Chengdu Pandora Technology New Smart City Conference Launched “Quantitative Customized Service”

With the rapid development of the times, the Internet has become more and more important in this information society. “The word of Internet+ is also crazy in the online society. Everyone is familiar with Internet + agriculture, Internet + education, Internet + handicraft industry. In this golden age of technological advancement, the concept of Internet + government in the field of technology, Chengdu Pandora Technology is committed to working with the government to create a new smart city is undoubtedly let the government go at the forefront of the times.

Chengdu Pandora Technology Co., Ltd.

November 16th, Chengdu Panduo The theme of Lai Technology held in Chengdu Sansheng Township is “Innovation & middot; the first national new smart city product cooperation has been successfully concluded. The conference invited hundreds of representatives from hundreds of enterprises in Sichuan. The atmosphere of the conference was lively and the invited guests were very active during the conference.

At this conference, Chengdu Pan Wang Jingjing, general manager of Dora Technology, gave a brief introduction to the company and described his wishes and expectations for the establishment of Pandora Technology in Chengdu. He also explained that Pandora Technology of Chengdu has always been pioneering innovation and technology-driven. Market-oriented, promote the in-depth application of smart government in different business areas and promote the product concept of industry research, user experience and implementation services around the integration of data and systems.

Today’s Pandora Technology in Chengdu has achieved high quality in the technical field and has established cooperative relationships with various departments of the Chengdu government. Established a new media driving center in Chengdu, and built a research and development center in conjunction with Southwest Jiaotong University to research and develop the innovation and applicability of various technologies in the fields of smart government, smart industry, wisdom and people’s livelihood, and establish a combination of production, learning and research. The guiding platform will promote the cooperation between the government, enterprises and schools to the application level.

Wang Jingjing, General Manager of Pandora Technology, Chengdu

However, due to Pandora, Chengdu After analyzing the industry situation, Wang Jingjing found that there are some objective phenomena: “Lack of transparent information sharing and interaction, resulting in customer demand and company products or services being mismatched. Outsourcing will be rushed out, or you can only give up. This situation not only loses the benefits of a single project, but can not establish a good service and customer relationship with customers.

“If we set up a new model, we will turn our experience, products, technology, and services into a highly demanding technology and service that can be split into different ones. Modularization, combining high-quality manufacturers in hardware, software, services, etc., through continuous trials and repeated research, we are finally launching the model of “selling products” for the first time, we are not only The system and service are modular, and all are transparent and clearly priced, giving customers a menu-style selection, any combination, simple and clear, intuitive and fair. We advocate giving full play to the localized service advantages of each region, complementing resources, saving costs and improving efficiency.

Cross-border cooperation: multi-dimensional and multi-industry cross-border services

“ The word cross-border has long been commonplace, but in new smart cities will also usher in unprecedented cross-border cooperation. “The new cross-border cooperation of the Internet + government affairs not only responds to the call of the country’s new smart city, but also facilitates the daily life of the civilian population.

Zeng Tao, Founder of Sichuan System Integrator Association Platform

Zeng Tao, Sichuan System The founder of the Integrator Association Platform and the Deputy Secretary General of the Sichuan Informatization and Industrialization Integration Innovation Alliance were invited to participate in the conference. In the press conference, he also mentioned the convenience of cross-border cooperation such as Internet + government affairs, and vividly demonstrated the actual benefits brought by the cooperation between Internet technology and the government through the evolution of the ID card.

Wu Deyan, technical expert of Science and Technology Department

Secondly, computer science and people’s government evaluation in Sichuan Province Mr. Wu Deyan, an expert and technical expert of the Science and Technology Department, also brought a wonderful industry sharing at the press conference. From the smart city that began to warm up in 2010, in the blink of an eye, 2017 has already ushered in comprehensive development. As Wu Deyan experts said, “This is a golden age for the development of smart cities. The state’s support policy for this is not a minority. There is also a corresponding support system in Sichuan. With the development of the times, today’s smart cities are not just online cities, but are beginning to expand to towns and villages to achieve comprehensive domestic coverage.

The construction and development of new smart cities is different from simple industry information construction. It emphasizes the sharing and unification of scientific and technological information services, based on the high integration of urbanization, industrialization and informationization. Forming a speed-up situation, and further moving forward to the city’s information service based on Huimin.

Condit, Project Director, Pandora Technology, Chengdu

Condit, the director of Chengdu Pandora Technology Project, mentioned three main figures: 129, 8, 1 and ldquo; 129 means established from 2014, Pandora Technology of Chengdu A total of 129 projects were received, whether it is 100,000 or tens of millions of projects, the acceptance rate and collection rate are 100%; 8 means that Pandora Technology of Chengdu has served more than 20 government departments, including political and legal, Civil affairs, urban management, environmental protection, public, inspection, law, GIS geographic information system for the development of eight major products; 1 means from the top design, consulting to the late personnel training, management and operation system to establish Chengdu Pandora technology will provide A complete set of service systems for the entire process.

Unique Innovation: The First “Voice-Oriented Customized Service”

In this conference, Pandora Technology of Chengdu also launched a unique “Voice-Oriented Customized Service Product”. Preaching, “When you talk about the volume, you can think of the KTV and the mass-market restaurant. The Pandora technology created by Chengdu is to customize the software and develop it into a KTV song. The restaurant meal is as simple and clear as it is. People can see at a glance.

& ldquo; Through Map Application; Data Management; Instant Messaging; Statistical Analysis; Business Process Management; Public Display; System Management Functional modules allow users to choose the right mix for them to quickly and efficiently form a unique custom platform.

However, many people who don’t understand the emerging technology services will be wondering, “What do you want to do in the volume of retail services, what will you bring, and what will you pay for the partners? The guarantee cooperation went smoothly. At the end of the conference, Jin Xin, the marketing director of Chengdu Pandora Technology, solved the series of problems for the guests present.

Jin Xin, Marketing Director, Pandora Technology, Chengdu

Our company has been in business for more than 3 years. Committed to building a large-scale smart urbanization data platform to serve the government, help the government to structure internal basic information, form a complete, unified and standardized data link, and open up information islands between various government departments, so that data can be more Convenient and more accurate application within the government. In the face of such a large domestic market, I believe that no company can seize all of it, so cooperation and win-win will become an imperative trend. We offer diversified products, and you provide the direction of cooperation. This is What we have to do.

“Chengdu Pandora Technology provides partners with a diversified product, streamlined design and development team and standardized operation and maintenance service system. The value of the company is mainly reflected in the profits generated. We provide diversified products, first-class services, open up markets for you, increase the scope of business, turn our things into real profits, and achieve a win-win situation.

However In addition to the preferential amount of cooperation, refined project management is also a strong guarantee for cooperation. “We will strictly control every aspect of pre-sale, sale, and after-sales, and carefully explain what results can be achieved at each stage to create a quality user experience. In addition, Jin Xin also said that the five main modules involved in the public service products that Pandora Technology has done in Chengdu are: system management; statistical analysis; message center; business management; data management.

The Pandora Technology in Chengdu not only brought a complete system of mass-marketing customized service products, but also listed a clear solution to solve user problems and a transparent cooperative settlement method. As the construction of new smart cities plays an important role in the construction of the current and future cities, the activities related to them are also in full swing. Pandora Technology can participate in this new type of competition. The formulation of smart city standards will deepen the understanding of the development of urban informatization, and will be able to guide the escort of partners!

The megatrend of the Internet, the home of technology, when we are still complaining about the red lights of pedestrians on the roads, we don’t know that the era of new smart cities has come quietly. Chengdu Pandora Technology will join us in the government. What kind of smart city experience does it come to?

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