Modern minimalist version of classic gabled roof style

We will look at the beautiful mountain lodge designed by Reiulf RamstadArkitekter for a family of five. The cottage is located above the village of Ål, Norway. It is designed to reflect the desire to blend into nature by mimicking the surrounding environment. The dip of the herringbone roof helps in this direction, visually similar to the surrounding mountains.

The VH6 home is another example of an atypical gable roof structure. One reason is that it is a city home. The team at Idee Architects is responsible for designing a modern family home that takes advantage of the grassy landscape, which will be private, safe, and have good natural ventilation and sun distribution. Based on these requirements, the architect proposes a seamless blend of interior and exterior spaces, and uses a herringbone roof for look and feel while blending in.

Swinger’s Hunter’s Hall is a structure that serves as a meeting place for hunters. The hall was designed by Bergersen Arkitekter AS and has a space where it prepares and cooks the game, and it looks like a large, updated barn, making it feel very comfortable, especially considering that the interior design has a touch of rusticity. The herringbone roof seamlessly transitions to the wall and builds a glass curtain wall.

The home of a quirky house between two trees in the Austrian region. The location is sloping, causing the entrance to the house to be on the first floor. The building looks as if it is sitting comfortably on the slope, along its curvature, and admiring the landscape and surroundings through the upwardly pointing design. The house is tall and designed to fit a small plot between two trees, the height of the roof making it look taller.

In 2010, Cadaval & Solà-Morales completed their most spectacular renovation. We are discussing a home in Spain that was designed from the existing structure made of dry stone. The house is small, with small openings and dark interiors, and its design does not really take advantage of this wonderful location, allowing it to see two different valleys. To compensate for this shortcoming, the architects worked to transform the upper part of the house into an open and bright space with an open view and an asymmetrical gabled roof to ensure a comfortable atmosphere that extends all the way to the ground.

The Mirror House introduces a new way to take full advantage of the design of the gabled roof. It is located in the playground in Copenhagen. Designed by MLRP, it appeals to visitors in a variety of cool ways. Mirrors are installed at the ends of the gable of the building, reflecting the surrounding environment in a fun and twisted way, and even making the exterior of the building an attractive place.

The structure you see here is one of six separate houses belonging to the development project called TheMiniCO2 Houses. Each of them describes various aspects of carbon dioxide emissions, with a focus on how to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but also factors related to the overall maintenance of the home. This particular structure features an elongated shape with a vertical entrance and a 40 degree pitched roof. There are small decks at both ends of the gable.

You may have noticed now that the spacing of the gabled roofs can vary widely. For example, the Anzac Bay house is very unusual in this sense compared to the other designs we see today. The house was designed by Vaughn McQuarrie and the main idea was to create a large central space surrounded by multiple small spaces. In a way, the house is like its own small village. The herringbone roof makes it look cute.

Just look at it and know that this house is special. Designed by McGarry-MoonArchitects, the house is located in the UK and its strange appearance is designed to meet the desire to balance the view through comfortable natural light and good space. In terms of architecture and design, the most striking detail is the herringbone roof, with one side wall and the cantilevered upper floor forming a smooth outer shell with glass.

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Designers use recycled cardboard to create eco-friendly modular homes

Dutch Designer StudioFiction FactoryTry to create a sustainable home using durable cardboard, named Wikkelhouse . They spent four years perfecting their homes, using large rolls of recycled corrugated cardboard to build walls and roofs.

WikkelhouseThe first is a huge machine-processed, environmentally friendly adhesive that is applied to large rolls of cardboard. After that, the material is wrapped and rotated around a frame24 times to ensure its strength, durability and correct shape. Once the initial structural assembly is complete, it is covered with a waterproof material and an external wood board.
is a modular design that can be fully customized to meet residents’ preferences. You can create a larger building by adding more parts to the original frame.

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Unique apartment building with large porthole windows

There is a big difference between a house and an apartment. Each has its own special characteristics, and the layout in each case is usually different. The house is also usually better connected to the surrounding environment and has a better view. For Cinqua Apartments, BKK Architects tried and managed to create a hybrid project. This is an apartment that looks a lot like a collection of personal homes that are placed together.

This new and curious apartment is located on the outskirts of Melbourne in an architectural residential area with art deco houses. The design of the building is a modern reinterpretation of the type of local housing, and the idea behind it is to integrate single-family homes into a collective and create a comfortable apartment with a clear identity and a lot of personality.

The project was completed in 2017 with a total structure of 5,800 square meters. The building is situated on a steep slope, allowing most of it to be under sight and hidden on the road. Materials used include weathered bricks, metal and wood, and a large amount of glass.

The street facade of the building is constructed as a square with six large porthole windows marking the surface. These windows are a defining feature of the design, they are aesthetically pleasing and are designed to connect the apartment to the surrounding environment.

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Unexpected house in Tehran, Iran

Located in Tehran, Iran, this home has a very memorable design. It provides 1400square meterThe living space has a total of four floors. The entire project is extremely flexible, which is reflected in a very interesting and unusual configuration.

Top The third floor is a series of boxes that allow the space to be opened or closed depending on the user’s preferences. The configuration of the home can change with the type of season and activity, and the flexibility of the layout becomes a key element that defines the project.

The seesaw is very interesting for children and so it is an unexpected and unusual feature to add such a design to the house. This house is located in Suffolk, England and offers 210square meter Living Space.
The design and structure of the home is a response to the environment. As a holiday home, the structure is designed to resemble a traditional barn to blend into the environment.
At first glance, this barn looks very gentle. But look closely, the barn is a 30long building, With 15 cantilever structure.

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Japanese minimalist residence

Relation is a minimalist residence located in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, by TsubasaIwahashiArchitectsDesign. The client wants a home that promotes connections between family members and with neighbors. The architect also wants to create a space where residents can relax.

Therefore, small corners and vacant spaces were created to allow residents to remain at home and not completely lose contact with other family members. The small window provides natural daylight for the compact space, while the large panoramic windows are placed in the main living space.
Most of the building’s buildings are exposed, including wooden structural elements as well as concrete walls and floors, which are intact. The main living space has an open kitchen, located next to the dining table and living room. The upper skylight provides natural light for the stairs and floors below.

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London lumber yard transformed into a light-filled family home

De Rosee Sa Architects was hired by a client to transform a yard into a new house. The house has a vertical height limit and they have to design a new basement to suit what the customer wants.
The first floor contains the living room, kitchen, and bedroom with bathroom. They wanted to maximize the light of the narrow house and designed three exterior courtyards. A series of steel and glass doors separate the space, allowing an open line of sight from front to back. The cedar board covers the courtyard walls vertically, paying homage to the past and creating continuity.

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Exploring modern lights in icosahedron shape

The SHIFT in Mexico launched the U32 lamp in 2015 and now brings a new geometric light to continue exploring the polyhedron. This time, they chose the icosahedral structure.
Using equilateral triangle components, the lights are easily assembled together by repeating the same size element structure. This reduces the time of production and assembly. The nature of the design can be used as a chandelier or table lamp.

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The construction of King Abdulaziz World Cultural Center is nearing completion

In 2008, the construction of King Abdulaziz World Cultural Center began to be nearing completion. The center is located in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and contains an auditorium, cinema, library, exhibition hall, museum and archives. The 100,000 square meter structure was designed by Snøhetta and the project was inspired by local geology and rock formations. The complex has a tower that looks like pebbles.
Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, the K29 Business Center is the most environmentally friendly building built from all natural and local materials. But environmental protection is not its only great property, and architecture has a very interesting design. Its elliptical shape is iconic, with a sloping roof that allows natural light to enter the space during the day, while the windows provide a panoramic view of the city. There are no dark areas in the building, which ensures a very pleasant atmosphere.
This museum was designed by the architects of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. It is located on a land where dinosaur egg fossils were first discovered. The museum is 70 meters long and is made up of several sections, arranged along the hillside. The project focuses on destroying the terrain as little as possible while giving the museum a contemporary look.

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Some bookshelves can be placed against the wall as separate units or room dividers

In this example, both sides of them are accessible.
Large wall shelves look less boring and simple, and books are stacked and displayed in a variety of ways and at different angles. Of course, this bookshelf is interesting due to the wave pattern.
The design advantages of bookshelf or bookcase units using glass are lightweight, versatile, and easier to integrate.
Add some accent lighting to your bookshelf to highlight the shelf, highlight the books you like or give the whole unit a more interesting and eye-catching look.
This small bookcase is tall and narrow, like a tower, it has a glass shelf, but the most interesting thing is that it is balanced by only one leg. The cube is the design theme of this bookcase. They support and connect the shelves and give the unit a fun and fun look.

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Quebec residence facing the lake

Designed by MU Architecture, the Nook Residence in Mansonville, Quebec has a dignified front and a more open back. The cleverly placed windows and structural openings bring the view of the door to Frasergog Lake.

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