Cathedral ceiling

So far, you should have a clear understanding of the appearance of the cathedral ceiling. Obviously, no two are the same, but they all share several key features in common, such as the symmetry of the sloping sides and the fact that they make the room feel more spacious and more dramatic without hindering its comfort and welcoming atmosphere.

Someone would say that the vaulted ceiling is almost the same as the church ceiling. In some ways, this is true, but there are some major differences between the two styles. The vaulted ceiling is not necessarily symmetrical because it actually has only one inclined side. In addition, it can have a curved or arched shape, while the cathedral ceiling can’t.

The ceiling of the cathedral is meaningful in the design of the building and there are many different situations. As mentioned earlier, each individual design or structure has its own characteristics. For example, the height of the ceiling, the material being covered, the finish and the color may vary from case to case.

The distinction between vaulted ceilings and cathedral ceilings is sometimes very similar, making it difficult to distinguish. Usually it is reduced to the exact length of the bevel or the angle or shape of the bevel and the extension of the entire ceiling. In this case, can you figure out what type of ceiling is there in this home?

The vault and the cathedral ceiling are ideal for skylights. It makes sense to install a skylight on a sloping ceiling. They give plenty of sunshine and also provide a fantastic view of the night sky.

There are a lot of cool ways to take advantage of the cathedral ceiling. First, you can emphasize its dramaticity with beams or hanging specific types of luminaires, such as this great restaurant chandelier.

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