Floor companies: use “violent marketing” to spend the winter

The end of 2014 is approaching, the weather is getting colder every day, but the price war in the flooring market is hot. The flooring industry market is almost saturated, and the competitive pressure is constantly increasing. More and more floor companies are engaged in price wars. The slogans of discounts and promotions are everywhere.

The retail price of the flooring market has been generally high, the imbalance between high cost and low efficiency has led to high floor prices. Floor companies can only promote promotional cards in order to increase sales, and even normalize sales. .

price war is not the best choice for flooring companies, such violent marketing damage to the floor brand is not overnight, nor can be measured by the promotion income. The price war in the flooring market is one of the performances of bad competition in the industry. For floor companies, it can only play a short-term sales sprint effect, which will inevitably lower the brand, which is not conducive to the sustainable development of flooring companies.

The long-term development of flooring companies also depends on technological innovation, from the root cause of the possibility of chaos in the industry. Floor companies need to adhere to the principle that science and technology are the primary productive forces, accelerate technological innovation, and achieve breakthroughs in production technology.

Environmental protection plays an increasingly important role in the development of contemporary society and has become the theme of the times. The pursuit of environmental protection by the whole society has become increasingly hot. The flooring industry should strive to see the market situation, actively meet market demand, strengthen environmental protection technology innovation, and produce green and environmentally friendly health products.

flooring products are an important part of home decoration, and the home pollution source – formaldehyde is inextricably linked. The design of environmentally friendly flooring for flooring companies needs to start from the formaldehyde content, strengthen technological innovation, reduce the amount of formaldehyde emission, and provide consumers with safe and secure green flooring products.

The competition in the flooring market is increasingly fierce. It is impossible to please consumers by relying on price advantage alone. Starting from products, using green escorts and using technology to improve environmental performance of products is the best strategy for flooring companies to compete for the market.

Release date: 2014/11/24 16:01:41

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The Guge Dynasty August 27th Taiwan University Student Exchange Association Xia Ke taught “Chinese Postmodern”

On August 26, 2018, the Sichuan-Taiwan Youth College Wenchuang Camp was officially opened by the Taiwan Affairs Office of Sichuan Province. More than 30 students from different universities in Taiwan were selected to participate in the creation camp and opened them. A 10-day trip to the mainland.

On August 27, 2018, a group of people from Wenchuang Camp came to the Guge Dynasty Design Company in Chengdu, Sichuan Province to study and communicate. This is the second stop for Taiwanese students on their trip to the mainland.

In the sharing session, Xia Ke humorously told Taiwanese students how to go on their youth. The road to design, how to maintain the mentality to adhere to the road, and ultimately create the life experience of the Guge Dynasty. It also tells that the Guge dynasty has always adhered to the original spirit and professional attitude for 16 years. With the Chinese millennium culture as the core of the spirit, it insists that “original is the core concept of Wang Dao. The creative interpretation of the various corporate brands has created countless special food industry classics. In the case, the packaging designed for it has also won numerous awards at home and abroad.

Through the introduction of the company’s cultural achievements and the cases of Zhang Fei beef, Mr. Shan Zhu, and Yan Bang cooks As a commentator, Xia Ke vividly conveyed to students the importance of adhering to originality and inheriting Chinese traditional culture. Among them, he mentioned that the Chinese postmodern concept is even more refreshing for students. Chinese post-modernism is a new faction in the field of Chinese food packaging design founded by Xia Ke in the past 20 years, with the traditional Chinese cultural heritage as its core content.

In the whole process of explaining and explaining, Xia Ke repeatedly mentioned the original spirit, “Only national, It is the world, “ Only difference can be remembered. When he participated in the world packaging industry, the Oscar & mdash;—Pentawards Grand Prix, the chairman of the contest said in a welcome speech: “Specially happy to welcome designers from China, you have been long gone!” In this way, tell students to insist on the importance of originality to improve the international status of Chinese designers.

At the end of the sharing session, the students also had a classic Q&A session with Xia Ke.

Student: “How to find product pain points?

Xia Ke: “The Guge Dynasty can go to today, it will find the product pain point is the biggest advantage, but also developed its own system. A good understanding of the consumer group, group needs, aesthetic concepts and consumption habits is a key step in finding product pain points.

Students: “How to deal with the problem that the partners believe that the new technology is too expensive? How to communicate.

Xia Ke: “Devil’s products are environmentally friendly materials. One of the advantages is that the cost is very cheap, and the customer can also complete the process, and rarely encounters the company’s philosophy. Partner.

In a question and answer session, the students learned the charm of the summer artisan and the heart of the entire Guge Dynasty as a design company.

After the sharing session, the students and leaders of the Youth Creative Camp were awarded the Guge Dynasty team. Thanks for the form, and took a group photo with the Guge Dynasty team. The students interviewed that the exchange will benefit a lot. The life experience of Charco and the original spirit of persistence have brought great inspiration to their life path. The case study of the Guge Dynasty is also for their professional study and career. The road offers a lot of different ideas.

Sichuan The exchanges and study of the students of the Taiwanese University Students’ Creative Work Camp at the Guge Dynasty Design Company came to an end. The concept of Chinese-style post-modernism and the adherence to the “Golden-style” post-modern concept that the founder of the Guge dynasty insisted on was not only a unique concept in the industry, but also opened the hearts of young Taiwanese students, re-recognizing the mainland and understanding the mainland. Made a solid step.

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The green development of home building materials industry, “innovation and change” is the key

Image from “123rf.com.cn

Review In 2017, the changes in the building materials industry were gratifying, and the development of green building materials has also reached a new level. In this regard, some insiders pointed out that today’s green building materials market is not as hot as it was a few years ago, the market cake is not easy to eat, enterprises must have a new development and breakthrough, must be shuffled in this big wave. To this end, this article summarizes some of the events related to the development of green building materials, together with the aftertaste.

After the 2013— 2016 reshuffle stage, the green building materials industry is moving towards the center of the stage. Looking back on 2017, the changes in the building materials industry are gratifying, and the development of green building materials has also reached a new level.

As we all know, in the market economy, the rule of survival of enterprises is the survival of the fittest. This kind of competition is more intense after the building materials industry enters the reshuffle stage. Since the industry entered the shuffling stage, some enterprises have made achievements in the market, and some enterprises are still in the process of continuous efforts, and some enterprises have been submerged in the torrent of elimination.

In this regard, some insiders pointed out that today’s green building materials market is not as hot as it was a few years ago, the market cake is not easy to eat, enterprises must have new developments and breakthroughs, must be in this The shuffling upgrade was carried out in the big waves. In the building materials industry in 2017, the weaker out of the situation, the stronger phenomenon just confirms this point: innovation seeks to become a breakthrough in the enterprise’s keynote, individual companies in the product, business model and other aspects of innovation, leading Industry development; there are also some companies still holding a constant development model, entering the list of market out of the market … … 2017 and “green” related things are endless, change, let us reminisce.

Environmental Storm and Green Concept

The country’s major political judgments on the transformation of major contradictions in the new era of society have far-reaching significance for promoting the construction of ecological civilization. In the course of nearly 40 years of reform and opening up, the building materials industry as an important basic industry of the national economy, some long-term accumulated structural contradictions have gradually become prominent, and there is also a contradiction between rapid development of quantity and scale, green development, and insufficient development of resources.

In the “Building Industry Development Plan (2016~2020)” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the building materials industry is an important support for improving human settlements, managing the ecological environment and developing a circular economy. Therefore, the green development of the building materials industry is of great significance and worth exploring.

It must be recognized that the major contradictions in our society are historical changes in the overall situation and put forward many new requirements for the work of the country. Based on the principle of reduction, reuse and resource utilization, and improving resource utilization efficiency as the core; taking resource conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources, and cleaner production as the main method, vigorously developing circular economy is conducive to improving the efficiency of comprehensive utilization of resources in China and promoting energy conservation and reduction. row.

Especially in the traditional industries such as energy consumption and resource consumption, such as steel, building materials and coal, the contradiction between industrial development and resources and environment is still very prominent, and the task of green transformation is more urgent.

According to statistics, from the current energy consumption situation, China consumes more than 5 billion tons of building materials every year. However, in the process, it consumes 230 million tons of standard coal. Exhaust a lot of harmful gases and dust. Even so, China’s construction industry still has to deal with the lack of building materials, the low recycling value of building materials and the handling of a large amount of construction waste. In particular, construction waste is actually composed of a variety of discarded building materials, including a large number of bricks, concrete, wood and metal materials, which simply wastes a lot of building materials.

If these construction wastes can be converted into recyclable building materials resources, construction construction costs can be reduced and construction materials can be alleviated, and the environmental and ecological damage of construction can be greatly reduced.

VR marriage and home decoration

In the past two years, “innovation and upgrade has become a hot word in the home industry. But unlike the emergence of slogans in the past, the industry began to feel the pressure to innovate. The high cost of labor and the restrictions on production emissions are becoming more and more strict. Most manufacturing companies are under pressure to upgrade their production technology. The emergence of new technologies such as VR and smart home has also brought exciting points for innovation and upgrading in the industry.

VR technology is a hot spot in the industry last year. Regardless of the decoration company or the home brand, we hope to present more realistic product effects to consumers through VR technology. “WYSIWYG is a term that has been mentioned in the industry for many years, but it has always lacked technology to really present it. The emergence of VR, so that consumers have a more real experience, has become the standard for more and more brand stores. Insiders have asserted that in the future, similar to VR technology will become the infrastructure of the home industry.

Also with VR is smart home technology. Although the related products have not been widely spread, many homes have more or less smart home facilities. Among them, remote control and alarm systems are the most common. Smart home technology is rooted in many technologies and product platforms such as home, home appliances, and the Internet of Things, attracting many capital and brand layouts. Similar to VR, smart home, the technology innovation technology used in the home industry will be more and more, changing the products of the home industry.

In recent years, a large number of enterprises in Beijing have also moved to the industry. In an environment where government departments are increasingly strict in regulating pollution emissions, reforming production technologies, abandoning traditional auxiliary materials, and reforming production management systems have become inevitable choices for many industries. This change is for the company &lDquo; hurts and bones, but in the long run it has to be done. The enterprises that took the lead in reforms also have more say in the industry and become leaders and representatives in the industry.

New retail thinking

C2M mode abbreviation “Customer-to-factory, subverting the traditional retail thinking from factory to user, driven by user demand, manufacturing companies no longer rely on Intermediaries, agents and distributors dominate sales, but direct supply, how much the user orders, and how much the factory produces, completely eliminating the inventory costs of the factory. This model is not only the main push of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, but the parallel interaction between industry and network is the best way for traditional industries to change their destiny. In the stormy eye of rapid changes, the bosses of the home building materials industry have clearly felt the fact that as China’s economic growth enters the structural adjustment period, the home building materials industry has also changed from high-speed growth to medium-low growth.

According to the latest report, as of June 2016, the number of Internet users in China reached 710 million, and the number of mobile Internet users reached 656 million, an increase of 36.56 million compared with last year. Interpret the omni-channel strategy, and according to the characteristics of the home industry, put forward the omni-channel model and retail model suitable for the home industry. Home-experienced consumption combines scenes more closely, and the core of the experience generated by the scene has become the first rule of our judgment of all business activities and entrepreneurial activities today.

After a series of thinking collisions at the remodeling of the industry chain value system conference, the home dignitaries who came to the scene raised their own reverie about the future home. Keywords such as e-commerce, big home, seamless links, and model innovation outline the future of the home industry and portray the future of the home.

The rise of a new generation of consumers

In 2017, after the 8090, which pursues fashion, publicity and enjoys the connotation of life, it has become the main force in the workplace and has certain economic capabilities. They have become the main consumers of competition in various industries. With the high demand for their wedding decoration, the building materials companies have tried their best to rob them.

But not all companies are willing to get their “hearts,” consumer survey data shows that after 8090, young consumer groups said that they are on home furnishings, “will not, will prefer high-end home improvement brand .

The so-called high-end brand, first of all, is the development of products in the forefront of the industry, the first to propose a number of conceptual designs and productization; secondly, advanced production processes to ensure its quality and performance; in addition, market promotion and Brand building is also the key to winning the market for high-end brands.

It is undeniable that with the development of the building materials industry and the changes in the market consumer, the market demand is already gathering at the high end, and the market’s expectations for high-end positioning enterprises are also increasing. This also poses a greater challenge to high-end brands, where consumer groups are there, and whether they can snatch or maintain their inherent leading position depends on the ability of these companies.

Building materials companies continue to “touch the network”

In the Internet era, e-commerce channels mean greater business opportunities, and smart building materials companies will naturally miss this opportunity to strengthen the company. With market activity, more building materials companies have entered the e-commerce field in the past two years.

In the past double eleven, many home building brands such as Gujia Home, Shengbao Luo’s overall doors and windows, Op Lighting, Dongpeng Ceramics, etc. have achieved outstanding results. In addition to the gratifying sales, these big brands have earned the attention of hundreds of millions of people through live broadcasts, posters, and texts. The sales and brand promotion have been promoted in both directions, and the corporate reputation has been continuously improved.

However, logistics, distribution, after-sales service, etc. are still shortcomings of large home furnishing companies such as doors and windows and floors. In this regard, enterprises can adopt the combination of online and offline, on the basis of free measurement, free transportation, free installation and other after-sales services, more outlets in the country, let the dealers, encourage them to actively cooperate with after-sales service, let the enterprise electricity The road to business is getting better and better.

The times are changing, and the green building materials industry is also advancing with the times. But all the changes have the same result: higher efficiency, better products, richer industrial chain, higher attention, and increased consumer awareness. Of course, this also raises higher for building materials companies. The requirements, only continuous efforts, continuous innovation, in order to keep up with the pace of change, in order to have more sustainable development.

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Origin machine: 5.6 seconds ahead of the world

The so-called origin is the reference point for the machine to establish the workpiece coordinate system, and it is also the starting point and initial focus of the Zeng Chaofeng team.

On the road to pursuing ideals and excellence, how many hardships does a group of men have to eat and how many hurdles they have to overcome in order to honed the light of the winners, thereby illuminating the origin of the departure?

Interviewing the origin machine is a very valuable experience. Even if the manufacturing and real economy are slightly weak, this smart-manufacturing company, which was founded in Foshan and founded only three years, is still red. As a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and technical services of five-axis linkage and above CNC machine tools and CNC systems, the original machine tool leads the Chinese intelligent manufacturing trend with the black horse attitude with its technical spear and innovation shield.

Such a company, what kind of people are hidden behind it, and what kind of power?

Industrial Mother Machine and Big Country Machine

Interpretation of the origin machine tool and its founding team should be placed in the question of how China’s intelligent manufacturing is advancing.

Zeng Chaofeng, the CEO of the original machine tool, often thinks about a few years ago when he and CMO Park went to a machine tool factory in Germany. The museum of the factory displays machine tools from different eras around the world, and one of the old Chinese machine tools of the 1950s made the two feel quite touched.

The machine tool is known as an industrial machine, small to screw, mobile phone case, large train track, space shuttle, the initial starting point is a machine tool. China’s machine tool industry started not too late, but later, due to various reasons, the gap with developed countries has widened. In the 1990s, when CNC machine tools became the standard for foreign machine tools, domestic colleges and universities were still teaching students how to use boring tools and welding tools. Even after some domestic manufacturers have been able to produce high-end CNC machine tools, it is said that the brain’s CNC system is still firmly in the hands of companies such as Siemens and Japan FANUC.

The gap between China and world-class machine tools, Zeng Chaofeng, a core regional executive who has been a major in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation at Central South University, and is a leading global cutting tool manufacturer in Sandvik, Sweden. Deeply worried and responsible, he is determined to change.

In 2015, Zeng Chaofeng founded Guangdong Yuandian Machine Tool Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the R&D, production, sales and technical services of CNC machine tools and CNC systems and their supporting products. At the beginning of the establishment, the original machine tool established a strategic partnership with the second largest CNC system manufacturer in Europe and NUM in Switzerland. The two parties negotiated a joint R&D center to produce a CNC system suitable for the Chinese market.

Zeng Chaofeng, who is full of ambitions, shouted out the industry’s first brand of small and medium-sized multi-axis linkage processing machine tools, providing technical support and parent machine protection for China Zhizhi. But this is a bit of a slogan that makes Zeng Chaofeng “a group of elites who have been immersed in machine tools, electronics, and venture capital for many years, and formed a core founding team.

——CMO Park Yan was a Japanese STAR and Mazak machine tool executive. COO Liu Zhifeng was a senior engineer of China Aviation Industry Corporation. CSO Yin Zhouyi has rich experience in entrepreneurship and investment. CFO Zeng Xiaomei was born as a Deloitte accountant. Office. In addition, Dr. Yang Jincheng, Ph.D., of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Hsinchu Jiaotong University, Taiwan, was invited as the chief technology officer, the international top CNC technology expert, and the country “outside the thousands of people planning expert Frank” as the chief scientist.

& ldquo; Our group of people have received professional and systematic academic training and vocational training, and have an international vision and resources, and have the responsibility to change the status quo of China’s smart manufacturing. Zeng Chaofeng said emotionally in the interview. It is this sense of mission to build a great power that gives Zeng Chaofeng and the origin of the machine tool a rising power.

Force Awakening

From the start-up to the black-horse conversion of CNC machine tools in China, No one can do it all at once, and the hard work and perseverance in the meantime is not something that outsiders can imagine.

Multi-axis linkage CNC machine tools are high-end goods in the parent machine, with high precision and high technical barriers. They are specially used to process complex curved surfaces and manufacture high-end equipment for automobiles, aerospace, military and precision instruments. essential. Zeng Chaofeng is determined to independently develop five-axis CNC machine tools and their control systems, so that the original machine tools truly have products with superior market competitiveness.

But it’s too hard. It should be noted that multi-axis CNC machine tools involve many key aspects such as mechanical structure design, standard part matching, CNC system debugging, post-processing, etc., especially the underlying technology of CNC system, just like an unfathomable “black box”. Zeng Chaofeng and the team constantly explored the way out in torment and surprise, but the positioning accuracy and machining accuracy of the first five-axis CNC machine tool never reached their own requirements, and there was no progress in debugging for half a year. The reason is that the setting of a friction coefficient is always difficult to debug to the best value, and this value is theoretically impossible to calculate.

Zeng Chaofeng was desperate. He only slept for 4 hours a day. When he was not bright, he ran to the factory to ponder. It was a period of darkness. Between the abandonment and the repetition of persistence, Zeng Chaofeng chose to die. Sometimes, the dawn of changing fate is often in an instant. Zeng Chaofeng and the team analyze the data model from scratch, setting an empirical value for this friction coefficient, and the problem is solved. A five-axis linkage machine with independent intellectual property rights and high speed stability and motion accuracy was announced.

Keep up the good work. In 2016, the original machine tool and Guangdong University of Technology, Xi’an Institute of Optics and Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly developed and built an eight-axis five-link laser composite processing equipment. This processing equipment is an integrated development of traditional processing and high-end machining, which can be used for ceramic coating cutting in aerospace equipment. At present, the equipment is in the domestic leading position in the five-axis linkage and laser processing, and it is a real big country.

After having the core technical advantages and fist products, Zeng Chaofeng can open his hands and feet to market. The origin machine tools focus on the application of automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, etc., and these fields have a great demand for high-end CNC machine tools. Taking denture machine tools as an example, 80% of dentures in the world are produced in China. In the Pearl River Delta region alone, more than 6,000 factories are doing denture processing. The annual output value of processing business reaches tens of billions, and the market prospect is very impressive.

5.6 seconds ahead of the world

From core technology to fist products to market Application, for more than three years, the original point machine has progressed year by year in difficulties and explorations, constantly surpassing itself. At present, the original machine tool has won 6 invention patents, 10 utility model patents and 8 software products and copyrights.

The market will not lie, the original machine tool will soon have stable core customers such as Toyota, China Airlines, Peninsula Group, etc., orders are coming. Among them, the most proud of Zeng Chaofeng is that the original machine tool is the engine block production line solution delivered by GAC Toyota.

The internal production standard of the Toyota engine is 98 seconds per machining completion time, but the original machine tool has achieved a specific production line of 92.4 seconds, helping customers achieve efficiency and productivity. “Don’t underestimate this 5.6 seconds, but it is 5.6 seconds ahead of the world. Zeng Chaofeng said that the production standard of Toyota engine itself is world-class, but the original machine tool still made a breakthrough in this standard.

In fact, there are three main reasons why the original machine tool is recognized by the market: First, the core technology has obvious advantages, the machine positioning accuracy and machining accuracy are high, and it can provide multi-axis linkage control system and machine tool. , automation, data collection of the overall solution; second, localized service capabilities, compared to imported equipment, short delivery time, after-sales service feedback speed; third, cost-effective, product prices only five points of similar imported products Third, some are only half.

In addition to the production and marketing market, the origin machine is still trying something more meaningful and valuable —— promoting its own CNC machine system, free open source. It should be known that the control systems of giants such as FANUC and Siemens are not open, and they are closed-loop, even if they are open, they are limited and open for payment. The origin machine tool builds an open underlying system and platform, which can lower the innovation threshold and cultivate relevant technical talents and usage habits. At present, this open control system has been “classified” and used for teaching in some institutions of higher learning.

Formulating standards to define the future. Zeng Chaofeng said that business model innovation is important, but core technology innovation is the fundamental driving force for a big manufacturing country to become a big country. The origin machine tool is to become the knife-edge dancer who stands at the origin of the machine and leads the trend of intelligent manufacturing in China.

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“4H dust removal and defogging device” taking off in the innovative mode

Xinhuanet January 3rd (Reporter Cheng Siyuan correspondent Liu Manting Wei Juan) The reporter learned from the media that since December 1, 2017, 4H high-efficiency micro-swirl dust removal and defogging device (high-efficiency micro-swirl dust removal and defogging) Device, patent number: ZL 201520594074.2) The patentee will use the patent technology license Beijing Xulang Chenxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. For the power, steel, coking, heating, cement, glass, ceramics, bricks and other industries, dust removal, ultra-low emission, whitening treatment, through the “Chinese government procurement network, in the domestic and foreign Chengzhao” 4H efficient micro Cyclone dust removal and defogging device channel agent. We sincerely invite visionary partners to cooperate and develop together to share the joy of success.

The technical development of the 4H high-efficiency micro-swirl dust removal and defogging device began in the second half of 2014 and started at the end of 2015. In the pilot project, by the end of 2017, dozens of sets of dust removal and desulfurization ultra-low emission renovation projects for large and medium-sized coal-fired boilers and glass kiln furnaces will be completed, covering the wet flue gas desulfurization processes such as calcium method, double alkali method and magnesium method. The compliance rate is 100%. In the tubular dust removal device, it overcomes the high dust content at the inlet of the complex gas source desulfurization absorption tower and the discharge dust stability is up to standard. Compared with the big brands that win by the list in China, it has a unique internal structure and is not prone to fouling. The phenomenon has a wide range of origins, and the technical solution is tailored to the flexible configuration. It has excellent synergy and high success rate for white smoke, blue plume and gypsum rain.

The high level of technology and such a good product implementation of the agency model is rare in China. With many questions, we visited Mr. Li Yidong, the general manager of Beijing Xulang Chenxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Li elaborated on the consideration of model innovation from six aspects.

The first is the inevitability of policy-driven. In December 2016, the State Council issued the “13th Five-Year National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan”. The “Planning” proposes that the energy conservation and environmental protection industry, as one of the five supporting industries of the 13th Five-Year Emerging Strategic Plan, will continue to usher in the rapid development of “Golden Five Years”. A series of policies introduced to provide a solid guarantee and foundation for the market. While ensuring the continuity and long-term nature of the market, it has determined that the market capacity is huge. Such a huge market is definitely not something that a company eats.

Secondly, technical genes are widely used. The core of 4H technology is to focus on the removal of particles and droplets below 5 microns. The genes of technology determine the huge application space. This means that 4H technology can be applied to all known and unknown industry sectors involving flue gas emissions control, where dust removal, de-whitening, desulfurization and other applications are carried out. The challenge for us is that 4H’s industry application imagination is huge, and there is a clear removal effect on a large part of the atmospheric pollutants stipulated in the upcoming environmental protection tax law. It is difficult to explore all application industries with a single company. This determines that the team must fight, and professional matters are handled by professional people. Channel agent partners are responsible for expanding industry applications, and we are responsible for providing technical, product, and engineering quality assurance.

Again, the need for a service pivot. Because the industry is widely used, each industry has its own unique operating rules and characteristics. Mastering the characteristics and laws of these industries is not something that an enterprise can achieve and accomplish by itself. Therefore, in order to serve enterprises in various industries, it is inevitable to choose the right industry agency partner.

The collection of environmental taxes highlights the superiority of the agency cooperation model. The environmental protection tax levied on January 1, 2018 is taxed according to the amount of pollutants discharged. The treatment of atmospheric pollutants has become the first priority for each company to come up with a solution as soon as possible. This is a big issue related to corporate wallets. There are so many companies involved in the control of flue gas emissions, and how to make these enterprises get the most economical rectification plan accurately and quickly, this is not achieved by the individual strength of a certain enterprise. Therefore, industry agency cooperation is an information solution through-train for industry solutions, which enables these economically pragmatic solutions to quickly appear on the general manager’s desk of industry customers.

Another level is that the product model is an innovative model that can escort agency partners. The 4H product is a customized operation mode that is different from the operating mode of traditional standards. The standard gameplay is a short-cycle game, which defines the product line and the uniform retail price. In the repeated promotions, the products continue to cut prices. Finally, after the agent tends to zero profit, the product line is worn, and the life of this round of products ends. The original factory launched a new product line or modified on the old product to change the model and powder debut, starting another round of market war. However, 4H is different. 4H, focusing on complex flue gas treatment, each solution is an application of the principle, customized product solutions according to different working conditions, product life cycle is long. This determines the high value-added attributes of 4H products, which means that the profits of the majority of agency partners are sufficient.

The last important aspect is that 4H products are experiencing a large number of failed performances in the same industry. For products that meet market demand, the business risk is relatively small. Since the patent application of 4H products has passed in 2015, it has passed the test of dozens of actual performances and passed the product development period and part of the development period. At present, the product has been finalized and the performance is stable. From the perspective of product life cycle, it is in the stage of transition from development to maturity.segment. The risk of operation at this stage is small, but the profit per unit of product is indeed the most impressive in the entire product life cycle. Therefore, this time period is a rare development opportunity for the majority of agency partners and friends.

From the introduction of Li, who is born in the operation, we feel the team strength behind the feelings and sense of responsibility; feel the new innovative model, just like the rising sun, the thick and rising.

Hotline: 400-663-9510

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100 stores in 9 months, Tan duck blood, Rong Yi pot phenomenon all secret

In 2018, the first hot pot industry sharing meeting of Chinese food and beverage industry was held in Rong, and the Tan duck blood and Rong Yi pot marketing team made a collective appearance.

In 2018, for the Chengdu restaurant industry and the hot pot industry, Tan duck blood is an absolute dark horse. . Many stars are competing for card tasting, Chengdu “ delicious mouths are waiting in line, just over nine months in more than 100 stores across the country, people are full of expectations for the brand of Tan Duck Blood.

On October 20, 2018 China Food & Beverage’s first hot pot industry sharing meeting and 2018-to-food group Tan duck blood and Rongyi pot project promotion meeting was held in Chengdu Junguang Grand Hyatt Hotel, attracting over 300 people Catering practitioners come. Tan Duck Blood, Rong Yiguo brand co-founder Zhou Yang, Liu Guishu, famous actor Liao Jian, world street dance champion Xiao Jie, famous actor Dwarf Winter Melon debut, decrypt the secret of brand success, invite many catering practitioners to join, and jointly create Chinese catering Invest in new forces.

Star Media Aggregation Marketing

Tan Duck Blood Rong has become a star punch card.

Every A delicious mouth in Chengdu, there is a list of the best hot pot restaurants in Chengdu. On the list of many people, Tan Duck Blood is one of the names that cannot be missed. In January 2018, the first store of Tan Duck Blood Old Hot Pot opened in Shuanglin Road, Chengdu. Many people didn’t know at the time. In the following months, this store will attract many stars with such rapid momentum. Competing with the delicious mouth to punch the card, become a force that can not be ignored in Chengdu hot pot industry.

Since the opening of the business, there have been Nicholas Tse and Zhang Yuying with the “Feng Wei 2018” crew to record, including Hong Kong star football team including Chen Baixiang and Zhang Zhaohui, singers Ren Xianqi, Han Lei, Sun Nan, Xiao Stars such as Shenyang come here, and they are very happy. Many stars to the store, in addition to the good taste of Tan duck blood, but also the good friends of the boss Liao Jian can not be separated.

At the sharing meeting on the day, Liao Jian said, “I am a real person, I never talk big. But what I dare say is that the stars came to Chengdu, Tan Duck Blood and Rong Yi pot are the places where they must come to punch cards. I have such a good relationship. For decades, Liao Jian said that the actor is his dream, and catering is a reality. “I have to do both at the end because I want people around me to do well.

Nowadays, Tan Duck’s blood has won the favor of many people, and the boss Liao Jian has also tasted the sweetness. At the scene, he revealed, “When the actor has been doing this for so many years, I am still driving the BMW X5, but in the 9 months of Tan Duck Blood, I can exchange Bentley. Of course, I am very motivated.

Explosive items are quickly sucking gold

Professional team is holding a pioneering model to attract numerous customers

The success of Tan Duck Blood has enabled Shiji Group to start planning and creating a new brand. It should be the most close to the city of Chengdu, and it can bring back a kind of food that Chengdu people remember. At this time, “Ring a pot of bean flower mala Tang came into being.” Take the bean flower as the explosion item, and carry the youthful memory of Chengdu people with mala, with the first pot of Rongcheng as the meaning, plus the famous actor “Dwarf Winter Melon Lin Xiaodong’s “Drink, very soon,” Rong Yi pot It was also like the blood of Tan Duck, and it was loved by many people in Chengdu.

For the dwarf winter melon, many people have been familiar with the “dwarf melon hot pot” that he pioneered. In 2012 alone, the dwarf winter melon hot pot attracted more than 40 franchises, and it was in the limelight. For the reason that the development of the brand has stagnated since then, Dwarf Winter Melon has analyzed this, and “joined the follow-up, and joined the management, which led to some problems. To be a brand is actually to be a team.

This year, when the brother-in-law Liao Jian’s Tan duck blood was in full swing, the dwarf melon learned about the sacred group behind the Tan duck blood, the blessing of the professional team, let the new brand & ldquo; Debuted in Chengdu. Up to now, “Rong Yiguo has grown to more than 30 franchise stores nationwide. At the scene, the dwarf winter melon even sang a section and introduced it to many catering practitioners on the spot or to fans who want to join the catering industry. “Xindong Ge, together, make a pot.”

Embracing cross-border fashion trends

Leading young people to consume behavior

Nowadays, catering is not just about making tastes, but also should be combined with “fashion, “cross-border,” “trends” and other elements to attract the attention of many after 90s and 00s.

In this year, a dance-oriented program “Hot Blood Street Dance Group” was broadcast on the Internet, and the dancer’s dynamic dance was full of blood. Among them, the world street dance champion Xiao Jie also fired a lot because he won the MVP of the show. After finishing the recording of the program, Xiao Jie began a cross-border tour. He became the chief brand pavilion of Rong Yiguo, hoping that food could bring more happiness to the Chengdu people like dancing.

At the sharing session, Xiao Jie first asked everyone, “How many people know Wang Jiaer? How many people know Luhan?” It turned out that these two super-high-star stars are Xiao Jie’s good brothers. Before deciding to join Rong Yi, Xiao Jie shared the news with the two brothers, “When I told them, their first reaction was, & squo; Xiao Jie, how do you taste so heavy? ?&rsqUo; in their view, Mala Tang is a burst of oil. Later, I told them that in Sichuan, Mala Tang is a traditional culture. If I want to do it, I will do it in a very trendy way.

Finally, under the voice of everyone, Xiao Jie jumped up with the rhythm of dance music, ignited the atmosphere of the scene, and let many catering practitioners feel the charm of dance and trend. Xiao Jie said, “Why do you want to jump this section? It’s just to tell everyone that the vitality of Rong’s pot is here.

Insight into consumer product innovation

Professional team adds time and place to achieve a miracle of food and beverage

If Liao Jian, Dwarf Winter Melon and Xiao Jie are on the stars and fashion trends If the brand is promoted, Zhou Yang and Liu Guishu, the co-founders of Tan Duck Blood and Rong Yiguo, will focus on product taste and team management, and become the reassurance of the brand’s success.

Before the creation of the Tan Duck Blood brand, Liu Guishu began to sell his vegetables from the trolley, and opened his kingdom of Chuan Soul and branded goods. Currently, there are 4,700 stores in the world. He said, “When I started a business, I didn’t have such ambitious ambitions and ideals. There was only one goal, to solve the problem of food and clothing, and to marry my wife and children in the future. I had a lot of bitterness at that time, and I had the sweetness behind me. At the beginning of Tan Duck’s blood debut, all the teams are still full of information and ambiguity, “In the first 4 months, we have at least 25 hot pots a month to find the problem to solve the problem. Now everyone can see that our Tan Duck blood is very strong in Chengdu. It is because we have the experience of doing catering in the past. Now the team combines the power of operation, promotion and channel to join forces.

This year, only Tan duck blood has been seized “International hot pot” “National top ten creative hot pot” “Top Ten New Hot Pots” “Sichuan on the tip of the tongue”; Chengdu must eat restaurant list One such honor, Zhou Yang, the co-founder of the brand, also frequently appeared in newspapers and headlines, becoming the industry leader in the restaurant industry in Chengdu. Zhou Yang’s sharing, from gratitude, he was grateful to the master who had brought him into the restaurant industry. He was grateful to the boss who had turned him from a chef into a shareholder 10 years ago, and he was grateful to be a partner when he was a hot pot. Thanks to the behind-the-scenes team of Tan Duck Blood. Zhou Yang said, “Many people asked why Tan Duck blood can be seen all over the country in just a few months. I want to say that this is a group of hot pot experience and have done a homeopathic thing.

After the success of Tan Duck Blood, Zhou Yang and the team decided to “do something,” “Now the restaurant is paying attention to the subdivision. We did brainstorming at the time and thought that the bean flower could be used to do it. Single product. Beancurd is not expensive, Mala Tang is the mainstream of all consumers today, and we have our own market to seize consumers. In the end, the original Tan Duck Blood team, together with the world street dance champion Xiao Jie and the famous actor Dwarf Winter Melon, made the bean curd spicy in the pot. Zhou Yang said, “In the future, I believe that we will bring Mala Tang, a product with memory points, to the world through fashion and fashion. Missed the wealth train of Tan Duck Blood, be sure to catch the subway to the spring!

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National Day tourism must play recommended to Chongqing to play the cliff scenic area Ordovician to see the light rail through the building

National Day is just around the corner, coincides with the tourist season, Chongqing as a network red city, is bound to become a popular city for national netizens. Come to Chongqing to play, in addition to the hot spots such as Hongyadong, light rail through the building, Yangtze River cableway, etc., have there been any new ways to update the tide? The reporter learned that Chongqing will be more during the National Day this year than the May Day. Fun, an upgraded version of Ordovician and a number of novelty projects, will be unveiled at this National Day.

21m cliff swing, 360 degree pendulum

Cliff Scenic Ordovician A large number of new projects are open

The Wansheng Ottoji Scenic Area, which is a two-hour drive from the main city of Chongqing, is the place where the vibrating network reds will go to Chongqing. The sky is in the scenic area. Steps, such as a thrilling, 18-meter cliff swing, often become popular on the vibrato. During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the Ordovician upgraded a number of new cliff projects. During the National Day, the more interesting version of the Ordovician 2.0 was officially opened. The project may not last until one day. If you have been there, you will experience the new online red project before others. If you have not been there, then you have this. Tickets are worth more than the friends who went to play this summer.

The newly opened scenic spot of the Ordovician includes a 21-meter cliff swing, a cliff scream, a high-altitude flying, a cliff-climbing machine, a glass ladder, a pirate ship, and a 360-degree pendulum. Most of the projects are built on the edge of the cliff, giving you the security & ldquo; stimulating the cliff’s exciting experience.

The most fun, Xiaobian pedestal 21m cliff swing, it once again refreshed the longest record of domestic swing, equivalent to the height of 7 floors, can give you a moment to swing to the middle of the valley Experience. And because the 21-meter cliff swing is higher than the previous 18-meter cliff swing, the visual experience is more exciting.

With the opening of the 21-meter cliff swing, the most fired cliff swing queues on the Ordovician cliffs will ease.

The second project of the new project is fun. Xiao Bian feels that it is the newly opened jumping machine of Ordovician. The cliff machine was built on the edge of a 300-meter-high cliff. It was lifted up into the air and looked down. The foot was an abyss. Sometimes it hit the mountains and the fog filled. When you stepped on the cliff, you stepped on the clouds. You didn’t know when you fell. When will it fall to the end?

You can also try the first 360-degree pendulum in the new Ordovician Western Open, which is known as the “Muscle Terminator’s amusement equipment”. Ground. That 360 degrees up and down, so that passengers lose weight in the world.

The new cliff project opened by the Ordovician National Day is very rich. Among them, the high-altitude flying project is an upgraded version of the traditional “crazy flying chair project”, which allows you to enjoy the beautiful cliff landscape in a lap of speed flight; the cliff screams, the tourists sit on the steel arm It is circled in the air with a radius of 30 meters; the glass ladder is the first fully transparent glass ladder in Chongqing. The climbing stairs built on a high platform on the cliff are turned into transparent glass. Visitors will not be conscious. Look down and experience the feeling of stepping on the air. The cliff ladder is the first real-life climbing project in the southwest. Visitors can climb up the rope along the bottom of the valley and conquer the 300-meter cliff with courage and perseverance.

These new projects, plus the original is already red, “step by step startling, Guinness world record”, sky hanging gallery, etc., the enlarged Ordovician can even let you play Two days, if you only play one day, you must get up early, you will arrive at the West Gate of the scenic spot at 8 o’clock, and you will queue up to play the net red project.

& ldquo;Twelve scenes of Cuba reappeared in the rivers and lakes

Looking for old Chongqing memories in the old streets

Come to Chongqing, of course, looking for the traces of old Chongqing. Also going to the Ciqikou people crowded? During the National Day this year, after the careful repair of skilled craftsmen, the first opening area of ​​the Longmenhao historical and cultural district, officially opened to welcome guests. Beautiful scenery and strong cultural heritage are bound to become the new Chongqing network red checkpoint.

On the National Street to the Old Street, you can see the Longmen Haoyue, one of the twelve scenic spots in Cuba. A rising super moon, in the unique form of “the moon”, stands proudly in the old street, kills all kinds of “super moons” in minutes, and shoots you to make friends with the screen.

In addition, if you are interested in old Chongqing, Longmenhao will be your best place to find Chongqing’s historical memory. It is reported that the total area of ​​Longmenhao Old Street is about 150,000 square meters. The most preserved and largest historical and cultural street in Chongqing’s main city, including 18 historical cultural relics, famous Xinhua Trust Savings Bank, Italian Embassy, ​​Zhoujiawan Villa, Jue Lin Temple, etc.

Unlike many newly built so-called old streets, the roof tiles used in the renovation of Longmenhao Old Street are each of the real old items that have been scoured from various places in Chongqing. The newly opened Longmenhao Old Street It is an old street with a real sense of history. Such a place where literature, history, and value are exploding is hard to think about.


Come to the Western Animation Festival to see the show and enjoy COSPLAY

2018 The 10th Western China Animation Culture Festival and WestJoy Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition will be held on October 1st at the Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center. The event will last until October 4th. Come to Chongqing, you can also look at the exhibition of the second yuan.

During the exhibition, there were the highest-profile COSPLAY competitions in China and around the world, and also invited cosplay world champions from Japan, Korea, Europe and America.As well as the Saint Seiya theme song singer Matsuzawa Yumi as a judge.

It is reported that this animation festival, the country’s strongest anime artist group 304, Black Sky Studio, the domestic top dubbing studio Beidou Penguin, Guofeng singer watermelon, Xiao Yiqing, house dance god Bolihua vegetable garden, Biting a cat, Le Xiaoman, Japan sings lyrics Taro, dances melo, singer Ito, Matsuzawa Yumi and other guests will take turns to appear, four days of exhibitions, every day will be fans of the carnival.

In addition, for game fans, popular games such as Hearthstone, Watchman, Storm Heroes and StarCraft II will also be featured in this animation festival. Experience.

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What is the D9 club market now?

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D9 Club Brazil Football Arbitrage

1.D9 static investment of 2046 US dollars, weekly dividend of 170 US dollars, for 52 consecutive weeks, 3 months back Ben, 4 times a year, after one year, the original point can be re-invested to continue to earn.

2. Indirect static 6 generation: 3%, 2%, 2%, 1%, 1%, 1%

3. Dynamically recommend 170 dollars directly.

4. Indirect recommendation 6: generation 5%, 3%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%

5. Touch 136 dollars, day cover top 30,000 dollars .

6.50$ monthly fee 6 generations: 10%, 7%, 7%, 6%, 6%, 4%

Mobile phone, travel, luxury, etc.

D9 Club Personalized Private Customization

Investing 45,000 yuan in the first half of the year will bring out a total return of 900,000 and a return rate of 20 times.

After investing 200,000 yuan, the total income will be 4.5 million and the return rate will be 23 times.

After investing 1 million yuan in compound interest, the total return will be 25 million yuan, and the rate of return will be 25 times.

Opportunities like a thief slip away without paying attention, giving the family who are always ready. O2O automation engineering, reply 8 to bring you to know!

You can make money without making a head! [p>

Breaking the 28th law, everyone making money!

The project is simple and practical, reflecting the road to simplicity:

✅*old company*new project*international market

✅has a real and powerful hematopoietic function

Cast $2046 for $170 per week

Monthly entry for $630 for $8190

✅ initial charge for $2100/super-gold account

✅$300 or more to withdraw in full!

1. The Brazilian D9 Club was registered in Brazil in 2003 (for 13 years now),

2, the background and experience of the boss and D9 club is Danilo (Danny Road) ), from Brazil, which is popular in global samba football, although he is only a 32-year-old 80-year-old, he is very economically minded when he studies computer science. As early as he was only 19 years old, he was registered today. D9 club (company), participating in the global football competition sports sports opportunities including Brazil football

3, D9 business model, the company has operated in the traditional mode for 13 years It was operated in two-track direct sales mode on 2016/01/08. It has been one year and four months now. Now there are more than 40 countries and regions in the world participating in the investment. The current development situation of D9 is a stable and safe rising period,

4, D9 business model, start a football school, cooperate with Betfail, the world’s largest football bookmaker company, to concentrate the funds collected to retail investors to Betfair in the UK, and then D9 gets 6% of the investment. With a daily return of -12%, D9 will return the investment amount of the retail investors to the members of the D9 club at 1.6% per day after earning the profits they deserve. That is: every $2046 invested, you get a reward of $170 per week, and you get 52 weeks ($170X52=$8840) for the entire year. When you invest in a single investment for 52 weeks, you want to continue investing after one cycle. $2046 for another 52 weeks, and so on.

5, when the company received $2046 from investors, which invested $1,500 in Betfair in the UK to secure a fixed return bonus, and $546 left as a bonus for the two-track system. The calculation is as follows: weekly dividend of $170, then daily: $170 USD ➗ 7 = $24.3 USD, $24.3 USD ➗ $1500 USD = $1.6% (percentage return per day)

D9 Club Brazil Conference

De Empreendedores Sports Trading Joins D9 The reason for the club is very simple

One is: you can withdraw cash at any time

The second is: 1.6% return per day

The third is: you can’t find a more than D9 club. The platform of the spectrum does not depend on the Chinese market, unlike other members who leave China.

The fourth is: strong hematopoiesis and long-term profitability in cooperation with the British Betfair exchange, unlike other platforms relying on membership arbitrage to take the capital chain.

Five: 30% of monthly income

Six: The minimum investment threshold for humanized investment is $310.

Seven: The performance award is very good for Mercedes-Benz. BMW Land Rover, Private Jet

Deposit Level: $53

Gold Bronze: $299

Gold and Silver: $549

Gold level: $1048

Super gold level: $2046

Investing 14960 yuan per day dividend of $24.3,

One week, $1701,156 yuan ,

Monthly income of 680 US dollars ️ 4,624 yuan!

Maximize income method, accumulate re-investment and quickly set foot on D9 Fortune Club … &hellipMore than 70 countries around the world participate in the wealth planning system to make you big money! www.d9clube.com official website can check the authenticity.

The D9 Club is truly internationally stable and operates in the first batch of market leaders in 38 countries.

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Do a good job in the home market “last mile”, you need to force from the five major links!

Image from “123rf.com.cn

This article has discussed some aspects of the last mile in the broad sense: logistics distribution, home installation and after-sales service. With the rise of e-commerce, the home aftermarket has also become a huge market, attracting a lot of giants to stop, the industry giants have also tried various landing methods, but in the current home industry, the pain point is notable, but has not run better. The model is for reference, and this paper has some analysis.

The last mile was originally the last miles of a long journey. Now it is being extended as the last critical step in one thing. In the field of home building materials, the last mile in the narrow sense refers to logistics and transportation, while the last mile in the broad sense refers to logistics and distribution, on-site installation and after-sales service. This article explores the last mile of the broad sense.

Due to the rise of e-commerce, the logistics system has become more mature and perfect, and the logistics and distribution of food, clothing and home appliances are basically impeccable. Various coping strategies are also emerging, such as self-built logistics system, Jingdong in Shanghai. Built in the “Asian No. 1 warehouse; such as self-built community convenience store mode, SF’s “hacker, Tmall cat store; such as smart express delivery cabinet; such as collection mode, rookie station, Alibaba campus post office, Jingdong, Gome, Suning, etc.; such as chain store cooperation mode; such as property collection service mode, Vanke launched in the country “Wanke happiness station; such as the introduction of crowdsourcing mode, similar to the mode of Didi taxi; even used UAV distribution technology, and the like, and the like.

The survey shows that in the Chinese consumer market in 2012, home has become the fourth largest consumer goods (after food, clothing and home appliances), facing the huge scale of production and consumption, all kinds of manufacturers at home The post-market is also trying to make every effort.

In terms of logistics and distribution, the industry giants tried various methods, such as Jingdong Logistics in September 2017 in Beijing, Chengdu, Xi’an and other seven cities pilot operation “large flashing flashback service; such as Qingdao Haier Group’s Rishun Home Service Co., Ltd. specializes in home furnishing logistics services, covering more than 2,800 districts and counties across the country; for example, the rookie has integrated a number of landing distribution companies, and the warehousing + landing distribution model has also provided rookie logistics. Complete the basic conditions of home logistics; for example, the home e-commerce Merlot launched the logistics “end time service at the end of 2013, promised that the spot goods will be delivered within 7 days, the original delivery receipt cycle increased by 76% in 30 days. Now the service area has expanded to 702; Suning Logistics has built 57 intelligent logistics bases across the country, with a total area of ​​1.8 million square meters.

In the field installation, the guerrilla mode, the sales side, the design side has been relatively satisfied with the customer, but in the installation side and the back end, the customer still complains. Some enterprises have seen this pain point, and some have adopted self-operated installation teams. Although the service efficiency and service quality have improved, but the cost is too high, it cannot be copied on a large scale; some use third-party sharing methods, such as using a small master at home. +Sharing, determined to become the home logistics industry, is also exploring the progress; for example, Master Wan and Luban arrived home, aiming at the home improvement market, creating a one-stop home service trading platform; for example, a Zhitong established from home business to consumers The end-to-end service network and the coverage of more than 600 cities across the country.

Although custom manufacturers or industry giants have invested a lot of manpower and resources, from now on, everyone has not made any substantial progress. Customized household products are large in size, heavy in weight, various in variety, and specialized in non-standardization. The problem that exists in the last mile (logistics transportation and on-site installation) is still not overcome. The effect of this link is not satisfactory, quality And the efficiency is still not high, customer satisfaction is still very low, so many consumers are discouraged from ordering large-scale furniture online.

I really want to do the home market after the last mile, I personally think that you need to practice basic skills, from the following points:

1. Form a unique Closed service, improve user satisfaction and reduce costs.

Service is the only way to promote the brand. It can be built by itself or with a third party to build a complete distribution service system and a professional and professional installation service team to complete the door-to-door, installation and reorganization. , one-stop service for after-sales distribution. In particular, increasing the success rate of one-time installation is enough to form a core competitive barrier.

2. Create an IT information ecosystem. Strict management and control of goods, fields and people.

To improve efficiency, it is inseparable from the support of information technology. It needs a dedicated IT system to control goods, fields and people. Through big data analysis, which points are done well and which points Room for improvement. For example, through data statistics, it is found that every time there is a problem with installing a certain door panel, then the root cause can be investigated, which is production error, design error, scale error, or incorrect installation specifications. In addition, the goods can be out of the warehouse, the control of the storage, the control of the transportation, the customer can clearly know through the mobile phone, where is my order, now in the production link, the storage link or the transportation link, even in the installation Which part of the link can be seen at a glance.

In addition, the industry has a specialization. Through big data analysis, each installer can be tagged. He is good at installing what will be assigned to the corresponding installation tasks. For example, the master who installed the wardrobe will install the wardrobe. The solid wood structure is specially installed with solid wood.

3. Optimize the short-term after-sales service, and the return visit is essential.

Jingdong not only sells quality, but also makes the serviceThe ultimate. Jingdong’s after-sales links make customers very comfortable, spontaneously form a second purchase and word-of-mouth communication, especially when problems arise quickly, no worries. In the after-sales aspect of the home, it has also been criticized, and customers often complain that there is no door, even if the complaint is also sinking. It is recommended to build self-built or cooperate with third parties to form an after-sales team. From time to time, return visits to customers or free maintenance services at home, or even adopt some preferential policies for trade-in.

4. Localization of logistics, installation and after-sales service

Localization is inseparable from the role of dealers, manufacturers do quality control and brand promotion, dealers do their best in local service. Just like Mr. Lu Jianhua, the founder of the left and right hand decoration, proposed: three carriages for custom home dealers: product quality, design and installation services; three elements of customized home installation services: specialization, standardization, brand power; the first competitiveness of customized home dealers : Install, install or install.

So after the localization of distribution and installation services, the dealer’s competitiveness is to refine the operational services, establish a set of standardization services such as booking scales, wall protection, floor protection, installation specifications, after-sales return visits, etc. Process.

5. Establishing norms and creating standards

The previous construction was also very messy. In 2015, the Internet home improvement company divided the construction link into more than forty nodes, standard construction, each Nodes must be accepted and the results achieved are significant.

In fact, logistics distribution and on-site installation can also standardize nodes and form certain standard specifications. Each node can allow consumers to check and score, not only for large-scale replication, but also for a virtuous circle. The industry is also aware of the regulatory issues. Not long ago, the first meeting of the “Customized Home Products Installation Service Specification” was successfully held in the Guangzhou Canton Fair. The scope of the installation service standards, normative references, nouns and terminology, basic requirements, installation Detailed standards were customized for the previous services, delivery, installation, acceptance, after-sales service, quality rectification and other aspects.

Facing the home market after the last mile of logistics and distribution, home installation problems, all home people can not escape or should not escape, only to solve this stumbling block on the development road, can promote This industry is more orderly, faster and healthier.

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Exploring the development direction of the flooring industry

Nowadays, after nearly 30 years of development, the flooring industry has just passed the above cycle and the market has gradually become saturated. At this time, the far-sighted enterprises should abandon the traditional model in the spirit of ‘people are cheap, I don’t have’, and use a differentiated development idea to embark on a new path of ‘people without me.’

Differentiation of the direction of enterprise development–big home, cross-border into the mainstream

The development direction of a company is like the leader of a ship, only the leader decides The direction is correct, and subsequent development will not hit the rocks. In the author’s understanding, the current flooring industry is very different in the development direction.

One, large home, extended product line, involved in cabinets, wooden doors and other home industries, such as the iconic floor, nature home, living home floor, Lianfeng floor And other well-known brands in the industry.

Both, cross-border development, transformation to other industries such as capital markets, overall home improvement, the Internet, such as Shengda floor, Del home, bunny floor, Bell floor, Lin’s Wood and so on. Moreover, many flooring companies are actively submitting IPO plans, and measures such as vigorously developing e-commerce and integrating online and offline resources are also evident. Now there are many floor enterprises in China behind some furniture building materials online shopping malls.

Differentiating Product R&D–Environmental and Functional Two-pronged

In the process of differentiation of flooring companies After determining the general direction, it is also necessary to carry out differentiated research and development of products. In the major stores in Changsha, the author asked about the floor store shopping guide, where the biggest feature of the product is, the most frequently worded in the answer is ‘aldehyde removal’ ‘net aldehyde’ ‘zero aldehyde’ and so on. Such as the Del floor aldehyde-free ‘core’ era, Shiyou ‘net aldehyde E0’ floor, nature benefit breathing ‘de-aldehyde’ floor, Lianfeng ‘all house aldehyde removal’ health floor.

Throughout these keywords, both of them put ‘green’ in the first place, and the products developed by these companies are also unique. Consumers are also very popular with this product with high environmental performance. It can be seen that in the current trend of product differentiation in the flooring industry, environmental protection will become one of the preferred directions for flooring companies.

In addition to the environmental differences, there are some flooring products that are also quite functional. When I visited Red Star Macalline, I saw the film. Geer’s honeycomb mute floor, the black rosewood health floor of Lianfeng floor, the massage floor of the spring floor, and the constellation floor of Hongnai floor, these characteristic floors attract consumers with their unique selling points.

Release date: 2015/12/10 8:49:34

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