Challenge and Inclusive Hatching Happiness “Design Utopia” Jiugui Operation Director Xu Bei

In 2002, Guge Dynasty Design Consultants was formally established in Chengdu. This excellent team with 16 years of experience, with their sweat and diligence, once proved the strength of the Guge dynasty. For more than ten years, we have worked together to create a core competitiveness for the well-known brands in the food industry and won a double harvest of achievements and reputation. It is precisely because the Guge Dynasty always adheres to the original spirit and professional attitude, with the Chinese millennium culture as the core of the core, creative interpretation of corporate brands, can lead the new trend of Chinese food brand image planning and promotion.

It is worth mentioning that, not only a single design, the Guge dynasty has a flexible creative ability, a dedicated attitude of dedication, and a spirit of facing the unknown and never admitting.

& ldquo; Originality is one of the core concepts of the Guge Dynasty. This has more than ten years of cooperation. The tacit team of outstanding geeks, the executive director of the Guge Dynasty, Zou Yong, the creative project director Ding Chunhao, who has the potential to study creative possibilities, and the insightful design project director Pan Xian and the ingenious director of process development. Chen Wen. Naturally, Xu Bei, the director of operations who witnessed the growth of the company, was also missing.

Xu Bei, director of operations of the Guge Dynasty, one of the company’s veterans, she knows every pore of the Guge Dynasty and knows the character, ability and characteristics of each member of the team. chest. Xu Bei said that in addition to not designing, all the affairs of the Guge Dynasty can be managed, including the management of internal affairs, external product promotion and customer customer maintenance.

Xu Bei graduated from the Department of Management of Sichuan University. Before entering the Guge Dynasty in 2006, he was uneasy in the bones. Factor activists, want to find a goal in life, and try different systems. From working for China Resources Group to self-employment, then to non-profit industry associations, and even considering going abroad to start a business, never willing to go back, but willing to challenge to pursue more unknown. Through the success or failure of these tasks, Xu Bei knows the power of the platform and cherishes the accumulated knowledge and positive energy values. Entering the Guge Dynasty, Xu Bei felt that it was an accident in his life, and it was a rare surprise. I thought that the Guge dynasty was on the road of his own life. It was not the ultimate goal on the road of life. As a result, he built a house in the pavilion of the Guge Dynasty and settled down.

Xu Bei’s career in the Guge Dynasty began with a small front desk, 2006. The Guge Dynasty is also a small and micro enterprise, with only 7 members. It is the future trend of the big industry and a platform for self-dream. For more than ten years, from the grassroots level to the position of the current director of operations, she has always adhered to the founding team members led by the founder Xia Ke, “a heart & mdash; & mdash; to create a “Utopia.”

In order to protect the pure land of this party, in order to enable the company to grow and develop, Xu Bei as a manager, in many cases, she must play the role of a wicked person. There have been many misunderstandings and grievances that have been misunderstood in many policies, but Xu Bei understands that in order to achieve the goal of the dream, the company’s interests must be put in the first place, in order to live up to all the team comrades who stick to the heart.

In terms of management, Xu Bei always insists that “no matter people, only the way of governing, give designers the greatest freedom. She believes that the designer’s most precious is the perceptual thinking. The designed works must have seven emotions and six desires to touch the hearts of the people. These can’t be over-restricted by the system, but at the same time, they will also demand the presentation of the results. The balance that balances the company’s happiness and interests, has to be said to be very “Xu Bei style management style.” She always feels that hatching happiness is more important than hatching interests. Although this kind of cognition will face many short-term conflicts of interest, as long as you do it wholeheartedly, there will always be many surprise endings. Only in this way, the Guge dynasty can truly become a hatching happiness “design utopia.”

It’s because of Xu’s manager who is so relaxed, the partners of the Guge Dynasty team I can concentrate on the areas I am responsible for, and give my back to the other person with confidence. They have had a tacit understanding for ten years. These are the partners that Xu Bei most values ​​and values ​​fit the most. It can be seen that the Guge Dynasty is not only a company, but also a company. For them, it is a home full of happiness.

And Xu Bei, as the operational director who witnessed the growth of the company, will also take her to challenge the unknown courage and self-sustaining soul, accompanying the Guge dynasty to continue to grow and continue to grow.

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