Designed for independent travelers

Drift San Jose is designed for independent travellers with only eight small, medium and large rooms.
Exposed pipes, concrete platform beds and bathrooms, country brick walls give the room a mix of modern aesthetics, simplicity and industrial design.
The hotel recently installed a sky hammock, a solitary hammock that swings above the colonial town.

If you want a drink, the hotel’s MezcalTasting Bar offers Mexican micro beers and Baja wines. There is also a food cart festival, held every Thursday and Saturday, to immerse locals and visitors in the culture of food. You can also find free coffee and juice stations.

Finally, if you want to bring a souvenir home, you can visit the local independent designer’s design store.

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Wood dinette for adding cool stuff to your home decor

This set of wood dining tables and chairs may be simple at first glance, but the story behind it is really cool. All dinettes are made of dyed wood. The backrest of the chair mimics the ring of the wine barrel.

The Zig Zag chair is very cool. Here, the spectacular chairs are paired with a flat table. This is a great chair design that will never go out of style and add the right amount of prestige to any dining space.

The simplicity and beauty of wood is paramount. All furniture is hand-designed and the surface is as smooth as silk. The cool design is complemented by a variety of wood components that accentuate tables and chairs. This restaurant collection has a warm brown color.

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Modern city top floor

The modern city riverside attic on the edge of a large natural park in Bucharest, Romania, is a perfect example of how to balance nature with timeless neutral colours and avant-garde design. Designed by Ralu Dofin, the 200m2 apartment is located near Herastrau Park and has a great natural light that illuminates a comfortable and stylish home.

The most striking feature of entering the apartment is the entrance passage, a dark hall with a style that mimics the corroding surface. A light that is inserted into the beam splits the wall and floor at an asymmetrical angle. The light lines appear to be from the light-filled room at the end of the hall. Additional lights are provided by fixtures along the ceiling and walls, adding a sense of space.

In contrast to the dark corridor, the living room is defined by a large amount of natural light. Large leisure spaces are divided into dining and living areas by furniture groups. On the one hand, the beautiful photo wallpaper on the table gives a unique atmosphere. In general, the furniture in the space maintains a neutral hue and a soft, smooth shape.

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Sometimes we want our home to blend into the surrounding buildings

Sometimes we want our home to blend into the surrounding buildings, but at other times we are happy that it will stand out. This three-story family home in Stuttgart is an example of this. The house was designed by Steimle Architekten and has an unusual crystal shape. The unusual concrete look angle provides an unexpected advantage: a beautiful view of the surrounding environment. This design opens the house to the outdoors in an unusual way.

This Swiss house looks very simple, like a concrete block. It seems to have been on the slopes and has only recently been carved into a home. It was designed by Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects. Due to its location on a steep slope, the entrance to the house is on the top floor and the car park is on the roof. Its original concrete look is simple and fun, and the interior is also fitted with this look.

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New modern mirror from the French brand HARTÔ

The French design brand HARTÔ has released three new modern mirrors, one with a wall mount and two with a table top, each with the same clean beauty.

The Charlotte wall-mounted mirror is named after its designer, Charlotte Juillard, who added an unexpected detail to the design. The circular mirror is equally divided by a magnetized rectangular panel. Install it near the front door to quickly perform a face check on the door and use it as a safe location to keep your keys from being lost.

The compact Armand mirror made by Elisabeth Hertzfeld can be used with your cosmetics or placed flat on a key, jewelry or tray. It has apricot pink, blue grey and natural oak.

Designed by HARTÔ, Narcisse is another desktop mirror made of metal and wood. The circular mirror can be rotated for a better view. Narcisse has slate gray and white.

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New luminaires for New York lighting manufacturers

New York lighting manufacturer Roll & Hill recently introduced some new collections for its modern lights.
The Kazimir long chandelier was inspired by Russian modernism in the early 20th century. It uses texture and stained glass and is a geometric sculpture.

The Coax collection combines metal, glass and light, resulting in a cylindrical fixture that seems to be suspended in the air.

Esper transformed the ubiquitous lanterns hanging outside Japanese restaurants.

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A paper clip inspired by Turkish carpet patterns

Turkey designer Efil Türk is the creator of Llun Studios, who created a series of paper clips inspired by traditional Turkish embroidered carpet patterns. The paper clip portfolio takes your finishing game up to several levels, providing more than just functionality.
Elegant paper clips are made of gold-plated brass and the pattern comes from woven carpets. In addition to these, the portfolio includes a set of round and heart shaped paper clips and a set of small paper clips.

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Modern Whiskey Bar in Poznan, Poland

Poznan in Poland is the basement of an apartment house,Źrodło.baris the most popular city center The street of a brand new whisky bar is made up of AdamWiercinskiArchitektDesigned. During the construction process, the original brick wall and wood/Brick floor was discovered, so they chose to maintain the original charm while adding a new independent structure.

Inside, they used three steel structures to support all the elements, such as seats and lights, which do not need to be screwed into the wall. In order to match the original elements, they chose graphite and orange.
The main room requires the largest frame structure, including the connected seats and the steel with lampsbridge.
Seats and a storage shelf are built into the entrance channel Within the steel structure, a small space is fully utilized.
The bar is made up of steel frames. It’s small, but it contains a lot of storage.

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Me floor lamp has a smooth and simple design with no extra decoration

Me floor lamps have a smooth and simple design with no extra decoration but a fresh and complex look. Another cool thing is its flexibility, which allows you to adjust the angle and amount of light to create the perfect atmosphere.
To some extent, the Mañana light looks a bit like a hockey player. It has two legs, one head, but no arms. Inspired by the film, the Line One lamp has a solid marble base and a cylindrical aluminum lampshade shaped like a clock. Both are connected by curved brass rods.

It looks a bit unstable, but in fact it is very strong and balanced. The Shift light is a lightweight light that fits in a comfortable reading area, office or bedroom corner.

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3D geometric puzzle

Efil Türk created an interesting new project that takes basic flat puzzles to the next level. The Geometrical Puzzle is made up of 540 pieces of geometric puzzles, not made of typical cardboard, but made of resin.

Each piece of puzzle is made of crystalline epoxy, using molding techniques to achieve a solid three-dimensional shape. Puzzles are not only handmade, but also hand-wrapped.

The completed puzzle is 45x45cm and can be fixed to the wall with a photo frame.

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