conditions. When the road is in good condition, the vehicle will drive in the pre-drive state to obtain better fuel economy. When the road conditions are more complicated, the system automatically switches to the four-wheel drive state in milliseconds to obtain better safety and absolute trust. In addition, the only Selec-Terrain® road mode self-selection system of the same class can integrate the complex settings of the engine, gearbox, and drive system, bringing the most abundant standards, sand, mud, rock, snow 5 driving modes. The vehicle owner only needs to adjust the matching of each vehicle system to the state that is most suitable for the current road condition within a few milliseconds through the knob. Sweeping the same level of professional full road capacity, so that the pursuit of perfect Virgo, in the face of various extreme road conditions, still calmly grasp the overall situation.

Faced with the rigorous and critical of Virgo, the new Jeep Guide has handed over a perfect answer, whether it is The appearance of the interior, ride comfort, safety performance or driving experience, all meet the meticulous pursuit of the Virgo owners. Now in the eyes of this Virgo, the perfect model has a purchase tax subsidy that lasts until the end of the year. All models can get a 2.5% tax rate reduction. Now, the guide can save more than 4,200 yuan, no matter how much the car owners are. You can rest assured that the new Jeep Guide is a professional-grade SUV for the new middle-class family. With real product strength and high value, you can have a family and friends, poetry and distance.

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Solid wood floor maintenance tips, different materials, targeted maintenance

After the floor is finished, it is not all right. The maintenance in the future is an important part of determining the life of the floor. However, in daily use, there is always a neglected place where the floor is inadvertently destroyed, resulting in a much shortened service life of the floor. Cleaning, waxing, temperature and humidity control are all ways to ensure that the floor can be used for a long time. In this issue of floor maintenance class, let us learn the little tricks of floor maintenance.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021746251463.jpg”>Solid floor care small coups different materials targeted conservation

[Controlling Temperature and Humidity to Create a Suitable Indoor Environment]

Some people think that as long as they increase indoor and outdoor in winter Air circulation can reduce the influence of indoor temperature on the floor. In fact, wood is the basic constituent material of the floor. The change of temperature and humidity may cause the wood to expand or contract. This characteristic makes the wood deform or other during use. Phenomenon. Therefore, the real cause of cracks on the floor is humidity, not just temperature.

Experts suggest that the ideal indoor humidity should be controlled at 40% to 80%. The temperature is maintained at 18 ° C to 24 ° C. Such a suitable temperature and humidity environment is also very beneficial to the human body. In the northern dry season, the use of humidifiers or regular window ventilation, placement of green plants, etc. can increase indoor relative Humidity. In the south, care should be taken to ensure proper indoor humidity. Some heating areas should also take measures to humidify the room to prevent excessive moisture loss.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021746251464.jpg” >Solid wood floor maintenance small coups different materials targeted conservation

[Targeted maintenance to raise beautiful floor] P>

The maintenance of the floor is also targeted. Solid wood flooring prefers temperatures below 27 ° C and humidity from 40% to 80%. In the case of heating in winter, the floor will shrink due to water loss, and the splicing gap will increase. At this time, it is recommended to apply a “mask” on the solid wood floor – solid wax, it is recommended to wax twice a year.

Parquet finish and lacquer finish. The oil veneer flooring is a natural wood surface that is stable and durable, but in the long-term use, the surface of the floor is slightly embarrassed and damaged. When such a problem occurs, it is recommended to use special maintenance oil for wiping. If the damage is serious, the floor can be refurbished, and a thin layer of the floor surface can be removed by professional equipment, and then the natural pure vegetable oil can be used for maintenance. The floor restores youthful looks.

Use a wrung cotton swab for daily cleaning of the painted floor. In case of stubborn stains, wipe with a neutral cleaning solvent and then wipe with a wrung cotton swab. Do not use an organic solvent such as acid, alkaline solvent or gasoline. In order to maintain the aesthetics of the floor and extend the life of the paint, special concentrated paint maintenance oil is used. It is recommended to take care once a year. After use, it can effectively enhance the texture of the paint. It can effectively prevent hard objects from wearing and scratching the floor, and can extend the service life of the floor.

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Latest: 2012 overseas construction order amount announced

According to statistics, in 2012, the amount of orders for Korean overseas construction was US$2.1 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 73%.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021815541607.jpg”>

Release date: 2012/4/5 10:04:42

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The quality problem of the floor of Kendia is called “the floor is no problem, it is a psychological problem”

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021818221615.jpg”>

Kentia Floor Quality problems (Figure 1)

With the unremitting pursuit of high-quality life, home building materials, which are closely related to daily life, are receiving more and more attention from consumers. However, the situation in the consumer market is not satisfactory. Recently, China Quality Miles has continuously received complaints about the floor of Kendia.

The problem floor has not been solved for two years

In April 2010, Ms. Wang of Quanzhou, Fujian Province purchased a batch of Kendia laminate flooring at the Kentian floor distribution office in Quanzhou. The batch of flooring model RM02# is the supreme cork series, and the product name is Australian Huaying Wood. The total amount was 7,225 yuan. In August, the installation was carried out. In October, Ms. Wang found that there was a serious Peng Peng phenomenon on the floor, and began to sound, and stepped on the feeling of stepping on the air. Ms. Wang immediately contacted the Quanzhou Kendia floor dealer. Until the end of February 2011, the floor was checked by the merchants. It was confirmed that the floor did have quality problems, but it has not been solved. In June, after the manager of the Kendi floor in Fujian Province visited the site, he agreed to send someone to repair Ms. Wang, but the maintenance cost was borne by Ms. Wang. The Kentiya floor merchants she purchased have confirmed the existence of quality defects and raised quality objections within the statutory time limit, and the expenses should be borne by the merchants. Because of the lack of agreement, Ms. Wang’s problem floor was not repaired.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021818221616.jpg”>

Kent Subfloor quality problem (Figure 2)

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021818231617.jpg”>

Kentia floor quality problem (Figure 3)

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/ 201708021818231618.jpg”>

Kentia floor quality problem (Figure 4)

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021818221616.jpg”>

Kentia floor quality problem (Figure 5)

The problem has always existed, but the solution has been delayed. Ms. Wang always feels that it is not so comfortable. She repeatedly contacted the manager of Kendi’s floor in Fujian Province, and failed, and was threatened by ‘can’t complain online.’ So she called the customer service phone of Kendia Flooring Company. According to Ms. Wang, in February 2011, many calls to customer service were advertisements, and no one answered. After dialing on March 15, 2011, the customer service staff replied to ‘Reply after reflecting to the superior level’. But for nearly a year now, Ms. Wang has not received any reply.

On February 4, 2012, Ms. Wang once again called the manager of the Kendi floor in Fujian Province, hoping to solve the problem, but got the answer of ‘can’t solve, how to love how to’. Ms. Wang once again suggested that the Kendia merchants have confirmed that there are quality defects in the floor and raised quality objections within the statutory time limit. The merchants have the responsibility and obligation to solve them. What surprised her was that Manager Gu replied that ‘the floor is ok, it is psychologically problematic. ‘As the representative of the brand area, it represents the image of the brand. The manager of the Fujian area like Kendia Floor responds to the consumer, hurting not only the brand image, but also the trust and confidence of the consumer.

Floor formaldehyde exceeds the standard, consumers have no time to return

Henan Xuchang Ms. Zhang purchased a batch of Kendia flooring in August 2009, she found the floor when loading There is a taste, the merchant explained that it is the smell of natural sealing wax, just a few days to dry. So Ms. Zhang’s house was installed on the floor. However, by the summer of 2010 she found the smell of the floor more pungent. Therefore, please go to the home to check the air quality, the test results show that the formaldehyde exceeds the standard 5 times!

This has caused Ms. Zhang’s attention, she reflects that a few pieces of Kendia floor have been preserved after paving the floor. Therefore, she contacted the merchant to request that the remaining floor be returned to the manufacturer for further testing of the floor. However, the answer given by the Kendi merchants and manufacturers is that the consumer personally issued a test report of the national certification body on the floor.

China’s national standard “solid wood composite floor” regulations: A class of solid wood composite floor formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 9 mg / 100 g; B type solid wood composite floor formaldehyde emission is equal to 9 mg -40 mg / 100 Gram. National Environmental Labeling Product TechnologyThe technical requirements–artificial wood board” stipulates that the formaldehyde emission in artificial boards should be less than 0.20 mg/m3; the formaldehyde emission in wooden floors should be less than 0.12 mg/m3.

The mandatory standard set by the China Furniture Standardization Center, “Guidelines for the Use of Consumer Goods, Part VI: Furniture” also stipulates that from October 1, 2005, furniture manufacturers must actually use the furniture materials and paints used. The control indicators such as toxic or radioactive substances are given instructions, and the exact amount of formaldehyde must be indicated and clearly indicated to the consumer by means of instructions. It is a big joke that the Kendia floor will push the product specifications issued by the manufacturer to the consumer. Ms. Zhang said with emotion, ‘We are a family who dare not go back, suffer from it, but can’t find a way to ask for a statement’, and also tells the voice of quite a large number of consumers.

Kendia Wood does not solve the problem

After receiving complaints from consumers, the staff of China Quality Miles Complaint Office called the customer service of Jiangsu Kendi Wood Co., Ltd. To the customer service staff to verify the complaints of the consumer Ms. Wang, the customer service staff said Quanzhou’s total distribution has been replaced, if there is a consumer complaint, contact Kendi floor manager Fujian District Manager. Therefore, the staff of the Complaint Office dialed the manager’s phone to verify the situation. Manager Gu said that the warranty period of the product was one year, and there was a quality problem during the warranty period. If it was not for human reasons, the company was responsible for the repair.

Since the Kendia floor has a one-year warranty, the quality problems of the floor purchased by Ms. Wang are within the scope of the warranty period. Therefore, the complaints office staff contacted Ms. Quanzhou Wang again to inform her. You can communicate with the manager to solve this problem. But a week later, Ms. Wang once again found the staff of the China Quality Miles Complaint Office, reflecting that she got the answer from Mr. Gu’s “can’t solve, how to love”.

Consumers and businesses sign purchase and sales contracts, floor manufacturers to provide quality maintenance and service guarantees for the products sold during the warranty period, is a matter of course, but also the responsibility and obligation of businesses to maintain the normal consumer market order. For example, in the case of Ms. Wang of Quanzhou, Kendia merchants have confirmed that there are quality defects in the floor, and they file quality objections within the statutory time limit. The merchants should actively solve the problem, fulfill the consumption obligation, use the service and sincere attitude. Solve problems and eliminate contradictions. The ‘push and drag’ way can only make consumers chill and completely lose brand reputation.

Release date: 2012/3/14 9:55:14

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Introduction to the collapse of the Jidong people. Response: I don’t have to worry about me.

The red is not much, and the East is recently smashed by Venus. Venus, who has always been poisonous tongue, opened a gentle shot to the east of the show, and Tu Tuo’s acting role was similar. When the netizens talked about it, the new work of Jidong quietly began to prove himself. Recently, two new dramas “Our Love” and “Guardian – Surfaced” starring by Ji Dong are about to air. In the two dramas, Ji Dong also tried different roles in the past. The flipping still needs to wait and see.

(Image from the web)

Indeed, in the series of several hit TV series in the East of 2017, whether it is the surgical expert Zhuang Shu of “Surgical Fengyun”, Tan Zongming, the business legend of “Ode to Joy 2″, is still ” In the first half of my life, the consulting industry elite He Han, although the identity of each drama is different, but these roles do give people the feeling of a typical urban elite who is always calm and comfortable. . Although these roles are the ideal type in most viewers’ minds, if an actor only plays a certain type for a long time, it is obviously a limitation on his acting career, which will inevitably lead to the viewer’s aesthetic fatigue.

The first impression of the old cadre is that there is a perfect image of culture, connotation and love of reading. However, recently, because of a microblogging, many netizens taunted the schoolmasters to install them. In the text, “this is not a fan of Van Gogh in this world of love, but a person named Zeng Qifeng on an APP. This mistake was only a fuse. Later, some other mistakes in Mindong were turned over. The topic of the collapse of the Jidong people caused a heated discussion among netizens. The East was also approved by netizens.

(Image from the Internet)

August 14th, When Jidong, who had been working abroad, returned to China, he sent a Weibo response to the collapse of the people. Jidong wrote in Weibo: “When I returned to Beijing time zone, I realized that there was a lot of happening. I want to share with those friends who have been worried about my professionalism and future drama, worrying that I said the wrong words and typos, and I am drunk in the sand field. Laugh, the ancients have been fighting for a few people, no need to worry about me, spend more time to care about their work and life, it seems more important. Jidong, who was approved for so long to respond, is still full of literary atmosphere.

Jidong’s response has also been supported by many netizens: “Dongge supports you, has three points of arrogance, has a bit of ecstasy, always supports you, ignores sunspots and sprays, and accompany you all the way. Come, I hope you are safe and smooth, ignore the spray, you are very good, some distressed, but believe you, you are a transparent person. (Source: Wanjia Hotline)

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The kitchen appliance market is growing against the trend, and high-end kitchen appliances brands are taking the market

The National Day is approaching. In the first half of 2016, there have been more or less changes, and the home appliance market, which is essential for our family, has changed in the past six months. The growth of the kitchen appliance industry led the entire home appliance market. The kitchen appliance industry has performed outstandingly in the field of home appliances in recent years, and the market scale has grown rapidly. The retail sales in the past 15 years increased by 10.5% year-on-year, and the growth rate led the home appliance market. Horizontally comparing other sectors of the home appliance industry, the necessity of smoke stove products is constantly improving, and the amount of possession has a long-term improvement.

The trend of consumption upgrades, the high-end kitchen power market is promising. From the product life cycle of the home appliance market, the kitchenelectric appliance market has gradually become the main growth driver of the Chinese home appliance market. The market share is gradually concentrated in a few leading enterprises, brand enterprises are growing, and miscellaneous companies are being eliminated. The high-end trend of the kitchen power industry will be further strengthened from product structure optimization and product price increase.

There are three of the top three German-Italian appliances are the most low-key. The development of 24 years stems from the belief in Germany’s exquisite craftsmanship, and the Italians’ pursuit of the ultimate aesthetics. In every product development, the traditional craftsmanship spirit of pursuing excellence has been passed down to the present. Adhering to quality while continuously carrying out technological innovations, driving the overall upgrade of China’s kitchen electric industry, it has become the most powerful modernized kitchen and bathroom appliances with core competitiveness in China. One of the companies. In 2016, CCTV-Discovery Tour Channel launched a documentary —— “Artisan Spirit” is also into the German-Italian Electric. The program will fully record the legendary story of Deyi Electric in the past 24 years, how to use the craftsman spirit to create the ingenuity of the legend. Over the years, the demand for consumers has been put in the first place. The sense of exquisite craftsmanship and social responsibility that has been extended over the years has won the recognition and support of consumers, industry colleagues and the public. In 1998, Germany and Italy launched the first embedded gas cooker in China; in 2002, developed the first near-suction range hood in China; in 2013, the world The first full-DC inverter oil absorption hood came out; in 2015, the new “dual-top series range hoods were amazing with the advantages of smoke, suction, wind pressure, mute, integrated fit, etc. Market …

Today, consumers are increasingly demanding the the whole kitchen. Through the promotion of the concept of the whole kitchen by home improvement companies and kitchen appliances companies, companies can realize themselves. “One-stop sales of products, the economic benefits are more prominent, and consumers can experience the convenience brought by intelligent kitchen appliances. This concept is combined with the family decoration, which will directly drive the kitchen. The market for electrical products broke out. The three brands of Germany, Italy, Fangtai and Boss have gradually occupied the overall kitchen industry, and will also set off a new wave for the kitchen appliance industry in China.

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Join hands with Disney! Limited Edition Mickey Minnie Moby Bike Airborne Shanghai

On August 15th, a group of “Moabs with bows” appeared on the streets of Shanghai. It turned out that this is a Mobike bicycle and a special custom-made Mickey Mini bicycle. This is not only the first time that Disney stores have partnered with shared bicycles, but also the first time that Mobike has designed a painting car for Disney’s classic image.

The Disney store and Mobike bikes have joined forces to make the Disney classic Mickey Mini as the protagonist for the first time. Customized painting of Mobike bicycles, open new online and offline cross-border marketing, add dreams to the city, ride the scenery, and pick up the new wave of magic.

It is reported that the first batch of limited edition Mobike bicycles will be divided into “Mickey Cars, “Mini Cars” and two couples of bicycles, and will appear in Shanghai’s popular business district. The body is exclusively designed by Disney designers. It is specially painted on the basis of the two models of the Mobai classic and the light riding version: Mickey Minnie is eye-catching and playful, and the classic cute expression transmits the joy of movement with the wheel turning; the front car The reflective sheet of Mickey’s head glimmers, optimizing the riding experience from the details, providing more warning and protection for night riding safety; “Mini car is tailor-made for female users, and the head of the car is elegant and cute, becoming a city street. Take the most " high value partner.

In addition to the offline limited edition bicycle, the vehicle icon in the Mobike Bike app will also be in East China. The city lights up as Mickey Minnie’s head, which drives users to start a wonderful encounter between online and offline.

As a classic Disney image, Mickey and Minnie are also household names in the world. Mickey’s intimate character and rich emotions are loved and trusted by people, bringing laughter to countless people and making them the most popular Disney classics in history.

As the global leader and leader of smart shared bicycles, Mobike has placed more than 7 million smart shared bicycles in 160 cities in 5 countries around the world, with more than 100 million registered users and more than 2,500 per day. The 10,000-time travel service is the world’s largest Internet travel service, and has been rated as one of the new four major inventions by China’s mainstream authoritative media such as Xinhua News Agency and People’s Daily.

And when Mickey Minnie slammed a bicycle, Mickey Minnie’s easy-going, happy nature and imaginative image also helped Mobike to pass the concept of low-carbon travel, driving more people to join the cycling team. Bring more interactive gameplay to Mobow users.

Before the birth of Mickeyini’s custom bike, Mobike and CCTV2 were launched in more than 150 cities across the country. It has greatly improved my country’s customized version of the bicycle, adding a flowing landscape to the city and serving the motherland. The prosperity is prosperous.

In the future, Mobike is looking forward to more cross-border cooperation with creative and passionate companies to work together to make the city a better place (Source: 柴柴网)

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