China Super IP Ecology Conference Huameng New Media won 5 awards

On September 22nd, the 2017 Super IP Ecology Conference and Lai Meng Awards Ceremony was held at the Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel. The Lemon Awards are judged by more than 100 guests including IP content industry elites, senior experts in the field of pan-entertainment marketing, and senior investment bank personnel. The awards are judged by a rigorous, authoritative and impartial evaluation system. The award is dedicated to deepening the potential value of IP, encouraging and recognizing the mature IP business operation application case. Huameng New Media won 5 awards at this conference, covering the secondary marketing, tourism marketing, annual content organization, annual IP The five major awards of operating agencies and annual IP newcomers have become the big winners of this China Super IP Ecology Conference.

China Super IP Ecology Conference gathers five major fields of literature, film, animation, sports and life, and gathers 500+IP holders, operators and other elites in the entertainment industry to discuss the development and future of the IP industry. . The organizers said that they hope to build a communication platform through the IP industry chain and create new opportunities for international, diversified and market-oriented cross-border cooperation, not only to explore the value of potential IP projects, but also to encourage and recognize mature IP business operation applications. It also provides a new platform for all elites in the IP industry chain to communicate resources, cross-border exchanges and achieve a win-win situation, and to create an IP ecosystem. This is not just a game of winning and losing, but also a rare gathering of excellent IP.

Huameng New Media joined hands with No. 11 Media, after intense competition, due to its original creativity, Moreover, due to the influence brought by the innovative business model of the new media content of Huameng, the declared projects have stood out among many participating projects, and won five awards, and successive achievements, among which the “Danxing Line” star travel IP content marketing case, The Small Devils case won the Bronze Award in IP Business Application for the case of cross-dimensional IP content.

Pan The entertainment and cultural industry is booming. More and more advertisers and marketers turn their attention to IP sources that can effectively gather fans to increase their popularity. The brand marketing and IP content are closely combined to quickly attract consumers’ attention with content sources, from “ The bonus of the character is transferred to the “people’s heart dividend, breaking the barriers, fragmenting social communication and IP closed loop, and using IP to conduct cross-border marketing. Huameng New Media is doing this very well. With its rich marketing integration experience and strong operational team strength, many super IPs with strong liquidity have won the “Excellent IP Operator Award of the Year”.

Huameng New Media has won outstanding achievements in the Super IP Ecology Conference and has certified the industry position of Huameng New Media in cross-border integration capability. It is an affirmation of the efforts and achievements of Huameng in the past ten years. It is also a model and incentive for communication companies. High-quality IP is a scarce resource that is rare and must not be lost.

Wong Pok, the new IP industry leader of China and the new CEO of Huameng New Media, Wong Pok Technology and thinking innovation are changing rapidly. While watching people and watching things, we will look at the window. The new media of Huameng will keep pace with the times and insist on the continuous innovation of products and marketing methods to drive the development of the industry and unite the elites. Integrate resources and work with more IP operators to create more influential brands and promote the rapid development of the pan-entertainment economy.

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