China is making a positive contribution to the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was established in 1997 and is located in The Hague, the Netherlands. It is quite mysterious in the eyes of the world. On October 14, last year, after Syria joined the Chemical Weapons Convention, the organization covered 98% of the world’s population and land and 98% of the world’s chemical companies. China is the original party to the organization and has been re-elected since it was elected to the Executive Council in May 1997.

Since the Syrian chemical crisis last year, the OPCW has attracted worldwide attention. Recently, our reporter interviewed the organization’s director-general, Ahmet · Yuzumju.

“The number of raw materials for chemical weapons that have been shipped in three batches is 11% of the total,” said the latest developments in Syria’s destruction of chemical weapons, which Yuzum has taken against the Syrian government. I am gratified by the necessary measures. He said that the Syrian government not only took measures to speed up the transportation of chemical weapons raw materials to the port of Latakia, but also carried out positive actions when loading these materials on the cargo ships.

Yuzumju said that in January this year, two shipments of Syrian chemical weapons were shipped from the port of Latakia, Syria. On February 10, the Norwegian transport ship shipped the third batch of chemical weapons out of Syria. Chinese, Danish, Norwegian and Russian warships escorted transport vessels and also participated in naval escorts in the international seas of the United Kingdom.

& ldquo; In order to complete the transportation of all chemical weapons materials by June 30th, it is necessary to carry out more follow-up transportation operations in the next few days or even weeks. “Uzumju said that the destruction and transfer of chemical weapons materials in Syria is currently in progress,” we hope that Syria can accelerate the systematic, predictable and high-capacity transfer work, so that all chemical weapons materials can be safely transported. Out of Syria. & rdquo;

Yuzumju positively evaluated China’s contribution to the destruction of chemical weapons in Syria. He said that China has actively participated in the implementation of Syria’s destruction of chemical weapons. It not only sent warships to participate in joint escorts, but also sent several Chinese experts to directly participate in the task of destroying chemical weapons in Syria. “China has played a positive role. This is very important.” Yuzumju said that the Chinese navy sent warships for the first time to provide maritime transport support for chemical weapons destruction. The Chinese warships departed from the port of Limassol in Cyprus, arrived at the Syrian chemical sea shipping assembly point, escorted with the Russian warships, entered the Syrian territorial waters patrol alert, and guarded the Danish transport ship smoothly into the port of Latakia and safely drove out of the port. “This escort is very important, because the internal conflicts in Syria at the time, the safety of the waters around the port of transport is difficult to secure”, he praised, “The Chinese Navy is both escorting the Syrian martial arts and escort for international security. ”

“ Other members of the OPCW should contribute to the elimination of chemical weapons like China. “Uzumju said that the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons is an international cooperation, and Denmark, Norway, the United States, Italy and other countries have also provided support. Yuzumju hopes that this series of multilateral actions can be carried out in an orderly manner. With the concerted efforts of the participants, the transportation process of the entire chemical raw materials can be completed on time.

However, Syria’s destruction of chemical weapons still faces many difficulties. Yuzumju hopes that the Syrian warring parties will cease fire and guarantee the escort of land and water transportation. It is also expected that countries will provide more financial and technical support for the destruction of chemical weapons. He said that the OPCW’s commitment to the complete elimination of chemical weapons in the world requires the unremitting efforts of peace-loving people all over the world.

(This newspaper, Brussels, February 16th)

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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