China’s furniture production scale is huge, and it has reached the door of innovation.

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China After years of development, the furniture industry may be the largest in the world. However, wearing a heart is still a weak link. China’s furniture industry chain lacks innovative factors, from production equipment, processes, processes and materials. The custom homes that have emerged in recent years are represented by the whole house customization. The market is expanding, and many companies have entered the market, but they are unable to escape the shortcomings. China’s furniture industry has ushered in the link of technological innovation. Enterprises should increase investment in innovation and highlight their brand personality in order to obtain a broader market.

When you hear about innovation, it is robots, semiconductors, AI… …. High-tech innovation is important, but it does not allow all people to engage in high-tech innovation. I think more than 99% of people can’t do it. Then the whole society is only innovated by less than 1%?

Brooke said: “Innovation does not necessarily require high technology, innovation in traditional industries. It can still be done. Three-quarters of the innovative companies in the United States come from traditional industries, and only one-fourth are from the technology industry. I believe that innovation must be socialized. The more people participate, the better. The more industry participation, the better. Don’t describe innovation as so. The earliest management comes from: the child is born more, how to bathe the child most effectively; how to use the most effective way to build bricks.

and so on.

Are these not innovations? No value? Management is a collection of innovations from these bits and pieces. Is innovation in the highly sophisticated world worthwhile? Traditional industries do not have to be innovative? Innovation in traditional industries has no value? I don’t think so.

The Germans made the best of one screw and one gear; the Japanese miniature bearing made the world number one. Traditional companies of these sizes can even influence the world. Many key equipments, without the screw gears of Germany, can’t run, even the US space shuttle, no Japanese miniature bearings can’t get on the sky.

China’s furniture industry innovation is a weak link

Back to the furniture industry. China’s furniture industry is doing a lot, and it may be the largest in the world in terms of scale. However, from production equipment, production processes, processes, materials … … which is our innovation? Like the electronics industry, the basic industry does not engage, we only engage in applications, so that based on others, the application is effective Fast, make money fast. Who is willing to engage in basic research and development? The probability of failure is large and slow.

The furniture industry has seen a series of sports —— marketing campaign (the Chinese seem to like sports). What solid wood, solid wood, pure solid wood … … then custom, full house customization. Which is the basic research and development? No. The current customization is actually a plate production line, plus some numerical control devices, plus data collection and distribution. Europe, the United States, and Japan did not know how many years of work. When they came to China, they became Industry 4.0 and were blown into the sky. Nowadays, there are many orders for the whole house. In the end, they all fall into some “back lane factories”, which are undertaken by small workshops. The materials and processes are very poor.

There are many reasons for the rise of custom furniture in China

In the early days of real estate development, there was a rough room, and there was a rough room, so in addition to the decoration, it was necessary to install kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. So I bought a house and couldn’t live in it for six months. The real estate industry has gradually normalized, and the finely decorated rooms have been launched. The fixed furniture such as cabinets are all equipped, leaving only the space for moving furniture.

The business of making cabinets will turn to B2B, and only large companies will work with developers. Of course, there is also a renovation of the old house, leaving it to small custom companies. China is a big country, and this kind of business volume will not be small. Therefore, whether it is B2B or B2C, custom furniture will exist, but it will gradually reduce the composition of the guests.

The storage function, many people are willing to purchase custom furniture, because the old feeling storage function is not enough, things are not collected. This is because:

The habits left by the agricultural society, the useless things are reluctant to throw away, especially the elderly, everything is collected. Recently, the Japanese advocated breaking away. In fact, this is the performance of modern society. The less things in the family, the better, the less clothes, the better. I think young people in China will be like this in the future. When you study the daily life of consumers carefully, you will find that the problem of storage is not to store, but to find.

According to statistics, at least 10% of our lives are wasted on finding things, so the more storage cabinets, the harder it is to find things.

The focus of the family’s storage is: where to use it, where to store it.

For example, a bed can be used as a bed, and the box is divided into four compartments for storing the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. In fact, there are 2-3 grids, and one set is in use. There is one grid in spring and autumn, one in winter and summer, and the bed is changed in season. Everything is there, you don’t have to find it.

However, the trend of keeping up with sports, custom furniture, and custom-made sports is fire. Everyone is in full swing, making money, and managing his MDF, particleboard, water-based paint, light-sensitive paint, CNC production line … … such basic research and development, even the process flow are the things of Europe, America and Japan for hundreds of years. In the past few decades, what innovation have we had?

Those companies that have caught up with good times and whose market demand is greater than supply have made big money. Enterprises have grown bigger, but most of them are not strong. Therefore, I often encourage SMEs and of course encourage themselves: most of the innovations in business history are achieved by new external forces. These so-called new foreign forces are: not necessarily the industry; must be small businesses.

Li Gang talked about Microsoft. When Microsoft became the boss of the industry, it was difficult to accept innovation. In 1998, Microsoft developed a touch screen product, but Bill Gates didn’t like it because his interface was not like Windows, not designed for mouse and keyboard input. Our furniture company, who is growing up in constant innovation, even the relatively simple aspect of product design, how much is in the rise of the existing product life cycle, ready to replace the product?

Our company is arrogant in the product rise period. Where do they know that today’s “Golden Bull” will be tomorrow’s “water dog?”

China’s furniture industry is welcoming “Technology Innovation” Stage

In the 30-40 years since the reform and opening up, the furniture industry has been vigorously introducing advanced technology. We basically realized the introduction of large-scale production and automation technology. Even some factories (especially plate production lines) have initially established high-tech, large-scale production systems. This has laid the foundation for the next phase of technological innovation.

However, we are not encouraging everyone to make great strides in the next stage, to innovate in production equipment, process flow, production management, etc., but to turn to the design of some of the countries in Europe.

Design is a product of social culture. How do we learn from others? Our design should be based on our soil, our culture, and our society. Our design should be combined with our innovative processes, processes, equipment and more.

Teacher Liu Guanzhong said to me: He felt like he was in a coffin in a house filled with Ming and Qing furniture. I also feel that this feeling is also felt in a house of western classical furniture. At the same time, in a western so-called so-called modern design furniture house, it will also feel strange.

At least, I think it is not mine, I can’t live in it. We have to have our own things. Again, today’s design, in addition to serving our social culture, life, we must also cooperate with our innovation in all aspects of production.

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